20th March 2020

It is with great sadness that I have to pass on the unfortunate news that the Bicester Aunt Sally league "family" and the Pheasant team in Brill has lost one of its most likeable and charismatic players. Sorrowfully I have to inform you that Mark " Wally " Wallington passed away Thursday morning, at his home.

Our condolences and thoughts are with his family at this very difficult and sad time.

As and when the funeral arrangements are confirmed I will pass these on, so that anyone who wishes to attend can do so. 



Right, let's do it.

Although it's probably not what you want to hear, you're half expecting it anyway. 
We, the Bicester and District Aunt Sally League, will be seen to be doing our bit by operating within the government guidelines.  The aunt sally summer league is suspended; not cancelled
but suspended.  It means we will not be starting on 22nd April as planned.  
Suspended because we'll keep an eye on when the current seriousness of coronavirus subsides and then make a decision to see if we can fit in a shortened version of our fixtures and/or cup competitions after that.   At that same stage we will return, either in full or in part, the team registration fees to those who have paid, depending on the duration of the season and the number of league matches or competitions we can actually play.

We do also, of course, have the added uncertainty of whether pubs will be open or not.

I would like to thank you all for your understanding in what are difficult and uncertain times for everyone.  We will, of course, keep you posted on any decisions as and when relevant government guidelines are updates

Phil Allen


15th March 2020 - INDOOR

Still waiting for a few teams to submit their registration forms and money and then I'll formulate the divisions.  I'll be writing to those teams as soon as I've finished this email

The decision has been made to submit results this season via WhatsApp.  Consequently, I sent out a revised registration form asking for the result reporter's name and number and for the same details for a stand-in should the reporter not be at the match,  But many of you have still filled in and returned the old form, not giving me the details I need.  Please have a look at the attached spreadsheet and if the details are missing or incorrect against your team, could you please let me have them.

Thank you. 


15th March 2020 - INDOOR

Morning all.  After two cracking finals nights, I'm now back down to earth!

Sadly, both the Tuesday and Wednesday leagues have now finished for this year.  In their own ways, they've both been brilliant; I've really enjoyed them - and I hope we can repeat it all again later this year when we start it all over again!

The results are as follows.


League champions - Red Cow

Runners up - Bull Inn A

Knockout Cup champions - Red Cow 

Runners up - Butchers Arms

Knockout Cup plate winners - Mr&Mrs Fits

Runners up - Barley Mow

2.5 Pairs Knockout Cup winners - Red Cow

Runners up - Barley Mow

2.5 Pairs Knockout Cup plate winners - Mr&Mrs Fits

Runners up - Bull Inn C

Triples winners - James Kirkland, Dave Leopold, Steve Webb

Runners up - Paul Sawyer, Wayne Walker, Clive Sewart

Pairs winners - Ian Cantwell and Roger Herbert

Runners up - Wayne Walker and Clare Walker

Singles winner - Karl Budd

Runner up - Paul Sawyer

Sixers - Karl Budd, Nigel King, Dave Gardner, Roger Herbert, Brian Loverock

Top Doll Scorer - Karl Budd


DRD Roofing League champions - Misfits

Runners up - Unwanted

Knockout Cup winners - Misfits

Runners up - Unwanted

Knockout Plate winners - Ex Services

Runners up - Shakespeare

Two and a half pairs knockout cup winners - Misfits

Runners up - Bell

Two and a half pairs plate winners - Ashton Club

Runners up - White Horse

Triples winners - Tony Nichols, Erik Poslusny, Andy Grose

Runners up - Paul Sawyer, Tyler Andrews, Baz Bazile

Bob Hook pairs winners - Tony Nichols and Erik Poslusny

Runners up - Steve Golder and Phil Allen

Singles winner - Doug Revitt

Runner up - Paul Sawyer

Sixers - Doug Revitt, Bobby Allen, John Hudson, Eddie Jones, Karl Budd, John Weller, Kevin Powney, Pete Dempsey, Jeremy Launchbury, Terry Hawkins, Erik Poslusny, Baz Bazile, Ray Rowe, Pete Litten, Bill Mellis (and Tony Nichols got one on finals night)

Top Doll Scorer - Doug Revitt


Wednesday 18th March - Charity Night - just turn up and have a fun night.

Wednesday 25th March - Interleague match, away against the Yarnton League

Wednesday 22nd April - Summer league starts (fixtures will be with you soon).

I have been asked if we can run an indoor Tuesday night summer league at the Ex Services.  I don't mind organising it if we get sufficient players.  If anyone's interested - ie any individual or complete teams of five - get in touch with Phil Allen as soon as possible.

Phil Allen


8th March 2020 - INDOOR

Morning all,

Such a shame but the end of the indoor league season is upon us - just the finals nights left.

Going into the final match in the Tuesday league, Bull Inn A and the Red Cow were level on points at the top but the Red Cow held the "trump card" having scored more dolls.  Despite a valiant effort by Mr&Mrs Fits, the Bull (with James Bateman hitting 11 dolls) won their first match of the evening 6-0, whilst the Red Cow dropped a leg against the Butchers Arms.  Fittingly, they then had to play each other in their final fixture.  The Bull went into it two points ahead but, because of the deficiency on dolls, still needed three points.  It wasn't to be; the Red Cow won the first two legs and became champions.  Well done chaps.

On Wednesday, with the Misfits already champions, the fight was on between the Unwanted and the Crown to become runners up.  Despite twelve dolls from Karl Budd, the match was 'drawn' on three points apiece - enough for the Unwanted to finish in second spot.  Kevin Powney also hit twelve dolls (including a six) and Tyler Andrews showed his potential with a very useful ten.

There were some very good individual performances on the night, including (in no particular order)

  • 13 dolls for Dave Reast (Misfits) in their first match
  • 12 dolls for Tony Nichols (Shakespeare) against the White Horse
  • 20 dolls for Pete Litten (Shakespeare) - two tens
  • 10 dolls for Andy Grose (Shakespeare) against the Unwanted
  • 21 dolls for Karl Budd (Crown) - 12 and 9
  • 21 for Bobby Allen (Misfits) - 9 and 12
  • 10 dolls for Dean Hudson (Crown) in his one match
  • 10 for John Weller (Ex Services) against The Bell
  • Rick Gumbert (Ashton Club) with 19 dolls - 10 and 9
  • 10 for Dave Futter (White Horse) against the Crown
  • Dougie Revitt (Misfits) with 22 - two elevens

Apologies if I've missed anyone off.

Finals this week - both Tuesday and Wednesday.  Could do with some help at 7 o'clock on Tuesday, please, to set up the equipment.

Sixer on Wednesday - Kevin Powney (Unwanted).

Phil Allen


1st March 2020 - INDOOR

Morning all.

Something a bit different this week with the Two and a Half Pairs competitions.  As you've probably realised, much of it depends on the luck of the draw - and, consequently, some of the better players may not even get a game and their teams fall by the wayside.

On Tuesday, the Butchers Arms kicked off the evening with a 10-2 win over the Ex Services, whilst, at the same time, the Barley Mow racked up the same score against Mr&Mrs Fits.  Individually, Terry Hawkins and Wayne Walker did themselves proud with nine dolls apiece.  Despite Jim Harris throwing well for Bull C and getting a draw (3 points each) in the singles against Roger Herbert, the Red Cow proved too strong and went through 11-5.  Bull A were a player short and Nigel King, playing on his own as a "pair", put up his best fight but eventually went down 4-2 to Terry and John Smith.  Dave Gardner pulled the match back to level pegging (6-6) in his singles match against Andy Massey - and then, the pairing of Derek Richards and John Rayner was sufficient to take the B team through 11-7.

In the semi finals, the Barley Mow were too strong for the Butchers Arms, winning 11-3.  Terry Gooch was drawn out as his team's singles player for the second time on the night, but this time, he came up against a much better opponent - Terry Hawkins who hit 13 dolls.  In the other semi, the Red Cow walloped the Bull B 11-1.  In the first of the plate semis, the Ex's entertained Mr&Mrs Fits.  It was tied at 3 each after the first pairs, and then we saw the game of the evening - the singles between Brian Loverock and Wayne Walker.  Wayne set three but Brian fell one short.  Brian set with a six and Wayne almost got there but also fell just one short.  Wayne set four this time and Brian, getting tired at this stage, only managed one!  Ex's 7, Mr&Mrs Fits 11.  Bearing in mind the Bull A only had four players, it was still a shock to see them go down 10-6 in their match against Bull C.

So, through to the finals are Barley Mow against Red Cow and, in the plate are Mr&Mrs Fits and Bull C.

On Wednesday there were relatively easy wins in the first round for the Unwanted, Bell, Misfits and the Crown.  A little bit closer in the semis where the Bell beat the Unwanted 10-8 and the Misfits won 10-6 against the Crown.  In the plate semis, the White Horse won their way through against the Shakespeare and will meet the Ashton Club in the final after they saw off the Ex Services

This coming week is the last of the league games - championship deciders on Tuesday and runners-up decider on Wednesday!

Setting up on Tuesday - Ex Services and Barley Mow.

Phil Allen


Just a quick reminder before I dash off to work.  I'd be grateful if you could get your registration forms to me on or before this Sunday, please.  Just so that I can start working on the summer league.

On result reporting I've had a change of mind.  If I get everyone sending in their results via WhatsApp, I'm going to get 40+ every week and my phone's soon going to get clogged up.  Let's delegate the responsibility as we did before - the WINNING team is to send in the photograph of the card.  I'll remind you all nearer the time!    

Phil Allen



 Captains draw opponents’ names out in the following order:

·        First pair

·        Single player

·        Second pair

Each pair or single player to play all three legs (until one team has won).  With 18 points at stake, the winners are the first team to 10 points.

Each leg to be scored as two points for a win and one for a draw.

Because there’s a possibility of a draw (ie 9 points each), once the draw has been made and before play commences, each team must nominate one of the pairs to “play off” against the opponents’ nominated pair.  They then play the best of three legs.

The winners obviously go into the next round whilst the losers go into the Plate competition (which is played in the same manner).  So each team will get two games on the evening.

Teams may, if they wish, change players in the second match.


·         7.45pm on pitch one –Ex Services v Butchers Arms

·         7.45pm on pitch two -  Barley Mow v Mr&Mrs Fits

·         8.20pm on pitch one -  Red Cow v Bull Inn C

·         8.20pm on pitch two -   Bull Inn A v Bull Inn B

·         8.55pm on pitch one - the winners of the 7.45 matches play each other

·         8.55pm on pitch two - the losers of the 7.45 matches play each other

·         9.30pm on pitch one - the winners of the 8.20 matches play each other

·         9.30pm on pitch two - the losers of the 8.20 matches play each other


·         7.45pm on pitch one –Unwanted v White Horse

·         7.45pm on pitch two -  Shakespeare v The Bell

·         8.20pm on pitch one - Misfits v Ashton Club

·         8.20pm on pitch two - Ex Services v Crown

·         8.55pm on pitch one - the winners of the 7.45 matches play each other

·         8.55pm on pitch two - the losers of the 7.45 matches play each other

·         9.30pm on pitch one - the winners of the 8.20 matches play each other

·         9.30pm on pitch two - the losers of the 8.20 matches play each other


26th February 2020 - INDOOR

Morning all.

A couple of "exciting" evenings this week.  On Tuesday, with the Red Cow dropping four points (to Mr&Mrs Fits) and the Bull Inn A winning all theirs, they're now tied at the top of the table.  Just one week (two games) of league fixtures to go, and they play each other in the final game.  The aforesaid Mr&Mrs Fits could do some damage in the first game that evening; they're up against the Bull Inn A.  What a cliffhanger, eh?  Incidentally, if the top two teams finish level on points, the winner is the one with most dolls.

 Karl Budd has had a terrific season and with 264 dolls (an average of 10.15 per evening), he's already the Tuesday league's top doll scorer.  Well done Sticky.

 Congratulations to the Misfits!  Having "loaned" the league trophy to the Crown for a year, they've got it back again!  They went into Wednesday needing just nine points from the 24 available, to reclaim the title; and, with their closest rivals, the Unwanted, going down 4-2 in their first match of the evening against the White Horse, the Misfits' target was now reduced to five - and with Brian Gough and Dougie Revitt hitting 12 and 10 dolls, they got what was needed against the Bell.  Second place is still up for grabs.  Just seven points between the Unwanted and the Crown and 12 available.  And they play each other in the first game on the final night of league fixtures.

 In a close match between the Ex's and the Crown on Wednesday, the Ex's eventually came out on top 4-2.  Bill Mellis and John Weller with 12 dolls apiece and Eddie Jones with 10 did the damage for the club, whilst Karl Budd (12) and Jeremy Launchbury (10) responded for their opponents.  Bill Mellis and Eddie Jones also hit 10 each in their second match.  Dougie Revitt hit 12 in his second match, giving him 22 for the evening.  Darren Moore showed his true form with 10 and 11.

 Top doll scorer on a Wednesday is still up for grabs!  Dougie, with 275 (an average of 10.58) is only 17 dolls ahead of Sticky and 21 ahead of teammate Bobby Allen.

 This coming week we have the Two and a Half Pairs competitions.  So that people know what time they're on, we did the draws for both nights last Wednesday.  Copies of the rules and the draws are attached.

 Setting up on Tuesday evening are the Bull Inn A and the Butchers Arms.

Phil Allen


17th February 2020 - INDOOR

Morning all.

Time's whizzing by; just four weeks to go for our two winter leagues - and then we start preparing for the summer one!

Just four league games left on both Tuesdays and Wednesdays; four games for the Bull Inn A to overtake the Red Cow to retain their league title and four games for the Crown to claw back 25 points on Wednesdays to leapfrog the Misfits and retain theirs!!  Four games for second placed Roger Herbert to make up ground and overtake Karl 'Sticky' Budd as top doll scorer - he's only 45 ahead!

The Bull A started that recovery on Tuesday, gaining two points over the table toppers by winning all 12 whilst the Red Cow dropped a leg to the Bull Inn B.

Top scorers this week were Karl Budd with 24 (12 and 12), Steve Golder with 19 (7 and 12) and Ian Cantwell with 18 (10 and 8).

The Misfits are almost there.  With a maximum 12 points on Wednesday - and their nearest rivals, the Unwanted dropping a leg against the Ashton Club - the winning post is just around the corner!  With four of their players hitting double figures in their first match against the Crown, they totalled 51 dolls in three legs; in the second, against the Shakespeare, they did what was needed to be sure of the points.  Bobby Allen was terrific on the night with 25 dolls - and no six!  Karl Budd, with 23 dolls (12 and 11) wasn't far behind him on the night - and he didn't get a six either!  Bill Mellis also shone with 23 dolls (13 and 10) - but, guess what?  He did get a six!  Our 21st in the league this season.  Well done Bill.

Sixer - Wednesday - Bill Mellis (Ex Services).

For your calendar:

  • Wednesday 11th March - Finals night.
  • Wednesday 18th March - Charity night (Tuesday league players invited to participate as well).
  • Wednesday 25th March - Match against the Yarnton league (away).    


Phil Allen


9th February 2020 - INDOOR

Afternoon all,

Rather disappointing turnouts for both Tuesday and Wednesday singles competitions - 28 at each.  Understandable on Tuesday I guess, with Oxford United up against Newcastle United in the FA Cup Replay; but Wednesday?  I don't know why so few.

Anyway, on Tuesday Paul 'Freddie' Sawyer won his way through to the final where he'll be up against Karl 'Sticky' Budd.

On Wednesday, facing his Misfits' team mate Billy Atwell in the first match of the evening, Dougie Revitt started proceedings with a six in the first leg.  He went on to beat Billy, and then Dave Wheeler, Pete Litten and another team mate, Bobby Allen to get through to the final.

Freddie Sawyer was the other to get through.  A bye in the first round but then he faced some stiff opposition in Kevin Powney, Karl Budd and Pete Dempsey - and every one of those had chances and could have, but didn't beat him.

Setting up this coming Tuesday are Bull Inn A and Bull Inn C.

Phil Allen


2nd February 2020 - INDOOR

A good week for the Red Cow in the Tuesday league - all twelve points won, three players with 19+ dolls, nearest rivals, Bull Inn A, dropped four points and the gap at the top of the table has widened to six points. Mind you, with still six games to go, and they meet each other in the very last game, anything can happen.  In their first of the evening, they hit 40 dolls against the Bull Inn C - Ian Cantwell, Nick Cherry (against his old team) and Roger Herbert with ten apiece - and then, in the second against the Barley Mow, they were up to 42.  Ian with 11 and Roger with another ten, including a six in the third leg, finished off a good evening for them.  

In the first of Wednesday's matches, the Ex Services annihilated the Shakespeare.  With four of their players into double figures (including a second six of the season for Terry Hawkins), they hit a very creditable 48 dolls.  Eddie Jones also hit a six for them in their 5-1 defeat against the Crown (his third of the season) and an evening's total of 22 (11 and 11).  The Misfits saw off their nearest rivals, the Unwanted, quite comfortably (4-2) and then hammered the Bell 6-0 with Brian Gough and Dougie Revitt hitting 14 apiece in that one.  With the Misfits going down 4-2 again, this time to the White Horse (Dave Futter with 11, giving him 20 on the night), the gap at the top is a massive 14 points.  Another with a decent evening's score was Tony Nichols for the Shakespeare (9 and 10).  Ray Rowe started the evening well for the Bell with 11 dolls, but then, a little weary (carrying his team mates !!), only managed three in the next match!

Sixers - Tuesday - Roger Herbert (Red Cow).

           - Wednesday - Terry Hawkins (Ex Services), Eddie Jones (Ex Services).

Setting up on Tuesday - Red Cow and Ex Services.

This coming week is the singles competition on both evenings.  Turn up on the night and the draw will be done then.

Phil Allen


26th January 2020 - INDOOR

Morning all

Firstly I must say how pleasing it was to have Keith Lennard back with us this week, and to have him up and playing too.  Well done Keith; just take things easy.

With Roger Herbert having a decent evening with 22 dolls (12 and 10), the Red Cow extended their lead at the top of the Tuesday League by another point, winning eleven of their twelve points - only drawing their last leg against a four man Bull Inn B team ruined their evening!  The gap is now a "massive" two points over the Bull Inn A who dropped a leg against the Barley Mow.  A great team performance from Mr&Mrs Fits earned them the only maximum 12 points of the evening.  Karl Budd weighed in with his fourth six of the Tuesday season in his total of 23 dolls.  Terry Gooch had a terrific night too for the Butchers Arms with 18 dolls (10 and 8).

A great match to get the Wednesday League going and another to finish it!  To get the evening on its way, the Unwanted got the better of the Ex Services with a close 4-2 victory.  Kevin Powney (12), Pete Dempsey (11) and Paul Sawyer (10) starred for the winners whilst Eddie Jones (11) and John Weller (10) put up a strong fight.  After already beating the Shakespeare 4-2 earlier in the evening - with ten dolls apiece from Bobby Allen and Billy Atwell, the Misfits were up against the Crown in the final match.  The first leg was drawn on 16 each (with Karl Budd hitting a maximum for the Crown).  With Billy Atwell throwing out of his skin, the Misfits continued with 16 in each of the next two legs, and won them both.  5-1 to the Misfits.  With 13 dolls from Jeremy Launchbury (including a six), the Crown got the better of The Bell (4-2) in their first match to keep up their fight to retain the league championship - but now find themselves 15 points behind the Misfits!  Eddie Jones continued with another 11 dolls in his second match to finish with a creditable evening's 22 dolls. 

Sixes - Tuesday League - Karl Budd (Mr&Mrs Fits)

          - Wednesday League - Karl Budd (Crown) and Jeremy Launchbury (Crown)

The standard's certainly improving in both leagues.  At this stage last season we had just 4 sixes in the Tuesday League - so far this time round, we've had 6; and in the Wednesday League, last year it was 7 whilst this year it's an amazing 17 !!  Well done ladies and gents.

Setting up on Tuesday evening - Barley Mow and Mr&Mrs Fits.

Don't forget, the Summer League AGM will be held on Thursday night - 8 o'clock at the Ex Services. 

Phil Allen


19th January 202 - INDOOR

Morning all, 

It's getting a bit topsy turvy at the top of both the Tuesday and Wednesday leagues.

Despite the Bull Inn A getting the better of the Red Cow in their match - winning 4-2 - they then went and lost by the same score against Mr&Mrs Fits, whilst the Red Cow (despite not scoring well at all) scraped home with all six points against Butchers Arms.  That does mean they swap places at the top once again - still only one point in it though.  And still ten games to go!  Place your bets now, please!

Wednesday was very much the same.  The Misfits, a player short in their first game, and despite ten dolls from Brian Gough, dropped two legs to the Ashton Club.  Then, up against the Ex Services, the top of the table side, scored just nine dolls and dropped the second leg - Eddie Jones got his second six of the season.  In their earlier match of the evening, the Ex's were up against an inconsistent Bell side and took four points off them.  The Bell's 18 in the first leg was enough to take those two points but they then lost the others with John Weller needing five - and hitting them - to win the third leg.  A close match that one with Bill Mellis hitting 12, John Weller 13 and Darren Moore for the Bell with 12.

The Unwanted 'closed' the gap at the top - with eight points on the night they're now only eight behind the Misfits!  The Shakespeare set 17, and took the first leg against the Unwanted but then couldn't get into double figures in the next two.  Martin Wanless "shone" with ten dolls.  In their second match, the Unwanted took another four points; this time against the Crown.  Pete Dempsey and John Hudson both hit sixes.  Steve Golder and Karl Budd also got into double figures with ten apiece.

Sixers - Wednesday League - Eddie Jones (Ex Services), Pete Dempsey (Unwanted), John Hudson (Crown). 

Phil Allen


12th January 2020

Great to be back, up and playing in the indoor league again.

After the festive season's break, we had two great nights of fun with the Triples Competitions this week.  James Kirkland, Dave Leopold and Steve Webb won their way through to the Tuesday League final against Paul 'Freddie' Sawyer, Wayne Walker and Clive Sewart.  Well done chaps.

And then on Wednesday, Freddie's team of himself, Tyler Andrews and Baz Bazile progressed through to the final, where they'll meet Tony Nichols, Erik Poslusny and Andy Grose.  A special mention for the Ashton Club team of John Cottingham, Dave Smith and Dave Wheeler who, by their own choice, played with a team average way below all the others, and still proved to be difficult opponents.  Well done everyone.

Back to the league fixtures this week.  Red Cow and Bull Inn A to set up on Tuesday evening, please.

Phil Allen


12th January 2020

Morning all, just to confirm that the AGM for the summer league will be held at the Ex Services Club in Bicester - on Thursday 30th January starting at 8 o'clock. 

Phil Allen


5th January 2020

Afternoon all,

Such a sad occasion but a tremendous turnout and a fitting tribute to John Chapman on Friday, with his Brill aunt sally colleagues presenting him with a guard of honour at his funeral.  He will certainly be missed. 

The groupings for the Tuesday and Wednesday Indoor Leagues' triples competitions are attached.  Would team captains of the non-regulars (Chris Mack, Dave Jeacock, Dan Jobling, John Lehane), please do your utmost to get them to turn up.  If you know they're not doing so, could you please contact me.

The AGM for the summer league will be held on Thursday 30th January, starting at 8 p.m.  It's very likely to be at the Ex Services but I've forgotten to check availability!  I'll do that and let you know for sure.  If you have any points to raise at the meeting, could you please let me know so I can do a bit of research if necessary.#

Phil Allen


29th December 2019

Good morning all.

That's part one of the festive season over!  Hope your Christmas went as well as you had wished for and you all had a great time.

Further to my email a couple of weeks ago when I announced that John Chapman, ex-Pheasant Inn player, had passed away, his funeral will be this coming Friday afternoon, 3rd January - 2 o'clock at Oxford Crematorium and then back to Brill Sports and Social Club.

Phil Allen


Christmas Eve 2019 - INDOOR

Why am I the only one here at the Ex's on a Tuesday night?  

Bet tomorrow will be the same!  Is there something else going on?


22nd December 2019

In the Tuesday night league, the Red Cow and Bull Inn A swap places once again after the Red Cow lost 4-2 to Mr&Mrs Fits.  John Clutterbuck threw what was probably his best ever (with 10 dolls), and Steve Golder (with 9), but the Red Cow still lost the first and last legs - by one doll on each occasion.  Despite dropping a leg against Bull Inn B, Bull Inn A managed ten points for the night to take them to the top of the table for the first time this season.  With another ten dolls in his second match, Stevie Golder is having a terrific season in the Tuesday league.  Terry Hawkins seems to have found some decent form too, with 18 dolls on the night (11 and 7).

Some decent aunt sally on Wednesday evening.  The Misfits totalled 100 dolls in their two matches (53 and 47), with two sixes in their first leg - Bobby Allen and Doug Revitt.  And, with ten points on the night, they've extended the gap at the top to ten points.  Stevie Golder, in only his second Wednesday evening call up for the Unwanted, weighed in with 22 dolls (12 and 10).  Eddie Jones (Ex Services) got better as the evening went on - 8 and then 13.  Paul 'Mav' Giles hit ten in each of the Shakespeare's matches.   Good to see Brian Gough back playing again, and knocking the dolls off as well as ever - two tens on the night.  Well done chaps.  But let's not forget those relatively newcomers to the game; despite getting four consecutive blobs, Dave Vear for the Ashton Club, persevered and finished the evening with a 2 and a 1.  Keep it going Dave.

With a few deletions and a couple of additions, the triples sheets I passed around on Tuesday and Wednesday will change a bit.  Let me work on it! 

With no aunt sally this coming week, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Sixers - Bobby Allen (Misfits) and Doug Revitt (Misfits). 

Phil Allen


indoor15th December - INDOOR

It was with great sadness that I heard on Wednesday of the sudden death the previous afternoon of John Chapman who had been playing in the summer league for the Pheasant Inn.  Such a lovely gentleman.  On behalf of the League, I offer our condolences to his family and friends at this very difficult time.

We've reached the halfway point of the league fixtures, on both Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

James Kirkland, with nine dolls, played well for the Barley Mow on Tuesday to help inflict a 4-2 defeat upon the Red Cow.  The Bull Inn A, in second place and chasing the Red Cow, didn't take full advantage as they also dropped a leg, to the Butchers Arms.  Sophie Thomson (Bull Inn C and John Plested (Butchers Arms) also had relatively good evenings with nine dolls apiece.

In the Knockout Cup semi finals on Tuesday, the Butchers Arms beat Bull Inn B 2-1 and the Red Cow did likewise over Bull Inn A.

The Misfits were on fire on Wednesday!  With the Bell on the receiving end, the table toppers totalled 55 dolls with all of their players hitting double figures - well done chaps.  With the Unwanted dropping a point and the Crown dropping a leg against the Ex Services, the gap has widened at the top to six points.  Terry Clack starred in his first appearance of the season for the Crown with 12 dolls - terrific, seeing he only turned up for a beer, not expecting to play and had to use someone else's sticks!  Just missed out on a six too - missing the last one in the second leg.  Well done Terry. 

Phil Allen


8th December - INDOOR

Morning all.

Although they didn't score up to their usual standard, the Red Cow still managed to win all their legs on Tuesday and, with the Bull Inn A dropping a leg, the gap between those two at the top has widened to four points.  Still a long way to go yet!  Nigel King hit eleven - including a six -in his first match but then found the change of pitch for the second didn't suit him so well - he got seven.

The Crown had a shocker on Wednesday!  With all of them way below par, they only managed one point all evening - in their last leg against the Bell.  To rub the salt in, they lost their first match 6-0, against their biggest rivals, the Misfits.  Mind you, the Misfits did throw well - Dougie Revitt with 13, Bobby Allen and Billy Atwell with 12 apiece and an overall team total of 51 dolls.  The Unwanted took advantage of the Crown's downfall and, with an evening's points tally of ten, they now leapfrog into second place.  Tyler Andrews was the Unwanted's star of the night with 11 in the first match and then eight in the second.  Glad he's in my team!  The Bell had a terrific night too.  All six points against the Shakespeare in the first match and then played very well against the Crown, winning 5-1.  Ray Rowe and Darren Lodge both got 13 in that second match - with Ray hitting a magical six in the second leg.  Another to hit a maximum was Erik Poslusny, but the Shakey still lost 6-0 in that match against the Misfits.

Sixers - Tuesday League - Nigel King (Bull Inn A

Wednesday League - Ray Rowe (Bell) and Erik Poslusny (Shakespeare). 

Phil Allen


1st December - INDOOR

Morning all.

A couple of great evenings of pairs' aunt sally this week.  On Tuesday, those who really shone and got themselves through to the final were Clare and Wayne Walker.  In the prelims they were drawn against, and beat, team mates Cindy Reynolds and Marina Atwell.  Next on the list were John and Terry Smith.  I believe it was in this match that Clare and Wayne, when setting, both hit 5.  A terrific set.  They got through that match and did likewise against Brian Loverock and Rick Gumbert.  The other pair to win their way through to the final were - probably peoples favourites - Ian Cantwell and Roger Herbert.  Well done to all of them.

On Wednesday, with another great turnout of 24 pairs, those who eventually got through were Erik Poslusny and Tony Nichols from the Shakespeare and Steve Golder and Phil Allen from the Unwanted.

I would like to thank all who bought raffle tickets for the Katharine House Hospice fundraising day to be held on Sunday 8th December at the Shakespeare.  Between the two evenings we raised a terrific £145.00.  Thank you all once again.

Last year in our Tuesday night triples competition, to ensure that teams were relatively equal, and we didn’t have the situation whereby a few teams were way better than some of the others, the secretary made up the teams by averages – ie once he knew who was taking part, he divided them into three “sections” (top, middle and lower).  He then sorted them into teams of three – one from the top, one from the middle and one from the lower – each team then finished up with a very similar total average and was, more or less, equal.  It worked very well and we will continue to do this in the Tuesday league this year.  The plan is to implement this on Wednesdays as well.  Please consider it and we can then discuss it when we meet again. 

Phil Allen


24th November - INDOOR

Morning all.

The Bull Inn A and the Red Cow both warmed up nicely in their first matches on Tuesday, ready for their head-to-head clash later in the evening.  Both won 6-0 convincingly, scoring 46 dolls each.  Dave Gardner with 13 (including a six) and James Bateman with 12, starred for the Bull against Mr&Mrs Fits whilst Ian Cantwell (12), Steve Golder and Roger Herbert (11 apiece) and Nick Cherry (10) did likewise for the Red Cow against the Butchers Arms.  Karl Budd hit his third Tuesday night six of the season.  The clash later between the top two didn't really live up to the high scoring match we were expecting.  Steve Golder got himself into double figures again with 10 to help the Red Cow to a 4-2 victory and to open up a two point gap at the top of the table over the Bull Inn A.

With the Crown having a below par night on Wednesday, losing 5-1 to an improving Unwanted and then dropping a leg to the White Horse, the Misfits, with a draw against the Ex Services and then a 6-0 victory over the Ashton Club, have leapgrogged to the top.  

Pete Dempsey's 26 dolls (15 and 11) and Kevin Powney's 22 (10 and 12) helped the Unwanted to eleven points and a terrific 99 dolls in their two matches.  

Erik Poslusny with 10 and 8 and Andy Grose with 7 and 11 did their utmost to help the Shakespeare to a 5-1 victory over the White Horse but were then on the receiving end of a 6-0 thumping against the Unwanted. 

Sixers - Tuesday - Karl Budd (Mr&Mrs Fits) and Dave Gardner (Bull Inn A)

           - Wednesday - Pete Dempsey (Unwanted)

Phil Allen


17th November - INDOOR

Afternoon all.

Feeling a bit under the weather and not too well today - so apologies in advance if this becomes a little incomprehensible!  Anyway, let's give it a try.

The star on Tuesday evening has to be Karl 'Sticky' Budd.  With 16 in his first match (including a six obviously) - way over the top against a four-man Barley Mow team - and then, in his second match, when he could really have done with a few more against the Red Cow, he was a little below par by his standards with eight.  Mind you, who's going to argue with 24 dolls in one night!  Well done mate!  Team colleague Cindy Reynolds had a much better evening too.  Finding it difficult to get used to the environment, Cindy had just nine dolls in her previous seven matches but produced some much better form on Tuesday with 12 in two games.  Well done Cindy, keep it up.  Elsewhere, Nigel King, with 19 dolls on the night, is doing his utmost to keep up with Sticky but still finds himself 15 dolls behind!  You remember Ian Cantwell was top scorer last week with 21?  A little different this week!  He's asked me not to mention that he only got four dolls in each of his two games on Tuesday - so I won't, OK!  Rick Gumbert has been struggling a bit lately but came back with a creditable 18.

I'm sure this is not going to go down too well!  I have to apologise to my own Wednesday team (the Unwanted).  In the tables for the 30th October, I initially gave them a win too many (ie two points).  Sorry chaps, that's now been changed and we're a little further behind the top two than we originally thought!

In the opening match of Wednesday evening, the aforementioned Unwanted did well to pinch two legs off a below par Misfits - but Dougie Revitt spoiled the party hitting a terrific five in the second leg to win the leg by one and lessen the blow.  Norman Brock and Kevin Powney both had a much improved night with 20 dolls apiece for the Unwanted.  The Crown kept up their challenge on the Misfits, winning 6-0 in their matches against the Shakespeare and the Ashton Club - as did a much improved Ex Services side against the same opponents.  Terry Hawkins hit a six in his second match, as did Jeremy Launchbury, who then followed it with the "inevitable" blob.  

Tuesday Sixer - Karl Budd (Mr&Mrs Fits)

Wednesday Sixers - Terry Hawkins (Ex Services) and Jeremy Launchbury (Crown). 

Phil Allen


10th November - INDOOR

Morning all.

Although the star (scoring-wise) on Tuesday was Ian Cantwell with 21 dolls, I still feel the "real" stars are those who seldom win, don't score many, but still return the following week making them enjoyable evenings for the rest of us.  Well done.

As they did last year, the Red Cow and Bull Inn A battle it out at the top, but with the Red Cow drawing a leg and losing one, the Bull have drawn level on points.  The Butchers Arms got themselves back into winning ways, with ten points on the night, whilst the Barley Mow dropped a couple of places with just two points.

Oh yeah, a reminder while I think about it.  If you're the driver and your wife leaves before you - going home with someone else - just make sure you get your car keys from her before she goes!  Otherwise it could be a long night!

The standard on a Wednesday night is certainly improving; for comparison purposes, I've included the league tables from this time last year and you can see, the dolls scored and the averages are quite evident.

Three sixes on Wednesday (John Weller, Kevin Powney and Eddie Jones), and with John hitting 24, that's his best form for a long while.  Dougie Revitt's throwing well at the moment - wherever he plays - and also hit 24; he now tops the individual scores by nine dolls, with an average of 11.14 per match.  Well done Dougie.

Bobby Allen with 22 and a few other individual totals of 20 for the evening shows how the competition is improving.  Keep it going!

Sixers - John Weller (Ex Services), Kevin Powney (Unwanted), Eddie Jones (Ex Services).

Phil Allen


3rd November

Morning all,

Let's get this out the way before the rugby comes on!

A relatively good night for the Mr&Mrs Fits on Tuesday.  They won 6-0 in their league match against Bull Inn C, scoring 34 dolls in the process.  Karl Budd and Billy Atwell scored 11 and 10 respectively but the highlight of the evening has to be the ten dolls by Clare Walker (4, 2,4).  Well done Clare.  Even in the cup match they pushed the Bull Inn A to the wire before just losing out 2-1.  Newcomer Dave Behan showed he's going to be an asset for the Bull Inn A with 10 in their league match and then nine in the cup.

"Double figure" scorers on Wednesday were Dave Futter (White Horse) and Dougie Revitt (Misfits) with 12 apiece, closely followed by John Hudson (Crown) and Pete Dempsey (Unwanted) with 11 each.  Dougie and Karl Budd both hit sixes in their cup matches - wrong time to get them chaps! 

Phil Allen


29th Oct 2019 - INDOOR

Afternoon all.

Not scoring many dolls but still winning legs, and the new boys, the Barley Mow, top the Tuesday night table.  With "new signing" Terry Hawkins hitting 19 dolls, they won five of their six legs.  With Steve Golder in top form, claiming 23 dolls (13 and 10), the Red Cow drew their first leg and then won the next five, elevating them into second place.  The first week's table toppers, Butchers Arms, came back down to earth - losing every leg, quite heavily too.

On Wednesdays, it's quite apparent that the standard is rising.  For comparison purposes, on the "tables" spreadsheet I've included last season's at the same stage.  It can be seen that all teams apart from the Ashton Club are scoring more dolls.  Long may it continue!  

Darren Lodge has continued his great run of form - 20 dolls last week and 21 this time around.  He's keeping the pressure on Karl Budd and Dougie Revitt at the top of the individuals' chart.  Baz Bazile just missed out on a six last week but made up for it on Wednesday helping the White Horse to take a leg off the Crown.  Well done Baz.  With the Misfits only dropping one point (a draw against the Ex Services) and the Crown dropping three against the Unwanted, the two have swapped places at the top of the table.  A long way to go yet!  Another to get a six on Wednesday was Pete Litten for the Shakespeare against the White Horse.  Well done. 

Bobby Allen (Misfits) and Karl Budd (Crown) top scored this week with 22 dolls apiece.  Well done chaps.

Wednesday League Sixers - Baz Bazile (White Horse) and Pete Litten (Shakespeare)

Phil Allen


Morning all,

As much as I enjoy the summer season, it's good to get the indoor aunt sally up and running again.

The Butchers Arms went home celebrating on Tuesday - they top the table!  Maximum points against a three-man Bull Inn B followed by another six points against the Ex Services - and a decent 27 dolls on each occasion.  Well done chaps.  The Barley Mow almost matched them but lost their last leg of the evening - by just one doll - against the newly formed Mr & Mrs Fits. Individually, Nigel King is at the top - where he spent much of last season.  OK, in his first match he didn't do so well with just five dolls, but then, having limbered up, he hit back with a creditable 13.

On Wednesday, The Bell were on fire in their first match against the Unwanted.  With Aimee Sheehan and Darren Lodge hitting ten apiece, they totalled 45 dolls and took three points.  And then they dropped five points against the White Horse.  The reigning champions, the Crown, dropped a leg against a very promising Shakespeare team, as did the Misfits against the Unwanted.   




Phil Allen


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