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4th June 2023

A much weakened Shakespeare Originals' 3-1 defeat at Brill S&SC A was the only real shock result in the League Knockout Cup second round.  The others were probably as expected - Shakespeare B beat Bell A 3-0, Tiddington CC did likewise on their visit to Bull Inn A and the Crown CoO A won 3-2 at Launton S&S B.  

In the League Knockout Plate first round, the Nut Tree 'celebrated' a 3-1 home victory over the Ashton Club whilst Launton S&S A lost 3-2 at home to Fox Souldern B.  The White Horse (with a bye) and the Red Cow (with a walkover over the Pheasant Inn who couldn't raise a team) also progress to the semi finals.

In Division Three, Rose & Crown A increased their lead at the top to a seven point gap with a 5-0 demolition at Fox Souldern A.  Jon Woodman (14), Dave Reast (13) and Paul Hudders (12) starred for the visitors whilst Matt Newman hit a creditable 13 for the Fox.  With a 4-1 win at home over the Ex Services, Rose & Crown B climb back into second place.  Clive Lampitt hit 13 for the home side whilst Tracey Denton's 14 - by far her best score of the season - helped pinch the first leg for the Ex's.  Robert Taylor's 17 - also his best of the season - wasn't enough to prevent Chandos Arms losing 3-2 at Long Crendon VC - Jack Govier scoring 13 for them.  Robin Busby (15) continued to throw well for the Crown CoO B but still couldn't prevent a 4-1 defeat at the hands of the visiting Chearsley Cricketers.  Leo Hodges (Crown Twyford) was another to hit 13, as did opponent Terry Hawkins for Lower Heyford S&SC who won 4-1.  

Division Four table toppers, Butchers Arms gained an easy five points as their visiting opponents Launton S&S Divas were unable to raise a team.  The Hundred Acres also claimed a five point 'freebie' as they had the bye; that takes them into second place above Plough MG Two who dropped a couple of legs at Bell B.   After drawing the third leg with 8 dolls each, the Bell won the three sticker 4-3.  But then the next leg dragged on a bit; drawn at 4 dolls apiece, it then went to three sticker, one sticker, three sticker and back to one stick with the Plough MG Two eventually winning it.  The division's top scorer on the night was George Deans with 15 (his second of the season), sufficient to earn the White Hart a 4-1 victory at the Bell Lower Heyford.   

Phil Allen


29th May 2023

A great evening between the Shakespeare B and Tiddington CC on Wednesday, and what a very close match it turned out to be.  With Tyler Andrews throwing well and hitting a five in the first leg, the home side set 19.  With the visitors including James Morrison in their side, was it going to be enough?  Anchorman Pete Shepherd needed five to draw, six to win, but fell just short to lose it by one doll.  Time for the Cricket Club to set - a decent 20 on the board.  Squeaky bum time for the Shakey with just 8 from the first three.  Lee Wanless (5) and Doug Revitt (5) improved the home side's chances and left three to win for skipper and anchorman, Phil Allen.  He got 'em.  Shakey elected to set in the third - 16 this time and, with it ending in a draw, time for a 3 sticker going in favour of the home side.  Seventeen set by the visitors in leg four with James Morrison - who had already scored 3, 4, 5 - claiming a six this time round.  The leg was won by the home side (with 19) - saving any embarrassment upon the 'blobbing' anchorman!  Final leg, another 17 to the visitors.  Leg drawn and won on a three sticker by the Cricket Club.  Very well thrown by James Morrison who ended the evening with 23.

With a much stronger side out this week, and Matt Hillsdon hitting 16, Crown CoO A got maximum points at home to the Red Cow and climb back up into second place.  A close match at the Bull Inn A, tied at two legs apiece with the Shakespeare Originals going into the last, the home side set 16 and lost it by one, Pete Litten getting the winner.  With Brian Gough and Darren Moore excelling themselves with 19 and 17, the Bell A 4-1 won at the Nut Tree.

In Division Two the Fox Souldern B had a reasonably comfortable 4-1 win at the Pheasant, as did the White Horse at Launton S&S B,  Brill S&SC A followed suit with the same scoreline over the visiting Launton S&S A.

Table toppers in Division Three, Rose and Crown A, were 3-0 down at home to Crown CoO B before clawing the final two legs back and eventually losing 3-2.  Robin Busby hit 15 for the visitors with Paul Hudder replying with 14 for the home side.  Chandos Arms are hanging on in there in second place with a 3-2 victory at Lower Heyford S&SC.  James Kirtland threw well for his 15 for the home side whilst John Fitsell did likewise for his 14 for the visitors.  Rose and Crown B, humiliated by their 5-0 defeat last week, played terrifically well this time round to win 5-0 at Fox Souldern A - Clive Lampitt hitting 18 and well supported by Neil Cross with 13.  Too many 'shots' for Charlie Govier 'me thinks', as he celebrated too well after his six in the second leg for Long Crendon VC - two blobs and a one followed!  Well done Charlie.

Sixers - James Morrison, Charlie Govier

If you, or any of your team members, wish to enter the pairs and haven't yet submitted your entry forms or given me names, please do so soonest.  I'll give you until next Thursday (1st June).

Phil Allen


22nd May 20223

This week has to belong to our own 'Evil C', Clive Lampitt - 21 dolls including two sixes!  Very well thrown Clive.  More of that later.

In the "Battle at the Shakespeare", a very enjoyable evening was had by all.  Always predicted to be a tough evening for both teams, but, when the home team skipper goes to his shoe cupboard at home and, purely unintentionally, starts putting on his works' steel cap boots ...!!   But, as expected, what a match it turned out to be.  The away Originals side set a creditable 20 and took the first, the B team grasped the next two and then the 'visitors' took the fourth to set up a 'final leg decider'.  A 14 set by the Originals just wasn't expected to be enough; however, it did look a potential winner with the hosts getting just 8 on the board from the first four players, but then Dougie Revitt's five and anchorman Phil Allen's four were sufficient to give the B team a 3-2 victory.  Karl Budd and Phil Allen, with 17 apiece, threw well for the victors as did Steve Payne (18), Pete Dominic (16) and Pete Litten (16) for the Originals.  Tiddington CC keep up the pressure at the top of the Premier Division table with all five points at home to the Nut Tree.  James Morrison topped their scoring chart with 19, well supported by Ray Manning with 15 and Pete Shepherd (14 in his four legs).  Dick Franklin, in his first appearance of the season, shone for the visitors with 17.  The Bell entertained a much weakened Crown CoO A team and took four points.  In the one leg they did lose, anchorman Brian Gough was to blame!!  Despite scoring a terrific 20 dolls on the night, in that one leg they 'gave away', he needed a six to draw but got 'just' five.  Apparently, if you score a six for the Bell you have to buy a round of shots!  Enough said!  With Dave Puddle scoring extremely well for his 16, supported by Kev Powney with 16 also, Bull Inn A won 4-1 at the Red Cow.

In Division Two, with 16 dolls from Lee Mason, Brill S&SC A won 4-1 at the Ashton Club and leapfrogged into second place.  Dave Gardiner starred for Launton S&S B in their 3-2 victory over the Sports and Social A, who they also overtake and go into third place.  In their home game against the Pheasant, the White Horse excelled themselves to win 4-1 - Dave Futter hitting 15 (including a six), with Dave Morris also getting 15 for the visitors.

A terrific Division Three 'derby' at the Rose & Crown Charlton where Clive Lampitt hit 21 dolls (6, 2, 2, 5 and 6) for the 'visiting' B team - and still lost 5-0!  Paul Hudders (18) and Dave Reast (17) contributed greatly towards that outstanding A team victory.  Unknowingly, Chandos Arms took advantage of that scoreline and, with four points at home in their match against Chearsley Cricketers, they now find themselves in second place.  Another final leg decider occurred at the Ex Services where Crown Twyford - by my reckoning, their first ever match indoors - won it for a 3-2 outcome - Ally Ginger the best of the bunch with 16 dolls.  There was another 3-2 outcome at the Crown CoO B, in favour of the visiting Lower Heyford S&SC.

A 5-0 victory for the Hundred Acres at Launton S&S Divas, see them close the gap in Division Four - with just three points separating the top seven teams.  Jack Hedger shone for the Divas (with 13) as did Martin Pollard for the Acres with 11.  The battle of the Plough Marsh Gibbon sides went 3-2 in favour of the 'Ones'.  Age and experience showed its worth in the Butchers Arms v Bell B fixture with the home side winning the first four legs before dropping the last (was it an expensive beer leg defeat?).

Sixer - Clive Lampitt (2), Dave Futter.

Phil Allen


15th May  2023

A bit of a mixture of fixtures this week - the Premier, Divisions One and Two were involved in the League Cup whilst Three and Four continued with their league matches.

No shocks at all in the Cup - the Shakespeare Originals scraped through their away tie at Bye, whilst at the Bell, Brian Gough, not content with just getting the two dolls required to win their third leg, carried on and got himself a six.  A five man Bull A team won 3-0 at the Fox Souldern - Billy Atwell hitting 12 and Kev Powney ten.

The draws for the next round of the League Cup and the first round of the Plate, to be played on 31st May are attached.

In Division Three the Rose & Crown A dropped their first point of the season in their last leg at home to Lower Heyford S&SC.  Dave Reast, with 13, kept up his decent start to the season for the home side, spoiling it with a blob in the final leg - the leg they lost!   Rose & Crown B, on their travels to Crown Twyford, got off to a pretty poor start losing the first three legs but eventually came good to claim the last two.  Jamie Wiltshire got better as the evening wore on, finishing with a five and a total of 14.  With Keith Lennard and Zak Vear both claiming 13 dolls, the Ex Services got their first points of the season in their 3-2 defeat at the Chandos Arms.  Robin Busby's another to have had a great evening hitting 15 in his second match of the season for the Crown CoO B in their 4-1 home victory over the Fox Souldern A.  "A great night" the Long Crendon VC reporter says, despite losing 3-2 at home in their local derby against Chearsley Cricketers - just what we like to hear, people enjoying themselves! 

In Division Four, 55 dolls apiece in the match between Plough MG Two and the White Hart, with the home side just sneaking it in, and pinching, the final leg to win 3-2 - and to top the table.  Kym Jones with 13 and Nick Line 11 shone for the hosts with Dough Schultz 13, John Preston 11 and George Deans (rolling back the years for his 15), not quite doing enough for the visitors.   

The draws for the next round of the League Cup and the first round of the Plate, to be played on 31st May, went like this:

League Cup - Second Round
Shakespeare B v Bell A
Bull Inn A v Tiddington CC
Launton S&S B v Crown CoO A
Brill SSC A v Shakespeare Originals

League Plate - First Round
Pheasant Inn v Red Cow
Bye v White Horse
Nut Tree v Ashton Club
Launton S&S A v Fox Souldern B

Phil Allen


8th May 2023

Credit where credit is due!  Team of the week must surely be Shakespeare Originals.  With both Tony Nichols (20) and Steve Payne (19) on top form, throwing out of their skins - and both hitting sixes - totalling 86 dolls en route, they did themselves proud winning 4-1 at home to Tiddington CC.  Good to see Erik Poslusny back from injury, hitting 13 dolls in his first four legs but, then,  rather spoilt with the dreaded blob.  Ground sharing Shakespeare B also threw well at the Red Cow, albeit losing the third leg with anchorman Phil Allen needing two to draw three to win, managed just the one.  Karl Budd and Doug Revitt showed promise with 19 and 18 for the Shakey whilst Liam Fisher (17) and Roger Herbert (16) did likewise for the hosts.  A couple of low, close scoring legs between Bull Inn B and Bell A, with the Bull - after two three sticker legs - winning it 4-1.  Kev Powney had a creditable evening with 17.  Crown CoO A took the trek to the Nut Tree Murcott and left with all five points.  The home side's anchorman, Martin Pratley, was unable to get the one doll needed to win the second leg and they then lost the three sticker. 

In Division Two, Fox Souldern B won all five legs in a low scoring encounter up the hill at Brill S&SC A - and now top the table.  In a much closer contest at Launton, the S&S A got the better of the White Horse by 3 legs to 2.  The first went to a three sticker and then to the one, with the visitors eventually winning it.  Launton won the next three legs convincingly before Mav Giles, needing four to win the final leg, 'showed off' a little with a terrific six.  With Dave Gardiner coming good with 15, Launton S&S B were far too good at the Ashton Club, winning 5-0.

Looks like the placement of both Rose & Crown teams into Division Three may have been the wrong one.  Their scoring so far this season has excelled what they had previously been achieving.  Their A team took all five points, scoring 67 dolls along the way, against the visiting Long Crendon VC.  The B team travelled to Lower Heyford S&SC and, with Jamie Wiltshire scoring an outstanding 20 (no six!), the team totalling 68 dolls, they were another team to take all five points.  Crown CoO B, at home to Chandos Arms, went down 3-2 despite Barry Reynolds' 15 in his first game of the season.  Tom Hanson's 14 for the Crown Twyford enabled his side to take four points at home to Chearsley Cricketers.

Plough MG Two are setting the pace in Division Four,  Following their 5-0 victory last week, they won again this week - 3-2 at home to Butchers Arms, scoring 50 dolls in the process - Dave Jones with his second successive 10 and Matt Orlando with 10 as well.  Meanwhile Plough MG One went down by the same score at the White Hart, despite 13 dolls from Chris Cherry.  There was another 3-2 scoreline at the Bell Lower Heyford where the visitors, the Hundred Acres, were the victors - eleven from Colin Curtis doing the damage in their favour whilst Dave Lewis hit 13 for the home side.  Yet another 3-2; this time at Bell B where the home side overcame the 'threat' of Bull B.  The 'highlight' of this fixture was Chris Ashton's 10 for the visitors - closely followed by the zero 'achieved' by the Bell in the fourth leg!

Sixers - Tony Nichols, Steve Payne, Mav Giles


1st May 2023

Something I did forget to do in my earlier email was to include the Premier/Division One and Two league cup draw, to be played on Wednesday 10th May.  Drawn by Ray Rowe and Brian Gough (Bell A), it goes like this:

Bye v Shakespeare Originals
Pheasant Inn v Shakespeare B
Tiddington CC v Red Cow
Ashton Club v Crown CoO A
Bell A v Launton S&S A
Fox Souldern B v Bull Inn A
White Horse v Brill SSC A
Nut Tree v Launton S&S B


1st May 2023

We have lift off!  The summer season's up and running once again.  As expected, a bit of a chilly night - but at least it remained dry.

In the Premier and Division One, the premier teams all got off to a winning start - with the "new kids on the block" showing some potential (Pete Litten 17 and Tony Nichols 16)  winning their first four legs and losing the last on a three sticker at home against the Nut Tree, hitting 80 dolls in the process.   Dave Carruthers (Tiddington CC) had a great start to the season with 18, as did opponent on the night, Liam Fisher for the Red Cow.

In Division Two, new boys to the league, Fox Souldern B won 4-1 at home against Launton S&S B with Dave Betts (15), Andy Bush and Brian Joyce (14 apiece) enjoying their first evening with us.  The Ashton Club were also successful with the same scoreline at the White Horse, sneaking three legs by the odd doll - Joe Young doing the damage with 14.  Despite 15 dolls from lead off man Keith Harris and another 14 from anchorman Pete McCarron, the Pheasant still went down 3-2 at Launton S&S A who have Haydn Marks with 16 and Derek Richards (14) and Kyle Richards (12) to thank for their 3-2 victory.  

The Rose and Crown A got off to a cracking start in Division Three with all five points in the warmth of the Ex Services - the 'experienced' Dave Reast with 17 and Nathan Sellwood and Jamie Wiltshire both with 12.  With Paul Kilpin's 16 and Steve Knight's 14, Chandos Arms returned home from the Crown Twyford with four points despite Ally Ginger's 13 dolls for the home side.  Although not scoring too well on the night, Chearsley Cricketers also gained four points in their home fixture against Fox Souldern A.  Lower Heyford will be happy with a 3-2 victory on their longish trek to Long Crendon - James Kirtland hitting 15 in his four legs and Dave Medhurst rolling back the years for his 13.  In the last of the Division Three fixtures, the Rose and Crown B (Charlton, Banbury) were successful with a 3-2 at home to the Crown B (Charlton on Otmoor) - with Robin Busby, in his 16 dolls for the visitors, hitting a six in the first leg and Clive Lampitt equalling that 16 for the hosts.

Plough MG Two top the table with maximum points at the Bull Inn B - Kym Jones with 12 and hubby Dave (10) shining in that one.  Bell Lower Heyford will have been celebrating their 4-1 win in their first match in the league, overcoming 'the threat' of the Divas.  The other new team, the Hundred Acres, weren't as successful, going down 3-2 at home to the, now 'experienced' Bell B team.

Right, with regard to the Result Card completion, could I please ask that:

  1. You use the latest edition (which has actually been out for a while now) and is attached to this email.  It has a column down the right hand side of the players' scores, allowing you enter those totals (much easier for the secretary when compiling the spreadsheets).
  2. No photographs of the scoreboard.
  3. If a player doesn't play, leave the cell blank (don't black it out).
  4. Please complete how many legs were won by each team (much easier for the secretary if a three sticker has been involved).
  5. It would also be very helpful for the weekly report, if, at the top of each leg, you could annotate with a tick or a cross, who sets that leg.

Sixer - Robin Busby


16th April 2023
Time for an update, me thinks!  And, in no particular order:

1.  Quiz Night - A very well done to Terry Hawkins and the Ex Services staff for giving everyone who attended the quiz evening on Saturday 8th April such a great evening.  Aimed at raising additional funds, the Summer League aunt sally has benefitted by £280.  Well done.

2.  Lower Heyford S&SC - when visiting the club, please bear in mind transactions are CASH only.

3.  Pheasant Brill - this is just to confirm that the pub is up and running once again and aunt sally will continue to be played there as in the past.

4.  Plough Marsh Gibbon - the refurbishment of the pub is not yet complete; so, for the first few weeks, their home games will be played at the Village Hall.  I will keep you all updated on the change of venue thereafter.

5.  Result Cards - the template is attached.  Team captains are asked to print their own, (seven (nine for Divisions Three and Four) home league games and a couple in readiness for cup matches).  
  • Please ensure names (not nicknames) and scores are entered legibly,
  • all totals and points are inserted in the relevant boxes
  • don't just photograph the scoreboard and send that
  • immediately after the game, the winning captain is responsible for ensuring it is sent to the league secretary by WhatsApp, 
  • there is then no need to post it; just hold on to it in case it's needed.
6.  League sponsorship - I would just like to say how grateful the league is to Clear Vision Financial Services, for supporting us just as they did last year.  I am also pleased to report that we have received several donations from individuals, venues, and businesses or companies that players are involved with or, in fact, own - however, there is always the need for that little bit extra.  Please, and I'm now on bended knee, if you would like to offer some financial support, please get in touch with me.

7.  'Joey Beauchamp' aunt sally competition - a reminder that a fund raiser for the Joey Beauchamp Family Trust is being held at the Ex Services Club on Sunday 30th April - see attached poster.


5th April 2023

In a further twist to the fixture list saga, Highfield SC have voluntarily revealed that they will be having a stronger squad than they initially expected.  Consequently, as they finished last season as runners up in Division Three, they have been promoted to Division Two and Chandos Arms will remain in Division Three.

So, the up to date fixture list is on the Fixtures button in the menu.  That is the one to be used.

Phil Allen


The minutes for the AGM, held on Tuesday 21st March 2023 can be found using the AGM button in the menu.

Also our Aunt Sally Etiquette can be found by using the Rules' button in the menu.
 Please make your players aware of its content - print it off and pass a copy on or have it displayed prominently.

26th March
For the second year running, the Fox & Goat (Tiddington) has had to concede defeat as they're unable to raise a team and will not be able to join us for the forthcoming summer season.  I'm now left with a "difficult-to-work-with" 35 teams.  I can do it - two divisions of 8, one division of ten, and a division of nine but it will mean a bye in that division.  To make it much easier and to prevent the bye, I'm trying to find out if anyone knows of any other team who would like to join us or if an existing team has enough players to split into two.

First come, first served!

Phil Allen

26th March 2023

After many years of falling short at the last hurdle, this season our Bicester league representative side have been victorious in the Aunt Sally Inter League Competition.

Held at General Foods in Banbury on Thursday evening, it involves representative teams from the Oxford, Eynsham, Wychwood, Chipping Norton leagues, and 2 sides from both Banbury and Bicester.

After drawing the other Bicester side in the first round, the Bicester A side progressed through to the semifinals, meeting a very strong Wychwood side.
After some great performances from both sides, Bicester came out victorious and into the final against the mighty Oxford team.

Another great performance from the Bicester side, comprising of James Morrison, Bobby Allen, Karl “Sticky” Budd, Kev Powney, Pip Goulding, Pete Shepherd , Dougie Revitt and Brian Gough, and under the guidance of non-playing captain Phil Allen, saw a terrific victory over the favourites Oxford, to lift the trophy for the first time - and without dropping a leg all evening!!

An excellent evening of Aunt Sally and some great performances all round, well done gents.

20th March 2023

Sadly, the 2022-23 indoor league season has come to an end - but, what a way to finish!  Two terrific evenings - plenty of banter with a little bit of aunt sally thrown in!   In fact, a full season of just that!  But, what a real pleasure it's been. Well done and thank you to everyone involved.   I've got that very deflated feeling already, eagerly looking forward to October!

A list of 'how it finished' is below

Many thanks to Keith Lennard and the Ex Services staff for all their help during a wonderful five months.

Now let's get ourselves prepared (winter jackets at the ready) for the summer league which starts on 26th April.  The AGM for the summer season will be held this coming Tuesday (21st March) at Launton Sports and Social starting at 7.30 pm.

Phil Allen


Tuesday Indoor League 2023
Wednesday Indoor League 2023

League Champions Bull Inn A
League Champions Misfits
Runners Up Mr & MrsFits
Runners Up Crown

Handicap League Champions Red Cow
Handicap League Champions Shakespeare
Runners Up Lower Heyford S&SC
Runners Up Crown

Knockout Cup Winners Red Cow
Knockout Cup Winners Misfits
Runners Up Ex-Services
Runners Up Unwanted

Knockout Plate Winners Bull Inn
Knockout Plate Winners The Cherries
Runners Up Bell B
Runners Up Ex Services

Two and a Half Pairs Cup Winners Mr & MrsFits
Two and a Half Pairs Cup Winners Crown
Runners Up Lower Heyford S&SC
Runners Up Unwanted

Two and a Half Pairs Plate Winners Red Cow
Two and a Half Pairs Plate Winners Misfits
Runners Up Ex-Services
Runners Up Shakespeare

Triples Winners Roger Herbert, Fred Houghton, Michelle Oakley
Triples Winner Liam Fisher, Eddie Jones, Keith Lennard
Runners Up Phil Allen, Kevin Gardiner, Jon Deeley
Runners Up Karl Budd, Jeremy Launchbury, Jon Deeley

Pairs Winners Nigel King & Kevin Powney
Pairs Winners Dave Reast and Brian Gough
Runners Up Karl Budd & Billy Atwell
Runners Up Bobby Allen and Doug Revitt

Singles Winner Ian Cantwell
Singles Winner Phil Allen
Runners Up Phil Allen
Runners Up Tony Nichols

Handicap League Top Doll Scorer Nigel King
Handicap League Top Doll Scorer Karl Budd

League Top Doll Scorer Karl Budd
League Top Doll Scorer Brian Gough

The registration forms and fees for the summer league are slowly coming in - very slowly!  We have enough for one division!  Could I remind you please to get them to me by the end of this month.  If you wish to pay online, please give me a shout and I'll give you the bank details.

The summer AGM is being held at Launton Sports and Social on Tuesday 21st March, starting at 7.30 p.m.

Oh yeh, and incidentally, in an effort to raise funds for the summer league we will be holding a Quiz Night at the Ex Services Club on Saturday 8th April

Maximum of 4 persons per table -- £10 per head

(to include choice of fish and chips or sausage and chips supper)

(available from 7 o’clock)

Four bottles of wine to the winning table

If interested, please hand name of team and the money to either

Terry Hawkins or Phil Allen

12th March 2023

Sadly, we're drawing to a close in this 2022/23 indoor league season - just the finals nights to come this Tuesday and Wednesday.  But what a way to finish off, on both nights this past week.

The Red Cow had little problem getting the four points required to become champions.  Despite not playing at all well - and losing the first leg against Bell C - they then sneaked the next two legs for those required points.  And then, with the pressure off - and Liam Fisher hitting a six - they upped their game slightly to draw three points each with the Bull.  Lower Heyford S&SC sneaked in at the far post, beating the Ex Services 5-1 (despite Tracey Denton hitting 11 dolls for the Ex's) and drawing 3-3 with Launton S&S to claim the runners up spot.  

The 'fight' for top doll scorer went down to the wire too.  With Nigel King, Ian Cantwell and Phil Allen all tied on 124 dolls going into their last games, Nigel went super silly in his last with eleven dolls to claim the accolade.  Well done Nigel.

The Shakespeare required just four points from their two matches to become Wednesday league champions - but, on paper, they were potentially facing difficult opponents - the Bell and the Crown (who, themselves, needed to be on top form to hold on to second spot).   The Shakey and the Bell drew their first two legs and then, getting rather impatient and still requiring two points for the title, the Shakespeare went rather crazy and won the third 18-8.  Well done chaps.  Still the runners up spot up for grabs - between the Crown and the Ex Services.  In their first matches the Ex's won 5-1 against the Ashton Club and the Crown put up a superb performance to beat the Misfits 6-0, despite a six from Dougie Revitt.  The Crown were now on 46 points and the Ex's on 44.  Seconds out, round two!  The Ex's, seeking maximum points, were up against The Cherries and managed a 5-1 victory.  The Crown, up against the new champions (the Shakespeare) needed three points to 'put it to bed'.  They lost the first 14-11.  Squeaky bum time!  They turned up the heat and won the second 23-16 and the third 16-13.  Well done chaps.  

Dougie Revitt hit a second six of the evening to finish with 23 dolls on the night (12 and 11).  Pete Dempsey also claimed a six in his 20 (8 and 12).  Tony Launchbury finished with 22 (12 and 10) 

Sixers - Tuesday - Liam Fisher
           - Wednesday - Dougie Revitt (2), Pete Dempsey

Dates for the diary - 
  • 14th and 15th March - Finals nights at the Ex Services Club
  • 21st March - the summer league AGM at Launton S&S
  • 23rd March - Annual inter league competition at Banbury
  • 29th March - Challenge match against the Yarnton League at the Ex Services Club
  • 8th April - Quiz Night at the Ex Services Club
  • 30th April - 'Joey Beauchamp' Aunt Sally tournament at the Ex Services Club

Phil Allen

5th March 2023

A weird competition this two and a half pairs!  But two fun filled evenings had by those in attendance.

On Tuesday Mr&MrsFits won their way through to the final after defeating Bell C and Launton S&S and will meet Lower Heyford S&SC who did likewise against Bell B and the Bull Inn.  In the Plate final, the Ex Services will play the Red Cow.

On Wednesday the Crown 'disposed' of the Misfits and then the Bell to cement their place in the final against the Unwanted who defeated the Shakespeare and the Ex Services.  The Plate final will be between the Misfits and the Shakespeare.

A couple of sixes during the course of the evening; one for Martin Wanless and the other for Karl Budd.  Well done chaps.

The battle this week in the Tuesday Handicap League is not so much for top spot but moreso for the runners up.  The Red Cow need four points from their two matches (against Bell C and Bull Inn) to go one better than last year and to be crowned champions.  Just one point separates the Ex Services, Launton S&S and Lower Heyford S&SC in second, third and fourth places - and the fixtures on Tuesday involve those teams playing each other with Mr&MrsFits joining in 'the party'.  Place your bets now please!

A similar, but not quite as close a situation on Wednesday.  The runaway leaders, the Shakespeare, require three points for the championship.  The runners up spot - as on Tuesday - is up for grabs.  The Crown, currently sitting there, have a couple of difficult games - the first against the Misfits (but, with a three doll handicap!!) and the second against the Shakey.  The others in contention, the Ex Services, could have a difficult evening against the Ashton Club and The Cherries.  And, finally, in with a shout are the Unwanted who also have The Cherries and the Ashton Club.  An interesting finale to the season!

Phil Allen


4th March 2023

Despite only clocking up four points on Tuesday, the Red Cow retain their position at the top of the table, nine points ahead of both the Ex Services and Launton S&S.  Ironically, with Ian Cantwell helping their cause with twelve dolls, they did actually get those four points against the Ex's; but then, against Launton S&S with Phil Allen claiming 15 (three 5's), they dropped all six.  But with two league games to go and just four points needed, - no, I mustn't impose the 'commentator's curse' on them.  

Nine points for the Wednesday league table toppers, the Shakespeare, and their nearest rivals, the Crown only managing four, the Shakey are almost there.  Tony Nichols upped his game for them this week with 21 (10 and 11).  Realistically, just three points needed for the championship!  Really, Wednesday night belonged to Tracey Denton who hit 26 (14 in her first match (including a six) and then 12 in the second).  Well done Tracey.  Her terrific throwing helped the Ex Services to eight points and put them within a shout of finishing as runners up.  Ten points for the Unwanted - six against the Misfits and four against the Bell - shot them up the table a couple of places, further away from the dreaded 'Wooden Spoon'!  Chris Hulme (Bell) enjoyed a great evening with 22 dolls (two elevens) whilst young Zak Vear must have also enjoyed his - ten dolls against the Misfits!  Well done Zak.

Sixer - Wednesday - Tracey Denton 

This coming is the Two and a Half Pairs competition - don't worry, for those who may have forgotten the format, it will all be explained on the nights!

Phil Allen


19th Feb 2024

A great week for the Red Cow; they extend their lead at the top of the Tuesday Handicap League table - with a review of the handicaps imminent, with Roger Herbert and Ian Cantwell sitting supreme in the top doll scorers list, with Liam Merchant hitting a six - what more do they want?!  For their eight points on the night, they beat Lower Heyford S&SC 4-2 (who, themselves, also got eight with a 6-0 win later over Bull Inn) and then another 4-2 over Mr&MrsFits.  With James Kirtland (12 - including a six) and Terry Hawkins both throwing well in their second match, Lower Heyford S&SC leapfrog Ex Services into second place.  That runners up spot is up for grabs with just five points separating four teams.  With a bit of a makeshift team, Bell C excelled themselves to also claim eight points and rise to the dizzy heights of fifth in the table.  

Another "handicap review" going on in the Wednesday league!  The Crown celebrated a 'worthwhile coming out for evening' with a six-nil, 56 dolls, win over the Unwanted, followed by just a 'standard' 4-2 and 47 dolls victory over the Ex Services - who, incidentally, they jump above in the table.  Karl Budd starred with 24 dolls (two 12's) while Tony Launchbury excelled himself with 14 in the first match - and, less said about his second match, the better (he 'only' got six!).  Pete Dempsey was another to put in a decent individual performance with 23 (12 and 11) whilst Dave Reast did his utmost to steady the weakened Misfits ship with 19 (10 and 9).   Oh, hang, on I've forgotten the table toppers, the Shakespeare!  They put in a rather mediocre performance, beating the Ex Services 4-2 - including a leg of 20 - and then upped their game for the 'away' match against a weakened Unwanted - winning 5-1 with a 21 leg thrown in!  Liam Fisher had a great evening with 21 dolls (10 and 11) to help The Cherries rack up 11 points (six against the Bell and five against the Misfits).  James Harkness (Bell) had an evening to be proud too with five against The Cherries and then to round off the evening with 11 against the Ashton Club.  Well done Harky.

Sixers - Tuesday - Liam Merchant and James Kirtland

Phil Allen

13th February 2023

Time for a follow up on my email of a month or so ago.

Having to put the AGM back until 21st March has rather disrupted my forward planning.  Nevertheless, I do believe I still have sufficient info to get going. 

From the replies to my previous email, I can tell you that,

1.  Registration fees/sponsorship - the registration fee will be increased to £40.  With regard to sponsorship, I am pleased to confirm that ClearVision Financial Services will continue to sponsor the league (very many thanks to them) - but, apart from that, I haven't received many offers at all.  If you are willing to support us financially, please get in touch with me.  

2.  As far as I'm aware, it's only the Blacks Head Bletchingdon who will not be joining us.  There are a couple of our existing teams who are likely to be playing elsewhere but, I'll confirm that nearer the time.

3.  It will be the six a side format.  Only a couple of calls for eight a side.

4.  Start time - quite a few would prefer 8 o'clock start; many are not bothered if it's 8 or 8.30.  A couple who would not be able to start earlier than 8.30.  Leave it with us (the committee) a little longer.

I have attached the registration form for you to complete and get back to me please.  The sooner I get it, I can work out averages and the division which teams should be in.

Phil Allen


9th February 2023

A much earlier report this week!  I have to write it while it's still fresh in the 'noggin'!

Rolling back the years - that's how I see it.

Our very own secretary has enjoyed his best couple of evenings for a long while, winning his way through to both Tuesday's and Wednesday's singles finals.  Playing some of his best aunt sally for a few years - riding his luck occasionally - playing on different pitches each evening ( so no favouritism there!) - Phil Allen overcame the challenges of Jon Deeley, Billy Atwell, Dave Gardiner and Roger Herbert on Tuesday and Andy Grose, Terry Hawkins, Pete Dempsey and Liam Fisher the following evening - some decent players amongst that lot!

In the Tuesday final he'll be up against Ian Cantwell who, himself, didn't have any easy route through - the likes opf Kayleigh Newbold, team mate Liam Fisher (who hit a six), Terry Hawkins and then another team mate, Liam Merchant.  Well done Ian.

Phil's opponent for the Wednesday final will be Tony Nichols - the reigning champion - who seemed to have it all his own way with the draw (only joking really!) - Eddie Jones, Dave Reast, Ray Rowe and Bobby Allen.  Well done Tony.

Apologies for this very egostistical report (all about 'me', that's what it means, I looked it up!) but, as I'm the one who has all the info at hand and composes the weekly reports, I thought "here goes, let 'em have it, both barrels"!  And, anyway, it's great to get back to some sort of a decent aunt sally standard once again.

Roll on next week!

Phil Allen


The time has come for me to collect in the Indoor League trophies. 

Would winners/team captains please bring them along on Tuesday or Wednesday


Top Doll scorer - Billy Atwell

Singles Winner – Karl Budd

Pairs Winners – Nigel King and Nick Cherry

Triples Winners – Phil Allen, Keith Lennard and Chris Hill

2.5 pairs Cup Winners – Bull Inn A

Knockout Plate Winners – Mr&MrsFits

Knockout Cup Winners – Bull B

League Champions – Mr&MrsFits


Top Doll scorer - Kevin Powney

Singles Winner – Tony Nichols

Pairs Winners – Bobby Allen and Dougie Revitt

Triples Winners – Eddie Jones, Rick Gumbert and Dave Puddle

2.5 pairs Cup Winners - Crown

Knockout Plate Winners – Ex Services (is there a trophy?

Knockout Cup Winners - Misfits

League Champions – Misfits


6th February 2023

With a maximum twelve points on Tuesday the Red Cow increased their lead at the top of the table.In their first match against the Bull Inn, anchorman Liam Merchant came to their rescue with eleven dolls (Dave Gardner also got eleven for the Bull), and then in their second Roger Herbert (12) and Ian Cantwell (11) made sure of the whitewash over Bell B.  Whilst on about Bell B, Ryan McNally hit a very creditable 10 dolls in their earlier 'derby match' against Bell C which the B team won 4-2.  Lower Heyford Sports and Social Club had two 5-1 victories and jump a couple of places up the table.  

The Shakespeare, despite only getting three points on Wednesday, remain on top of the table.  They were really up against it though with two difficult matches against the Crown and the Misfits.  In that first one against the Crown, even their first leg of 20 wasn't enough as their opponents - with the help of Terry Hawkins 6 - clanged off 23.  All in all the Crown totalled 59 dolls.   They then went on in their second match, against the Bell, to hit another 50 - with Karl Budd getting a six in his 11.   

Phil Allen


30th January 2023

On Tuesday evening, with Phil Allen hitting 21 (11 and 10) and Derek Richards 19 (10 and 9), Launton S&S claimed 9 points - five against the Red Cow and four against Bull Inn - and jumped to the dizzy heights of second place.  Ian Cantwell (11) and Roger Herbert (10) both threw well in that match against Launton S&S and then excelled themselves with 13 apiece in their second match against the Ex Services, claiming all six points for the Red Cow to keep them top of the table.  Nigel King (Bull Inn) also threw well against the Ex Services for his 13 dolls, but still didn't get rewarded with any points.  With an average of 10.5 dolls per match, Nigel King and Roger Herbert are now tied at the top of the doll scorers' list.

A bit of an indifferent night for the Misfits on Wednesday.  With leg scores of 18, 17 and 18 (no handicap), they took all six points against the Ex Services - but then lost all six against a 'youthful' Unwanted side.  Dougie Revitt hit a very creditable 15 (6, 4, 5) in his first match but then fell apart with 'just' ten in his next.  Phil Allen had a much improved evening with 9 and 14 and Billy Atwell had 'reasons to be cheerful' with his two tens.  Another up and coming player (more like "rolling back the years"), was Dave Wheeler (Ashton Club) who also claimed 20 dolls (8 and 12,) including a six.  Karl Budd (9 and 14), John Hudson (10 and 11) and Jed Launchbury (9 and 10) all showed potential amid the Crown's claim to be building a title challenging team!  What happened this week to the table toppers, the Shakespeare?  Missing last week's hero, Steve Godfrey, they dropped two points against The Cherries but then took it out on the Ashton Club stealing maximum points - despite Dave Wheeler's six.

Sixers - Wednesday - Doug Revitt and Dave Wheeler.

Phil Allen


I've been made aware that the date I previously published for the Summer League AGM (Thursday 23rd February) is not convenient.  With many of us playing on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in the Bicester Indoor League and some in the Banbury League on Thursdays, it has become difficult for me to find a suitable evening.

As it is, I do believe I can prepare much of the pre-season admin work before, or possibly, without the meeting anyway - providing I get replies to my emails!  And then, to stick to our rules, we will hold the meeting - albeit a little later than in previous years.

Our indoor leagues finish on 14th and 15th March - but then we have a couple of inter league matches on the following Wednesday's.  So, let me stick my neck on the block once again and go for Tuesday 21st March, 7.30 pm, Launton Sports and Social.  I propose to start the season on Wednesday 26th April.

In the meantime, I would like answers on the following (some of which I asked last week - if you have replied then there's no need to so again).

1.  Registration fees/sponsorship.  You will probably remember our previous league sponsor withdrew before last season commenced and I appealed for some financial assistance.  The response we received was tremendous and I am so grateful to all who came forward with donations.  I am, of course, on bended knee and pleading for similar help for this season.  To help alleviate the amount required I propose we raise the registration fee from £35 per team to £40 - just a fiver a team could give us another £150 or so.

2.  Will you and your team be joining us again?

3.  Preference?  How many players per team - 6 a side or 8 a side?

4.  Start time - continue as we have always done and start at 8.30 or bring it forward to 8 o'clock?

Phil Allen


23rd January 2023

Another profitable Tuesday evening for the Red Cow who now top the table.  With a full team this week, going great guns for the first five legs - ten points in the bag, 75 dolls (an average leg score of 15) - and then, oops!  In the very last leg of the evening, only managed eight against Lower Heyford's ten.  Roger Herbert got them off to a great start with 13 in their first match against Mr&MrsFits, but then fell by the wayside whilst Ian Cantwell took over in the second with 11.  Lower Heyford had a much improved evening, scoring 38 in both of their matches, also putting a bit of a dent in the Bull's evening - drawing two legs and taking two points of them as they did with the Red Cow.  Both Bell sides had a very creditable evening - the C team gaining six points (including a 4-2 win over the Ex Services) and the B's with five.  Very well done, keep it going. 

Wednesday night just has to be about the Shakespeare!  Two great performances, maximum points, 119 dolls, an excessive handicap that needs reviewing - and then the privilege of putting the equipment away at the end!  Their first match of the evening, up against the Unwanted, they start off with an 'unnecessary' five dolls per leg, Steve Godfrey clangs off 13, Tony Nichols with a 'lucky' ten, and, hey-ho, suddenly 62 dolls on the board (24, 18, 20) - 19 more than their opponents.  And there's more!  Up against, and having to give, the Ex Services two dolls per leg, they still rattled off 57 (18, 18, 21) with Tony Nichols sneaking in another ten.  Me, bitter?  Not at all!  Watch this space!  Anyway, there were a few other matches going on too!  The Bell, in second place, had a bit of an up and down evening, losing 4-2 to 'near neighbours' the Ashton Club (Joe Young got 11 for the Ashton) and then getting all six against The Cherries.  The Misfits had a relatively worthwhile visit - getting just two points in their first match against The Cherries - who were another team to score above themselves (20, 12, 19) - but then, upping their game against the Ashton and grabbing all six points.

Phil Allen


16th January 2023

On Tuesday, despite having only four players, the Red Cow managed ten points out of a maximum twelve - and hit the 'target' 12 dolls per leg, with just four players!  Certainly needs looking at!  Having said that, Roger Herbert did step it up a bit hitting ten and then eleven (as did Liam Fisher too) - well done chaps!  The Ex Services punched above their weight too, winning five of their six legs and hitting 45 dolls in each match - and now top the table.  Tracey Denton racked up 20 dolls (8 and 12, including a six), and Clive Lampitt 18 (10 and 8).  Not starting the Handicap League season too well, Bull Inn got off to the worst possible start, dropping their very first leg against Bell C - only putting nine on the board to the Bell's ten.  Nigel King top scored on the night with 12 in that first match and then another 11 in the second.

Some terrific scoring in the Wednesday League.  With the target leg score of 15, the Bell had a great night, hitting 108 dolls (an average of 18), but still lost a couple of legs - one against the Crown (16 to the Crown's 20) and the other 17 to the Shakespeare's 18.  The Bell did get revenge though against the Crown, pinching the third leg 22-20.  With those scores there must have been a star or two!  Both Darren Moore and Eddie Jones hit 13 for the Bell in their first match and then 10 each in the second.  Despite hitting 23 apiece, they still 'came second' with Karl Budd topping it with 25 - 15 in that match against the Bell (three 5's) and then 10 in the evening's last match against the Misfits (including a six).  Despite hitting 50 in their first match against the Shakespeare, the Misfits still only managed one point, drawing the first leg 18 each - Billy Atwell and Dougie Revitt both threw well in that one, rattling up 12 each and Dave Reast managed ten with a six in the first leg.  The Misfits did manage to win a leg later though, against the Crown 16-9.  The Shakespeare had a relatively encouraging evening, averaging 16.6 dolls per leg, no complaints (!), sitting third in the table - what more could I ask for?!  All in all, six of the eight teams achieved the 15 per leg - The Cherries and the Unwanted excepted (probably need to review those!).  And, no, I hadn't forgotten, Joe Young (Ashton Club) also hit a six in his 21 on the night - well done!

Not a bad start to both handicap leagues - with not too many gripes either! 

Sixers - Tuesday - Tracey Denton

           - Wednesday - Karl Budd, Dave Reast, Joe Young.


Phil Allen


Evening all, I was given incorrect information on Wednesday insofar as I was told Darren Moore and his colleagues won their way through to the final.  That's not the case.  My sincere apologies to Liam Fisher, Eddie Jones and Keith Lennard - they were the successful ones.  Well done chaps (and my apologies once again).

It'll teach me to watch these games in future.  Actually, come to think of it, I was busy 'losing' on the other pitch!

Phil Allen


8 January 2023

Two great evenings of triples this week.  Rather a pity that a few were unable to attend, mainly due to sickness; but, with the cooperation of all who were there, we managed to put together enough teams.

Those who got through to the Tuesday night's final are Roger Herbert, Fred Houghton and Michelle Oakley who will play Phil Allen, Kev Gardiner and Jon 'Wolfy' Deeley.  Wednesday night's finalists will be Darren Moore, Martin Wanless and Ray Townsend who will be up against Karl Budd, Jeremy Launchbury and Jon Deeley.  Well done everyone.

Phil Allen


2 January 2023

Hi everyone, hope your Christmas was just as you had wished for - and you eventually got those new sticks you'd long been pining for!  Here's hoping the New Year turns out to be a great one for you too.

Sorry, a little bit late with this but it does take a while to sort the figures out.  Attached are the teams for the forthcoming triples competitions - Tuesdays' and Wednesdays'.  Tuesday's average over three legs is 16.20 per team of three - only 5.40 dolls per leg!  And for Wednesday it's 19.90 (6.63 each leg).  I'm pretty sure I've included all those who want to enter but, please captains, would you let me know if you're aware of anyone else who wishes to partake - or, indeed, anyone who won't be there.

Also attached are the league tables, averages and handicaps for the leagues which start the following week.  I'll be willing to explain them a little bit more this coming Tuesday and Wednesday , but, this is how it goes:

On a Tuesday night, when the Bell B and C - both with a handicap of 6 - are playing the Bull or Mr&MrsFits, the most they get is four (the maximum decided upon at the AGM).  When they're up against the Red Cow who have a handicap of 1 then they get 5 (making that difference of four).  And then, when playing the remaining teams, the Bells' handicaps go up to their maximum six (whilst those other teams get their three or four as shown in the table).

Likewise, on a Wednesday, the Ex's handicap of seven goes down to four when they play the Misfits and the Unwanted but goes to seven when they play everyone else.  The handicaps for The Cherries, Ashton Club and Shakespeare will be adjusted in the same manner when playing the Misfits.

Got it?!

A Happy New Year to you all.

Phil Allen


Sadly the first half of the 2022 indoor league season has come to its end.  Let's have another recap of what we managed to achieve.

The Wednesday league finished last week with the following outcome:

  • League champions - Misfits
  • Runners up - Crown
  • Top doll scorer - Brian Gough
  • Knockout Cup finalists - Misfits and Unwanted
  • Knockout Plate finalists - Ex Services and The Cherries
  • Pairs finalists -  Bobby Allen and Dougie Revitt (Misfits) against Brian Gough and Dave Reast (Misfits) 

In the last of the Tuesday league fixtures played this week the Bull needed at least eight points to win the league and, despite missing an unwell Kevin Powney, they got the maximum 12; two very comprehensive victories over Launton S&S and the Ex Services - nothing to write home about in their first match but then 14 dolls from Dave Gardiner (including a six) and 11 from Nigel King got them the points they needed.  Mr&MrsFits, their nearest rivals, were really clutching on straws; playing after the Bull had already got their first six points, and hoping that they would completely fall apart in their second, Mr&MrsFits needed to ensure they came up with maximum points - and they did in their first match!  But then, it was suddenly all over!  The Bull, having played their first match with only four players, called upon the much needed guidance and experience of Colin Baldwin to ensure they got at least two much needed points in the game against the Ex's.  He did the biz and they got the lot!  

On a much improved evening, the Red Cow were another team to claim maximum points - also against Launton S&S and the Ex's - 22 dolls from Liam Fisher helping them on their way.  Lower Heyford S&SC came up with a magical twelve points too, enough to shoot them up the table - by one place!  Terry Hawkins hit a very creditable twelve in their first match (including a six).

Sixers - Tuesday - Dave Gardiner and Terry Hawkins.

So, to recap for the Tuesday league:

  • League champions - Bull Inn
  • Runners up - Mr&MrsFits
  • Top doll scorer - Karl Budd
  • Knockout Cup finalists - Ex Services and Red Cow
  • Knockout Plate finalists - Bell B and Bull Inn
  • Pairs finalists - Nigel King and Kevin Powney (Bull Inn) against Karl Budd and Billy Atwell (Mr&MrsFits).

So, to round off 2022, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  See you again on Tuesday 3rd and/or Wednesday 4th January.

Phil Allen#


11th December 2022

The gap at the top of the Tuesday League widened a little this week in favour of the Bull Inn.  With Kev Powney hitting 12 and Dave Gardiner 10, they gained maximum points in their game against Bell C whilst their nearest rivals, Mr&MrsFits, dropped a 'silly' leg against Lower Heyford S&SC.  With just one week - two matches - to go, the Bull will be all out to reclaim the title they last won in 2018 (the year the league started).   Similarly the 'chase' for third place changed hands once again with Launton S&S losing 4-2 to the Ex Services, whilst the Red Cow beat Bell B by the same score to jump back up into that third spot.  Bell B actually threw very well in that match hitting 33 dolls, by far their best of the season.  

In the Cup semi finals, Launton S&S were after revenge, taking on the Ex Services for the second time that evening - but lost that one too (2-1).  In the other semi, the Red Cow pulled out all the stops - with Liam Fisher's 13 (including a six) - to overcome the Mr&MrsFits challenge by two legs to one.

In the Plate semis, the two Bell sides took on each other with the C team 'doing the business' in two legs.  Bull Inn did likewise against Lower Heyford S&SC.

On Wednesday it was the last of the league fixtures.  With the Misfits already crowned champions all eyes were on the runners up spot.  The Unwanted were in second place, level on points with the Crown but with a much superior dolls score.  The Crown played the Bell (who were also in with a chance of that runners up spot - but they were without Eddie Jones on the night) in the evening's first match.  A relatively comfortable 6-0 victory for the Crown.  Now the pressure's on the Unwanted, up against the Ex Services - who, themselves, needed something out of this match to avoid becoming the wooden spoonists.  Hate to say it but the Unwanted skipper lost it by choosing to put the Ex's in in the second leg, a leg in which the Ex's 'excelled' themselves and hit 14.  Still gettable for a team like the Unwanted, but they bottled it and dropped two vital points - letting the Crown in 'through the back door' to sneak second spot!  Sorry, Pete Dempsey (who hit 15), we let you down.  Well done the Crown.  The Ashton Club beat The Cherries 2-1 which, with the Shakespeare losing 6-0 to the Misfits (including a six from Dougie Revitt in the champions' leg of 22), means the Shakey have at long last won something - that dreaded wooden spoon! 

Wednesday League top doll scorer is Brian Gough with 151 dolls, an average of 10.79 and four sixes.  Well done Goughy.

In the Knockout Cup semi finals, the Unwanted got sweet revenge by beating the Crown 2-1 and the Misfits walloped the Shakespeare 2-0 with leg scores of 19 and 16 (Brian Gough hitting a 5 and a 6 in his two throws).

In the Plate semis, The Cherries got their revenge by beating the Ashton Club 2-0.  The other semi wasn't as clear cut.  Tied at a leg apiece, the Ex's were chasing the Bell's set of 13.  One doll from the first two players wasn't a great start for the Ex's.  Dave Vear and Baz Bazile next two on, both getting fours.  Down to 'anchorwoman' Tracey Denton, throwing in deadly silence.  She needed four to draw, five to win.  Oops, missed the first one.  But such jubilation when she got the next five to take the Ex's through to the final.  Well done to the Ex's and especially to Tracey.

Sixers - Tuesday - Liam Fisher

           - Wednesday - Dougie Revitt and Brian Gough


Phil Allen


4th December 2022

With no aunt sally on Tuesday, all focus was on Wednesday night's games.  And, despite there still being one league fixture to play, the Misfits are champions once again - the eighth time in the last nine seasons!  How they manage it with that team, I just haven't a clue!  Seriously, congratulations to them once again.  Roll on the handicap league!

Despite dropping a leg to their nearest rivals, the Unwanted, they had no problem in getting the points needed. 

Some pretty impressive individual performances on the night too.  Kev Powney topped the list with 24 (10 and 14 - including a six), Liam Fisher (13 and 10) and Karl Budd (11 and 12) with 23 apiece, and Darren Moore with 22 (9 and 13).  Well done chaps.

This week it'll be the last league games on the first half of both evenings, followed by the semi finals of the Cup and Plate competitions - the draws will be made on the night.

Sixer - Wednesday - Kevin Powney 

Phil Allen


28th November 2022

Very pleasing turnouts for both pairs competitions this week; 24 pairs on Tuesday and 22 on Wednesday.  Some terrific throwing too.

On Tuesday, it was very deserving that Nigel King - who had hit two sixes during the course of the evening - should win his way through to the final with his Bull team mate Kevin Powney.  In it they will come up against Mr&MrsFits pair Karl Budd and Billy Atwell, who had to see off some tough opposition en route.

On Wednesday, last year's winners Bobby Allen and Dougie Revitt will battle out the final with Misfits team mates Brian Gough and Dave Reast.  Some terrific throwing saw sixes for Terrry Hawkins, Andy Grose, Karl Budd and Dougie Revitt.  Well done chaps.

Sixers - Tuesday - Nigel King (2)

           - Wednesday - Terry Hawkins, Andy Grose, Karl Budd, Dougie Revitt


Phil Allen


21st November 2022

Bit of a merry-go-round going on in the Tuesday league recently.  A couple of weeks ago Mr&MrsFits took advantage of the Red Cow having to play the evening with just four players and the Bull dropping 'silly' points, leapfrogging both of them to take over at the top.  Then, last week, the Red Cow dropped further behind after getting just five points whilst the others both managed ten.  And now, this week, the Bull with a maximum twelve - six against Mr&MrsFits - have returned to top spot.  Kev Powney (Bull Inn) did the damage with 27 on the night, including a six in his 15 in the first match.  The Red Cow played well in their first match - against Lower Heyford S&SC - to claim all six points, but then lost the lot against Mr&MrsFits; and, with Launton S&S rattling up ten, the Red Cow drop a further place whilst the Launton side have risen and are getting rather dizzy in third place!

In the Wednesday league, did someone upset the Misfits last week?   Missing a couple of 'decent' players, they only managed two points; but, this week, they certainly came back with a vengeance - maximum points and 107 dolls.  Dougie Revitt got 28 of those, Brian Gough 24 (including his third six of the season)  and Bobby Allen 23.  The Unwanted, after a couple of indifferent weeks, came good this time round with a maximum 12 points to reclaim second spot. - Kev Powney with 23 and Pete Dempsey 20 helping their cause.  Ray Rowe did his utmost to ensure the Bell 'remain up there somewhere' - a total of 18 dolls, including a six.  Despite the Shakespeare only getting two points on the night, Andy Grose had a decent evening for them with 19 (9 and 10).

Sixers - Tuesday - Kevin Powney

           - Wednesday - Brian Gough, Ray Rowe

This coming week we have the pairs competitions. which will start at the normal time of 7.45 on each evening.  The draws for both evenings are on the Fixtures page.

Phil Allen


13th November 2022

A little earlier this week, got a busy weekend ahead.

On Tuesday, an out of form Red Cow team lost a bit of ground on the leading two.  Scoring only six in their first leg against Bell C, they lost that one and then, in their big clash of the evening against the Bull, despite 11 dolls for Liam Fisher, they were only able to take one point; so, a poor evening with just five points.  Both Mr&MrsFits and the Bull managed eleven.   No sixes on the night but Karl Budd and Phil Allen put in decent performances with 22 (both getting 11 in each match).

In a similar vein to the Red Cow on Tuesday, the Misfits (without Bobby Allen and Dave Reast) had a disastrous Wednesday evening.  Having already lost five legs on the night, they then managed to secure just two points with a win in their last leg against the Bell - the only points the Bell dropped.  The Crown started off their evening terrifically well with all six points off the Misfits, with Karl Budd hitting 15 (including a six) and John Hudson 11.  But then in their second match, against the Shakespeare, they "stupidly" lost a leg and drew another.  The Unwanted, although not throwing well, willingly accepted the ten points they got, courtesy of a 4-2 against The Cherries and a 6-0 over the Ashton Club.  Liam Fisher, playing for The Cherries, upped his game a little from the previous evening claiming two sixes in his 20 dolls.

Sixes - Wednesday - Liam Fisher (2), Karl Budd

Phil Allen


9th November 2022

Not entirely sure what went wrong yesterday morning, a couple of glaring errors in the report!  Firstly I mentioned that Ian Cantwell had got a six in the Tuesday league and then finished off by saying 'no sixes this week'.  Actually meant to say 'no sixes in the Wednesday league this week'!

And that's not all !!  I even forgot to update the Wednesday league table!  All done and dusted now; the correct version now attached.

Sixer - Tuesday - Ian Cantwell.

Phil Allen


7th  November 2022

On Tuesday evening, with the Bull Inn dropping five points and the Red Cow, with only four players, dropping seven, Mr&MrsFits took full advantage, grabbing maximum points and returning to the top of the table.  Launton S&S, although not playing particularly well themselves, did the damage, taking four points off the Red Cow and five off the Bull.  Individually, Terry Hawkins was on top form for Lower Heyford S&SC with 22 dolls (12 and 10), Ian Cantwell was in his first match with 11 (including a six), Ryan McNally was for Bell B with 6 and 8, and Tyler Andrews had a better week with two 8's.  Keep it up chaps.

On Wednesday evening the Misfits dropped their first point of the season - in the last leg against their nearest rivals, the Unwanted.  They did just as they needed to in their first match against the Ex Services, winning it 6-0, but then turned it up a couple of notches when they were up against the Unwanted; Bobby Allen and Brian Gough with 14 apiece, legs of 19 and 20 but then just dropping off with a 14 - which the Unwanted matched.  Individually, Bobby Allen totalled 23 (9 and 14), Karl Budd hit 22 (13 and 9), as did Liam Fisher (two 11's).  Aimee Sheehan enjoyed her evening too with 16 (7 and 9), as did team mate Chris Hulme with 16 also (10 and 6). 

No sixes this week!

Phil Allen


31st October 2022

The Tuesday league's top three all gained maximum points and have opened up a bit of a gap from the remainder.  Bull Inn didn't throw particularly well themselves but did enough to take the six points off Bell C and to hold on to the top spot.  With Liam Merchant hitting a very creditable 12 and Roger Herbert 10, the Red Cow remain in second place after beating Bell B 6-0.  Karl Budd with 15 and Steve Golder 11 - both hitting a six in the second leg - enabled Mr&MrsFits to take all six points off Lower Heyford S&SC.  In the Knockout Cup the Red Cow beat Bull Inn, Mr&MrsFits beat Lower Heyford S&SC, Ex Services beat Bell B and Launton S&S beat Bell C.

On Wednesday, the Misfits remain at the top after taking all six points against the Shakespeare, with Brian Gough keeping up his great run of form with 13 and Clive Lampitt 11 (including a six in his first leg).  The Crown got it together a bit to take all six against the Bell, whilst The Cherries beat the Ashton 5-1 and the Unwanted beat the Ex Services 4-2.  In the Knockout Cup the Crown progress to the next round after beating The Cherries 2-0, as did the Unwanted against the Ex Services, and the Misfits against the Bell.  The Shakespeare got the better of the Ashton Club by two legs to one.

Sixers - Tuesday - Karl Budd, Steve Golder.

           - Wednesday - Clive Lampitt

Phil Allen


24th October 2022

With Kev Powney hitting 22 and Nigel King 21, the Bull Inn ran up ten points, and jumped to the top of the Tuesday league.  The Red Cow, also with ten points on the night - courtesy of 21 dolls from Liam Fisher - are hot on their heels in second place.  Coincidentally, they both beat Mr&MrsFits 4-2, who are yet to hit top form this season and drop down to third spot.  

A much improved performance from the Unwanted - a 6-0 victory over the Shakespeare and 4-2 against the Crown (with a 22 leg thrown in, Pete Dempsey and Phil Allen both hitting 23 and Kev Powney 22) - sees them jump into second place behind the (so far) unbeatable Misfits.  Dougie Revitt shone for the Misfits this week with 24, including a six.  Others to hit a 'maximum' on the night were Brian Gough, Phil Allen and Joe Young.  Despite a terrific 14 from Joe Young for the Ashton Club in their match against the Bell, they were still unable to get any points from it - and then also lost 6-0 to the Misfits.

Sixers - Wednesday league - Doug Revitt, Brian Gough, Joe Young, Phil Allen.

Phil Allen


3rd October 2022

Morning all,

Don't forget, the indoor league practice night this coming Wednesday, and then the leagues actually starts on Tuesday 11th October and Wednesday 12th October.

A couple of amendments to the fixtures lists issued earlier in the week.  The updated lists are attached.  The changes are:

    Team H - What was Bell A is now Bell C
    8 November - the 8.55 and 9.30 fixtures have changed around

     Teams G and H - the Misfits and the Unwanted have been changed
     9 November - the 8.55 and 9.30 fixtures have changed around

Phil Allen


29th September 2022

The 2022 Indoor Aunt Sally is upon us.  The minutes of last night's AGM are on the AGM page..

The season will start on Tuesday 11th and Wednesday 12th October, with a practice night on Wednesday 5th October.

It appears that the forthcoming football world cup fixtures are not going to cause too much concern.  The decisions made last night were:

Tuesday 29th November - Wales play England.  No aunt sally that night and push the fixtures back (the new fixtures list will clarify it).

Tuesday and Wednesday, 13th and 14th December - world cup semi finals.  Not knowing if any of our football teams are going to be involved, the decision was to play safe and have no aunt sally.

Tuesday 20th December - playing those fixtures which should have been played on 29th November.

Please have registration forms completed and ready to hand in at the first league fixtures night.

Phil Allen


28th September 2022

Wowee, what a finals night that was!  A truly brilliant evening and many thanks to all who came along.

As I said during the presentation, my apologies for the late finish - my fault entirely by making it best of five legs for the team finals (League Cup and Plate and the Intermediate Cup and Plate).  I've learnt from it and will change it next year.

The results are shown on the Results page.

I still have the following trophies which weren't collected on finals night and would be grateful if the relevant parties would get in touch with me to arrange collection.

  • Sixers - Bill Mellis, Norman Brock, Barry Moss, Callum Cooper, Jeremy Launchbury
  • Division Two runners up - Nut Tree
  • Division Three runners up - Highfield SC
  • Division Three Pairs runners up - Bill Mellis and Jason Harris

The season, I'm afraid, is now over. - let's look forward to next year.

Phil Allen


19th September 2022

The end is nigh - but all good things must come to an end!  

With only the finals night left, this coming Friday, the 2022 summer season is just about over.  The format for Friday is attached - and on the rear side is a list of those who will receive trophies - please ensure there is someone available to collect them.

Ladies' and Division Four singles

In the ladies' singles played on Wednesday, there were nine contestants.  As one of the finalists is not available to play on Finals Night it was decided to finish it off there and then.  Tracey Denton (Ex Services B) beat Cairene McCann (Marsh Gibbon Village Hall Two).  Well done to all the ladies for turning up and having a go.

Division Four Singles

One group of ten played at the Bull Inn whilst the others (not sure how many) were at Launton Sports and Social.  At the Bull, Keith Lennard (Ex Services B) beat Nick Line (Marsh Gibbon Village Hall) whilst at the other venue, it was Paul Symonds (Marsh Gibbon Village Hall One) who got the better of Rick Gumbert (Ex Services B).  Well done chaps, see you on Friday.

Handicap Cup

Held on Friday at Launton Sports and Social:

Group A - Bull Inn A beat the Bell A

Group B - Barley Mow beat the Ashton Club

Group C - Rose and Crown beat Tiddington CC

Finals Night - Friday 23rd September

The format for Finals Night this coming Friday - along with a list of those who will receive trophies - is as follows:



(on the left) (on the right)



(Best of three legs) (Best of three legs)

(Draw to be made on the night)

Bell A B (Brian Gough, Chris Hulme, Dan Jobling, Eddie Jones)

Rose & Crown B (Alan Cullen, Clive Lampitt, Dave Reast, Fred Houghton)

Shakespeare B (Bobby Allen, Lee Wanless, Nigel Wakelin, Pete Dempsey)

Tiddington CC (Graham Bristow, Phil Smith, Pip Goulding, Pete Shepherd)


(Best of five legs) (Best of five legs)

Bull Inn A v Rose & Crown Crown Twyford v Long Crendon VC


(Best of five legs) (Best of five legs)

Ex Services B v Shakespeare A Brill S&SC A v Launton S&S


FOUR A SIDE CUP FINAL (Best of three legs)

(Best of three legs) Richard Pike & Matthew Holmes

(The winners of the semi finals played earlier) v

Bill Mellis & Jason Harris


(Best of three legs) (Best of three legs)

Karl Budd & Kevin Powney Andy Draper & Terry Hawkins


Pip Goulding & Pete Shepherd Dave Gardner & Nick Cherry


(Best of three legs) (Best of three legs)

Robert Taylor v Steve Golder Keith Lennard v Paul Symonds



(Best of three legs)

Andy Cox v Dave Gardner



(Best of three legs)

Draw for semi finals will be made on the night

From Clive Lampitt, Kevin Powney

Pete Litten and Wayne Walker


For those playing in the Four a Side semi finals, please ensure players are there by 7.00, ready to start promptly at 7.15.

The presentations will take place following the Steve Huntley Memorial Singles Final. There are trophies for the following:

  • Premier Division, Divisions One, Two, Three and Four winners (Shakespeare B, Shakespeare A, Red Cow, Launton S&S, Chearsley Cricketers) – sponsored by D Jobling and Son.

  • Divisions Two, Three and Four runners up (Nut Tree, Highfield SC, Long Crendon Village Centre)

  • Hook Norton Brewery League Cup – sponsored by Brian Gough - winners and runners up.

  • League Plate – winners and runners up.

  • Intermediate Cup - winners and runners up.

  • Intermediate Plate – winners and runners up.

  • The Phil Allen Four a Side Cup - winners and runners up.

  • The Terry Hawkins Pairs Cup - winners and runners up.

  • Divisions Two and Three Pairs - winners and runners up.

  • The Steve Huntley Memorial Singles – winner and runner up.

  • Divisions Two, Three and Four Singles - winners and runners up.

  • Ladies’ Singles – winner and runner up.

  • League Top Doll Scorer (Bobby Allen).

  • Divisions Two, Three and Four Top Doll Scorers (Liam Fisher, Robert Taylor, Stuart Burnham).

  • Ladies’ Top Doll Scorer (Tracey Denton).

  • The Sixers champion – sponsored by Karl Budd.

  • Sixers trophies – sponsored by Karl Budd – for all of those listed below who have scored a six in a league fixture or competition.

Karl Budd, Bobby Allen, Pip Goulding, Robert Taylor, Pete Dempsey, Dougie Revitt, Brian Gough, Steve Golder, Phil Baker, Erik Poslusny, Andy Poppitt, Kevin Powney, Eddie Jones, Dave Puddle, Dan Jobling, Norman Brock, Rick Gumbert, Jeremy Launchbury, Mike Horn, Callum Cooper, Pete Shepherd, Barry Moss, Jim Harris, Alan Horton, Dave Gardner, Bill Mellis, Kym Jones, Andy Cox, Nick Cherry

Please ensure there is someone in attendance to collect trophies; 

they will not be delivered as in previous years.

  For those taking part in the four a side semi finals (the first matches of the evening), please ensure you're there in plenty of time and ready to start at 7.15pm.

Hot dogs and burgers will be on sale with all money taken being donated to the Hummingbird Centre.

Sixer in the handicap cup semi final - Nick Cherry 

Phil Allen


15th September 2022


With the summer league just about done and dusted, it's time to start planning for the winter indoor leagues.  The intention is to run both the Tuesday and Wednesday leagues at the Ex Services Club as we did last year and, to date, as far as I'm aware, we'll have the same teams.  Please let me know if your team will not be participating.

We will hold the AGM at the Ex Services on Tuesday 27th September, starting at 7.30pm.

Phil Allen


15th September 2022

Well done to all who got through last night, commiserations to the rest.

Just an update on the finals at Launton Sports & Social tomorrow night:

8 o'clock on pitch one - Tiddington CC (15) v Rose & Crown (13)

8 o'clock on pitch two - Bell A (13) v Bull Inn A (9)

To follow (the decision on which pitch will be decided as the evening progresses) - Ashton Club (11) v Barley Mow (8)

Phil Allen


15th September 2022

As already published, the handicap finals will be held this coming Friday at Launton Sports and Social.  We will be using two pitches and will start at 8 o'clock.  Practice will be allowed up until 7.55.

The first final on pitch one (the one on the left) will be Group C (Tiddington CC v either Rose & Crown or Highfield SC) and, at the same time on pitch 2 will be Group A (Bell A or Crown CoO A v Chandos Arms or Bull Inn A).  Group B will then follow on pitch one.

Phil Allen


11th September 2022

With the Premier down to Division Three's fixtures completed last week, all eyes were on the chase for Division Four's runners up spot and that division's top doll scorer.  

Going into their last games, the Ex Services A were in third place - just one point behind Long Crendon Village Centre - and really needed to take advantage, with a clean sweep, in their home fixture (playing indoors) against Marsh Gibbon Village Hall Two.  They got the start they wanted, sneaking the first leg 9-8; but then, in the second, Kym Jones 'rolled back the years' with a six to pinch that one for the visitors.  From thereon, it was neck and neck, two each going into the last - not what the Ex's wanted anyway, already having dropped two legs. - but they did get the last; final score 3-2.  Kym Jones finished the evening with 15, her best of the season.  Well done.

Twelve miles or so away in Long Crendon, not knowing, of course, how it was going at the Ex's, they needed as many points - five preferably! - and dolls in case the final points tally finished level.  A great start, the first two legs in the bank.  Squeaky bum time!   The third and fourth both went to three stickers - they won one apiece - and then the home side won the last.  Final score 4-1 and enough to secure runners up.  Well done.

With Rick Gumbert (Ex Services A) not throwing at his best over the last three weeks, Stuart Burnham (Chearsley Cricketers) took advantage and sneaked in to pinch the top doll scorer/average by .039 dolls per leg.  Well done Stuart.

Handicap Cup

Well, what a let down the Handicap Cup has proven to be.  I was astonished to be asked during the course of the day "are there any matches tonight?"   And then, even on the night, a match wasn't played 'cos the home side 'didn't know there was a game' - but, somehow, the away team did and travelled!   The decision, and the reasoning for holding the competition, along with the draw, was published, initially, in an email on 25th July; has been on the website since then, and was republished by email last weekend.  Plenty of warning, yet, even after that lot, we still had teams saying they didn't know they were supposed to be playing!  Most annoying and it makes us, the committee, feel we're wasting our time!

Here we are, trying our utmost to provide additional fixtures up until finals night and, out of twelve matches, only seven were played.  The results are shown in the attached spreadsheet.  Next week's semi finals should now be: - I say 'should'' because Brill S&SC A have withdrawn, meaning Tiddington CC go straight through to the final without yet having played a game in the competition!

Group A

Bell A (13) v Crown CoO A (14)

Chandos Arms (10) v Bull Inn A (9)

Group B

Ashton Club (11) v Launton S&S (10)

Barley Mow (8) v Pheasant Inn (12)

Group C

Tiddington CC (15) v Brill S&SC A (withdrawn)

Rose & Crown (13) v Highfield SC (11)

The three group finals will be played at Launton Sports and Social on Friday 16th September.  Depending on whether we can get two pitches set up there (or just the one), the start time will be either 7.30 or 8 o'clock.  It will be published as soon as we are fully aware.

Sixers for the week - Bill Mellis, Andy Cox and Kym Jones


Phil Allen



8th September 2022

Ladies' Singles competition

The following have entered the Ladies' Singles competition which will be held on Pitch Two at the Bull Inn, Launton next Wednesday (the 14th).  Please ensure all contestants are there by 8.15 (even earlier if they wish to practice)

Karen Brock, Debbie Carvell, Danielle Peake (Highfield Social Club)

Helen Barnes, Trudi Gassor (MG Village Hall One)

Cairene McCann, Kym Jones (MG Village Hall Two)

Tracey Denton, Michelle Oakley (Ex Services A)

Amyy Newbold, Kayleigh Newbold (Bell B)

Karen Blaine (Bull Inn B)

Division Four Singles

Below are the names of those who have entered.  They should report to the venues shown by 8.15 (even earlier if they wish to practice).

Bull Inn - Pitch One

Matthew Bailey, Toby Reynolds (MG Village Hall One)

Brian McCann, Cairene McCann, Nick Line (MG Village Hall Two)

Dave Vear, Zak Vear, Keith Lennard (Ex Services A)

Matt Toomey, Chris Hill (Bell B)

Charlie Govier (Long Crendon VC)

Launton Sports & Social

Lewis Wilson, Richard Cox, Paul Symonds (MG Village Hall One)

Matt Orlando, Chris Craighead (MG Village Hall Two)

Rick Gumbert, James Waddup (Ex Services A)

Olly Carvell, Allie Knight, Neil Blatcher, Ryan McNally (Bell B)

Phil Allen


6th September 2022

Morning all,

Yesterday, as I was preparing the 'weekly' results email, I did plan to explain what the figures in brackets meant - and then, guess what, I forgot to do it (and, understandably, have already been asked).

They are the team's leg average.  To clarify, Bell A have a leg average of 13 dolls and Shakespeare B's is 18; so the Shakey have to give the Bell 5 dolls start in each leg - ludicrous!  In some cases - as for the teams who have had matches postponed - they have been adjusted accordingly.   

Remember, it's all aimed at, firstly, extending the season for you (who wanted to finish on the 31st August anyway?!) and, secondly, trying to match you with different opponents and venues.

Please, bear in mind it's a handicap competition - and that, theoretically, means everyone starts on level par. 

The idea is to add a bit of fun and competitive edge to the season end and give other teams and players the opportunity to possibly play in a team final and, perhaps even win.  The on-going objective is, firstly, to try to ensure we maintain the number of teams in each division, and, hopefully, increase these and encourage more people to play Aunt Sally. 

Division Four

Division Four teams are preoccupied this week, on the 7th, with their final league matches.   And then, on the 14th it's the Division Four singles and the Ladies' Singles (venues to be announced in the next day or so).

Phil Allen


4th September 2022

Sadly, the league part of the 2022 summer season has come to a close.

As I said last week "If only James Morrison had been available to play regularly for Tiddington Cricket Club, the season's outcome could have been very much different!"  James was up there again this week with 18 dolls, although team mate Pip Goulding outdid him with a terrific 21 dolls (and not a six amongst it).   Although he sits on top of the individual averages, our rules state "they must throw a minimum of 36 league game legs (ie 51%) to count towards top doll."  May be different next season, let's wait and see!

As we already knew, Shakespeare B are Premier, and league, champions and, after losing 4-1 at home to Tiddington Cricket Club, Ex Services B will drop to Division One.  The Shakey, sharing a great evening with the Pheasant lads at Brill, had no real problems in beating them 5-0.  The greatest 'battle on the hill' was between team mates Bobby Allen and Dougie Revitt for the top doll scorer/average.  Dougie had it in his grasp before the match started, but, with not such a good performance by his standards (12), Bobby's 16 was enough to win it by less than a doll per leg over the whole season.  Well done to both players.  Shakespeare A trounced the visiting Bell A (their nearest rivals) in the very first leg (15-9) to ensure they got the point needed to win Division One.     In their first competitive season with us, Tiddington Cricket Club finished as runners up and have shown they are a force to be reckoned with - looking forward to next season already!   With a very creditable 17 dolls from skipper Clive Lampitt, the Rose & Crown Charlton finished off a relatively good first season for them with a 3-2 win over the Crown, Charlton on Otmoor - well done to them.

Incidentally, my roving reporter has been at it once again!

There were vicious rumours circulating before the Phez (Fez!) and Shakey match on Wednesday.

'Madness', I hear you say?  But that was last Friday at Windsor Racecourse!  The reason for such waffle is 'cos, the previous Wednesday, the Pheasant had just beaten the Ex Services B - who had just beaten the Shakespeare B in the two consecutive weeks and had absolutely nothing to do with the 'Return of the Los Palmas7'.  The Shakespeare arrived at the 'House of Fun' (the Pheasant), driving through 'the Sun and the Rain' hoping to have 'One Better Day' and avoid any further embarrassment!

Phil Allen, in his now customary 'Baggy Trousers, Dirty Shirt' , scoring 13, did his bit but it proved to be 'One Step Beyond' Dougie Revitt in his attempt to be this season's top doll scorer as team mate Bobby Allen excelled on the night with an excellent 16 to take the accolade!

Last we heard, the Shakey were celebrating their 5-0 victory on 'The Night Boat to Cairo'!

Highlight of the night was the two ladies throwing after the game had finished and one of them, Laura, hit three on the bounce and was swiftly signed up by the Pheasant captain, Dave Morris!

Anyway, enough of this 'Madness'.  I'll shut up and go now on 'The Wings of a Dove' .  It's been another enjoyable season with plenty of highs and lows - but, most of all, such good fun playing against all the friendly teams we have in our league."

With all five points at the White Horse, and the Nut Tree dropping two at the Ashton Club, the Red Cow are Division Two champions.  Well done gents, and congratulations too to Liam Fisher for finishing as the division's top scorer.  It really didn't prove necessary in the end but, the dolls count for the teams affected by postponed fixtures against Brill S&SC B have been adjusted - by their average at the time of the postponement - and are shown in red in the tables.

Having been at the top of the Division Three table for most of the season, Launton Sports and Social dug deep to grind out a 3-2 victory over the visiting Brill S&SC A - despite 16 for Lee Mason - to ensure they finish as champions.  Highfield Social Club, although not scoring well on the night, secured a 4-1 home win over the Butchers Arms.  With the division's top doll scorer, Robert Taylor, hitting 14 and ably assisted by Paul Kilpin with 12, Chandos Arms also won 4-1 - against Crown CoO B.  

In Division Four, with Chearsley Cricketers already crowned champions, Long Crendon VC almost let slip the runners up spot as they were 2-1 down at one stage; but then, with just a few more dolls, they hung on to win 3-2.  But, the Ex Services, who could really have done with a clean sweep as they 'travelled' to the Bell, also dropped a vital leg - and remain one point behind the Village Centre.  One game apiece to go - the Ex's at home to Marsh Gibbon VH Two and Long Crendon also at home, to Bell B.  Place your bets now, please!  The White Hart - with George Deans pulling the strings with 15 - whitewashed a much weakened Bull B, as did Marsh Gibbon One at home to Launton S&S Divas - Paul Symonds excelling in this one with 17 - and that's in Division Four!; well done Paul, a few good recent weeks!  Very tight at the top of the division's individual scores - Rick Gumbert's been up there (or thereabouts) for the whole of the season, but hot on his heels now is Stuart Burnham who's been clanging them off recently for Chearsley Cricketers.  Place your bets once again, please!

Handicap Cup - first round Wednesday 7th September

Group A

1.  Bell A (13) v Shakespeare B (18)

2.  White Horse (10) v Crown CoO A (14)

3.  Chandos Arms (10) v Brill S&SC B (withdrawn)

4.  Crown CoO B (10) v Bull Inn A (9)

Semi finals will be winners of Match 1 v Match 2 above and winners of Match 3 v Match 4, played on Wednesday 14th September.

Group B

5.  Ashton Club (11) v Butchers Arms (8)
6.  Shakespeare A (13) v Launton S&S (10)
7.  Crown Twyford (9) v Barley Mow (8)
8.  Nut Tree (withdrawn) v Pheasant (12)

Semi finals will be winners of Match 5 v Match 6 above and winners of Match 7 v Match 8, played on Wednesday 14th September.

Group C

9. Fox Souldern (9) v Tiddington Cricket Club (15)

10. Brill S&SC A (10) v Ex Services B (withdrawn)

11. Red Cow (12) v Rose and Crown (13)

12. Lion Wendlebury (9) v Highfield SC (11)

Semi finals will be winners of Match 9 v Match 10 above and winners of Match 11 v Match 12, played on Wednesday 14th September.

The finals for this competition will be played on Friday 16th September at a venue yet to be decided.

Finals Night - Friday 23rd September at Launton Sports and Social.  The format for the evening will be issued shortly.  Because we've not been able to fit in the semi finals for the four a sides elsewhere in the fixture list, they will be played as the first games on finals night, starting at 7.15.  On the evening we will have three pitches set up, with one being the practice pitch - which we hope to be able to use as an overflow match pitch, if necessary.

Next season - planning for next season (already!), I'd be interested to find out your views on whether we should return to the 8 a side format with three leagues or stick to what we're doing at the moment - 6 aside with five legs.  Just your views at the moment.  The format will actually be voted upon and a decision made at the AGM in late January.

Whilst our rules state "provided that the teams remain largely intact at the commencement of each season, the Committee shall, wherever possible, ensure that division winners and runners up from the previous season are promoted and that the bottom two sides be relegated to the next lower division."   We'll have a look at this again before next season when we've decided upon the format, how many teams we have and - more importantly - who's playing/registering for which team. 


2nd September 2022

At the moment I've got the following entries for the Division Four and Ladies' singles competitions.  There's still to enter others if you so wish.  The venues are not yet known - two needed for the 'open' competition and one for the ladies.  I'll let you know where they are as I've sorted them out.


         Division Four 'Open' Singles (ladies and men can enter) - 19

    • Marsh Gibbon VH One - 3
    • Marc=h Gibbon VH Two - 4
    • Ex Services - 5
    • Bell B - 6
    • Long Crendon VC - 1

          Ladies Singles (open to all females within the League) - 11

    • Highfield SC - 3
    • Marsh Gibbon VH One - 2
    • Marsh Gibbon VH Two - 2
    • Ex Services - 2
    • Bell B - 2

Please let me know if you have anyone else who wants to take part.


Phil Allen


29th August 2022

If only James Morrison had been available to play regularly for Tiddington Cricket Club, the season's outcome could have been very much different!  He's only played 12 league legs and has an average of 3.833 - he's just hit two consecutive 20's - plus another 20 in the cup match against Shakespeare B on 25th May.  With his help, and 18 from Pete Shepherd, the Club won convincingly 5-0 at home to Shakespeare A and finish the season as the Premier Division's runners up.  The 'other' Shakey team, after two consecutive defeats and then, this week, losing the first two legs of their home fixture against Crown CoO A, looked to be in a rather false position - but then, the tables turned, and they eventually won 3-2 - Dougie Revitt ending the night with 19.    After a terrific evening up on the hill at the Pheasant - both weather and scenic-wise - the Ex Services B's 3-2 defeat, and a forthcoming home fixture against Tiddington CC, sees them sitting precariously at the foot of the table with legs and fingers crossed, hoping results go their way next week to enable them to retain their Premier status.  With the Bell A losing 3-2 at the Rose and Crown, Shakespeare A still maintain their position at the of Division One despite their 5-0 aforementioned defeat.  Not difficult to work out who needs a clean sheet when the Shakey host the Bell this Wednesday!

The race for the Division Two title went the way of the Nut Tree with a 3-2 home victory over their nearest rivals, the Red Cow, despite Liam Fisher with 19 and Ian Cantwell with 15 for the losers.  The surprise of the evening though was Dick Franklin finding 15 from somewhere!  It's not done and dusted yet.  This week sees the Nut Tree visit the Ashton Club - who'll still be fighting to snatch that runners up spot - and the Red Cow travel to the White Horse.  The Nut Tree and the Ashton Club both had games postponed against Brill S&SC B; so, if the need arises, the doll scores will be adjusted accordingly.  Despite only having five players, Brill S&SC B won two legs away at the Bull A.  The White Horse sneaked the first leg at The Lion by one doll - and then, it went downhill thereafter (including the final leg when all six of them could muster up just one doll between them!) as they lost 4-1.  

Bit of a squeaky bum time for table toppers, Launton S&S, in Division Three as they struggled to beat the Fox Souldern 3-2.  Steve Golder weighed in with a much needed 14 but the evening's plaudits have to go to Jim Harris with a captain's innings of 13, including a 6 in the second leg.  Hot on their heels (as they have been all season), but losing ground a little with their 3-2 defeat at the Crown CoO B (who hit a creditable 68 dolls) are the Highfield SC.  Barry Reynolds top scored with 16 for the home side and Norman Brock did so with 14 for the visitors.  With 17 dolls, Lee Mason had a great evening for Brill S&SC A in their easy win over the Butchers Arms.

Whilst Chearsley Cricketers already crowned champions of Division Four, the runners up spot is still up for grabs - between Long Crendon VC and Ex Services A (as it has been for most of the season).  They played each other last Wednesday, with many of the village side experiencing playing indoors for the very first time.  Didn't take them too long to get accustomed though, rattling up a 3-1 lead before losing the 'expensive' beer leg.  In the Divas v Cricketers game, Stuart Burnham hit a terrific 17 dolls (including a blob in the fourth) with Daren Vythelingum ably supporting him with 14.

Handicap Cup - In the handicap cup ties to be played on 7th September, the Nut Tree and Brill S&SC B have withdrawn.  This means their opponents - the Pheasant and Chandos Arms - will not have a game that evening and will progress straight through to the semi finals on the 14th.

The leg averages (hence, handicaps) will be calculated and published next week after the final games.

Sixer - Jim Harris

Phil Allen


22nd August 2022

Unbelievable!  The Ex's B came up with the goods last week to beat the Shakespeare B in their league match - and did the same again on Wednesday in the League Knockout Cup semi final.  The first leg did the whole circle (6 sticks, 3, 1 and back to six) before the Ex's won it.  With a decent set of 19 in the next, it went to the Shakey.   Much the same in the next two legs and it was tied at two apiece.  Not really wanting to win the toss for the decider, it went to the Shakey who went in and set just 14.  Dave Puddle (throwing number four for the Ex's) then chipped in with a crucial four for the chasers, leaving them two to draw, three to win with two to go.  Mason Walker tied the leg.  Up steps Kev Powney, left it to the death and got the winner with his last stick.  Through to the final - well done Ex Services B - where they'll meet the 'other' Shakespeare team who won comfortably 3-0 against an underperforming Crown CoO A.

In the League Plate semi, the Rose and Crown won 3-0 against the visiting Pheasant, with the second leg doing the rounds (6 sticks, 3 and 1).  The other semi went the whole five legs (including a three sticker in the first) with the Bull Inn A eventually getting the better of Brill S&SC B 3-2.

In the Intermediate Cup, the Brill S&SC A won 3-2 at home against the Ex Services A whilst Launton S&S won 3-0 at home to the 'travelling' Bull Inn B team.

Crown Twyford won 3-2 at the Fox Souldern to reach the Intermediate Plate final where they'll be up against Long Crendon Village Centre who got the better of Chandos Arms 3-0.  What a great season it could turn out to be for the Village Centre's first season in the league.

Phil Allen


15th August 2022

A bit of banter, that's what they like!

Well, well, what a come down!  Become league champions one week and then get well and truly beaten the next!  The Ex Services B put in a great performance on home soil on Wednesday as they hammered the Shakespeare B 4-1.  The home side narrowly lost the first leg (11-12) but, thereafter, put in some very creditable leg scores (15, 21, 18 and 20) to win those next four.  Karl Budd (18) and Kev Powney (16) lived up to their normal high standards but the five-star rating must go to Mason Walker with 16 - well done!  For the Shakespeare, Dougie Revitt returned from a couple of weeks holiday to top score with 20 (including a six) and Bobby Allen hit 19.  Despite that 4-1 victory, the Ex's still remain rooted to the bottom of Division One as Crown CoO A and Tiddington CC also won 4-1.  The Crown were at the Bell where, apart from Brian Gough, with 22, (including a six in his second leg), the home side didn't throw too well at all.  Matty Hilsdon (20), Jed Launchbury (19) and Dean Hudson (16) punished them to pinch a much needed four points.  Good to see Tony Launchbury having a game too - his first of the season - needs bit more practice, me thinks!  Likewise, Tiddington Cricket Club had little trouble in getting four legs off the visiting Rose and Crown.  James Morrison with 20 and Graham Bristow (16) shone for the home side whilst Clive Lampitt hit 16 for the visitors.  The 'other' Shakespeare team (as they 'like' to be called!) stuffed the Pheasant to take all five points and widened the gap at the top of Division One.

With a 3-2 win at The Lion, the Nut Tree remain in pole position in Division Two but the Red Cow's 4-1 win over third placed Ashton Club closed the gap slightly and makes the remaining fixtures very, very interesting; the Nut Tree are at home to the Red Cow and then away to the Ashton Club.  Let's see who wants the promotion!  In their 'home' fixture (played at the Ashton 'cos the Red Cow's currently closed), Liam Merchant (18) and Ian Cantwell (16) led the way for the Red Cow whilst Joe Young (16) top scored for the Ashton Club.  The White Horse have the knack of getting mid-table results (not wanting to get promoted or relegated!) and they did exactly that on Wednesday with a 3-2 home victory over the Bull Inn A - Dave Futter with 16 for the home side and Dave Gardner (15) for the visitors.   To make up for a postponed fixture on 1st June, Brill S&SC B and the Barley Mow played out a double header on Wednesday with the Club winning 5-0.  Star of the show?  Has to be Alan Horton with 15, including his first ever league match six in over 20 years of throwing - although it was a double header it doesn't count as two sixes!  Kerry 'Chalky' White also hit some decent form with 15 for the home side.

In Division Three, despite 12 apiece for Haydn Marks and Steve Golder, table toppers Launton S&S dropped a 'silly' point, losing the fourth leg at bottom of the table Butchers Arms.  Their nearest rivals, the Highfield, lost a bit of ground in second place as they dropped two legs against the visiting Crown Twyford.  Norman Brock hit 14 for the Highfield.  Robert 'Curly' Taylor, with 15, did as much as he could to ensure the Chandos Arms got a 3-2 home win against the Fox Souldern.  An unusual postponement at the Crown CoO B - the pub had no water so, understandably, it couldn't open and their game against Brill S&SC A was a 'no-goer'!

A massive table-topper of a game at Chearsley Cricketers where they took on second placed Ex Services A.  Keith Lennard rolled back the years to top score with 13 for the Club but, still, that wasn't enough to prevent a 4-1 defeat.  That then allowed Long Crendon Village Centre to leap frog them back into second place once again after their 5-0 victory at Launton S&S Divas.  The Blacks Head secured a much needed 4-1 victory at home to Bell B, with the third leg (as I work it out looking at the score card) going the full circle (6 sticks, 3, 1 and back to 6) - it was a lovely evening for it anyway!  Despite Paul Symonds getting his fourth successive double figure score (10 dolls), Marsh Gibbon VH One suffered a 3-2 defeat at Bull Inn B.

Sixers - Doug Revitt, Brian Gough, Alan Horton


Cup and Plate Semi Final Draws - to be played on 17th August


Knockout Cup

Crown CoO A v Shakespeare A (at Bletchingdon Sports Club)

Ex Services B v Shakespeare B (at Highfield SC)


Knockout Plate

Rose & Crown v Pheasant Inn

Bull Inn A v Brill S&SC B


Intermediate Cup

Brill S&SC A v Ex Services A

Launton S&S v Bull Inn B


Intermediate Plate

Fox Souldern v Crown Twyford

Long Crendon VC v Chandos Arms


Phil Allen


12th August 2022

Just so you can let your players know tomorrow night what's happening next week (the 17th), here's a reminder of the cup semi final draws.  If your team's not mentioned, I'm afraid you didn't get through and don't have a game!


Cup and Plate Semi Final Draws - to be played on 17th August


Knockout Cup

Crown CoO A v Shakespeare A (venue still to be decided)

Ex Services B v Shakespeare B (venue still to be decided)


Knockout Plate

Rose & Crown v Pheasant Inn

Bull Inn A v Brill S&SC B


Intermediate Cup

Brill S&SC A v Ex Services A

Launton S&S v Bull Inn B


Intermediate Plate

Fox Souldern v Crown Twyford

Long Crendon VC v Chandos Arms


7th August 2022

With a 4-1 victory away at Bell A, Shakespeare B have confirmed their position as league champions for the 2022 season.  Despite the Bell pinching their customary leg - the beer leg too! - 'twas a great evening with Bobby Allen hitting 21 (including a six), taking him back to the top of the doll scorers averages, and the Shakey amassing 25 in the fourth leg.  Tony Nichols had one of his better nights too with 18 dolls for 'the other' Shakey team as they beat the visiting Ex Services B 4-1. Those two results mean the Bell A and the Shakespeare A reverse their positions at the top of Division One.  Champions of that division is going to be a close call come the end of the season - interestingly enough, they play each other in the final league game.  Another close match at the Crown, Charlton on Otmoor where the home side beat Tiddington CC 3-2.  Matt Hilsdon with 17 dolls and Jed Launchbury with 15 (including a six in the third leg) 'sneaked' the three points for the home side as they now swap places with the Ex Services B at the bottom of the Premier.  The fight to avoid the wooden spoon in Division One now appears to be in favour of the Rose and Crown as they won the final leg on a three sticker to beat the visiting Pheasant 3-2 - Dave Reast coming good again with a vital 17 dolls.


Both the Nut Tree and the Red Cow recorded 4-1 home wins to keep them at the top of Division Two - but, hot on their tails are the Ashton Club after their 5-0 home win against The Lion.  With Brill S&SC B having had to call off games against the Nut Tree, Ashton Club and the White Horse - although the 'non-offending' teams have been awarded 5-0 wins, they've not been credited with any dolls which could be vital in deciding their table positions come the end of the season.  If the need arises, the dolls to be awarded to those teams will be their league match average at the date of their postponed fixture.  Liam Fisher hit his best score of the season (18) in the Red Cow's rearranged fixture at the Barley Mow.

It's got a little bit closer at the top of Division Three with current leaders, Launton S&S surprisingly losing 3-2 at home to Crown CoO B whilst Highfield SC won by the same scoreline at home to Chandos Arms - Norman Brock rolling back the years for his 15 dolls!   Brill S&SC A retain their position in third place with a 4-1 home victory over Crown Twyford with Mike Horn claiming the headlines, hitting "his first six in over 30 years playing this silly game" (his words, not mine!).

Despite a couple of close legs, Chearsley Cricketers still ended up with all five points at home to Bell B which keeps them seven points clear of the Ex Services A at the top of Division Four - and, dare I say it, likely contenders for promotion.  Paul Symonds (Marsh Gibbon One) must have enjoyed his evening indoors at the Ex's, top scoring with 15 dolls and cheap drinks to go with it!

Sixers - Bobby Allen, Jeremy Launchbury, Mike Horn.

Trophies - I'm still waiting for the return of loads and loads of trophies - I've only received one since my email last week.  I can always arrange to come and collect them if I really have to.  Only about two weeks to go before I have to take them for engraving.

Ladies and Division Four Singles - Still time to get your entries in for the Ladies and Division Four singles competitions.

Phil Allen


1st August 2022

My apologies to those in Division Four, and especially to Rick Gumbert, but I've had so much on this morning and I forgot to report on Wednesday's Division Four matches.

In their away fixture at the Bull Inn B, the Ex Services got off to a pretty poor start, losing the first leg, the second went to a three sticker, which, - with in form lead off player, Rick Gumbert, getting all three - the Ex's eventually won.  But then they lost the next.  Needing to win the final two to keep them in contention at the top of the table, they did just that with Rick coming good with a maximum six and finishing the evening with his third consecutive 16 dolls.  And to place him top of Division Four individual averages.  Well worth a mention, eh?  Well done Rick.  Elsewhere, with Chearsley Cricketers sitting quite comfortably at the top of the table, Long Crendon bounced back from their heavy defeat at Chearsley last week to secure a 4-1 away victory at Marsh Gibbon VH One - an evening described by the losing captain Lewis Wilson as an "Awesome Night".  Can't be bad, lose 4-1 and still consider it to be an awesome night!  Good to hear!

Sixer - Rick Gumbert

Phil Allen


1st August 2022

Not a great deal to report this week - except that I'm now back off holiday and raring to go again!

In the four a side competition on Wednesday, the following won their way through to the semi finals - to be played on a date yet to be decided.

Bell A B (Chris Hulme, Dan Jobling, Eddie Jones, Brian Gough)

Rose & Crown B (Clive Lampitt, Fred Houghton, Alan Cullen, Dave Reast)

Shakespeare B (Bobby Allen, Pete Dempsey, Nigel Wakelin, Lee Wanless)

Tiddington CC (Pete Shepherd, Pip Goulding, Graham Bristow, Dick Brownshill)

Ladies singles competition - only six names so far (two from Marsh Gibbon One, two from Marsh Gibbon Two and two from Ex Services A).  Whilst we still have ages to go before the competition is played, please let me have names of any more entries as soon as you can.

Trophies for engraving - now's the time for me to have all those trophies won way back in 2019 so I can get them engraved (list is attached).  Please get them to me soonest.  Generally speaking, I'm at home most afternoons, after 1.30.


27th July 2022

Those eagle eyed amongst you will already have noticed in the Fixtures List that the Premier Division down to Division Three teams have a free couple of weeks on the 7th and 14th September.  This has come about this year because we have a fewer number of teams and players; and, consequently, less competition entries, giving us the opportunity, in most cases, to play OUR competitions down to the last two, who will then play on finals night.  Consequently, we have the 7th and the 14th available for something else.

After much discussion and various suggestions - and to maintain interest at the end of the season, keeping everyone involved and, perhaps, finding some new winners - we have decided to incorporate another competition.  At our recent committee meeting, it was decided to introduce a handicap knockout competition - but, rather than it being divisional (whereby teams would be competing against those they've already played at least twice that season), we have created three groups (A, B and C we'll call them).  They were drawn at the meeting, to be a selection from each division.  Each group will be eight teams; and each match will be the best of five legs as per our normal knockout cup matches.  The first round of four group matches will be played on the 7th (the first named team in each tie will be the home side) and then, the winners of those matches will progress to the semi finals to be played the following week (the 14th).  (Sadly, the losers will not have a game on the 14th).  Those semis will, of course, give us two winners in each group and they'll then compete in the finals on Friday 16th September (as we have done in previous years with the Knockout Cup Plate finals).  The draw is shown below.

Group A

1.  Bell A v Shakespeare B

2.  White Horse v Crown CoO A

3.  Chandos Arms v Brill S&SC B

4.  Crown CoO B v Bull Inn A

Semi finals will be winners of Match 1 v Match 2 above and winners of Match 3 v Match 4.

Group B

5.  Ashton Club v Butchers Arms
6.  Shakespeare A v Launton S&S
7.  Crown Twyford v Barley Mow
8.  Nut Tree v Pheasant

Semi finals will be winners of Match 5 v Match 6 above and winners of Match 7 v Match 8.

Group C

9. Fox Souldern v Tiddington Cricket Club

10. Brill S&SC A v Ex Services B

11. Red Cow v Rose and Crown

12. Lion Wendlebury v Highfield SC

Semi finals will be winners of Match 9 v Match 10 above and winners of Match 11 v Match 12.

Crazy you may think, mixing Premier against Division Three - but, firstly, we're doing our utmost to extend the season for you (who wants to finish on the 31st August anyway?!) and, secondly, trying to match you with different opponents and venues.

Please, bear in mind it's a handicap competition - and that, theoretically means everyone starts on level par.  Every team will have its own handicap (based on their average leg scores over the season) to add to their actual dolls scored on the night.  The advantage, generally, is with the lesser team - all they have to do is, for maybe one player, to get lucky and to play one doll above their norm.   A chance to shine!   If you take, for instance, the Shakespeare B (with a leg average of 18 dolls), away against the Bell A (ave 13), the Bell start each leg with a 'ludicrous' five doll advantage!   It's not practical to work out averages at the moment ('cos we still have another four league games to play); that will be done after the league fixtures finish on the 31st August.

The idea is to add a bit of fun and competitive edge to the season end and give other teams and players the opportunity to possibly play in a team final and, perhaps even win.  The on-going objective is firstly to try to ensure we maintain the number of teams in each division, and, hopefully, increase these and encourage more people to play Aunt Sally. 

Division Four

Division Four teams are preoccupied on the 7th with their final league matches.  I have already announced that we intend to run a ladies singles competition on the 14th (and that, by the way, is open to all ladies throughout the league (not just for Division Four)); having another look at it, we can (and now will) hold the Division Four 'open singles' competition on that night too (sadly, it does mean if any ladies want to enter the 'open' competition, then it's down to them to decide on which one they wish to compete in - ie, the ladies or open singles).  The entry form for the singles competition is attached.  Please have it completed and returned to me by the 14th August - along with £1 per person entry form.

Phil Allen



The four a side competition is to be played this coming Wednesday; the draws to show who's playing where has already been distributed.  However, there are still a couple of points to be clarified.

The draw will be made at the beginning of the evening at each venue to determine the order of play.

Each team is to consist of four players.  No changing of players or substitutions are allowed at any time during the course of the evening.

Each match will be the best of three legs.  In the event of a drawn leg, three sticks (and one stick and back to six if required) will be played before going on to the next leg.

Each venue is to be played down until you have a winner - they will go through to the semi finals on a date and venue yet to be decided.


25th July 2022

With the chase for the league title now, more or less, done and dusted, the fight for premier division survival hots up - as does the challenge for the Division One title, with the ultimate promotion which goes with it!

Shakespeare B played hosts to their 'landlords', the Shakey A , and after overcoming a first couple of - dare I say it! - shaky legs, (the second being a three sticker), the home side claimed all five points to put them on the brink of the league title.  Dougie Revitt's 21 has elevated him to top of the 'leaderboard', overtaking team mates Bobby Allen and Pete Dempsey in the process.  Second-placed Tiddington Cricket Club also struggled to get going, losing the first leg at home to the Bell A, but then upped a gear to grab the remaining four legs.  Graham Bristow and Pete Shepherd with 18 apiece and Pip Goulding with a six in his 17, came to their rescue.  Despite that 4-1 defeat, and with the help of the Shakey A's 5-0 loss, the Bell remain in pole position at the top of Division One.   Brian Gough continued his improvement in his form of late with 17 for the visitors.  Dave Reast hit his second 19 in successive weeks for the Rose and Crown but was still unable to prevent a 3-2 defeat at the Ex Services B.  The Crown A travelled up the hill to the Pheasant, set in every leg, and, with the help of 18 dolls from John Lehane, they won three of them.

In Division Two, Brill S&SC B were unable to raise a side, so their opponents the Nut Tree have been awarded the five points.  Their closest rivals, the Red Cow won their local derby against the Lion 4-1 - with the help of 15 dolls from Ian Cantwell. - and keep alive their hopes of promotion!   The White Horse, with three 3-stickers, made an evening of their visit to the Barley Mow - but still returned home on the wrong end of 3-2 scoreline - but still won the beer leg and kept alive their hopes of promotion!   Nick Cherry, skipper of the Bull Inn A, shone with 19 dolls - but still, they lost 3-2 at home to the Ashton Club. 

With both Launton S&S and the Highfield Social Club winning their relative matches 4-1, they've extended their leads by an extra point over the Brill S&SC A and the Chandos Arms who met in Oakley, with the Club winning that one 3-2.  Robert Taylor's been hitting some much better form lately and, with his 19 on Wednesday, he's now shot to the top of the Division Three individual averages.  Dan Kimber hit 14 dolls (including a blob!) in his five legs for the Fox Souldern but, with Jason Harris hitting 15, Norman Brock 14 and Bill Mellis 13, the Highfield snatched a 4-1 victory.  

Just when they needed to put up a good showing, Long Crendon VH fell rather flat and didn't score well at all.  In their local derby at Chearsley Cricketers they lost all five points - and, with the Ex Services A winning all five away at the Divas - they've also lost their second place.  Rick Gumbert hit his second successive 16 for the Ex's.  

 Sixer - Pip Goulding 

Phil Allen


20th July 2022


With 23 teams entered into the four a side competition to be played on Wednesday 27th July, it's too many to have at just two venues, but not quite enough for four.  It would be much better to do it with just two 'cos the two winning teams then go straight through to the final.  BUT, the last time we did it with eleven teams at a venue, we started at 8.15 and still didn't finish till about 11.15 - far too late!!

So, we have opted for four venues, with the winners at each going through to the semi finals - with the dates for those yet to be decided.

The results of the draw made at our recent committee meeting are shown in the attached document.

Normal 8.30 start time.  Each match will be the best of three legs, with any drawn leg going to a three sticker (then to one if necessary, and then back to six again should the need arise) before going on to the next leg.

Phil Allen


Shakespeare B (Bobby Allen, Pete Dempsey, Nigel Wakelin, Lee Wanless)
Ex Services B (Karl Budd, Billy Atwell, Dave Puddle, Kevin Powney)

Red Cow (Liam Fisher, Ian Cantwell, Roger Herbert, Liam Merchant)

Bull Inn A B (Colin Baldwin, Pete Stammers, Graham Howar, Simon North)

Ex Services B B (Wayne Walker, Clare Walker, Mason Walker, Andy Poppitt)

Bell A A (Aimee Sheehan, Darren Moore, Ray Rowe, Billy Craig)


Rose & Crown B (Dave Reast, Fred Houghton, Alan Cullen, Clive Lampitt)

Ashton Club

Chandos Arms (Paul Kilpin, John Mole, Robert Taylor, Steve Knight)

Crown CoO B (Richard Pike, Nick Paterson, Barry Reynolds, Matthew Holmes)

Rose & Crown A (Struan Kenton, Nathan Sellwood, Jon Woodman, Jon Deeley)

Nut Tree B (Bob Price, Simon Franklin, Richard Franklin, Martin Franklin)


Launton S&S (Steve Golder, Jim Harris, Haydn Marks, Derek Richards)

Barley Mow (Terry Hawkins, James Kirkland, Dave Medhurst, Andy Draper)

Shakespeare A (Tony Nichols, Martin Wanless, Steve Payne, Pete Litten)

Highfield SC (Jason Harris, Norman Brock, Eddie Peake, Bill Mellis)

Bell A B (Dan Jobling, Brian Gough, Chris Hulme, Eddie Jones)

Butchers Arms


Tiddington CC (Pete Shepherd, Pip Goulding, Phil Smith, Graham Bristow)

Crown CoO A (Callum Cooper, Matthew Hillsdon, John Lehane, Jeremy Launchbury)

Pheasant (Dave Fry, Keith Harris, Pete McCarron, Dave Morris)

Nut Tree A (Richard Cooper, Jeff Hall, Dave Crook, Martin Pratley)

Bull Inn A A (Nick Cherry, Dave Gardner, Kevin Gardner, Lee Gardner)

Butchers Arms


18th July 2022

On a perfect summer's evening, Shakespeare B took a trip up the M40 for a pleasant evening's aunt sally at Tiddington Cricket Club and, whilst they didn't get it all their own way, to return home with a 3-2 victory is what they would have been at least hoping for.  With the Cricket Club taking the first three legs 'to get used to the set up', the visitors sneaked into a 3-0 lead.  But then the hosts came good - they set a frightful 21 in the fourth leg and 16 in the final leg - and the visitors fell apart!  All in all, a terrific, pleasant evening.  Elsewhere, Crown CoO A, fearing the drop from the Premier to Division One - and playing in the pleasant air conditioned surrounds of the Ex Services -  put together their third consecutive winning performance to beat Ex Services B 4-1 - and that, despite a creditable 19 from Karl Budd.  Dave Reast also came up with 19, and Struan Kenton 16, for the much improving Rose and Crown who travelled to and beat a weakened Shakespeare A 4-1.  With that defeat and the Bell A winning 5-0 at home to the Pheasant, the fight for the Division One title is now a close one - level on points and just four dolls between the Shakey and the Bell.  Brian Gough and Ray Rowe shone for the Bell with 18 apiece - Goughy hitting a six in their first leg.

It remains tight at the top of Division Two with both the Nut Tree and the Red Cow achieving 3-2 victories - the Nut Tree at the White Horse and the Red Cow at 'home' to the Bull Inn A (the game was actually played at the Bull because the Red Cow is currently closed).  Roger Herbert came good with 16 just when his colleagues needed him!  The Ashton Club got off to a great start at Brill S&SC B, getting themselves into a 2-0 lead - but then things went 'down the hill' from thereon.  Level at two legs apiece going into the last, and the home side won it on a three sticker.  'Young' Ashley Young did himself proud though with a creditable 14 dolls for the visitors.  "A wonderful evening for aunt sally" as was reported.  Another tight match was at the Lion; they won the first leg against the visiting Barley Mow on a three sticker - and then, eventually, locked on two legs apiece, the visitors sneaked the last by just the one doll.

In Division Three, table toppers, Launton S&S won the first and last legs at Chandos Arms but lost those in between - eventually going down 3-2.  Meanwhile, the Highfield SC made up a little ground on them with a 5-0 home victory over Brill S&SC A - at the same time, leapfrogging them into second place.   With Andy Thomas hitting 15 and John Plested 12, Butchers Arms recorded a much needed 4-1 triumph over those just above them, Crown Twyford - but still remain anchored at the bottom.  There are some very good players in Divisions Three and Four, one of those being Barry Reynolds (Crown CoO B) who came up with 16 on Wednesday.  Mike Robertson, who hasn't played much at all this season, weighed in with a terrific 14 for Chandos Arms, as did team mate Robert Taylor.

Rick Gumbert, another of those better players in the lower divisions, hit 16 to help the Ex Services A to a 4-1 victory over their local rivals, the White Hart.  Charlie Govier - with 13 dolls on Wednesday - is another doing a great job 'plying his trade' for Long Crendon Village Hall in their first season in the league.  They did appear to be on their way to a much needed five points at Marsh Gibbon VH Two but, at 3-0 to the visitors, the home side stepped it up a gear and won the last two.  

Sixer - Brian Gough.

I have seen a sign on the Bicester Road in Launton - by the school and the entrance to Launton Sports and Social - saying the road's going to be closed between 9 pm and 5 am on Monday - Wednesday next week (18th - 20th).   You should be OK getting there, but it's getting back out!  You have been warned!

Phil Allen


10th July 2022

In the singles on Wednesday, because we had 40 entrants in the Premier and Division One competition, we had to use four venues, with the winner at each going through - thus resulting in the need for semi finals.  They will be played on finals night.  Those to go through in each competition are:

Premier and Division One

Clive Lampitt (Rose and Crown)

Kevin Powney (Ex Services B)

Pete Litten (Shakespeare A)

Wayne Walker (Ex Services B)

Division Two

Andy Cox (Ashton Club) will play Dave Gardner (Bull Inn A)

Division Three

Robert Taylor (Chandos Arms) Will play Steve Golder (Launton Sports and Social)

In Division Four Chearsley Cricketers extended their lead at the top of the table with a 5-0 victory over the visiting White Hart whilst their nearest rivals, Ex Services A, dropped two points at the Blacks Head.  Long Crendon Village Centre, with a similar 5-0 home win over Bull Inn B, took advantage of that slip up by the Ex's and leapfrog them into second place.  Marsh Gibbon Village Hall One, using the maximum nine players, came good at home in their derby against Marsh Gibbon Village Hall Two (who used eight players) and won 4-1.

Phil Allen


5th July 2022

At our last two AGMs it was proposed and accepted that we should do our utmost to run a ladies' singles competition. Entry Forms can be provided on request. If you have any interested ladies (registered players), please have the completed form returned to me - as soon as possible ideally, but certainly by 31st July.


4th July 2022

In the Premier and Division One on Wednesday, Shakespeare B, at home to the Rose and Crown, got off to a great start with a 20 leg (including a six from Pete Dempsey) and then a 22 in the next - with the first three hitting five apiece.  Bobby Allen's turn to hit a maximum at the start of the third as the Shakey set 19 this time round.  Going quite comfortably for the home side but they only set 16 in the final leg.  Anchorman, Dave Reast, needed four to draw and five to win for the visitors - he got the four.  The resulting three sticker went in favour of the Shakey.

An eventful game indoors at the Ex Services.  Courtesy of our roving reporter, here's the outcome:

"What another great evening of aunt sally on Wednesday, great throwing and great enjoyment with the Bell A team.

The ever improving Bell team, with the added experience of two Bicester aunt sally legend’s, Eddie Jones and Brian “Goughy“ Gough, had the shortest away journey in the league, stumbling across Sheep Street into the Exes.

With Darren “3 a leg” Moore starting off with his usual, we thought it was going to be a tough night, but maybe the short journey meant they weren’t quite lubricated enough and we snuck into a 3-0 lead…

Then came the first highlight of the evening, after a steady set of 14 by us, Darren “3 a leg“ Moore started with his benchmark.  Then up steps Bell skipper, Dan Jobling, cool as you like, captain’s innings and “ BOOM “💥 off comes six dolls!!!   His first one ever in 15 years of throwing!!  Absolutely brilliant 🤩 and everyone, us included, is
absolutely over the moon for him.

Second highlight, newly recruited to the Black Bull (now Exes B team), Dave Puddle, steps up and does the same - bang 6 dolls!!

Overall, (3-2 to the Ex's), a fair result, but made by the two sixers on the night. In my humble opinion, that's what the game is all about."

Elsewhere, up on the hill, Tiddington Cricket Club close the gap for second place in the table by 'stuffing' The Pheasant 5-0.  Pete Shepherd with 20 and Pip Goulding 17 did the damage once again.

With a number of the Shakespeare A team away playing golf, a much stronger looking Crown CoO A took full advantage, winning 4-1 on home soil.  

In Division Two, a weakened Red Cow 'forfeited' their top spot as they went down 3-2 at Brill S&SC - the 'highlight' of that one being all the home side scored three in the fourth leg!  The Nut Tree took full advantage and won 4-1 at the Barley Mow, losing the beer leg.  Dave Crook came good with 14.  The Ashton Club are not throwing in the towel yet as they got the better of the visiting White Horse 3-2 and remain close behind in third place- Joe Young with 16 and Brian Loverock with 14.

In Division Three, despite a six from Norman Brock in the first leg, Highfield Social Club were unable to knock Launton S&S off the top of the table as they went down 4-1.  On the flip side, with their 3-2 victory at the Fox Souldern, Brill S&SC A leapfrog above Highfield into second place.  Chandos Arms took full advantage against an 'out-of-form' Butchers Arms side and took all five points.  

The swapping around at the top of Division Four continues as an under par Ex Services A went down 3-2 at Marsh Gibbon VH Two whilst Chearsley Cricketers grabbed all five points at home to the Bull Inn B.  Once again Marsh Gibbon VH One were only able to muster five players; but, full credit to them, they travelled to the Blacks Head and left with a 3-2 win.  

Sixers - Bobby Allen, Pete Dempsey, Dave Puddle, Dan Jobling, Norman Brock

Phil Allen


27th June 2022

With Pip Goulding (22) and Pete Shepherd (21) putting in a couple of decent performances - including a six each as well - Tiddington Cricket Club, on home soil, took three points off the Ex Services B.  Phil Smith with four, Pip with five and Pete with his six, were the home side's only scorers as they set 15 and won the first leg.  They also set 15 in the third leg, which was eventually drawn - and then Clare Walker rose to the occasion for the Ex's, hitting all three in the three sticker and giving the visitors a 2-1 lead.  The hosts then piled on the pressure and won the remaining two legs.  With Dougie Revitt (20) and Lee Wanless (18) both throwing well, Premier Dvision table-toppers Shakespeare B had no difficulties in beating the visiting Pheasant 5-0.  In the fight for top spot in Division One, Shakespeare A travelled to the Bell and, with Pete Litten excelling himself with 20 dolls (and no six in it), the Shakey got the win (by 3 legs to 2) they were chasing.  Likewise, the Crown A travelled to the Rose and Crown and, thanks to Callum Cooper's 16 (including a six), left with three points.

In Division Two, despite 16 dolls for Paul Gough in his first game of the season, the White Horse were unable to leave the Red Cow with a win - although they did manage to pinch the last two legs.  With the Nut Tree going down 3-2 at home to the Ashton Club, the Red Cow's victory puts them a point clear at the top.  Bull Inn A put some decent leg scores together to secure a much needed 3-2 victory on their travels to the Barley Mow.

Two nil down at Brill Sports Club, Division Three table-toppers Launton S&S got their act together to win the last three - the final leg on a three sticker.  A much improved Highfield SC won 5-0 at the Butchers Arms to close the gap on the leaders - Jason Harris continued his great run of form with 18 dolls   Likewise, Robert Taylor's scoring well of late, hitting 17 for Chandos Arms on their travels to Crown CoO B.  Fox Souldern struggled to put any decent scores together as they went down 4-1 at home to Crown Twyford.

With Rick Gumbert and Tracey Denton hitting 13 apiece - and young Zak Vear having a terrific evening with 11 (including a 5 and a 4) - the Ex Services A returned to the top of Division Four.  Previous toppers Chearsley Cricketers won their first two legs very comfortably at Marsh Gibbon VH Two, but then went to pieces!  The third leg did the full circle - 6 sticks, then 3, down to 1 and back to six - and the home side won it.  They also secured the fourth after a 3 sticker - but lost the final leg - also after a three sticker.  Long Crendon VC travelled to the Blacks Head Bletchingdon, probably expecting to get a win there, but, despite Charlie Govier's 12 dolls, went down 3-2.  My apologies to Barry Moss (Blacks Head); last week against Bell B he hit a six - and I didn't spot it on the result sheet.  Sorry about that!

Sixers - Callum Cooper (Crown CoO A), Pip Goulding (Tiddington CC), Pete Shepherd (Tiddington CC), Barry Moss (Blacks Head).

The draws for the singles competitions to be held on 6th July are below

Phil Allen




Wayne Walker (Ex Services B)
Phil Allen (Shakespeare B)
Bobby Allen (Shakespeare B)
Mason Walker (Ex Services B)
Steve Payne (Shakespeare A)
Andy Grose (Shakespeare A)
Eddie Jones (Bell A)
Andy Poppitt (Ex Services B)
Dan Jobling (Bell A)
Pete Dempsey (Shakespeare B)
Pip Goulding (Tiddington CC)
Clive Lampitt (Rose & Crown)
Jon Deeley (Rose & Crown)
Ray Rowe (Bell A)
Pete Shepherd (Tiddington CC)
Martin Wanless (Shakespeare A)
Clare Walker (Ex Services B)
Jamie Wiltshire (Rose & Crown)
Struan Kenton (Rose & Crown)
Billy Craig (Bell A)

To be played down til there’s only one left at each venue



1. Nathan Sellwood (Rose & Crow
Terry Bagnall (Crown CoO A)
Fred Houghton (Rose & Crown)
Doug Revitt (Shakespeare B)
Pete Litten (Shakespeare A)
Kevin Powney (Ex Services B)
Dave Puddle (Ex Services B)
Billy Atwell (Ex Services B)
Lee Wanless (Shakespeare B)
Erik Poslusny (Shakespeare A)
Darren Moore (Bell A)
Karl Budd (Ex Services B)
Chris Hulme (Bell A)
Brian Gough (Bell A)
Graham Bristow (Tiddington CC
Jeremy Launchbury (Crown CoO A)
Tony Nichols (Shakespeare A)
Dave Reast (Rose & Crown)
Ray Manning (Tiddington CC)
Callum Cooper (Crown CoO A)

To be played down til there’s only one left at each venue




Dave Wheeler (Ashton Club)
. Dave Medhurst (Barley Mow)
Bob Watmough (Bull Inn A)
. Baz Bazile (White Horse)
Simon North (Bull Inn A)
. Richard Cooper (Nut Tree)
Andy Cox (Ashton Club)
. Ian Cantwell (Red Cow)
James Kirkland (Barley Mow)
. Kerry White (Brill S&SC B)
Ashley Young (Ashton Club)
. Pete Stammers (Bull Inn A)
Joe Young (Ashton Club)
. Martin Pratley (Nut Tree)
Mick Lee (Ashton Club)
. Dave Crook (Nut Tree)
Dave Smith (Ashton Club)
. Colin Baldwin (Bull Inn A)
. Nick Cherry (Bull Inn A)
. John Clutterbuck (Red Cow)
. Terry Hawkins (Barley Mow)
. Dave Gardner (Bull Inn A)
. Liam Fisher (Red Cow)
. Simon Cooper (Barley Mow)
. Kevin Gardner (Bull Inn A)
. Roger Herbert (Red Cow)
. Lee Gardner (Bull Inn A)

To be played down til there’s only one left at each venue



Robert Taylor (Chandos Arms
Sophie Thomson (Launton S&S)
Haydn Marks (Launton S&S)
John Smith (Launton S&S)
Steve Golder (Launton S&S)
Bill Mellis (Highfield SC)
Jim Harris (Launton S&S)
Norman Brock (Highfield SC)
Keith Perry (Launton S&S)
Jason Harris (Highfield SC)
Roger Barber (Launton S&S)


20th June 2022

It was requested at our summer league AGM a couple of years ago if we could arrange our competitions (singles, pairs and four a sides) so that each venue's winners progress straight through to the final - thus doing away with the need for a semi finals evening.  That really does depend on the number of entries received - hence, how many venues are required.  In the recent pairs competition we were able to do as requested.  Those who won their way through to the finals were:

Premier and Division One

Karl Budd and Kevin Powney (Ex Services B) will play Pip Goulding and Pete Shepherd (Tiddington Cricket Club)

Division Two

Andy Draper and Terry Hawkins (Barley Mow) will play Dave Gardner and Nick Cherry (Bull Inn A)

Division Three

Dick Pike and Matthew Holmes (Crown CoO B) against Bill Mellis and Jason Harris (Highfield SC)

Congratulations to them all.

In the top of the table Division Four clash, Chearsley Cricketers, drawing 2-2 at the Ex Services, won the vital fifth leg.  After their 5-0 whitewash over the Divas, Long Crendon VC join Chearsley at the top, just one doll behind - Charlie Govier with 13 dolls doing the damage.  With Doug Schultz hitting 17 and George Deans 15, the White Hart went a little crazy to take four points at home to Marsh Gibbon VH Two.  In a tight match at Bell B - the first leg going to a one sticker, the second to a three sticker (both won by the visiting Blacks Head) - Barney Thurby (12) and Dave Moss (10) helped the visitors to a much needed 4-1 victory.  Olly Carvell's 11 for the Bell (including a five in the third leg - oh, and a blob in the last!) were just not enough to gain further team points.

Phil Allen


13th June 2022

Morning all, my apologies but I really should have notified you before last night's matches - but it slipped my mind!

Because of the number of entries in the Division Two and Division Three pairs next week (15th June) - and I foresee them taking about two hours - they must start at 8 o'clock.  Would you please notify all players concerned. 

The Premier and Division One will start at 8.30.


It is with great sadness that I inform you that Tony Owens passed away earlier in the week. T O, as many of us knew him, played his aunt sally for many years with the Black Bull B team.  He will be greatly missed and, on behalf of the League, I send our condolences to his family.  For those who would like to attend his funeral, it will be held at Aylesbury Vale Crematorium, Watermead, Aylesbury on Friday 1st July at 2.30 pm, followed by a wake in the nearby Watermead Inn.

On another Wednesday, threatened by heavy downpours, it actually turned out to be another pleasant evening weather-wise.

With some "help from my friends" - Pete Dempsey (18) and Doug Revitt (17) - Shakespeare B continued their winning streak, 5-0 away at Crown CoO A, whilst all the other matches finished 4-1 in favour of the home sides - Ex Services B v Pheasant Inn, Bell A v Rose and Crown, and Shakespeare A v Tiddington Cricket Club.  The Ex's were comfortable at 4-0 up but then lost the beer leg!  Guess, if you're going to do it, do it where it's cheaper - at the Club!  Aunt Sally generally is about aiming for the maximum (six in every leg);  Dave Fry though, has his own account of how it should be played!  Read on -
"Just to let you know I took part in an Aunt Sally scientific experiment last night to see if I could possibly miss with every stick that I threw, Parky, a team mate of mine, had tried the same experiment a couple of weeks back but it was all in vain for him when he inconceivably hit with one of his sticks!  It went perfect for me last night though, getting as close to the doll as I could, I was determined not to make the same mistake as him and be stupid enough to hit it!

I used all my Aunt Sally experience & knowledge gained over the years to score the perfect minimum!!

The scorers tried desperately though to thwart my attempt by cruelly scoring me one in the first leg; luckily though, I have such good team mates that they were having none of that!

The closest I got was in the first leg when I nearly hit Billy on the head, I was just trying to remind him with that stick that the minimum was definitely on!!

To be honest, I feel that missing on the night with all 33 sticks ('cos we had a 3 sticker) is probably harder than scoring 33.  Thinking of taking on Roger Goodall in the Oxford League in a minimum contest, reckon I have got his measure!

Anyway, I was just wondering if, as I was taking part in an important scientific experiment last night, you could actually give me my average for the season in my throws last night, think we won 3-2 then!! 
Playing indoors at the Ex's, quite frankly with the Glitter Ball on the Aunt Sally throw last night, 'It was Murder on the Dancefloor'🤣"

Despite 15 from Pete Shepherd and 13 from Pip Goulding, a rather weakened Tiddington CC side were unable to cause too many problems for the home Shakespeare A side.  Eighteen dolls from Brian Gough and thirteen for Ray Rowe saw the Bell A to a close-ish home victory over the Rose and Crown.

With Liam Fisher back at the helm and hitting 12, the Red Cow came good just when they needed it.  With John Clutterbuck chipping in with 10 dolls in his four legs, they won 4-1 at home to the Nut Tree - and got themselves back on top of Division Two.  With a 4-1 win at home against the Barley Mow, the Ashton Club are hot on their heels - Dave Wheeler (12), Andy Cox and Dave Smith (11 apiece) helping their cause.  The White Horse still want to be part of that promotion chasing group (!?) and, despite two three sticker legs, they took all five points at home against the Barley Mow - with Dave Futter hitting 17 and Mav Giles 15.  Despite losing the first and last legs at home to the Bull Inn A, Brill S&SC B won that one 3-2 - with anchorman Jon Vaile hitting 13.

Division Three leaders, Launton S&S were heading for a clean sweep at home to Fox Souldern but then 'threw away' the final leg.  Still, 4-1 keeps them three points ahead of Brill S&SC A  who also won 4-1, away at the Butchers Arms - doing just the same thing, losing the last leg.  With Mr Consistency on the night, Norman Brock, hitting three in every leg and then all three in the third leg three sticker, Highfield Social Club had a convincing 5-0 home win against Crown CoO B.  Chandos Arms, at home to the Crown Twyford, were leg apiece, then two consecutive three sticker legs followed - both teams winning one.  So, tied at two legs each, the Crown set 14 in the final leg - too many for Chandos who could only muster 11.  Robert Taylor had himself another relatively good evening with 15.


Although not scoring particularly well on Wednesday, Chearsley Cricketers secured a 4-1 victory at home to Launton S&S Divas and now top the table.  Rick Gumbert's 14 dolls for the Ex Services A were not enough to prevent a 3-2 defeat on their travels to Long Crendon VH.  Despite a waterlogged pitch at the White Hart, George Deans and his merry band of men (and Gina!), ensured the match went ahead - well worth it for them as they beat the visiting Blacks Head 4-1.  In what was described by Lewis Wilson as a 'Great night', Marsh Gibbon VH One won 4-1 (with two 3 sticker legs amongst it) against Bell A.  Paul Symonds hit 12 for the home side. 


This coming Wednesday are the pairs competitions in the Premier Division, Divisions One, Two and Three.  Because of the number of entries in the Division Two and Division Three pairs - and I foresee them taking about two hours - they must start at 8 o'clock.  Please get players to their respective venues by 7.50.

Premier and Division One will start at 8.30.


Phil Allen


6th June 2022

Despite sixes from Kevin Powney and Andy Poppitt, Ex Services B were still unable to take a point off Shakespeare B.  Lee Wanless had his best aunt sally evening for a while with 18 dolls for the Shakey, well supported by Bobby Allen and Doug Revitt with 17 apiece - as did Kev Powney for the opposition.  Terry 'Sid' Bagnall hit 20 but his team - the Crown CoO A - were still unable to prevent a 4-1 defeat at home to Bell A.  Eddie Jones hit a six in his total of 13 for the visitors.  The inconsistent Pheasant are having problems stringing together any decent leg scores and went down 4-1 at home to Shakespeare A.  Tiddington Cricket Club took the long trek to the Rose and Crown and, despite losing the final leg on a three sticker, still managed to win 3-2 - Pip Goulding hitting 17 for them, with Clive Lampitt replying with 16 for the hosts.

In Division Two, without lead off man Liam Fisher, the Red Cow struggled at the Ashton Club and fell to a 4-1 defeat - and relinquished their top-of-the-table position to the Nut Tree who won 4-1 at home to The Lion - Bob Price excelling himself with 15.  Rolling back the years a little, Dave Futter hit 17 for the White Horse at Bull Inn A - including a blob in the vital beer leg!

In Division Three, Stevie Golder's on fire for Launton S&S this season.  His 20 on Wednesday helped his team to a 5-0 home victory over the Butchers Arms.  Chandos Arms have, by their previous standards, had a terrible start to this season.  Nevertheless, they got it together this week at the Fox Souldern with Robert Taylor pulling the strings with 19 dolls, including a six in the third leg.  John Fitsell threw well too with 16 for the Chandos.   With Mike Horn (16), Jeff Flasck (15) and Lee Mason (14) all throwing well, Brill S&SC A had an easy 5-0 home win over Crown CoO B.  Highfield Social Club were relatively comfortable at the Crown Twyford winning the first two legs, scoring 14 on each occasion, but then lost the third on a three sticker.  They put that hiccup to one side and won the remaining two legs - again scoring 14 in each.

In Division Four, with Tom Gadsby (15), Daren Vythelingum (13) and Paul Kingsman (11) excelling themselves, Chearsley Cricketers continue their climb up the table after a 5-0 win at the Blacks Head.  Ex Services A are still at the top as they beat Bull Inn B 4-1.  In a local derby at the Bell, it was touch and go (2-2) going into the final leg, and then the White Hart won that 'vital one' on a three sticker.  Marsh Gibbon VH One did themselves proud by travelling to Long Crendon VC with just four players.  Understandably I guess, 'cos they were two players short, they went down 5-0.

Cup and Plate Semi Final Draws - to be played on 17th August

Knockout Cup

Crown CoO A v Shakespeare A (on neutral ground)

Ex Services B v Shakespeare B (on neutral ground)

Knockout Plate

Rose & Crown v Pheasant Inn

Bll Inn A v Brill S&SC B

Intermediate Cup

Brill S&SC A v Ex Services A

Launton S&S v Bull Inn B

Intermediate Plate

Fox Souldern v Crown Twyford

Long Crendon VC v Chandos Arms

Pairs Competition 

The draw for the Pairs Competition to be played on 15th June is on the Fixtures page.

Sixers - Andy Poppitt, Kevin Powney, Eddie Jones, Robert Taylor

Phil Allen


30th May 2022

Morning all,

Some rather close cup ties this week but no real shock results.

League Cup 

Shakespeare A lost their first leg at home to the Nut Tree but then, with the aid of a six from Erik Poslusny in the third leg, went on to win it 3-1.  

It as touch and go in the Ex Services B and the Bell A tie.  The Ex's were two nil up - winning the second leg on a 3 sticker - and then the next two went to the Bell (both 15-14).  So, level pegging and into the decider.  Karl Budd (with his second six of the evening) set the Ex's up nicely for an "out-of-reach" total - but they still only managed 12.  That was equalled by the 'travelling' Bell side.  The second 3 sticker of the evening - and a 3-2 win - went the way of the Ex's.  

The Crown CoO A against the visiting Red Cow was another tie to go to the wire.  The first two legs resulted in 3 stickers with each team winning one.  Twas then two legs apiece, going into the fifth.  With a six from Phil Baker and a couple of fives (Jed Launchbury and John Hudson), the Crown set 23 - too many for the visitors.

A great evening and a great tie at Tiddington Cricket Club where they took on the Shakespeare B.  With fives from Bobby Allen and Lee Wanless, the visitors set, and won the first leg 23-14.  The tables turned.  With lead off man, James Morrison, throwing out of his skin, and a five from Pip Goulding the hosts set 20 in the second - too many for the Shakey.  Squeaky bum time, the visitors came back to win the next two to take the tie 3-2.

League Plate

All the ties finished 3-0.  The Pheasant won at home against the Barley Mow whilst the other three ties resulted in away wins - Brill S&SC B at the Ashton Club, Bull Inn A at the White Horse and the Rose and Crown at the Lion.

Intermediate Cup

The Ex Services A did well to pinch a 3-2 victory at the Highfield Social Club.  Two of those legs went to 3 stickers (with the visitors winning both) - and they then went on to win the final and deciding leg 15-10.  

Bull Inn B were another team to get through, with a 3-2 home win over the Butchers Arms.

Launton S&S continued their great run of form to win 3-0 against the visiting White Hart, as did Brill S&SC A against Crown CoO B.

Sixers - Karl Budd (2), Erik Poslusny, Phil Baker

Phil Allen


23rd May 2022

On what has been, weather-wise, the worst conditions I have ever played aunt sally in. I just couldn't wait for the playing side of the evening to finish.  And, much to my surprise - but, at the same time, very grateful to all of you - every match was played.

In the Premier and Division One, the Bell came up with their 'customary' and took a leg off Shakespeare B.  Already 3-0 down, they set a 'massive' 10 in the fourth leg and the home side fell one short.  But, as ludicrous as this game can be, in response to the Bell setting ten again in the final leg, the Shakey, with the help of a six from Pete Dempsey, responded with a 24.  Despite the weather conditions, Bobby Allen still managed a creditable 19.  Tiddington Cricket Club lost their first leg at home to Crown CoO A on a three sticker but made amends in the fourth when they reversed the tables and won the three sticker.  Pete Shepherd (17) and Pip Goulding (15) batted well for the Cricket Club with John Lehane replying with 16.  Both the Pheasant and the Rose and Crown struggled in the conditions up on Brill hill but the home side came out on top by 3-2.  Save the best til last!  The ideal place to be playing in these conditions?  Yes, indoors at the Ex Services.  The 'newly formed' B side were there, hosting the Shakespeare A.  Despite 21 dolls from Karl Budd (including a six), the remaining scores did not match the pristine conditions!  Setting in the final (and beer) leg, Karl got his six but the team only totalled 12 - but still won it by one doll.  "Very wet and cold indoors at the Ex's" were the comments on the score card!

Both the Red Cow and the Nut Tree, with 5-0 away victories at the Barley Mow and the Bull Inn A, retain their positions at the top of Division Two and are doing their utmost to get promoted.  Another 'as reported on the score card' from Brill S&SC B, "Pouring with rain, Brill coped better in the conditions.  Despite losing the first leg 7-8 on a 3 sticker - Chalky hit 3 in the 3 sticker".  Yeh, Kerry 'Chalky' White hit 14 to help the home side to a 4-1 win over the White Horse.  Conditions couldn't have been as bad as reported anyway - the home side managed two legs of 16!  The Lion at home to the Ashton Club went to the wire.  Two legs apiece, going into the final one which the home side won by just one doll.  Joe Young (with 13 for the Ashton) and Simon Nicholson and Pete Busby (with 11 each for the home side) were the stars.

Lee Mason (17) and Mike Horn (14) made the best of Brill S&SC A's visit to the Crown Twyford, winning 5-0 and leapfrogging up into second place in the table.  Although they didn't have it all their own way at the Crown CoO B - drawing 2-2 going into the final leg - Launton S&S held it together, won the leg 10-6 and the match 3-2.  Steve Golder continued his great run of form with 13 and tops the division's individual averages.  Highfield's visit to Chandos Arms followed the same format - 2 each going into the last and they won that one to clinch the match 3-2.  Robert Taylor showed some promise (!) with 14 while Jason Harris was close on his heels with 13.  In Division Three's remaining match the Fox were too good for the Butchers Arms by 3 legs to 2.

In Division Four Long Crendon Village Centre got themselves back to winning ways with a 5-0 home demolition over a five player White Hart team - Charlie Govier hit 17 and team mate Graham Boswell 14.  All in all they hit a very creditable 53 dolls.  In a tight one at Marsh Gibbon Village Hall, after a 1 sticker in the first leg and a 3 sticker in the last (both of which the Ex Services won),  they eventually scraped through 3-2 to keep them top of the table; but only on dolls scored as the Bull Inn B achieved a 5-0 away to the Launton S&S Divas.  Moira Nye with six and Sarah Riley with seven did their utmost to get something for the Divas but Chris Mack with 11 and Nick Whitburn (8) were having none as they set their eyes on promotion!!??  Chearsley Cricketers seem to have similar ambitions as they got maximum points on their travels to the Bell.  Stuart Burnham and Adam Lazaruk both mastered the conditions as they hit 12 apiece.  Marsh Gibbon VH Two were another team to get all five points as they travelled - with only five players - to the Blacks Head.  I was asked last week (by a player I met after not seeing him for quite some time) why he'd not yet been mentioned in any of my reports to date.  I quipped that he'd 'not done anything worthy of a write up'.  Wittingly, he replied "if only to say I got a blob Phil".  So - as I do try to oblige - Matt Orlando scored relatively well with 7 (and it did include a blob), in that match at Bletchingdon!  Any further requests?


Sixers - Karl Budd, Pete Dempsey


Cup and Plate competitions this coming Wednesday.  Despite publishing the draw just two weeks ago, I still get asked who's playing who.  So, here it is again.


League Knockout Cup

Shakespeare A v Nut Tree

Ex Services B v Bell A

Crown CoO A v Red Cow

Tiddington CC v Shakespeare B


Intermediate Cup

Highfield SC v Ex Services A

Bull Inn B v Butchers Arms

Launton S&S v White Hart

Brill S&SC A v Crown CoO B


League Knockout Plate

Pheasant v Barley Mow

Ashton Club v Brill S&SC B

White Horse v Bull Inn A

The Lion v Rose & Crown


Intermediate Plate

Crown Twyford v Blacks Head

Chandos Arms v Marsh Gibbon Village Hall Two

Marsh Gibbon Village Hall One v Long Crendon Village Centre

Bell B v Fox Souldern


Phil Allen


16th May 2022

Morning all,

On a very wet Wednesday, up until about 4 o'clock, fearing that we may be getting a few fixture postponements; but, in the end, all was well and, probably the warmest aunt sally evening we've had so far this season.

After an early scare - a drawn first leg which they won on a three sticker - Shakespeare B, 'away' to their A team counterparts, hit 97 dolls, sufficient to take all five points and keep them on top of the table.  Phil Allen with 20, Bobby Allen with 19 (including a six) and Doug Revitt (18) did the damage.  Elsewhere, Karl Budd rose to the occasion with 23 dolls (also with a six) to help the Ex Services B to a 5-0 win over the Rose and Crown.  Our third six of the evening went to Pip Goulding (Tiddington Cricket Club) who totalled 19 as they went to, and beat, The Bell 3-2.  John Hudson, also with 19, was another to hit a bit of form for the Crown as they also won 3-2, at home to The Pheasant.

In Division Two, the White Horse, on home soil - and, despite 14 from an up and coming Dave Futter - were 'thrashed' 4-1 by the Barley Mow - and lost their top spot.  The Red Cow now occupy that position after their 5-0 home win over near neighbours, The Lion; Liam Fisher with 15 in the four legs he played and Liam Merchant with 13 in his four legs, doing the damage.  Joe Young rolled back the years, hitting 16 to help the Ashton Club to a 5-0 over the five man visiting Bull Inn A.  Brian Loverock also weighed in with 12 for the home side.  The Nut Tree, keen to get themselves back up into the top flight (!), also got maximum points, at home against Brill S&SC B and now occupy second place.

With Steve Golder, Derek Richards and Haydn Marks throwing well, Launton S&S now top Division Three after their maximum points at home to Crown Twyford - winning the fifth (and beer) leg on a one sticker.  The Highfield's 4-1 home win against Fox Souldern has, 'at the flick of a switch'. lifted them from bottom of the table up to fourth place.  With both Bill Mellis and Jason Harris back for the Highfield, and playing well, watch this space - they'll be up challenging at the top soon!  

With 13 dolls from Tracey Denton and 10 from Rick Gumbert, the Ex Services A saw off any 'threat' from Launton S&S Divas to take all five points and to remain at the top of Division Four.  With a full squad of nine players, Bull Inn B were also on their way to maximum points at home to the Blacks Head - but then, disaster; they lost the 'beer leg'.  Still, four points keeps them in second place - one above Bell B who, with a terrific eleven dolls from Ryan McNally, won 3-2 away at Marsh Gibbon VH Two.  Another team to 'throw away' the beer leg was the White Hart, at home to a five player Marsh Gibbon VH One.  They were four legs up and then threw away that vital one.  George Deans did himself proud though with 13.  In the 'local derby' in Long Crendon, it was two legs apiece when the visiting Chearsley Cricketers took control and pinched the fifth.

Sixers - Karl Budd, Bobby Allen and Pip Goulding.

I sent the Pairs entry form out a couple of weeks ago.  Would you please have it completed and returned to me (with the money) by next Sunday (22nd May).

Phil Allen


9th May 2022

Good afternoon all,

No real "headline makers" in any of the cup matches this week; that accolade must surely go to the landlord of the Launton Arms (formerly the Black Bull) who has decided that he no longer wants aunt sally - or any members of the teams - at 'his' pub.  Both sheds and pitches, at what has been our 'home of aunt sally' and the finals night venue for a number of years, have been taken down.  The Divas had already moved up the road to Launton Sports and Social (did they know something?!), and the A team have now moved to, and will be playing their home games, indoors at the Ex Services - and renamed appropriately as Ex Services B.  No dramatic changes to the fixtures list but I have attached a revised one, really just showing their new name.

I think the biggest upset in the cup games was the Bull Inn B team's 3-1 win over Chandos Arms, despite Robert 'Curly' Taylor's six in the third leg - the leg they won.  Well done to Emma Johnson for weighing in with a vital 4 dolls!

The draws for the next round of the knockout cups and the first round of the plates, to be played on 25th May has come out as follows:


League Knockout Cup

Shakespeare A v Nut Tree

Ex Services B v Bell A

Crown CoO A v Red Cow

Tiddington CC v Shakespeare B


Intermediate Cup

Highfield SC v Ex Services A

Bull Inn B v Butchers Arms

Launton S&S v White Hart

Brill S&SC A v Crown CoO B


League Knockout Plate

Pheasant v Barley Mow

Ashton Club v Brill S&SC B

White Horse v Bull Inn A

The Lion v Rose & Crown


Intermediate Plate

Crown Twyford v Blacks Head

Chandos Arms v Marsh Gibbon Village Hall Two

Marsh Gibbon Village Hall One v Long Crendon Village Centre

Bell B v Fox Souldern

Phil Allen


2nd May 2022

Hi all,

Firstly, many thanks to all who have already started to use the revised result card; it's made it much easier on my part.  To the others, I'd be really grateful if you'd do likewise.  For those who submitted a photo of the scoreboard, initially, it's great to, at least, get the result through - but, firstly, the names are either just nicknames, initials, and/or no surname, and then there are no players' total scores - and, in the event of a three sticker, I can't clearly work who eventually won it.  So please, do your utmost to print off and use the revised result card.

On another very chilly Wednesday evening, Shakespeare B won convincingly at home to Tiddington Cricket Club.  Dougie Revitt 'resumed' his outstanding form of the past few seasons, hitting 21, including a six in the final leg.  Teammate Pete Dempsey was close on his tail with 19.  For the visitors, Graham Bristow hit a very creditable 18.  'Pub sharers', Shakespeare A also won 5-0 on their travels to the Rose and Crown.  Steve Payne, with his second consecutive 16, and Martin Wanless with 14, shone for the travellers.  Dave Reast replied with 15 for the struggling home side.  The Pheasant, although not scoring particularly well themselves, still took the honours at home to the Bell A  by three legs to two.  The same can be said of Crown A who hosted their match against Launton Arms A .

In Division Two, with Dave Futter and Baz Bazile hitting 14 dolls apiece, the White Horse won 3-2 on their visit to the Nut Tree, for whom Jetty Hall clanged off 17.  The Red Cow set themselves up for a terrific evening with 20 dolls in their first leg away at the Bull A - Liam Fisher and John Clutterbuck both doing the damage with 5 apiece - and then, despite the scores dropping dramatically, they still travelled back to Chesterton with a 4-1 win.  Likewise, a 4-1 win for The Lion who travelled to the Barley Mow.  Mick Leonard (The Lion) and James Kirkland (Barley Mow) finished with 14 dolls each.

In Division Three, the Fox Souldern (with 14 dolls from Chris Hartwell and 11 from Dave Hazell) got the better of last week's 'team of the week', Crown B by 4-1 - Dick Pike and Nick Paterson both hitting 13 for them.  The Fox now occupy top spot, just above Launton S&S, who also won 4-1, at home against a currently struggling Chandos Arms.  Steve Golder, loving it in his new role (as anchorman) in his new team, hit 17, including a six.  Despite 17 dolls from Bill Mellis and 11 from Norman Brock, the Highfield SC could not prevent Brill S&SC A  winning 4-1 too.   

Chearsley Cricketers, in their first game of the season in Division Four, hit 58 dolls (13 from Daren Vythelingum and 11 from Paul Kingsman) on their way to a 4-1 victory at Marsh Gibbon VH One.  

Sixers - Dougie Revitt (Shakespeare B) and Steve Golder (Launton S&S).

A reminder, it's cup week this coming Wednesday.  There are two knockout cup competitions - the League Cup which comprises those teams in the Premier, Divisions One and Two, and the Intermediate Cup for those in Divisions Three and Four.  The draws for the first rounds are as shown below.   

League Knockout Cup
Shakespeare B v Rose & Crown
Crown CoO A v White Horse
The Lion v Tiddington CC
Barley Mow v Nut Tree
Red Cow v Bull Inn A
Brill S&SC B v Bell A
Pheasant Inn v Shakespeare A
Launton Arms v Ashton Club

Intermediate Knockout Cup
Fox Souldern v Brill S&SC A
Launton S&S v Marsh Gibbon Village Hall
Bell B v Crown CoO B
Ex Services v Blacks Head
White Hart v Long Crendon VC
Rising Sun v Butchers Arms
Crown Twyford v Highfield SC
Bull Inn B v Chandos Arms

Same format (ie any six from nine); can be changed each leg.

Best of five legs

Any drawn leg to be decided by a three sticker before going on to the next leg.

Attached are the entry forms for the singles, pairs and four a side competitions,  Please return the completed forms (along with the entry fees) to the secretary by the dates shown on each form.

Phil Allen


25th April 2022

Morning all, at last we have lift off - and, albeit, a little chilly, the weather was kind to us too!

For many (those who didn't play last year) it would have been a complete change of format - but, thankfully (apart from the White Hart who had a couple of players suffering from Covid), everyone else managed to get a side together.

Shakespeare B (the old White Lion team) travelled to the Rose and Crown (the old Muddy Duck lads) and secured a five-nil victory - Bobby Allen and Dougie Revitt hitting 19 apiece.  Launton Arms were coasting, 3-0 up at the Bell, but then lost their last two - Karl Budd another to hit 19.  Another team 'coasting' were Shakespeare A.  Four-nil up against Crown A, they go and 'give' the beer leg away!  John 'Loony' Lehane (Crown) rolled back the years with 19 and Tony Nichols was hot on his heels with 18.  Tiddington Cricket Club and the Pheasant were touch and go, winning alternate legs, and drawing 2-2 leading into the fifth (and beer) leg.  The Cricket Club, in no mood to give that one away, set 19 - far too many for the visitors who could only muster 9.  Another to hit 18 was Pip Goulding (Cricket Club).  Four scores of 19 and two of 18 and not a six amongst them!

The White Horse got off to a flying start with a 5-0 victory over the visiting Ashton Club - Dave Futter (14) and Mav Giles (11) starring for the Horse.  With Richard Cooper also hitting 14, the Nut Tree got the better of the Barley Mow by four legs to one.  Terry Hawkins also hit 14 for the Barley Mow.  In the other Division Two matches, Brill S&SC B won 3-2 away at the Red Cow and, an electrical fault at the Lion Wendlebury, meant they had to forfeit their game against Bull Inn A.

Crown CoO B, with a 5-0 victory and 61 dolls, show they're going to be a difficult side to beat in Division Three this season - Barry Reynolds and Richard Pike (13 apiece), and Matthew Holmes (12) and Nick Paterson (11).

In Division Four, the Ex Services did well to 'conjure up' a 4-1 home win over the Blacks Head Bletchingdon - Barny Tharby hitting 14 for the visitors and Tracey Denton (12) for the hosts.  But, still topping the individual averages in the WHOLE league is Matt Toomey (Bell B) who hit 8 dolls in his two legs - an average of 4.00!  Well done Toomey (as he likes to be called)!

Phil Allen


18th April 2022

Everyone ready?  Just three days til blast off!  And we're looking as though we may have some decent weather for it!

I've been advised that The Lion, Wendlebury is now a cashless pub - can only pay by card.  Would those who have to visit them, please advise team members.


3rd April 2022

Morning all,

Just over a couple of weeks to go, winter woollies at the ready!

It is very unfortunate but the Rising Sun, Ickford are unable to get a side together.  That now means we only have nine teams in Division Four - requiring a 'Bye' each week.  Not an ideal situation.

I do have someone looking into raising another team - but how successful is he going to be?!  Let's throw it open - can anyone amongst you, especially those who have registered more than twelve players, come up with another side?  Don't worry about only having one pitch - they won't clash at home. 


Phil Allen



28th March 2022

With just under a month to go, guess it's time for an update, and to start to get ourselves and our venues ready for the new season.

Sponsorship of the League

1.  As communicated previously, Lodge Garage unfortunately had to withdraw their sponsorship of the league, due to the impact of Covid on the economic situation over the last couple of years.  Our first step to replace the donation we had received previously from them was to enquire in general with all the teams and venues involved in our league - and what a response we had!!   The committee and myself were overwhelmed, and I am pleased to say that we have received several donations from individuals, venues, and businesses or companies that players are involved with or, in fact, own - and the amount received has more than compensated for previous years' donations.

2.  I would just like to say how  grateful the league is to all who have offered to help -  Clear Vision Financial ServicesThe Fox and Goat at Tiddington (even though they now can't get a side together for this season!!), Otmoor Electrical Ltd in Ickford, and a few other businesses who have asked to remain anonymous, have been the largest donors - plus some individual donations from players themselves which has been gratefully received.   So, please give a thought to using our sponsors if you need some financial advice, fancy a pint away from Bicester or need any quotes for electrical work !!

Constitution of the League

3.  As expected really, after the couple of years we've just gone through, the number of teams for the forthcoming season has dropped from the 40 we had in 2019 to 34 this year.  That's not too bad actually - but, of course, 34 is not divisible by 8; so, what that does mean, is that we will need to have three divisions of 8 and one division of 10.  And then, because the division of ten will have 18 league fixtures (as opposed to 14 for the others), it prevents them from having their own singles, pairs and four a side competitions - although, it may be able to arrange something for the 14th and 21st September.  I'll get a better idea as the season progresses and will keep you informed.

4.  A copy of the fixtures list (with venues shown at the bottom) is attached.  I've gone through it with a 'tooth comb' but I'm only human!  So, please study it carefully - especially so if you have more than one team playing at your venue and let me know as soon as possible of any clashes.

Knockout Cup draws

5.  There are two knockout cup competitions - the League Cup which comprises those teams in the Premier, Divisions One and Two and the Intermediate Cup for those in Divisions Three and Four.  The draws for the first rounds to be played on 4th May were made at the committee meeting held on Wednesday evening and came out as shown below.  It is rather unfortunate that, because we have 18 teams in Division Three and Four, we need two preliminary games.  They will be Chearsley Cricketers at home against Long Crendon Village Centre and the Bull Inn B at home against Launton S&S Divas.  Would you please play those on Wednesday 13th April?

League Knockout Cup
Shakespeare B v Rose & Crown
Crown CoO A v White Horse
The Lion v Tiddington CC
Barley Mow v Nut Tree
Red Cow v Bull Inn A
Brill S&SC B v Bell A
Pheasant Inn v Shakespeare A
Launton Arms v Ashton Club

Intermediate Knockout Cup
Fox Souldern v Brill S&SC A
Launton S&S v Marsh Gibbon Village Hall
Bell B v Crown CoO B
Ex Services v Blacks Head
White Hart v Chearsley Cricketers or Long Crendon VC
Rising Sun v Butchers Arms
Crown Twyford v Highfield SC
Bull Inn B or Launton S&S Divas v Chandos Arm

League Rules

6.  The revised can be found bu using the RULES button.in the menu.

Result reporting

7.  The result card template is attached.  Team captains are asked to print their own (seven home league games and a couple in readiness for cup matches).  Immediately after the game, the winning captain is responsible for sending to the league secretary by WhatsApp, a photograph of the completed result sheet.  There is then no need to post it.      

Closure of the railway bridge into Launton

8.  Please be aware that the bridge into Launton will be closed from Monday 28th March until the end of April to vehicle traffic.  The pedestrian pathway will still be open.  At our committee meeting this week we tried to arrange as many fixtures as we could to avoid teams having to travel into Launton, but, with some venues having more than one team, it wasn't always possible.  Access to Launton will be possible through Stratton Audley, and from the Blackthorn direction.  There will be traffic lights at the Blackthorn Road/A41 cross roads to help alleviate entry problems from that side

Phil Allen


14th March 2022

Sadly, the 2021-22 indoor league season has come to an end - but, what a way to finish!  Two terrific evenings - plenty of banter with a little bit of aunt sally thrown in!   Well done and thank you to everyone involved.   I've got that very deflated feeling already, eagerly looking forward to October!

Almost forgot, Colin Baldwin came up with a magic six on Tuesday - well done Colin!

A list of 'how it finished' is attached.

Many thanks to Keith Lennard and the Ex Services staff for all their help during a wonderful five months.

Sixer - Tuesday - Colin Baldwin.

Now let's get ourselves prepared (winter jackets at the ready) for the summer league which starts on 20th April.

Phil Allen


6th March 2022

Morning all,

Sadly, we're drawing to a close in this 2021/22 indoor league season - just the finals nights to come this Tuesday and Wednesday.  But what a way to finish off, on both nights this past week.

I did say last week that the Tuesday Handicap League could be won by any of five teams - but, realistically, it was expected to be decided in the 8.55 match between the Bull Inn A and the Red Cow.  However, in their earlier matches, they both dropped vital points - the Bull A drew 3-3 with Bell B whilst the Red Cow won 5-1 against Bell C.  That then meant the Red Cow had leapfrogged to top spot, one point ahead of the Bull (49-48).  Others in contention though were on next - the Ex Services against the Bull B and the Ex's came out of that one with four points - but, actually, whilst that brought them level on points with Bull A, they dropped to third place on dolls.  Bull B are now out of it.  The fifth team in with a shout - and most people had disregarded - are the Barley Mow.  They walloped Mr&MrsFits 6-0 with a much needed 49 dolls.

So, going into the vital last games for each team it now stands

  • Red Cow - 49 pts, 525 dolls
  • Bull Inn A - 48 pts, 530 dolls
  • Ex Services - 48 pts, 527 dolls
  • Barley Mow - 46 pts, 525 dolls

Game on!

Bull A v Red Cow - three points apiece with 39 and 41 dolls respectively.

Ex Services lost 4-2 to Mr&MrsFits, scoring just 32 dolls in the process.

Barley Mow walloped Bull B 6-0 - with 52 dolls

The rest is history!  Barley Mow gatecrashed the party, sneaking in by the back door, and finished as champions with 52 points and 577 dolls, the Red Cow runners up with 52 points and 566 dolls.  It couldn't have been any more exciting!  Well done the Barley Mow - and, back in January, they almost withdrew claiming they wouldn't be able to get a side together for the Handicap League!

Not quite in the same 'league' on Wednesday, with the Ashton Club already having won it, the fight for second place was still on.  Again a tussle between five teams.  The Bell and the Unwanted felt they no longer wanted to be a part of that group(!), and 'decided' to lose 6-0 in their first matches!  The Shakey soon followed, coming second (2-4) against the Ashton.  Just The Cherries and the Crown left.  With Karl Budd (27 dolls on the night) and Tony Launchbury (20) doing their utmost, the Crown did as much as they could - 12 points and 105 dolls - the Cherries (with Liam Fisher (21 dolls) and skipper Nick Cherry (19) driving them along, also got the six points they needed, with 100 dolls.  So, again, it was another trophy position that was decided on dolls - 49 points each with 681-654 in favour of The Cherries.  Well done to them too.

Dates for the diary - 

  • 8th and 9th March - Finals nights at the Ex Services Club
  • 16th March - Challenge match away at Yarnton
  • 30th March - Challenge match at home to the Eynsham League
  • 31st March - Annual inter league competition at Banbury
  • 1st April - 24 Hourathon at the Ex Services in aid of Prostate Cancer UK


Phil Allen


1st March 2022

Morning all,

A weird competition this two and a half pairs!  But two enjoyable evenings had by those in attendance.

On Tuesday, the Bull Inn A won their way through to the final after defeating the Bell C and the Red Cow and will meet Mr&MrsFits who did likewise against Bell B and the Ex Services.  In the Plate final, Bull Inn B will play the Barley Mow.

On Wednesday, the Crown 'disposed' of the Bell (despite a six from Darren Moore) and then the Ex Services to cement their place in the final against the Shakespeare who defeated the Unwanted and The Cherries.  The Plate final will be between the Misfits and the Unwanted.

A bit of pressure on a few teams this coming Tuesday with any of the top five in with a chance of winning the handicap league title.  But, realistically, it's between the Bull Inn A and the Red Cow - all eyes on Pitch 1 at 8.55 for the clash of the titans!

On Wednesday though, with the Ashton Club having already run away with the title, it'll be interesting to see who gets "the wooden spoon".  The Misfits, next to bottom, are only one point above the Ex Services.  The Misfits meet an improving Crown followed by The Cherries (a much different side in the Handicap League!), whilst the Ex's are up against the Unwanted and already crowned champions, the Ashton.  Place your bets now, please!

Sixer - Wednesday - Darren Moore

Phil Allen


20th February 2022

Morning all,

'Tis rather tight at the top of the Tuesday league table.  Just five points separate the top five teams, and with just two games left, it's"there for the taking".  The Bull Inn A, current table toppers, had a relatively poor week dropping six points (two against the Barley Mow and four against Bull B), whilst their biggest threat, the Red Cow, who didn't throw particularly well themselves, hauled in a maximum twelve.  How fitting that they will now meet in the final game of the league season.

Bit of a different story on a Wednesday night though.  The Ashton Club have run away with the Handicap League; dropping just 12 points in their twelve games so far, they're already 23 points ahead of those chasing the runners up spot - The Cherries, Crown and Unwanted are all level on 37.  Bobby Allen hit 26 (12 and 14) including his first six of the season, Pete Dempsey with 25 (13 and 12), and Phil Allen with 23 (10 and 13), with his first six of the season too.  Dougie Revitt also hit 23 (11 and 12), including his third six of the season.  Despite not having played for a couple of weeks, Eddie Jones still managed double figures in his two matches (10 and 11).  Well done to Dave Vear (Ashton Club) who, despite getting a blob in his previous leg, came back with a vengeance with a five.  

Sixers - Wednesday - Doug Revitt, Bobby Allen and Phil Allen (and Karl Budd's last week which I forgot to add - and that was his third too).


Phil Allen

13th February 2022

Morning all,

Despite 21 dolls from James Bateman on Tuesday evening, league leaders Bull Inn A were only able to get two points in each of their two matches.  The Ex Services, one of their closest rivals, firstly did the 'whitewash' over the Bell C and then overcame the Bull Inn A 4-2.  Mr&MrsFits, who haven't had it all their own way in this handicap league, also beat the table toppers 4-2.  With Karl Budd throwing out of his skin - 14 (6,4,4) in that match and then 15 (5,5,5) in their next - Mr&MrsFits also gained maximum points against Bell C.  Another team to drop vital points were the Red Cow.  Ian Cantwell's 22 dolls (13 and 9) did little to help as they also lost 4-2 in both of their matches.  The league title is still up for grabs; with four matches to go, only 7 points separate the top five teams - and with two points for a win, it's still anybody's (apart from the bottom three)!

A mid-season review of the Wednesday night handicaps is required, me thinks!  The Ashton Club got eleven points this week, The Cherries and the Crown ten apiece.  With four games left, and 19 points clear, the Ashton are almost there - but then, they play both The Cherries and the Crown this coming Wednesday.

Dougie Revitt shone once again - 27 dolls (16 and 11 - including two sixes) - with team mate, Brian Gough, and Pete Dempsey hitting 24.

Sixers - Tuesday - Karl Budd

           - Wednesday - Doug Revitt (x2)

Phil Allen


7th February 2022

Morning all, with the past Tuesday and Wednesday being the singles competitions, there's very little to report this week.

Tuesday evening saw a relatively decent attendance of 35, with Karl Budd and Nigel King progressing  to the final.  Wednesday wasn't as quite as well attended (31) but, still, a terrific evening was had by all !  Tracey Denton and Tony Nichols contested the semi final on pitch one, with Tony getting through.  And, on pitch two (the group of death!), Dougie Revitt overcame the threat of Pete Dempsey to also get through.

Here are the formats (so far) for the finals nights on Tuesday and Wednesday 8th and 9th March. 

Knockout Cup Final - Red Cow v Bull Inn B (Pitch 1)

KO Cup Plate Cup Final - Barley Mow v Mr&Mrs Fits (Pitch 2)

Two and a half pairs final - (Pitch 1)

Two and a half pairs plate final - (Pitch 2)

Triples Final (Pitch 1) - Phil Allen, Keith Lennard, Chris Hill  v Liam Fisher, Kevin Gardner, Olly Carvell

Pairs Final (Pitch 1) - Dave Gardner and Kevin Gardner v Nigel King and Nick Cherry

Singles Final (Pitch 1) - Karl Budd v Nigel King


Knockout Cup Final - Misfits v Unwanted (Pitch 1)

KO Cup Plate Cup Final - Ex Services v Bell (Pitch 2)

Two and a half pairs final - (Pitch 1)

Two and a half pairs plate final - (Pitch 2)

Triples Final (Pitch 1) - Eddie Jones, Rick Gumbert, Dave Puddle Terry Hawkins, Steve Golder, 

Colin Baldwin

Pairs Final (Pitch 1) - Bobby Allen and Dougie Revitt v Eddie Jones and Ray Rowe

Singles Final (Pitch 1) - Tony Nichols v Doug Revitt

Phil Allen


4th February 2022

Evening all,

Totally overwhelmed!   Further to my email earlier this morning, we have reached our target - in fact, with some very generous offers, we're well past it.  

Those of you who have been fortunate enough to have attended one of our finals nights will have seen both the quantity (about 250) and quality of the trophies we provide - and, of course, they cost money.  In addition, on that same evening, with food generously donated by Bidfood, we sell refreshments, and then hand over all profits to the Hummingbird Cancer Support and Therapy Centre.  The problem we have now is that, our two previous contacts at Bidfood no longer work there; so, it may now mean that we'll have to purchase the food - more expense!

Further to that, we have a website which needs regular updating and maintaining.

We will, of course, be very grateful for any further donations - but, firstly I've just wanted to be honest with you all by informing you that we have actually reached the initial target - but could still do with a little more!  If any of those who have already offered donations now want to pull out, please get back in touch with me.

Thank you all once again

Phil Allen

4th February 2022

Morning all,

Further to our AGM last Thursday, I have received the unfortunate news that Lodge Garage will not be in a position to sponsor the league with a donation, as they have done for the last 2 years.

Further to that, I have received the good news that one of our team captains is willing to help towards this year's sponsorship, which is greatly appreciated.

However, it does leave us short of the full amount we need to continue running things and providing trophies, cups and medals as we do, even with the individual sponsorship of many of the competitions.

The committee and I would therefore like to ask if there are any other captains, or players within teams - or, indeed, any businesses out there - who would be interested in sponsoring the league to help us bridge the gap we now see in the finances.

If you, or any of your players are interested and would like to discuss this privately with me, please get in touch. I can explain how it would work and what we can do to support it from our side, such as advertising a personal business or company as part of the sponsorship.

Any help with this will, of course, be greatly received.


Phil Allen


31st January 2022

Morning all.

Tuesday evening belonged to the Bull Inn A who, with a maximum 12 points, leapfrog to the top of the table.  Their first match, against their nearest rivals, the Red Cow, was the 'killer'.  Apart from a six by Liam Fisher (Red Cow) and ten dolls from opponent James Bateman, neither team threw particularly well - but, as we've heard many a time, as long as you do enough to win!  In their second match against a much higher handicapped Bell C, 15 dolls (three 5's) from Nigel King and 11 from Dave Gardner saw them get their second six points of the evening.  Elsewhere, Terry Hawkins hit a maximum six with his first throw, Baz hit 19 (9 and 10) and Olly Carvell shone with 13 (8 and 5).  Well done chaps.   

So, who did Wednesday night belong to?!!  Yeh, the Ashton Club once again.  Eleven points and 98 dolls - two dolls more per leg than the first half of the season!  Brian Loverock did the damage in the first match against the Ex Services with ten dolls.  Individually, there were a few 'shiners' - Karl Budd with 25 (13 and 12), Phil Allen with 22 (11 in both matches), Dave Puddle 21 (12 and 9), Bobby Allen 20 (12 and 8) - and not a six to be seen.

Singles this week.  Just turn up on your 'normal' evening and enter.

Sixers - Tuesday - Liam Fisher and Terry Hawkins

Phil Allen


31st January 2022

"Boring, dull, waste of time, I've got better things to do and every epithet under the sun" - that's how many people view an AGM.  But ours on Thursday evening was far from that.  Forty one in attendance, most of them contributing to a very worthwhile meeting.  

The outcome is that we will play very much as we did in our 'friendly' league last year - 

  1. nine players may be used in the match
  2. five legs
  3. six players per leg
  4. players may be changed in each leg if desired
  5. in the event of a drawn leg, three sticks and then one stick if necessary - and then staying on one stick if the need arises
  6. one point for a win

The minutes of the meeting can be found by clicking the AGM button on the left..


The season will start on Wednesday 20th April.



23rd January 2022
A reminder that we'll be holding the summer aunt sally league AGM this coming Thursday (27th January) at 7.30 pm at the Ex Services Club in Bicester.  Whilst it's not compulsory for participating teams to be represented, it would be nice to see you there.

Morning all, panic over, the 'missing' Wednesday result sheet was left on the club bar by the scoreboard. 

It's a funny old game!  The Ex Services gained all six points against the Bell but then, despite outscoring the Red Cow in their next match (49-46 with 19 in the second leg), they lost that one 4-2.  But then the Bell go on to beat Mr&Mrs Fits 6-0.  Weird eh?  The Red Cow, with nine points on the night, now find themselves back on top again.  A rather good night for the Bell C, who, with seven points, jumped two places - only six points from top spot!

On Wednesday the Ashton Club bandwagon continues to roll on - ten points out of the possible twelve, a leg of 25 and a total of 106 dolls too!  Dave Wheeler's the 'culprit', spoiling the party with 12 in his first match and then another seven later.  The Misfits had an evening of mixed fortunes, winning all six points against the Shakespeare and then managing just one point against the Unwanted.  

Sixer - Wednesday - Karl Budd

Phil Allen


17th January 2022

'Team of the Week' in the Tuesday Handicap League goes to the Barley Mow who played out of their skin and clocked up all 12 points with wins over the Bell and, the first week's table toppers, the Red Cow.  Colin Baldwin shone with 10 in their first match and nine in their second, with Terry Hawkins and James Kirkland backing him up with 17 apiece.  Those twelve points (and 99 dolls in the process when they should only be getting 72!) takes them from 'next to bottom' to 'next to top'.   Bull Inn A have risen to top spot with ten points on the night - six against the Ex Services and the other four against Mr&Mrs Fits (James Bateman with 19 and Nick Cherry 18).  Karl Budd rattled off a six in his 25 dolls.  Well done.

In the Wednesday Handicap League, a few teams either, appear to be producing stronger teams or to be playing above themselves!  In the twelve legs we've played, with a 14.64 leg average - 176 dolls total.  You can see in the league tables, only two teams have hit less than that - the Unwanted and the Ex's ('cos Tracey Denton's not been playing).  Having said that, leg averages have been calculated over 14 games and, so far, in the handicap league, we've only played four - time will tell and we'll see how it all pans it over the course of 14 games!

The Ashton Club remain top, picking up ten points and smashing 111 dolls (opposed to the 'target figure' of 88 !).  They even hit legs of 23, 22 and 21.  And, in "one's" defence, it's not all down to the handicap they've been given - players, once again, are excelling themselves.  But, as said previously, time will tell.  Rick Gumbert hit 17 (7 and 10) and Dave Wheeler 17 as well (8 and 9).  Others to score well were the Shakespeare with 112 (58 and 54) and theThe Cherries with 100 (57 and 43).  There were only two teams to hit less than "the 88" - the Unwanted (81) and the Crown (86). 

Eddie Jones (Bell) and Martin Wanless (Shakespeare) were our sixers on the night.  Well done chaps.

Sixers - Tuesday - Karl Budd (Mr&Mrs Fits)

           - Wednesday - Eddie Jones (Bell) and Martin Wanless (Shakespeare)

PS:  As you can see, I'm very much on the defensive today!!  To those who are excelling themselves, well done; to those who are on the receiving end, chins up - another ten games to go!

Phil Allen


10th January 2022

Morning all and a belated Happy New Year to you all,

A bit of a change in the format this week with the introduction of the Handicap Leagues.  On Tuesdays, with the handicap included, the target average per leg is 12.  And what happened this week?  The Red Cow, initially 'complaining' they didn't have sufficient handicap, showed off a bit with a 13.3 leg average in their first match and then 14.3 in their second - a little readjusting needed there, me thinks!  The Bull Inn A went a little OTT in their second with 45 dolls (15 average).  Otherwise, pretty satisfied with the handicaps!  Individually, Liam Fisher (Red Cow) was the star of the night with 20 dolls (11 and 9).

What about Wednesday?  Firstly, there's no keeping Dougie Revitt out of the limelight, is there?  Fourteen dolls in each of his two games (28 on the night), and not a six amongst them (5, 5, 4 on both occasions).  Well done Dougie.

Team-wise, 14.6 was the leg average the handicaps were based upon, roughly 44 dolls per match.  The Crown with a 53 (including a 20 leg), the Cherries with a 51 in their first match and the Bell with a 51 (including a 21 leg - with a six from Bill Craig), upset the apple cart a little.  The Ex Services, without Tracey Denton, fell a few short.  The Shakey, with a strong looking side out on the night, were rather rusty, lacking match practice - now wait for the backlash!  

Other sixers on the night were Karl Budd and Dave Reast - well done chaps.

Sixers - Wednesday - Billy Craig, Karl Budd, Dave Reast

Phil Allen


10th January 2022

Afternoon all,

With the success of 'picking any six players from nine' which we operated last summer, there will certainly be lengthy discussions at the forthcoming AGM (Thursday 27th January at 7.30pm at the Ex Services Club) relating to the format  we should use this coming summer - ie that same format or reverting to the original eight players who would then play all three legs.  Last year it was played as a 'friendly' league but, this time around, it will become competitive once again.  Should last season's format be voted in once again, there will be no loaning of players to opponents turning up short and no cases of lowest player throwing again. 

Whilst our league doesn't stipulate that all teams must be represented at the meeting, it would be great to get as many as we can there.  For the captains amongst you, if you're unable to attend, please let me know which format you would prefer.  I'll monitor replies to ensure, as I said before, only one vote per team.

Phil Allen


A Happy New Year to you, one and all.

Just three and a half months to go before we're out playing aunt sally again!  I've very itchy feet at the moment and keen to find out what the rest of you intend doing!  I'm well aware it's rather early - and the Covid-19 threat is not entirely clear - but would just like to know if you're intending to take part and, secondly, if the team/pub you previously represented will still be available and joining us too.  Would you please come back to me letting me know your intentions.

We'll be holding the AGM at the Ex Services on Thursday 27th January, starting at 7.30.  Hope you can make it 'cos I'm sure there'll be a great deal to discuss.  I'll remind you nearer the time.

Phil Allen


3 January 2022

Listed below are the winners of the trophies shown in our last competitive season before lockdown.  With the current season rapidly coming to a close, it’s now time for me to collect them all in so I can get them engraved.  Would you please return any trophies that you’re in possession of to me on or before Tuesday or Wednesday 18th/19th January.

Thank you 

Phil Allen




League Champions (Cup)                        Red Cow


Knockout Cup winners (Cup)                  Red Cow


Knockout Plate winners (Plate)             Mr&MrsFits


Two and a half pairs winners (Cup)       Red Cow


Singles winner (Cup)                             Karl Budd


Pairs winners (Cup)                               Ian Cantwell and Roger Herbert


Triples winners (Cup)                           James Kirkland, Dave Leopold, Steve Webb


Top Doll scorer (Cup)                           Karl Budd




League Champions (Cup)                        Misfits


Knockout Cup winners (Cup)                  Misfits


Knockout Plate winners (???)                Ex Services

(not sure if there is one)


Two and a half pairs winners (Cup)       Misfits


Singles winner  (Shield)                        Dougie Revitt


Pairs winners (Cup)                               Tony Nichols and Erik Poslusny


Triples winners (Cup)                           Tony Nichols, Erik Poslusny, Andy Grose


Top Doll scorer (Cup)                           Dougie Revitt


29th December 2021

Afternoon all,

Here's hoping you all had a wonderful Christmas and now patiently waiting for the New Year - wanting to get back to some more indoor aunt sally.

Having found a few anomalies in the fixtures lists (both Tuesdays and Wednesdays), I've now corrected them.  The 'Revised' lists can be found by clicking the INDOOR button on the menu - please get rid of your old ones and use these (I'll have some available to hand out when we return).

We'll be re-starting next week, on Tuesday 4th and Wednesday 5th, with the handicap leagues - the handicaps are as shown below:



            Mr&MrsFits                  0

            Bull Inn A                     1

            Bull Inn B                     3

            Red Cow                      2

            Ex Services                  4

            Barley Mow                  5

            Bell C (was Another)    7

            Bell                               7



            Misfits                                    0

            Unwanted                              1

            Crown                                    3

            Bell                                         3

            Shakespeare                          4

            Ex Services                            4

            The Cherries (was Another)   5

            Ashton Club                            8


Have a great (safe) New Year's Eve and I look forward to seeing you all again next week.    


Phil Allen


19th December 2021

Morning all,

Despite a number of players unable to join us this week, we were able to 'field' a sufficient number of teams to ensure the triples competitions were successful on both Tuesday and Wednesday.  

On Tuesday, Phil Allen, Keith Lennard and Chris Hill won their way through to the final where they'll meet Liam Fisher, Kevin Gardner and Olly Carvell.  Wednesday's successful teams were Eddie Jones, Rick Gumbert and Dave Puddle, and Terry Hawkins, Steve Golder and Colin Baldwin.  Well done to one and all.

Sadly, we have to take a break now for a couple of weeks and will reunite again on 4th and 5th January.  In the meantime, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to every one of you - and most of all, stay safe and well.

Sixer - Tuesday - Nigel King

Phil Allen


13th December 2021

Morning one and all,

On both Tuesday and Wednesday it was the last match of the first half of the season - which also concludes what we would generally refer to as the "league season" - and then the semi finals of the Knockout Cup and Plate competitions.  This coming week we have the Triples Competitions and then, after Christmas, we'll contest the Handicap Leagues.

On Tuesday, the Bull Inn B needed to 'thrash' the already-crowned champions, Mr&Mrs Fits 6-0 to have any chance of leapfrogging Bull Inn A to secure second place - and that's hoping Bull Inn A would lose 6-0 against Another (very little chance of that happening!).  Bull Inn B started off well enough, winning the first leg 11-8, but then, with Clare Walker chipping in with a 4 for the champions, they lost the second 14-11 - and then drew the last 11-11.  So, 'goodbye' to the runners up spot.  Anyway, there was no chance the Bull Inn A were going to concede all points to Another, was there?  And they didn't - they actually won all six.  With the assistance of 'new recruits' James Bateman and Colin Baldwin, the Barley Mow got the better of the Ex Services 4-2; in her ten dolls on the night, Tracey Denton (Ex's) almost got her second six of the Tuesday season but missed with the last stick.  Liam Fisher (12) and Ian Cantwell (10, including a six) did their utmost to ensure the Red Cow didn't drop any points against the Bell - and they didn't!

In a terrific Knockout Cup semi final between the Red Cow and Bull Inn A, Nigel King's 13 (including a six) and Nick Cherry's ten were not enough to get the Bull A through to the final.  Liam Merchant's 12 did the damage for the Red Cow as they went through by two legs to one.  Their opponents in the final will be the Bull Inn B who easily defeated Another 2-0.  In the Knockout Plate, Mr&Mrs Fits won their way through with a 2-0 against the Ex Services - Karl Budd hitting 5 and 6 in the two legs he threw - and the Barley Mow did likewise against the Bell.

On Wednesday, the Ex Services needed to beat the Shakespeare by at least 5-1 to leapfrog them in the table.  The 4-2 win they did achieve means they stay as they were.  Baz Bazile and Keith Lennard shone for the Ex's with ten apiece as did Steve Payne, playing his first game for the Shakespeare.  Pete Dempsey seems to have a new lease of life lately; his twelve dolls and Kevin Powney's 11 helped the Unwanted to a 6-0 win over the Ashton Club.

In the Knockout Cup, both the Misfits (against the Shakespeare) and the Unwanted (against the Crown) won 2-0 to progress to the final.  The Ex Services and the Bell did likewise against The Cherries and the Ashton Club.

Sixers - Tuesday - Ian Cantwell, Nigel King and Karl Budd.

Phil Allen


5th December 2021

Afternoon all,

Here's a rarity, the Red Cow turned up with a full team on Tuesday!   But (and there's always a "but"), in their first match of the evening, with Tracey Denton hitting a six in the second leg, the Ex Services snatched two points from them.  (Well done Tracey for the six!)  They didn't fare much better in their second match either, going down 4-2 to Mr&Mrs Fits - who, by the way, with ten points on the night, and only one league match to go, are this season's Tuesday League champions.  Well done to one and all!  James Bateman (Bull Inn A) had a very commendable evening with 11 dolls in each of his two matches.  They won their first 6-0 but then went down 4-2 to the Bull Inn B.  Nevertheless, they still look favourites to finish in second place.  Great credit to Ryan McNally and Chris Hill (the Bell) with five dolls in each of their two matches and to Kayleigh Newbold who, not having scored too well in her previous five legs, hit four in her last leg of the evening.  Well done all.  Persevere, you'll get there!  We can see it getting better each week.

The Unwanted missed their chance to close the gap on the table toppers, the Misfits, when the two teams met.  OK, the Misfits won the first fair and square 18-14, the Unwanted sneaked the second by one doll (14-13) but then, with a great opportunity, failed to get the winner in the third - drawing it 17-17.  Some good individual scores in that one too - Bobby Allen with 14, Dougie Revitt 11, Phil Allen 11 and Pete Dempsey and Tyler Andrews with ten apiece.  Not content with that, Dougie goes on to hit 14 in his second match - a 6-0 win over the Shakespeare and the championship for the Misfits.  Need to get those specs back on Dougie!    Pete Dempsey also improved as the night went on with 13 in his second 'attempt'.  Baz Bazile certainly deserves recognition too for a great evening - nine in his first match against the Crown (including a five in the third leg) and then, with the beer kicking in, goes one better with ten against The Cherries.  Well done Baz.  Good to see Paula Grose back with us again and the Shakey's top scorer with eight in their match against the Misfits.  Well done Paula.


Sixer - Tuesday - Tracey Denton (Ex Services)

Phil Allen


29th November 2021

Morning all,

Sorry, not much of a report this week,  Without match result sheets showing team and individual scores, I haven't got much to go on.  Nevertheless, very good turn outs for the pairs competitions - 38 (19 pairs) on Tuesday and 18 pairs the following evening.

Nigel King and Nick Cherry (Bull Inn A) fought their way through to the final where they'll face Dave Gardner and brother Kevin, also from Bull Inn A.

On Wednesday, Pitch One turned out to be the "group of death" with all three of the Misfits teams (two of them playing each other in the first round), two Bell teams (also drawn against each other in the first round), as well as Phil Allen and Tyler Andrews 'unluckily' up against Bobby Allen and Dougie Revitt - who eventually won in the 'final' on that pitch against Misfit team mates, Brian Gough and Dave Reast.  On Pitch Two, Eddie Jones and Ray Rowe were the victorious pair.

Phil Allen


22nd November 2021


Sadly, a bout of positive COVID tests in our area decimated many of our teams this week.  Nevertheless, with a little jiggery-pokery, they were still enjoyable evenings.

On Tuesday, the Red Cow were down to three regulars but, with Mel Cantwell joining in, they managed ten points - six against a three man Barley Mow and four against the Bull Inn B.  Ian Cantwell (11 dolls) and John Clutterbuck (10) shone in the first match, with Ian getting another 10 in their second.  The top of the table clash between Bull Inn A and Mr&Mrs Fits was, as expected, a close call with Mr&Mrs Fits eventually collecting all six points.  Kevin Powney, standing in for the unavailable Karl Budd, looked as though he's played before (!) with ten dolls but the real "star of the show" was Steve Golder with 12.  He followed that in their second match with another nine - a decent night out Steve!  

On Wednesday, despite a couple of decent throws from Terry Hawkins (13 and 10 - including a six in his first match), and 11 from Tracey Denton in their first match, the Ex Services still only managed to get two points on the night.  

This coming week it'll be the Pairs Competitions.  Whilst the pairs have already been selected there will be some disruption because of the recent positive Covid tests.  Adjustments - and the draws - will be made on the night.  Just turn up on the night - before 7.30.

Sixer - Wednesday - Terry Hawkins

Phil Allen


14th November 2021

Morning all,

The Mr&Mrs Fits, with a maximum 12 points (and 81 dolls in the process), gained a point over their nearest rivals, the Bull Inn A, on Tuesday evening.  In their first match against the Barley Mow, they hit a commendable 44 dolls - Karl Budd and Billy Atwell with 10 apiece, with the opposition's young lead-off man, Harry Whaites, replying with seven.  No problems in their second match either - all six points against the Ex Services with Billy Atwell excelling himself with another 10.  Meanwhile the Bull Inn A easily overcame the Bell in their first match with all six points.  Not quite as easy when they came up against the four-man Red Cow, as they dropped a point with a draw in the second leg.  The third leg was rather close too but Nick Cherry, now playing for the Bull against his "old team", managed to hit the winner with his last stick.  

We can certainly see some improvement within the Bell and Another teams, who, as I've said before, are there week in, week out.  Matt Toomey was the 'star' last week with 13 dolls (6 and 7).  Well done ladies and gents, keep it up.

Potentially a big game to commence proceedings on Wednesday evening with the Misfits up against the Crown.  OK, the Misfits ran away with the first leg 16-7 but the other two were rather touch and go - just one doll in each case (12-11 and 14-13 (eleven dolls from Dave Reast) and all six points to the Misfits).   With 14 dolls from Brian Gough (including a six in the second leg) and 11 for Dougie Revitt. their second match (against The Cherries) was a much easier one - all six points and 50 dolls.  With Pete Dempsey in decent form these days, hitting 22 dolls on the night (12 and 10), the Unwanted also gained maximum points against the Ex Services and the Shakespeare.  Tony Nichols was another to hit a six, in his 11 dolls against the Ashton Club.  Aimee Sheehan had a terrific evening with 18 dolls - eleven of those in the Bell's first match, against The Cherries.  Well done Aimee.


Sixers - Wednesday - Brian Gough and Tony Nichols.

Phil Allen


10th November 2021

Morning all,

Rather a shame that the Red Cow, due to illnesses and holidays, couldn't get a side together on Tuesday night.  Although we were able to "fill in", they lost all 12 points and dropped four places in the table.  Mr&Mrs Fits took full advantage and, with a maximum 12 points (6 of them, ironically, against the Red Cow), they now top the table.  Thanks once again to the seven players from the Bell and Another, who, without needing to be asked, just went ahead and made up both teams - OK, the two teams were playing at different times.  Thank you all once again.

On Wednesday, with Dougie Revitt back from his hols and hitting 23, the Misfits extended their lead at the top of the table with a 6-0 win over the Shakespeare and a 5-1 over second placed team, the Unwanted.  Bobby Allen also hit 23 for the Misfits.  With John Cottingham of the Ashton Club sick and not playing at the moment, Rick Gumbert has been representing both the Ashton and the Ex Services.  Showing a bit more loyalty to the Ashton I do believe!  He hit 19 for them but only 18 for the Ex's!  Throwing well though Rick, keep it up.  




1st November 2021

Afternoon all,

Sorry, a little later than usual - partying too hard and quite late last night/this morning, so had myself a well needed lie in.

One round of league games and then the first round of the Knockout Cup both Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

Billy Atwell with 13 dolls and Karl Budd with 10 ensured the Mr&Mrs Fits maintained their second spot in the table - and just one point behind table toppers, the Red Cow - with a 4-2 win over close rivals Bull Inn B.  Dave Gardner (Bull Inn A) and Ian Cantwell (Red Cow) also hit ten apiece.  In the Knockout Cup, Bull Inn B beat the Barley Mow 2-0, as did the Red Cow against the Ex Services.  After drawing a leg and winning one leg each, Another progressed to the semi finals with a 3-sticker win against the Bell.  Bull Inn A also got through beating Mr&Mrs Fits 2-1.

On Wednesday, despite a six from Tracey Denton (Ex Services) in her 11 dolls, the Shakespeare (with Martin Wanless also hitting a six in his 11, and Tony Nichols with 13), beat the Ex Services 6-0.  The Misfits (with the rarity of none of their players hitting double figures!) dropped a leg against the Bell, as did the Unwanted against the Ashton Club - Kevin Powney hitting 13 for the Unwanted.  Jeremy Launchbury starred for the Crown as they beat The Cherries (used to be 'Another' but now renamed) 5-1.  In the Cup, the Unwanted and the Shakespeare went through with 2-0 wins over the Ex Services and the Ashton Club, and the Crown also progressed beating The Cherries 2-1.  The Bell and the Misfits drew a leg and won one apiece so played a 3-sticker, which the Misfits won.

The Knockout Cup semis will be played on the 7th and 8th December.  The draws will be made on the night.

Sixers - Wednesday - Tracey Denton and Martin Wanless.

Phil Allen


25th October 2021

Morning all,

A very well done and a massive thank you to the seven Bell players who, in the Tuesday League, between them, made up the Another and Bell teams (some of them playing four matches - in fact, Kayleigh and Janine also represented the Barley Mow team who were a couple of players short).  Well done and thanks once again - good to see you all enjoying it too!

Karl Budd hit a six with his first throw of the evening - ironically against the Another team.  With James Kirkland hitting 12 (a total of 21 on the night), Terry Hawkins 11 and Janine Riddell 6, the shock of the evening was the Barley Mow's 5-1 win over the top of the table Red Cow - who, despite that defeat, remain top.

The Misfits continue to "run the roost" in the Wednesday League, winning both their matches 6-0 (against the Ex Services and the Ashton Club).  Brian Gough shone with 23 (11 and 12) with Dougie Revitt close on his heels with 22 (10 and 12, including a six).  Others to hit 22 were Pete Dempsey (11 and 11) and Kevin Powney (12 and 10) who helped the Unwanted pick up two 4-2 victories against the Another team and the Crown.  Jeremy Launchbury, with 21 (11 and 10) wasn't too far behind either.

The Another team has been very much a bit of a 'mix and match' for the first couple of weeks and I thank those who have helped make up the required five players.  I do believe that, from next week, we should have a team of five regulars.

Sixers - Tuesday - Karl Budd

           - Wednesday - Doug Revitt

Phil Allen


18th October 2021

Morning all,

The Bicester Tuesday and Wednesday winter indoor aunt sally league got under way again this last week - and, how great it was to see everyone, fighting fit and ready to battle it out once again.  The results and tables for both evening's are attached.

Many thanks to The Bell for providing enough players to fill two teams in the Tuesday League, filling the gaps left by the withdrawals of the Butchers Arms and the Bull Inn C.  That won't always be the case though; so, if there are other players out there who would like to join us for a Tuesday evening's aunt sally, just turn up on the night and I'm sure we'll be able to fit you in.

In the Wednesday night league, Dougie Revitt's back to the form he finished off with a couple of season's ago - hitting 25 dolls in his two matches, including a six.    Close on his heels with 24  was Pete Dempsey, getting back to some sort of decent form.

Sixer - Doug Revitt

Phil Allen


11th October 2021

Morning all,

The final games of the summer league season have been played and this is your final email for a couple of months. Despite the huge obstacles in our way, from the initial impact of COVID and the social distancing rules, to the England football team reaching a European Championship semi-final for the first time in 25 years forcing us to postpone the first week, we managed to play whilst other leagues gave up.  Changing our match format and point scoring seemed to help many teams and their players, who adapted to, and enjoyed the new system. Although, as with anything new, some were not so keen, but continued to play under these new rules despite their concerns and reservations.  Overall, it is down to you guys that we managed to succeed in completing this year’s summer league.  A great achievement all round, so thank you for your support in ensuring we all got to play once again, and we have kept the interest in Aunt Sally alive and well.

The revised league formats meant some sides were playing against much stronger teams than they would have normally - but the feedback I have received seems to show they have all enjoyed being out and just playing again.  This goes to show that the Bicester League isn’t just about the competitive side of the game, but about ensuring we encourage and support everyone and ensure they enjoy their evenings playing Aunt Sally.  It has been great catching up with old friends and faces we haven’t seen for a long time due to the restrictions and, hopefully, as things continue to return to some sort of normality, maybe more players will return to the fold for the winter league and next year’s summer league.

So, once again, a big thank you to all you – pubs and clubs, landlords and managers, players, and supporters – who made this very difficult, and different, season a success. Without your support it wouldn’t have been possible.

As for this week's games, congratulations to Pip Goulding of Tiddington Cricket Club, who equalled this season's highest evening's individual score with 22 (and no six!) and also to his team mate Graham Bristow with 20.  Congratulations to their team as a whole for a 25 in the third leg, and totalling 90 dolls on the night.  Well done also to Billy Craig (Bell A) with a six in the final leg (and a total of 16 dolls) to help his side to a whitewash over the Blackbird.  Similar plaudits to Keith Vickers (the Shakespeare) who rolled back the years to hit 17 on the way to his team's 8-2 victory over the Bull Inn A.  With Dougie Revitt hitting 17 and Pete Dempsey 16, the White Lion made light work of their 10-0 win over Charlton United FC A.

In Division Two, the Barley Mow shared the points (5-5) at home to the Crown Twyford.  Tom Hanson hit 13 for the visitors.  Jason Harris's 15 for the Highfield SC, resulted in a clean sweep at home to the Bell B.

In Division Three, the top of the table clash resulted in Brill S&SC B eventually got the better of the Pheasant, winning 6-4 - with two drawn legs along the way.  The table will show the Pheasant top with 94 points and the Club second with 90.  But, with the Club's home game against Bull Inn B called off last week because the visitors couldn't raise a side, to all intents and purposes, I believe Brill S&SC B should be deemed Division Three 'Champions' (that should stir up a hornet's nest!).

To finish the season on a high, it's not Dave Fry this week!   We had another roving reporter out and about and he's come up with this 

"We had a great night for the final game of the season at Tiddington CC, and fortunately the weather was kind to us too.

What a cracking set up they have there, even if it is a little difficult to find in the dark, despite following a Sat Nav (something which one of our team should have done on the way home too - but more of that later).

There was some excellent throwing and high scoring by the Tiddington boys, Pip Goulding matching the highest score this season with 22 dolls, Graham Bristow with 20, Dave Curruthers with 16 and Pete Shepherd with 15 dolls, plus they hit the highest leg score for the season with a massive 25.  We were happy to come away with 3 drawn legs, one of which was the beer leg fortunately !!

Tiddington laid on some great food afterwards too, so our evening didn’t end straight after the match and we had a good chat with their lads and all agreed this season has been a great success under the circumstances and both sides are looking forward to the summer league next year.  It’s a shame they can’t join the Wednesday night winter league, 'cos they're already playing in another league.

So after a great night of Aunt Sally and socialising with Tiddington we set off home, or at least 2 of our 3 cars did anyway.  As we approached the junction for the M40, the lead car driven by Dave Puddle and with co-pilot Kev Powney in the passenger seat, decided they would go for a tour of Buckinghamshire and took the Southbound exit.   Much to the massive amusement of the car behind them, driven by Billy Atwell, with Steve Payne, Pete Stammers and myself enjoying the additional entertainment of watching them disappear into the night, heading for the earliest exit at Chinnor/Watlington, probably some 10 miles in the wrong direction (so a 20 mile detour home).   If Carlsberg did Aunt Sally after match entertainment  !!........"

Sixer - Billy Craig

Phil Allen


4th October 2021

Morning all,

The AGM for the forthcoming Tuesday and Wednesday Indoor Leagues was held last Tuesday.  The minutes can be found using the AGM button..

Please note that we are still one team short on both nights.  I'd be grateful if you could do your utmost to encourage other players (novices or experienced) to come along and join us.

I'm putting together the fixture lists and, after I've checked them once more, I hope to send them out later today.

Phil Allen

4th October 2021

Morning all,

'Twas a dry but very chilly evening!  Don't normally play outside in October; but, with starting the league later this year ...   (No different to playing in April though, is it)

The White Lion "won the league" with a 10-0 home victory over their nearest rivals, Tiddington Cricket Club.  A couple of close legs which could have gone either way - but the experience of the home side's anchorman pulled them through!  Pete Dempsey with 17 dolls and Dougie Revitt and Tyler Andrews (16 apiece) shone for the home side whilst Pete Shepherd, with 17, as he has been for most of the season, was the star for the Cricket Club.  Dave Reast also hit 17 for the Blackbird but it still wasn;t enough to prevent a 7-3 defeat at home to the Shakespeare.  The Launton Arms, missing a couple of their regulars this week, got the better of their village rivals, winning 6-4 at the Bull Inn.  Karl Budd with 17 for the visitors and Nigel King (15) for the Bull.  The Bell put in another quality performance to beat the visiting Charlton United FC 8-2.  Brian Gough (with another 6), Eddie Jones and Ray Rowe all hit 14, and Dan Jobling 13 for the Bell, with Matt Hillsdon, in his first match of the season, scoring a creditable 15.

In Division Two, the Red Cow entertained the Red Lion Finmere, beating them 8-2.  Roger Herbert 'transferred' to the visitors who were a player short, clanging off 16 dolls in the process - and helping his 'new team' to win the fifth (beer) leg!  Credit where credit is due, that's what this season is all about - getting players out once again to take it not too seriously and to enjoy themselves.  3-1 down after the first two legs, the Fox recovered to claim the last three legs and a 7-3 over the visiting Highfield SC.  Not sure if Alvin Knowles (Barley Mow) has played indoors before, but he was the star of the show on his visit to the Ex Services with 17 dolls, helping his side to a 5-5 draw.  The Crown Twyford at home to the Bell B resulted in another draw.  

In Division Three, the Pheasant welcomed the Divas to the top of the hill.  Once again, please put your hands together for Dave Fry!

"Oh yes, it's Ladies Night

And the Feeling's Right

Oh, what a Night!!

The Diva's arrived at the Pheasant in a Pink Caddilac hoping it was going to be 'raining men' as they reached for the Stars!!

The Pheasant had different ideas though; they were hoping to perform the Full Monty tonight to keep in touch with Brill S&SC, although Capt. Dave Morris did stress that the boys should leave their hats on!!

And what a game it was. Capt. Hannah "Prosecco" Roberts swapping to Hot Chocolate on such a chilly night and there was 'no doubt about it', that it did her no favours as her throw was already hampered by the 6 layers of clothes that she had on!! A fantastic 6 on the night from Sarah from her two throws - a 4 and then a 2 in the 3rd leg were the highlights of the game, giving the Diva's their highest leg total of the season an impressive 8!!  Moira deserves a mention as well as she threw very well and deserved more than the two dolls that she scored on the night.

Everybody chipped in for the Pheasant but Star Man once again was Dave Matthews with an impressive 17 - but 'it's not unusual'!!

Full Monty achieved with a 10-0 victory to the Pheasant, looks like it could be the 'Winner Takes it All' in next week's final game of the season at Brill Sports & Social Club!!!   Sky Sports, I understand, are desperately trying to get the rights to show the game!!!

Into the final week now,  Yes, it's very likely to be chilly but let's get out there and enjoy it once more.  It's going to be another six months before you do it again!


Sixer - Brian Gough.

Phil Allen


27th September 2021

Morning all,

Lee Mason (Brill S&SC A) top scored in the Division Three match at home to their near neighbours, The Pheasant, with 16 dolls - including a six in the last leg.  Here's how our roving reporter Dave Fry saw it!

Oh, what a night

Late September, back in 2021

The Pheasant win again.

Those sexy things!!

From staring into the Abyss at 4-0 down, thinking it was going to be a cruel summer, it finally turned out so good for Captain Morris and his band!  Lee Mason attempted to bring back the sunshine for the Club with a fantastic six but, alas, it proved in vain as they were trumped by the powers of 'FD' and 'DVD'; a 6-4 victory for the Pheasant.  Greatest comeback since Lazarus, or maybe, even Neil Diamond!  At the end of the night, the Pheasant were walking on sunshine!  (His words, not mine!)

With Jon Vaile hitting 13 and Alan Horton 11, Brill S&SC B won by the same scoreline, away against the Plough, and keep their spot at the top of the table, with the Pheasant second.  They meet each other in the final game of the season in a couple of weeks!  Could be a cracker.

Barry Reynolds (Charlton United FC B) kept up his good run of form with 15 dolls - three in every leg - to help his side to a 6-4 victory at Chearsley Cricketers.

With Liam Fisher (14), Ian Cantwell (14) and Roger Herbert (12) on top form, the Red Cow had no problems in claiming all ten points away at the Fox Souldern.  The Barley Mow, with Terry Hawkins hitting 14 and James Kirkland (12), did likewise at the Red Lion Finmere, claiming all ten points.

The top two in Division One both won 9-1, Tiddington CC at home to the Bull Inn A and the White Lion at home to the Bell A.  The Bull turned up at the Cricket Club with just four players; but the home side, with ten, 'loaned' two of theirs to the visitors.  One of them, Ray Manning, playing anchorman for the visitors, needed two to draw the first leg - which he got!  And stole a point off his own team!  How friendly is that!   Dave Carruthers and Pip Goulding both hit 15 for the Cricket Club.  

Star of the evening has to be Erik Poslusny with 20 dolls - and not even a six (5,5,2,3,5)!   He certainly did his bit in helping the Shakespeare get a draw at Charlton United FC A.  Dean Hudson (15) and Jeremy Launchbury (14) top scored for the Football Club.  


Sixer - Lee Mason (Brill S&SC A)



Morning again,

The winter indoor league season is almost upon us and we're still looking for another team of five players - or individuals so that we can make up a team - for both Tuesday and Wednesday nights.  If you want to enter a team - or know of any interested individuals - please let me know soonest.  First come, first served.

It's played at the Ex Services Club in Bicester, hoping to start on 12th October.  Eight teams of five each evening.  Two pitches, side by side, enables teams to play two matches each evening.  £1.00 per player per match.  The two leagues (Tuesday and Wednesday) are completely independent of each other. 

Terrific atmosphere.  Cheap drinks. 

Phil Allen


20th September 2021

Morning all,

Top of Division Three, Brill S&SC B had a rather scary evening at Chearsley Cricketers.  The scores were level pegging going into the last leg, when, despite a blob from anchorman Martin Bailey, the Club won it 9-8.  The Pheasant recovered from last week's defeat, with an 8-2 win at Charlton United FC.  This is how my roving reporter Dave Fry describes it "The Pheasant stormed back to form, thanks to Dave Morris's journey to Horspath to pick up star man, Dave Matthews who hit 16.  A brilliant 6 in the last leg from newly wed Richard Read - married life obviously working wonders for him!  And he didn't even get a set of sticks as a wedding present!  It turned out to be all in vain as we still managed to lose the leg!  Anyway, Richard now knows about 'for better, for worse'!!  Certainly didn't do Dave Morris much good though - three blobs in the three legs he played.  5-1 down, away at Brill S&SC A, the Bull Inn B side recovered well to pinch the remaining four points and to end the match with a 5-5 draw.  

In Division Two, Tracey Denton kept up her very impressive form since joining the Ex Services with 16 away at the Crown Twyford, including a six in the last leg.  With Rick Gumbert hitting 13 and Baz Bazile 10, the Ex's returned with an 8-2 victory.  With Ben Salter hitting 13, the Fox Souldern also returned from their trip with an 8-2 win at the Barley Mow - and now jump above them into second place in the table.  The Red Lion returned to Finmere with the same scoreline against Bell B.  Having won the first four legs at the Highfield, the Red Cow were looking for the whitewash but fell at the final hurdle - they drew the fifth and beer leg 8-8.  Ian Cantwell with 14 , Roger Hertbert (13) and Liam Merchant (12).

Karl 'Sticky' Budd asked me not to mention it, so I won't!  He hit 22 (the highest individual score in the league this season), including a six in the fourth leg.  Well done.  Despite his efforts, and 12 dolls from Kev Powney, Launton Arms still lost 7-3 at home to Charlton United FC A.  Jeremy Launchbury with16, including a six, and John Hudson with 15 shone for the football club.  A rather close match at Tiddington where the Cricket Club took on the Bell A.  Pete Shepherd led the line again for the home side with 17 dolls in his four legs, ably assisted by Graham Bristow with 16 in five, Phil Smith and Pip Goulding with 14 apiece.  Darren Moore with 15 and Brian Gough 14, including a six, did their utmost to claim a few more points.  With the game level pegging at the end of the third leg (3-3), the home side set 15 in the fourth.  With anchorman Goughy having just got a six, money was on him to get the three to win the fourth leg;   Pressure on!  Only got one and lost the leg by one!  The home side set 17 in the final leg, but the visitors fell apart and were nowhere near it.  7-3 to Tiddington.  The Bull Inn welcomed the Blackbird and beat them 8-2, sufficient to swap places in the table.  The White Lion were closing in on a whitewash at home against the Shakespeare but, with just 14 in the 'beer' leg, they fell at the final hurdle.  Dougie Revitt hit top form again with 18 - and not a six in it!

Sixers - Karl Budd, Brian Gough, Jeremy Launchbury, Tracey Denton, Richard Read

Phil Allen


12th September 2021

Morning all,

Starting proceedings this week in Division Three, the Pheasant's variable form of late continued as they lost 6-4 at home to near neighbours, Chearsley Cricketers.  Stefan Kilarski top scored for the visitors with 12 dolls in his five legs.  Just up the road in very wet conditions, some decent individual scores for the home side - Martin Bailey with 14, Jon Vaile 13 (in just five legs this week - including a blob!), Alan Horton and Paddy Daly wirth 10 apiece - enabled Brill S&SC B to take all ten points against Launton Arms Divas - and to regain top spot in that division.  Not to be outdone, the Club's A team also achieved maximum points against Plough MG A - Phil Chanel with 14 and Lee Mason 13 with Matt Bailey replying for the Plough with 14. Charlton United FC B drew the first and last legs and won the three in the middle to get 8 points at home to Bull Inn B - Matthew Holmes hit 11 for the Club, his best score for a long while.

In Division Two, a great recovery by the Ex Services at home to Highfield SC B.  After losing the first two legs they got their act together and won the last three.  Tracey Denton continued her good run of form since joining the Ex's with 15 and Baz Bazile helping with 13.  Norman Brock rolled back the years with 15 for the visitors with wife Karen helping out with 10, her best of the season.   The Red Cow didn't get everything their own way on their travels to the Barley Mow but with both Liam Fisher and Roger Herbert hitting 15 dolls, they still left with seven points.  Dave Medhurst replied with 14 for the home side, including a five to help win the final (and beer) leg for the home side.  With nine dolls from Chris Hartwell in his three legs and nine also from Martin Hartwell in four, the Fox Souldern had no problem getting all ten points at home to the Bell B, with Matt Toomey also getting nine for them.  Crown Twyford and Red Lion Finmere shared the points, five apiece.  They were all square going into the final leg - and they drew that one too.  It does look from the scoreboard as though they then went into a three sticker (as it was the beer leg, I guess) which the Crown won 7-6.

In Division One, all eyes were on the top of the table clash, White Lion against the Launton Arms.  What started off weather-wise as a decent evening, soon changed and, in the fourth leg, a downpour ended the match.  The White Lion won it 8-0.  Dougie Revitt, for the home side, hit 14 as did Billy Atwell for the visitors.  With a 9-1 win at Blackbird Croughton, Tiddington Cricket Club leapfrog into second spot in the table.  Phil Smith led the rout with 17 dolls in his five legs for the visitors, with team mate Pete Shepherd continuing his terrific run of form with 16 in four.  At the Bell, Darren Moore's 16 and Brian Gough's 14 were vital in their 6-4 victory over the Shakespeare.  They were 6-0 up and looked to be heading for a clean sweep, but then fell apart and lost the last two.  Much the same happened at the Bull Inn where the visitors, Charlton United FC A, were 6-0 up and also lost the last two.  James Bateman hit 14 playing his first of the season for the Bull.

Phil Allen


5th September 2021

Morning all,

Tiddington Cricket Club weighed in with an 8-2 home victory over the Shakespeare - they were actually running away with it 8-0 but, as they do, and giving all nine players a game, they fell at the fence and lost the last leg.  Pete Shepherd shone again - although he only played the first three legs, he still managed 13 dolls (4,4,5).  Pip Goulding's finding a bit of form lately too, helping his colleagues out best he can with 18 in his five legs.  Double figure scores of 11 and 12 from Tony Nichols and Martin Wanless did little to help the Shakey's cause.  Charlton United FC A were down in the first two legs at home to the Blackbird, and looked like losing the third with a lowly set of 10 (their third consecutive 10 on the night), - but, even that 10 proved too much for the visitors who replied with just 7.  From thereon, the 'rest is history' - the Football Club were eventual 6-4 winners.  Jeremy Launchbury with 17 and John Lehane (15) top scored for the winners.  It was a close call at the Launton Arms.  They were locked 4-4 with the Bell A going into the final leg.  The toss and choice for that final leg was vital.  The Bell won and elected to set - but the 14 they put on the board wasn't quite enough.  Karl Budd set the home side on their way with a 4 (another 18 for him on the night), and Kev Powney, needing one to draw and two to win, weighed in with a 5 (giving him a total of 17).  Brian Gough hit 17 for the visitors.  In the remaining game in that division, the White Lion got off to the worst possible start at home against the Bull Inn A.   A set of 9 by the visitors should really not have been a problem for the table toppers.  But it got worse!  A blob from the lead off man, Pete Dempsey, didn't help - but then it got down to 'him' with loads of experience, 'him' who, as captain, should set an example, 'him' who's been appointed anchorman for this sort of situation, been there before, got the T-shirt, and only needed one to draw and two to win - and, with a blob, he failed miserably and lost his team the leg!   "Him" is me, Phil Allen.  But then, two legs later, I did redeem myself and popped up with a six.  The White Lion won 8-2.

In Division Two there was another case of top versus bottom.  The Red Cow went to the Bell B and, without 'top man' Liam Merchant, Ian Cantwell had to 'pull the strings' with 13 dolls, to secure all ten points.  The Barley Mow in second place, kept up the pressure on the Red Cow (only 21 points behind!) by beating their own nearest rivals, the Highfield SC 7-3 - James Kirkland with 14 and Terry Hawkins (13) doing the damage.  The Red Lion Finmere and the Ex Services drew five apiece with Andy Hughff (Red Lion) and Tracey Denton (Ex's) sharing the top doll scorer accolade with 11 dolls.  The Fox Souldern, home to their old rivals, the Crown Twyford, won that one 7-3.

In Division Three, Brill S&SC B, 'away' to their club's A team, won 6-4.  Jon Vaile and Alan Horton 'shone' in that one with 14 dolls each - but Jon threw in 8 legs (having been lowest scorer in 3 of the others!) and Alan threw in six!  Mike Horn had a decent evening for the losers with 13 - even "bettering" teammate Lee Mason's 11.  The Pheasant returned to winning ways at the Bull Inn B, claiming 8 points and taking them back to the top of the table - on dolls scored.  Keith Harris with 12 for the visitors and Dave Jeacock with 9 for the Bull were the stars.  Locked at 2 legs apiece, the Plough MG v Charlton United FC B was another game which was decided in the final leg,  The visitors set, but their 7 wasn't enough and, fittingly, the Plough's Lewis Wilson (with a total of 14 on the night) hit the winning doll to claim the remaining two points.  Chearsley Cricketers, at home against the Launton Arms Divas, won 10-0 without any problems - Adam Lazaruk hitting 17 - his best for a long while - with Daren Vythelingum helping out with 12.

Sixer - Phil Allen.

Phil Allen


29th August 2021

Morning all, 

With a 10-0 victory at the Blackbird Croughton, hitting 89 dolls in the process, the White Lion extended their lead at the top of Division One.  Phil Allen, with 20 dolls (including a six), Dougie Revitt with 17, Lee Wanless 16 and Pete Dempsey (back to some sort of decent form) with 15, did the damage.  Tiddington Cricket Club used their "full quota" of nine players - giving everyone a game as is the intention this season - in their 10-0 win at Charlton United FC A.  Despite only playing four legs, Pete Shepherd hit 19 (including a six, but then 'dropped' in the next leg!), Pip Goulding with 16 and Phil Smith with 15.  With Kev Powney returning to the sort of form we know he's capable of, hitting 18 dolls (including a six), and Karl Budd hitting 18 also, the Launton Arms A chalked up an 8-2 win over a depleted Shakespeare side - Tony Nichols hit 15 for them.  In the other remaining fixture, the Bell A welcomed their 10-0 victory over a struggling Bull Inn A - Eddie Jones with 17 and their up and coming 'newbie', Brian Gough with 16.

Although not throwing particularly well by their standards, the Red Cow still managed a 10-0 over the low scoring visiting Crown Twyford - Roger Herbert's 16 and Ian Cantwell's 13 doing the damage.  The Barley Mow kept up their chase on the Red Cow with a 10-0 home win against Bell B.  Despite being stuck at the bottom of the table, the Bell B, in their first season, still turn up with a full team - good to see and well done to you all.  Tracey Denton, playing for the Ex Services, hit a creditable 15 dolls in their 6-4 triumph over the Fox Souldern.

The shock this week has to be the home defeat of the Pheasant Inn, Division Three table toppers, losing 7-3 to the Plough Marsh Gibbon.  Toby Reynolds, playing only his second game this season, weighed in with 14 for the winners, closely followed by his teammate Matt Orlando with 13.  After a bad week last week, Dave Fry also hit 13.  Jon Vaile (Brill S&SC B) shone with 17 dolls in their home victory over Charlton United FC B, which now also takes the sports club up to top spot.   Dick Pike replied with 14 but still wasn't able to prevent a 9-1 defeat.

Sixers - Phil Allen, Kevin Powney, Pete Shepherd.

Phil Allen


22nd August 2021

Afternoon all,

The top four teams in the Premier and Division One were tussling it out amongst each other - White Lion, playing their first home game for almost two years, were up against Charlton United FC A, whilst Launton Arms A took on the league's newcomers, Tiddington Cricket Club.

In the first match, the visitors couldn't find the target in the first leg and set just 6 (3 out of the first four players getting blobs including last week's star, John Lehane).  It got closer as the evening went on but, with Dougie Revitt, Lee Wanless and Phil Allen hitting 15 apiece, the hosts, with an 8-2 victory,  increased their lead at the top.  Terry 'Sid' Bagnall was this week's star for the visitors with 14.  With Karl Budd sitting out the first leg for Launton Arms against Tiddington, they lost that one by one doll.  Although Sticky returned for the next leg, the result was exactly the same - lost it by one doll.  Two nil down but, after scoring much better in the next two, they eventually got themselves level once again.  The fifth and deciding leg was crucial but the visitors got the better of it 13-10.  Result 6-4 to the Cricket Club.  The result was exactly the same, in favour of the visitors (The Bell A) who travelled to the Blackbird Croughton with Dave Reast 15 in that one.

In Division Two, top of the table, the Red Cow, made light work of their match against the Ex Services, winning it 10-0.  With Liam Merchant unavailable this week, up stepped Liam Fisher and Roger Herbert with 15 dolls apiece for the winners.  Another 10-0 victory in the "battle of the Carvells"!..  Dad, Ady's, Highfield SC secured all points at son, Olly's, Bell B.  Consolation though for Olly, he hit six against dad's five!  Third placed Barley Mow got the best of their visit to the second placed Crown Twyford by 8-2 - losing the last leg to prevent the whitewash.  Fox Souldern have struggled a bit this season so welcomed their eight points at home to the Red Lion Finmere.

In another top of the table clash, this time up on the hill in Division Three, the Pheasant extended their lead, winning 6-4 at home to Brill S&SC B, hitting 70 dolls in the process - Dave Morris with 15 and Dave Matthews 14.  Just because he had a bad week, Dave Fry's not gone into hiding!  He's been in touch, 'normal service resumed' apparently - it was just one of those nights!  The Pheasant were sitting comfortably with a 2-0 lead but got pegged back to 2 each, and then won the last.  In a fairly close game between Brill S&SC A and Chearsley Cricketers, it was pretty 'even stevens' for the first three legs, but the Cricketers then put the foot down to win it 9-1.  The Bull B got their first points of the season with a 6-4 away win against the Plough MG - Nick Cherry stepping in with 12 dolls to help the visitors.

Phil Allen


15th August 2021



In his first game of the season, John 'Looney' Lehane hits a massive 21 (matching my own highest individual score of the season) to help Charlton United FC A to a 10-0 whitewash at home to the Bell - a score which takes him straight to the top of the player's averages - and there wasn't even a six in it!  Well done John.  He actually outdid our own 'Mr Consistency', Karl Budd, who hit another 19 (his third out of five matches) to help Launton Arms A to a 6-4 home win over Bull Inn A.   The home side were "cruising it" having won the first three legs, but then the Bull Inn introduced their own masterpiece;  up steps Colin Baldwin (not involved in the first two legs) and then, in his first, he hit a six.  Unsurprisingly, he was then 'permitted' to play the last two legs - which they then won.  Steve Payne hit 17 for the home side with Bob Watmough replying with a valuable 15.  The White Lion's trip to Tiddington CC proved worthwhile, coming away with a 7-3 victory.   Pete Shepherd's 18 and Phil Smith's and Pip Goulding's 14 apiece for the home side proved in vain as Lee Wanless replied with 18 for the visitors.

In Division Two, Bell B, at home, set just three in the first leg and when the Crown Twyford only managed to get two, the Bell thought they were in for all ten points!  But a "slight" recovery by the visitors earned them the remaining eight points in a low scoring affair.  Top of the table, the Red Cow, were also involved in a low scoring match at Finmere but still managed to secure a 6-4 win.  Liam Merchant, with his third consecutive 15, came to their rescue.

In Division Three, top of the table, the Pheasant, had no problems securing all ten points at Launton Arms Divas.  Dave Fry, who's been throwing well this season, hit another 13 dolls in his four legs - he was their highest scorer in the second leg with 4 dolls and was 'dropped' for the next!  With the help of Daren Vythelingum's 13 dolls, Chearsley Cricketers grabbed all ten points against the visiting Plough Marsh Gibbon.  Brill S&SC A won 8-2 at home to Charlton United FC B  with 15 of their dolls coming from Lee Mason, including a six.  That also put him top of the Division Three players' averages.  Well done Lee.  In the only other game in that division, second placed Brill S&SC B had no difficulty in getting all ten points at the Bull Inn B

Phil Allen


9th August 2021

Morning all, from a very wet and blustery Brean Sands!  On holiday or not, I have a "duty" to fulfill!   Only joking really but, with a few minutes to spare, here are last week's results.

There don't appear to be any close matches in the top division, they were all "run-aways".  The biggest shock was the Shakespeare 9-1 demolition of the visiting Charlton United side who were without their top scorer Tony Launchbury.  The Shakey themselves, at last, produced scores that we've been expecting to see all season.  Pete Litten and Tony Nichols shone with 19 dolls apiece - Pete with a six in the fourth leg.  Karl Budd also hit 19 for Launton Arms A away at the Blackbird, with his second six of the season coming in the third leg.  Steve Golder (relieved of harvesting duties this week) added a bit of class too with 17.  Dave Carruthers (Tiddington CC) also weighed in with 19 dolls in their 10-0 victory at the Bull Inn.

With 15 dolls (including a six - oh, and a blob!) from Liam Merchant, the Red Cow won 10-0 at home to the Fox Souldern as did our new additions, the Ex Services, at home to Bell B.  Others to hit 15 in that division were Alvin Knowles (Barley Mow) and Tony Hutt (Red Lion Finmere).  Well done chaps.

In Division Three, the Pheasant scored just 6 and lost the first leg to Brill S&SC A - but then, suddenly hit 20 in the next and, for the remainder of the match, the overall result was never in doubt - Pheasant won 8-2 and sit comfortably at the top of the table.  

The saga of 'experience' v 'youth' continues - it was a tough one to call until the fourth leg when the "youth" could only muster 1 doll but "experience" shone though with 4.  Final score, 16-15 to experience!  Just a bit of family banter - I'm "experience" and my grandson, Tyler Andrews, is the "youth" - nothing too serious.  Good to see him playing as well as he is.    


Phil Allen


1st August 2021

Morning all,

Despite the real threat of a very wet evening, I think, once we got into the match itself, most of us got away without any rain.

In the clash of the top two (at the time) in the Premier and Division One, it finished all square (5 points apiece).   For Launton Arms, "Mr Consistency", Karl Budd, top scored on the night with 18 dolls - including a six - whilst John Hudson for the opposition, also with a six, was close on his tail with 16.

Sandwiched between them was our "up and coming apprentice" Tyler Andrews with 17 (2,4,4,4,3) helping his team, the White Lion, to a 10-0 victory at the Shakespeare and to go top of the table.  It's got to the stage now - especially after the relatively poor show I put up - that I've got to be a bit wary about my place in the team and my position as captain - Tyler could be taking over soon!  Keep up the good work, you're playing well.

The shock of the evening was the 8-2 defeat of Tiddington Cricket Club - who didn't score well all night - at bottom of the table, Bell A.  The second shock of that match was Dan Jobling popping up with 11 dolls - well done Dan!

Nigel King (Bull Inn A) with 15 dolls and Robbie Bryant (Blackbird Croughton) with 14 were the highlights of their match.

With Liam Merchant (15) and Roger Herbert playing his first match of the season and "showing his class" with 14 dolls, the Red Cow maintain their position at the top of Division Two with a 10-0 over the Highfield Social Club.  Well done to the Ex Services for getting a side together and especially to Brian Loverock and Rick Gumbert for hitting 12 apiece in their first matches for a number of months.

As we'd expect I guess, the three Brill teams dominate in Division Three, with the Pheasant holding top spot.  Either Dave Fry managed to find some form on Wednesday or the wind took control of his sticks, but he finished with a creditable 13 in their 9-1 victory over the visiting Charlton United FC B.

Keep it going ladies and gents - get out there and enjoy yourselves!  The results are not really that important (except for me, worried about Tyler taking over my position!), it's a case of enjoying the freedom once more!

Incidentally, I've only received 4 replies to the email I sent out about trophies.  If you haven't yet replied, would you please do so - I need to know where they all are,  Thanks.


26th July 2021

Morning all.   Weatherwise, another terrific evening on Wednesday for aunt sally.  We're getting people out and about once again, mixing as we used to - and that's the whole idea!

Wednesday's results and scores are attached.  No-one running away with either division yet - but it is only the second week!

The White Hart have withdrawn from Division Two and, the good news is, we've found a replacement team - the Ex Services.  So, please, amend your fixtures list, team 6 in Division Two should now read Ex Services.  I'll have a chat with my committee colleagues to see how we can award points etc to the Red Lion Finmere and the Highfield SC B (the two teams who should have already played the White Hart).  Otherwise, it all seems to be running smoothly enough!

Phil Allen


19th July 2021

Evening all, apologies for the delay in getting the results out to you but it was a case of starting the spreadsheets from scratch.

Anyway, here are the results and league tables together with the individual/top doll scores.  As has been explained before, the 'top doll' scores (albeit there's no trophy for it) are based on the average per leg (because, with only six players per leg and five legs per evening, some players will be 'dropped' to give others a game).

It's very unfortunate but the White Hart have had to withdraw, leaving at the moment, team number 6 in Division Two on the fixtures list as a 'Bye'.  I'll still try my hardest to fill it with another team if I can.

Many congratulations to Darren Moore (Bell A) and Robbie Bryant (Blackbird Croughton) who both hit a six - well done chaps.

Phil Allen



12th July 2021

Evening all,

Sadly, not the result most of us were wishing for last night (and it's not "coming home"!), but let's not despair.  We've got another big event in our sporting calendar to look forward to - back to playing some aunt sally on Wednesday!

Let me remind you how we intend to operate this season.

1.  Six a side teams chosen from a playing squad of up to nine players each evening.   A different team of 6 players can be nominated for each leg and each player can play from one to five of the legs.  Simplistically, it means if you turn up with six players, all six will play the whole five legs that evening.  If you turn up with more than six players, the captain will select six players to play the first leg, and then he/she can change the team for the next leg, utilising the players who did not throw in the first leg if they so wish.  This is then allowed for each leg.  It was also agreed that for those teams who may only be able to raise five players, their lowest scoring thrower can throw again to make up the sixth player.  

2.  The new format will also see a change to our match scoring system.  Each leg will now be worth two points for the winner, zero for the loser and a drawn leg will be worth one point for each team.  This is done primarily for time reasons, and eliminates any need for three or one stick legs to decide a winner.   As we are now playing five legs per night instead of three, it was agreed that the fifth leg, as well as being the final leg of the match, should also be the beer leg (if a team does not "do" beer legs then that should be raised with the opposing captain before the fifth leg starts).   This and the removal of the three and one stick requirement should help ensure all matches are completed by around 10pm.

3.  Games start at 8.30 but if matches frequently continue past 10 o'clock, we will look at bringing the start time forward.

4.  After-match food will not be expected and will be purely at the discretion of the relevant venues landlord / owner / committee.

5.  Result reporting - the home captain is asked to photograph either the scoreboard or the attached scorecard (which you'll need to print off yourselves) and send it the same evening to me (the secretary!) by either WhatsApp, email, Messenger or text message.

If you've received this email but, because you're not taking part this summer, you don't want to receive any further ones |(ie the weekly results), then please let me know. 

Let's get out there, meet up with aunt sally colleagues we haven't seen for ages and enjoy ourselves once again.

Phil Allen


21st June 2021

Holiday over, back to work - aunt sally work!

I've said it a few times and still stick by it.   From the 17th May, we've been allowed to meet outdoors in groups of up to 30 - and, because of that, a number of pubs have been playing friendlies.  In my last email I did say "If things are delayed, then we will adjust our timing to match the details as they become available – i.e. if the Government decides to delay easing restrictions by two weeks, then we push our planned start date out by two weeks and the season will be shortened by two weeks, etc."   Now I'm being asked why it should be delayed.  If we can play friendlies now, why can't we go ahead and start the "league" fixtures on 7th July as already published.

After consultation with pub landlords, would participating team captains (or landlords themsleves) please come back to me as soon as possible and let me know which proposal they prefer - ie start on 7th July or put it back until 21st July.  

I've received notification that the Bull and Butcher B team cannot get enough players and will not be playing.  

Phil Allen


8th June 2021

Evening, here's hoping you're all safe and well.

We're holding a committee meeting on Thursday hoping that we can arrange some sort of aunt sally this summer - providing the government rulings will allow us to. 

Here's your last chance to let me know if you and your team wish to participate.  Below is a list of how I see it so far, based on responses I received to my previous emails.  Please have a look through it and if the team or pub has changed it's mind, please let me know soonest.   I'm expecting to get something off the ground on either 7th or 14th July.  Yes, that quickly; so, please let me have any changes urgently.  I'm away on holiday next week (no, not Portugal!), so I need to start planning straight away.

If there any teams without a pub to play home games at, don't panic, I'm sure we can overcome that - either find you an alternative home venue or I'll arrange for you to play away (it's only "friendlies" after all!).

There are teams who have notified me that they're not taking part but they have a few players who would like to get involved; if you let me who they are, I'll do my best to fit them in somewhere.

Incidentally, has anyone been playing friendlies or arranging practice sessions amongst themselves?  I know the Shakespeare, Red Cow, White Lion, Launton Arms A and Crown A have but are there any others?

Anyway, please bombard me with your replies - soonest


Yes No Preference

Ashton Club ???

Barley Mow Yes

Bell A Yes

Bell B Yes

Brill S&SC A Yes

Brill S&SC B Yes Suggests league basis

Bull and Butcher A Yes

Bull and Butcher B Yes

Bull Inn A Yes

Bull Inn B Yes Any but suggested Wychwood League

Butchers Arms No

Chandos Arms Yes

            Chearsley Cricketers Yes

Crown A CoO Yes Any

Crown B CoO Yes

Crown Twyford Yes

Eight Bells ???

Fountain No

Fox Souldern Yes Checking with pub if they’re happy

Highfield SC A No Only got 4 players who want to play

Highfield SC B Yes

Launton Arms A Yes Any

Launton Arms B No

Launton Arms Divas Yes

Launton S&S No

Lion Wendlebury No

Muddy Duck Yes Don’t have a home venue

Nut Tree ???

Pheasant Inn Yes Only have 5 or 6 players

            Plough Marsh Gibbon Yes

Plough Marsh Gibbon Casuals No

Prince of Wales ??? Trevor checking with his players and pub

Red Cow Yes

Red Lion Finmere ??? Prefers competitions idea otherwise will be

short of players

Safari Garden Yes

Shakespeare Yes

Tiddington CC Yes

White Horse No

White Hart Doubtful Unlikely to get full team of 8

White Lion Yes Only 6 players

Phil Allen


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