15th Feb 2019

Morning all,

A very enjoyable evening on Tuesday in the newly introduced handicap league.  The idea of the handicaps, as you well know, is to bring all teams up to the same level as the best team - in our case, to match the Bull Inn A's 11 dolls a leg.  And looking at the league table, if you add the handicap per leg to the averages shown, everyone got to the 11 except Bull Inn C who fell just short.  Their first match let them down - and then they came back with 12, 14, 13 (but still lost 4-2 to the Ex's).

Individually, Roger Herbert took the honours with 21 (9 and 12) with Billy Atwell, Karl Budd and Dave Gardner on 19 apiece.

Some good matches in the singles competition on Wednesday too.  I was far too busy to record any scores but I know there were a number of 4's and 5's.  The last sixteen were all good quality players but, as you're well aware, only two can through to the final - and they were Terry Bagnall and Brian Gough.  Well done chaps.


9th Feb 2018

Another great evening on Tuesday for the singles competition.  Despite not playing well and getting knocked out in the first round, I really enjoyed it.

Billy Atwell and Roger Herbert have got themselves through to the final, both having had some scary moments along the way.  Billy had the easier run in of the two but came up against a very improved Derek Richards in the semi final - a match which went to three sticks a few times!  Well done to you Bill and good to see you back Derek!

Roger, on the other hand, had a few stiffer obstacles to overcome.  He was drawn against, and beat, James Bateman in the first round, then Karl Budd and, even Sophie Thomson in the semis, gave him a good game.  Well done Roger.

The Crown were a little bit off form on Wednesday!  Compared to last week, when they knocked off 102 dolls and this week it was only 77, they still managed a 5-1 and a 6-0 - and their nearest rivals in the table, the Misfits, dropped two legs in their first match against the Ashton (who, to be fair, excelled themselves with two legs of 14).  The Misfits came back with a vengeance against the Black Bull, winning 6-0 with 50 dolls (12, 18 and 20).  Rick Gumbert had a great night for the Ashton with 19 dolls (11 and 8), whilst Bobby Allen weighed in with 23 - including another six (his second in consecutive weeks).

Eddie Jones also hit a maximum in his 11 against The Bell.  Darren Moore hit four consecutive fours in his total of 20 dolls for the evening.

Twelve points ahead and just six matches to go, surely the Crown are going to put a stop to the Misfits five year reign as champions!

This coming Wednesday we have the singles competition.  The draw for the preliminary round is shown below.  Normal start time at 7.45 pm.


    Phil Allen


The Annual General Meeting for the summer league was held last night and the minutes are on the AGM page.  Please take careful note about postponements mentioned under paragraph 8. (Any Other Business).  Basically, players expect to play on Wednesday evenings (not any other) and because we have a full fixture list, it causes problems to try to rearrange a game.  Even a team short of players is expected to turn up - if you don't, you lose the points.



Morning all.

On Tuesday evening, the last night of league fixtures, the Red Cow really needed to demolish the Bull Inn A by 6-0 to have any chance of winning the league title.  It wasn't the classic we'd expected (in terms of high scores - Ian Cantwell with 10 was the only one to hit double figures), and ended as a 3-3 draw.  So, very well done to the Bull Inn A who are the champions.

With Roger Herbert and Nigel King not throwing to the normal high standards, Karl Budd, with 19 dolls on the night (5 and 14), leapfrogged them both to take over at the top of the doll scorers chart.  James Bateman and Liam Merchant, with 18 apiece, were closest to Sticky on the night.

Next Tuesday is singles night (weather permitting!) - the draw is shown below.

The gap has widened at the top of the Wednesday league to nine points.  The Misfits dropped a leg in each of their two games whilst the Crown went silly!  As well as securing all six points, they amassed 102 dolls (49 and 53), with Tony Launchbury and John Hudson both hitting 23 (11 and 12 for both players).  

Bill Mellis (12 and 9) and Phil Allen (11 and 10) relegated Karl Budd to fifth place on the night - he only got 20 !!  However, he has widened the gap at the top of the individual scores to nine dolls, with second placed Tony Nichols having a "relatively poor" night with just 18 !

We did have a sixer on the night.  Billy Atwell's stand-in, Bobby Allen, hit a maximum in his first league match, finishing with 10.  Well done Bobby.

There are still eight league games to go so, plenty of time to catch the Crown!  But what are the chances?


    Phil Allen


27th JANUARY 2019

Morning all.

Tuesday evening saw the triples competition, split into teams by averages (with every team being fairly evenly matched) - and what a great evening it turned out to be.  Dave Gardner, James Bateman and Karen Blaine won their way through to the final where they'll meet Liam Merchant, Andy Thomas and Derek Richards (great to see Derek back playing again).

It has been agreed that the Tuesday evening league be extended by a further five weeks with a handicap league being introduced to cover those weeks.  That does not, and will not, affect the league championship.  This coming Tuesday sees the last of the fixtures, including the championship decider between the Bull Inn A and the Red Cow.  No pressure but it appears that the Red Cow need all six points in that one.

A new fixture list is attached.  The handicaps will be worked out after the final league games.

With the reigning champions, the Misfits, dropping two legs on Wednesday, the Crown extended their lead at the top by another point and are now five points ahead.  But there's still ten games to go!  Plenty of time!

The Unwanted and The Bell were unfortunate enough to have had to play both of them on Wednesday.  The Bell took the third leg by 9-8.  In the Crown against the Unwanted match, the league leaders looked doomed in the first leg until anchorman Terry 'Sid' Bagnall came to the oche.  Needing 3 to draw, 4 to win to catch the opponents' 13, he missed the first two and got the last four!  They then set with a vengeance, hitting 19 and 15 - too good for the Unwanted.  Karl Budd finished with 11 and Terry Bagnall with 10.  Kev Powney replied with 11 but didn't get the support he needed from his teammates.

As much as he is a friend of mine, I hate having to concede and do as I am told by him!  My dear mate Eddie - who happens to play for the Misfits and who beat the Unwanted 4-2 on Wednesday - has sent me this special request (but no money enclosed)

"If by any chance you wish to use my leg winning exploits to fill up a gaping hole in your editorial  again can you please ensure that it is grammatically correct.  Please use “It was I wot wun it” not “It was me wot won it”!

A little bit more punctuation needed, I feel!  Sorry, but I felt it (not he) deserved a mention!

Terry Bagnall with 19 (10 and 9), Karl Budd 18 (11 and 7), Tony Nichols (18 (two 9's), Dave Futter 17 (11 and 6) but this week's top scorer was Kev Powney with 20 (11 and 9).  But what about Baz?  Seventeen dolls (9 and 8) - well done Baz.

    Phil Allen


20th January 2019 - INDOOR LEAGUE

With the Bull Inn A dropping a leg on Tuesday, and the Red Cow winning all of theirs, the gap between them at the top of the table is now just four points - and they play each other in the last week of the season.  Could be interesting!

Nigel King got himself back to somewhere near his normal standard with 13 in the first match and 7 in the second.  James Bateman enjoyed a much better week with 10 and 7.  Karl Budd and Roger Herbert maintained their normal consistency - 9 in each of their legs.

I took the plaudits last week for hitting 22; this week was a complete disaster!  A blob in one leg, then missed the first five in the next leg; got the last one though!  A bad week.

Next Tuesday is the triples competition; the draw is in the newsletter attached.

A question for the Tuesday night team captains.  I've been asked if there is any way we could extend the league beyond the 12th February for another few weeks.  That could be done by playing another round of league fixtures and introducing a couple of competitions.  Could you please consider it, ask your teammates and let me know, either by email or on Tuesday evening.

In Wednesday night's triples, the Misfits (Bobby Allen, Eddie Gordon and Brian Gough) got through to the final where they will meet the Crown (John Hudson, Jeremy and Tony Launchbury).  Eddie asked me to report that it "was him wot wun it last night".  I told him he's not even going to get a mention - so I won't mention it!  End of story!


    Phil Allen


11th January 2019

Morning all and a Happy New Year to you.

Here we go again, preparations for the summer aunt sally season are about to begin - in fact, they started in my house as soon as the last season finished!

Our Annual General Meeting will be held at the Ex Services Club in Bicester on Thursday 31st January, starting at 8 o'clock.  A copy of the agenda is on our AGM page; no different from any other year but, let me please ask that, if you have anything to raise which may require some consideration or research from me, let me know about it beforehand.

Most of you will be able to work out which division your team is likely to be in but, just remember, it's not a foregone conclusion - it really depends on how many entries we get.  

If you - or your team - are not going to be involved this coming season, would you please let me know.  Likewise, if anyone knows of another pub/club who wishes to join us (or increase their number of teams), please let me know.

That's it for now.  I could well be in touch before the meeting - depends on what else comes to mind!


    Phil Allen


14th December 2018 - INDOOR LEAGUE

Morning all.  

I know I said it earlier in the season but Tuesday night aunt sally in Bicester seems to have taken off.  Every team now has a full compliment of players, and, in many cases, extras too.  Let's do all we can to get eight teams next year.

Anyway, what happened on Tuesday?

Bull Inn A extended their lead at the top of the table to seven points, having inflicted a 6-0 victory over nearest rivals, the Red Cow (who, by their standards, didn't score well at all).  Dave Gardner starred in that match with 13 dolls.  And then, the Bull A went and dropped a leg to bottom of the table, Bull Inn C.  Funny old game!

Billy Atwell continued his recent run of form with 20 dolls on the night (8 and 12) and is now just three dolls behind Nigel King in the top doll scorers chart - Nigel had a very poor night with just six in the first match and then four in the second.

Wednesday evening turned out to be an eventful one too!  With just one league match per team and the Knockout Cup semi finals on the fixture list, it was suggested (by the Crown!) that we introduce a Plate Competition - in which the losers in the first round of the cup get themselves a second match on the night.  All agreed but then the Crown didn't do themselves any favours and got knocked out by a makeshift Black Bull team!

In the league games it was the turn of the Misfits to pull out all the stops and claw their way back to within one point of the Crown at the top of the table.  With Dave Reast, Billy Atwell and Brian Gough all scoring 11, they racked up 48 dolls against the Black Bull, taking all six points.  Tony Nichols continued his recent good form with ten.  

With Karl Budd at the helm and scoring 11, the Crown really should have got all six points against the Ashton Club; but his teammates didn't play to their normal standards and, with Dave Smith and Dave Wheeler getting ten apiece (Dave Wheeler with a six too), the Ashton pinched the second leg and fell just one short in the last.

In the cup semis, the Misfits (with another commendable 49 dolls) knocked out the Unwanted and the Ex's did the same against the Bell.

Anyway, that's it now until after Christmas so, have a good one and we'll meet again in the second week of January.

    Phil Allen


8th December 2018 - INDOOR LEAGUE

Morning all.

Another terrific week of indoor aunt sally at the Ex's.  I really do look forward to Tuesday and Wednesday evenings down there.  The atmosphere is brilliant and the aunt sally's not so bad either!  The standard in both the Tuesday and Wednesday leagues is certainly improving.

On Tuesday it was pairs night.  Some great matches, many close ones with loads of three stickers, and some nail biting stuff.  Eventually, Wayne Walker and Phil Allen got through to the final where they'll meet James Bateman and Chris Stewart.  Well done chaps.

Despite dropping a leg to the Ex's, top of the table the Crown had a relatively good Wednesday evening - scoring "just" 92 dolls in their two games.  Tony Launchbury led the way for them with 21 dolls (12 and 9), closely followed by Terry 'Sid' Bagnall with 20 (9 and 11).  Jeremy Launchbury only had the one game and still managed 13.

The Misfits managed to pull a point back on the Crown with a 6-0 win against the White Horse and then a 5-1 against the Ex's.  Star of the show has to be Billy Atwell with a total of 22 dolls - 14 in the first match (3, 5 and 6) and then 8 in the next.  Brian Gough also recorded a six in his 19.

With Tony Nichols on top form hitting 21 dolls and Martin Wanless back as leader (?), the Black Bull had a relatively good week, beating The Bell 6-0 and taking a point off the Unwanted.

Next week will be the last aunt sally week before the Christmas break.  Tuesday's will be normal league games and Wednesday's will be league games for the first half of the evening and then the knockout cup semi finals, to be drawn on the night.  Teams involved are the Misfits, Unwanted, Ex Services and The Bell.

    Phil Allen


3rd December 2018 - INDOOR LEAGUE

Morning all,

With a very strong team now, the Bull Inn A won all of their games on Tuesday evening, scoring 85 dolls in the process - three of their players scoring 65 dolls between them (Karl Budd 23, Dave Gardner 22 and Nigel King 20).  And, with the Red Cow dropping a leg against the Ex Services - and scoring 26 dolls less - the Bull Inn A have opened up a two point gap at the top of the table.

The draw for the preliminary round of the Tuesday League pairs competition is as follows:


  • Pitch One - Nick Cherry and Sophie Thomson will play Phil Allen and Wayne Walker
  • Pitch Two - Colin Baldwin and John Raynor will play Dave Jeacock and Cliff Jeacock
  • Pitch One - James Bateman and Chris Stewart against Chris Ashton and Tricia Jones
  • Pitch Two - Brian Loverock and Ken Siret against Andy Thomas and Shaun Wickens.

In the Wednesday evening league pairs competition, Jeremy Launchbury and Karl Budd won their way through to the final and will meet Erik Poslusny and Martin Wanless, who both excelled themselves!  Mustn't forget, Martin hit a six too!

    Phil Allen


26th November 2018 - INDOOR LEAGUE

Afternoon all - apologies for the delay in getting the results to you; been busy this week - working all day and then gaining some more brownie points yesterday.

The top two teams in the Tuesday league (Bull Inn A and the Red Cow), finished up with ten points apiece and remain tied at the top of the table.  In their first game, the Red Cow scored a total of 40 dolls - far too many for bottom of the table, Bull Inn C.  Roger Herbert with 11 and Steve Golder and Liam Merchant with 10 each doing the damage.  A pity they couldn't have got those scores in their second match against top of the table, Bull Inn A, they'd have won all three legs and gone top themselves.  It is tight though, just one doll in it.  

Nigel King got himself back to something like his normal form with 20 dolls (11 and a nine) and opened up the gap as top[ doll scorer - but teammate Karl Budd did even better on the night, pipping him by one with 11 and 10. 

Some weird stuff going on in the Wednesday league - which makes the evening and the league tables very interesting!

A terrific match to start the evening off - the Black Bull against the White Horse.  Both at the bottom end of the table and yet they come up with leg scores of 17-14, 9-10 and 10-10.  Three points apiece.  Dave Futter and Tony Nichols back on form with 10 and 11 dolls.  Baz got an unexpected eight!

The other "lead off" match (the Ex Services against the Ashton Club) also produced some good individual scores - John Cottingham with 12, Bill Mellis and Dave Wheeler with ten apiece.  The Ashton taking all six points.

How about the next one?  The Crown only managed five in their first leg against The Bell; but then went on to score 13 in each of the next two legs to win 4-2.

With the Misfits not scoring well and there for the taking, the Unwanted didn't take advantage - Robbie Bryant with 11 and Trevor Wood with 10, the only ones with anything like decent scores.  The Misfits came out on top 4-2.

The Black Bull got themselves another three points in their second match, against the Ex's.  Tony Nichols finished off a great night for himself, scoring 11 (the evening's highest scorer with 21) - with Bill Mellis and Mav Giles on nine apiece (Bill on 19 for the night).  Despite going well under the leadership of stand-in captain Tony Nichols, they finished both their matches as three-all draws and still couldn't climb the table.

The Ashton Club rounded off a great evening for themselves, following their previous 6-0 win with a 5-1 over the White Horse.  John Cottingham got 8 (twenty for the evening) and Dave Wheeler got nine (an evening's total of 19) - good throwing and well done chaps.

The Unwanted drew with the Crown in the first two legs (12 and 10 apiece) but then John Hudson spoilt the party with a six in the third leg - with the team's 16 being too many for their opponents.  Well done John.

A weird game between The Bell and the Misfits to round off the evening.  James Smith was the star of this one.  Having only scored 1, 1, 1 in his first match, he, somehow, came up with an amazing eleven dolls and helped his team to win the first leg and draw the next two - a 4-2 victory for The Bell.  If it hadn't been for skipper and anchorman Brian Gough (with 10), it could have been a total whitewash!

Despite all that, the league positions remain as they were last week!

    Phil Allen


17th November 2018 - INDOOR LEAGUE

Morning all,

Another two great evenings of indoor aunt sally.  It certainly seems to have taken off in Bicester.

Having accumulated sufficient brownie points last weekend, I ventured down to the Ex's on Tuesday evening - just to watch, yet still taking my sticks with me!  And yes, I did get dragged into playing!

I was so pleasantly surprised at how popular the Tuesday evening league has become -  all had full teams and still players floating around waiting to play in their team's second game of the evening.  Do I sense more teams on the horizon?

The first match of the evening, top of the table Bull Inn A were up against an "up and coming" Bull Inn B.  I had to justify my selection for the B side and contributed with 12 dolls with Rick Gumbert also throwing well for his 9.  New signing, Dave Gardner, hit 10 for the A side whilst top doll scorer Nigel King, crumbled under the pressure, getting a blob in the first leg!  He did reply well though with a five in the next leg.- and then a six later in the evening.  All in all, the A team lost their first match 4-2 but got all the points in their second.  That allowed the Red Cow to catch them and join them on 35 points at the top of the table.

In their first match against the Butchers Arms, the Red Cow won the first two legs by just one doll each time and then drew the third - a close match.  And then straight back on against the Ex Services.  The first leg was drawn on 13 apiece but the Red Cow easily won the next two, with Liam Merchant finishing with 11.

Wednesdays are equally as exciting.  The Crown have now taken over at the top of the table, hitting 78 dolls and beating the Black Bull 6-0 and the Misfits 4-2 in the process.  Karl Budd maintained his very good form hitting 12 and then 10 - putting him two clear of Bill Mellis who also played well on the night with two 10's.  The Misfits' other match of the evening, against the Ashton, caused a bit of an upset.  The Misfits easily won the first two legs (17-9 and 16-9) and then set 11 in the third.  The Ashton Club responded with an unexpected 16 - Dave Smith playing a captain's role, finished with ten.  Thirty four dolls for the Ashton in that match but they then dropped to 19 (losing 5-1) in the one against the Black Bull.

Norman Brock came back well from sickness, hitting 12 in the Unwanted's match against the Ex Services - the same match as the Unwanted set just five in the first leg with "yours truly" and Kevin Powney getting consecutive blobs!

Gotta go - got to earn some more "brownies" so I can get out on Tuesday!

    Phil Allen


11th November 2018 - INDOOR LEAGUE

Morning all,

Didn't get to send out the results yesterday and got myself a rollicking!  Just a friendly one though!  Got to earn myself some brownie points - like getting the Christmas decorating done!

Tuesday evening was the knockout cup night.  A terrific turnout too, I hear.

A little bit different with just six teams; so, wanting to ensure everyone had the chance of a decent evening's aunt sally, we did away with the normal knockout and played it more like a "round robin".  Coincidental it may have been, but all three Bull teams were drawn on the same pitch!  The Red Cow got themselves through on pitch one and, with the introduction of the experienced Dave Gardner (who, I understand, played very well - including a six), the Bull A will go through to play them in the final.

Despite Darren Lodges's 12 dolls in the first match on Wednesday, the Bell still went down 4-2 to the Ashton Club, for whom Brian Loverock and Dave Wheeler got eight apiece.  Darren came back down to earth in the Bell's second match, but, with Chris Hulme getting 12 this time, they managed to overcome the Black Bull 5-1, sending them to the bottom of the table.

At the end of the first round of fixtures, with their best evening so far, the Unwanted got eleven points - six against the Black Bull and five against the Ashton Club.  The White Horse started the season in fine form - 74 dolls on the first night - but, now, not being able to get a settled side, they're struggling - and let's just hope it continues into next week 'cos we've got them!  Just a bit of friendly banter! 

The Crown had a terrific first game of the evening, scoring 45 dolls - ironically against the White Horse.  Karl Budd and Terry Bagnall with eleven apiece and Jeremy Launchbury with ten.  Their second game though shows they can be beaten, scoring just 29 against the Ex's who didn't really take advantage; and despite scoring one more doll in total, lost 4-2.  Bill Mellis hit 18 on the night and has gone to joint top doll scorer with Karl Budd with 60 dolls apiece.

With Dave Reast unavailable, the Misfits had to call upon Doug Revitt - and, what a capable replacement, with ten dolls in each match.   With eleven points on the night, they were able to push just one point further away from the Crown. 

    Phil Allen


2nd November 2018 - INDOOR LEAGUE

Morning all,

This indoor aunt sally lark seems to be taking off!  Encouraging to see.  And the standard's improving too!

On Tuesday, for the first time, every team had a full complement of at least five players; great stuff!

Not surprising I guess, but the Bull Inn A and the Red Cow are setting the pace at the top the table.  By his standards, current top doll scorer, Nigel King, didn't have the best of evenings - scoring just seven in his first match but then came back with a commendable ten in his second.  Still four dolls ahead of 'Mr Steady', Roger Herbert.  Ian Cantwell hit the league's first six of the season and then, not to be outdone, "Newbie", Steve Golder, playing for the Red Cow in his first Tuesday evening match, also came up with a maximum.  "It's a team game" they say, and that's certainly the case with the Red Cow who totalled 70 dolls on the night - 35 in each of their two matches.

The player on form at the moment is Karl Budd who claimed 20 (8 and 12) and, in his four games so far, has an average of 9.50.  "Only went down to help out as teams were short"; but I know, he really enjoys it.

In the Wednesday league, there was only one league match per team followed then by the Knockout Cup.  The Misfits still top the table after their 6-0 demolition of the Black Bull; but with "just 36 dolls", they were well beaten by the Ex Services who got 39 and second placed Crown who amassed 44 dolls.

The Unwanted, with an average leg score of 11.53 (third best in the league) still find themselves next to bottom!  It can only get better!

Stars of the night?  Eddie Jones with 11, followed closely by his Ex Services teammate, Bill Mellis with 10.  And following on from his good form in the Tuesday league, Karl Budd also came up with ten dolls and tops the doll scorers chart.  Mind you, he's not as good on a Wednesday - his average is only 9.40!

The "disappointment" of the evening (well, it was for the teams involved, but not for the rest of us!) was that the Misfits and the Crown were drawn against each other in the Knockout Cup - what a shame!  And the match itself didn't disappoint either.  The Misfits won the first leg, the second was drawn and went to a three sticker - which the Crown won - and the Misfits won the third.

In the other ties, the Bell beat the Ashton Club, the Unwanted were victorious over the Black Bull, and the Ex Services came out on top against the White Horse.

    Phil Allen


25th October 2018 - INDOOR LEAGUE

Another couple of enjoyable evenings of aunt sally - indoors in the warm, cheap drinks, great company - what more do you want!?  

There are still a few Tuesday evening teams struggling to get a full side; so, if you're interested in playing, just turn up, let someone know you're there and I'm sure you'll get yourself a game.

My apologies but I don't have the time for a full report this week.  Normal service will be resumed next week.

    Phil Allen


18th October 2018 INDOOR LEAGUE

What a great start to a new indoor season.  OK, on Tuesday a couple of teams were a few players short but still an enjoyable evening was had by all.  And then, last night, we welcomed a lot of new faces to the Wednesday evening league, and witnessed some decent aunt sally too.

Incidentally, we are still looking for a couple of players for the Tuesday league.  If you, or anyone you know, is interested in joining, then please, either let me know or just turn up on a Tuesday evening.

On Tuesday, Nigel King (Bull Inn A) didn't take too long to settle in and find the target, hitting 13 in his first match helping his team to a creditable 34 dolls, whilst "Mr Consistency", Roger Herbert (Red Cow), scored a 9 and an 8 in his two throws. 

A number of new players have joined our Wednesday league, bringing a wealth of experience with them and, how it showed in some of the matches last night.  

OK, the Misfits are the same bunch as in previous seasons but, my, didn't they throw well last night - a total of 91 dolls in two matches!  In their first match against a strong Crown team, they really did pull out all the stops.  The Crown set 18 in the first leg but the Misfits could "only" manage 16.  But then they responded by setting 18 themselves and the Crown replied in the same manner - only managing 16.  The reigning champions set another 16 but their opponents ran out of steam, dropping short with just 12 on the board.  A few good individual scores amongst that lot - Brian Gough, with a captain's innings, getting 12 whilst John Hudson and Terry Bagnall excelled themselves with 11 apiece!

Dave Futter's been getting some practice in somewhere - he had a great start to his winter season, scoring 14 in his first match (including a six).  He tops the doll scoring chart already, with 22, whilst his team, the White Horse, top the table, winning five of their six legs.

Someone else hit a six; now, who was it?  Oh, just remembered - that was me!  Not quite sure where it came from though - didn't do a great deal else!

Karl Budd didn't take too long to settle into his new environment either, scoring ten in each match.  What a great signing that will be for the Crown!

All in all, it's been an encouraging start to the 2018 winter season, and, without a doubt, the standard of aunt sally in the Bicester area is improving greatly.  And, we all know it, "you play with and against better players, and you become a better player"!

Keep it up.

Sixers - Dave Futter (White Horse) and Phil Allen (Unwanted).

    Phil Allen


4th October 2018 - INDOOR LEAGUE

Morning all,

My apologies for the delay in getting the minutes of last week's meeting and the fixtures lists to you but I've been waiting for the assurance that we could get a team to fill the Wednesday's "Unwanted" slot and could also get six teams in the Tuesday league - and we're now there.

In the Tuesday league, the Barley Mow are not able to join us, so Keith Lennard is getting an Ex Services team together; and, initially, the Red Cow couldn't field a side but, with a couple of "strays" to join them, they're up and running and we've managed to get our six teams.

As I said in a previous email, in the Wednesday league: 

·  if you're on first then you'll be on third.  If you're on second, you'll be on last.  There won't be a case of being on first and then having to wait to play in the last game (except maybe, in the knockout cup weeks).

·  you play each team four times (as before) but every time you play a team, it will be at a different time to any other time you've played them.  And the pitches you play a team on will be alternated (eg pitch 1, then the next it'll be pitch 2, then back to 1 and then 2).  And, whether you're home away will also alternate.

·  the number of times teams are on first or on last will be fairly even.

Can't do that with the Tuesday night fixtures I'm afraid!  But I would still like to find a way of extending the league for you; any suggestions?

Please have a look through the lists and let me know if there are any glaring problems.

    Phil Allen


3rd October 2018 - INDOOR LEAGUE

Morning all.  I didn't get a great deal of response to the email I sent out on Friday advertising for teams to enter our Tuesday night indoor league - but then it is only Monday!

In fact, it's got a little worse!  Two of the original six (the Barley Mow and the Red Cow) are now unable to get enough players.  Takes me down to just four teams!  Keith Lennard (Ex Services) is getting another side together - we'll then be up to five.

We need to get six sides at a minimum.

If I can't get anyone who can enter a full side, are there any individual players out there who would like to play?  We'll then look at 'mixing and matching'!

    Phil Allen


29th September 2018 - INDOOR LEAGUE

Morning all, this is really aimed at the Wednesday league teams.

For the past couple of days I've been working on the fixtures for the Wednesday league and have managed to arrange it so that:

  • if you're on first then you'll be on third.  If you're on second, you'll be on last.  There won't be a case of being on first and then having to wait to play in the last game (except maybe, in the knockout cup weeks).
  • you play each team four times (as before) but every time you play a team, it will be at a different time to any other time you've played them.  And the pitches you play a team on will be alternated (eg pitch 1, then the next it'll be pitch 2, then back to 1 and then 2).
  • the number of times teams are on first or on last will be fairly even.

Right, the last game before Christmas will be on the 12th;  and then, what I would like to know is, do you want to play on 2nd January or wait until the 9th.  Please let me know and I'll go with the majority.

For those Tuesday night teams, one of the expected teams cannot get enough players, so has had to withdraw.  I have someone else who is looking at getting a team so there's still the chance that we'll have six sides.  Will keep you informed.

    Phil Allen


28th September 2018 - INDOOR LEAGUE

Morning all,

We have our full compliment of eight teams for the Indoor League on a Wednesday but would still like to get another two five-a-side teams for a new league being set up for a Tuesday evening.  Matches will be played at the Ex Services starting on 16th October, running through to mid-March.  Each team gets two games a night.

Is there anyone out there who could get together five players to come and join us?  Please let me know if you can - first come, first served.

    Phil Allen


22nd September 2018

Not much to say in the email itself, it's all on the news page.

Thank you very much indeed for the complimentary comments received by email or seen on facebook; very much appreciated.  Makes it all worth while.  May even consider carrying on next season (subject to being voted in, of course)!

Right, now let's start preparing for the Indoor League!  Don't forget, the AGM is at the Ex Services on Wednesday evening (26th), starting at 7.30pm.

    Phil Allen


20th September 2018

Morning all,

After last night's semis, I can now announce the finalists and the format for tomorrow night.

Sorry, no report - in a bit of a rush, a busy day ahead!



16th September 2018

The results of last night's Plate Finals are as follows:


  • League Plate - Black Bull B beat Brill S&SC A
  • Intermediate Plate - Barley Mow beat the White Hart
  • Supplementary Plate - Crown Twyford beat the Royal Oak

The format for semi finals night next Wednesday, which starts at 8 o'clock, can be found on the NEWS page.

    Phil Allen


16th September 2018

A rather disappointing turnout for the singles competitions.  Only 32 out of 46 for the Premier and Division One, 22 out of 28 in Division Two, 8 out of the 11 in Division Three, 19 out of 25 in Division Four and all 12 in Division Five turned up.  All in all, 29 didn't.

Congratulations to the winners as shown in the attachment.  They will now go through to the semi finals to be played at the Bull Inn, Launton next Wednesday, 19th September, starting at 8 o'clock.

Don't forget, we have the Plate Finals at The Harrison this evening, starting at 8 o'clock.  First on is the Supplementary Plate between the Crown Twyford and the Royal Oak.  Next will be the Intermediate Plate between the Barley Mow and the White Hart.  Last, but not least, is the League Plate involving the Brill S&SC A and the Black Bull B.

Remember - no practising will be allowed.



The AGM for the indoor league will be held at the Ex Services on Wednesday 26th September, starting at 7.30 pm.

As far as I'm aware, we still have the same eight teams as last year but if anyone wants to register an interest in entering a side, please let me know and I'll make a note as a reserve (I already know about the Highfield!).  Or, maybe we could get sufficient teams to start another league - say, on a Tuesday night.  Just get your names in to me.


11th September 2018

With the end of the summer season almost upon us, there are a few items to ponder over..... Please take a look on the news page to see the items suggested.


11th September 2018

Morning all.  I've reminded you that the Plate Finals night is this coming Friday, 14th September but I don't think I've published the format for the evening.  Here we go:

First on, starting at 8 o'clock is the Supplementary Plate between the Crown Twyford and the Royal Oak.  Next will be the Intermediate Plate between the Barley Mow and the White Hart.  Last, but not least, is the League Plate involving the Brill S&SC A and the Black Bull B.

Remember - no practising will be allowed.

There will be nine winners and nine runners up trophies given to the relevant teams.


11th September 2018

Morning all.

Apart from Division Six, the league games are now over and the league tables finalised.

In the Premier and Division One, Brill S&SC B were unable to field a team so the three points went to the champions, the White Lion.  Runners up in the Premier are the Crown who won 3-0 away against the Black Bull B.  What I have found out about the Black Bull B side is that they're "fourth leg specialists"!  They've won ten beer legs, drawing one and losing two.   Does anyone else keep a record of the fourth leg?  If so, can you better that?

The Pheasant won 3-0 at the Muddy Duck to finish up as Division One champions, with Paul Wallington top scoring with ten dolls.  Dave Reast hit 12 for the Muddy Duck.  They tied with 15 each in the third leg, then went to 3, 1, and back to six sticks with the Duck setting 12 - but the Pheasant got the required 13 with just two sticks remaining!

In a great contest at the Highfield, the Black Bull A were eventual 2-1 winners.  The home side set a commendable 21 in the first leg but the visitors were all in terrific form, responding with a massive 27.  Roles were reversed in the second leg; the Black Bull setting 20 and the Highfield coming back with 23.  Even closer in the third leg (19-18 to the visitors) with Kev Powney getting the winner with his last stick.  Some great individual scores with Lee Conway getting 12, Lee Wanless 10 and Andy Lincoln 9 for the Highfield, and Karl Budd 13, Steve Golder 11, Kevin Powney 10, Steve Payne and Norman Brock both with 9 for the Black Bull A.

Champions of Division Two, the Ex Services were one of a number of teams who turned out with an incomplete side and with just six players they lost out 2-1 to the visiting Nut Tree.  Bill Mellis with 11 and Tony Sullivan with ten did their utmost to claim all three points but it just wasn't to be.  With the Bull Inn A turning out with just six as well, and losing 3-0 at home to the Prince of Wales, the Nut Tree have leapt above them into second spot.  Trevor Barnett with 10 helped the Prince of Wales to the three points.  With ten dolls from Chris Hulme and 9 from Darren Moore, the Bell also secured a 3-0 away win at The Lion.  Ten dolls from Phil Chanel - his best of the season - helped Brill S&SC A to two points against the visiting Ashton Club, for whom Rick Gumbert got nine, also his best of the season.

The Shakespeare were another of those teams to turn out with just six players and it didn't help their cause one bit.  Having now lost their last three league games, going down 3-0 on this occasion at Red Lion Islip, they've lost second place in the table to the White Horse B who came away from the Bull & Butcher winning 2-1.

The Butchers Arms needed all three points to be certain of the Division Four title.  They'd almost got it at The Harrison, winning the first two comfortably (15-11 and 17-7).  But then, in the third, they only set 11.  The home side managed 13.  With the White Horse A having a bye and certain of three points, Chandos Arms needed to come up with the goods, at home against bottom of the table, Fountain A.  And they did!  They won 3-0 and became champions.  With Robert Taylor hitting 12 (including a six - his second of the season) inspiring them along the way, there was only going to be one winner!  Mark Cox, with 10 for the Fountain, did his utmost to spoil the Chandos party but it wasn't enough.

In the top-of-the-table clash in Division Five, the Fox Souldern, home to Bull Inn B, needed all three points for the title.  They were well on their way, securing the first two quite comfortably, and then went in to set in the third - and what a disaster!  Just four on the board!  Trish Jones, the fifth player for the Bull, got the winner and the title too!  And, with the Crown Twyford having a bye and the three points, the Fox even missed out on second place!

Now, don't start jumping the gun and trying to work out who's going up and who's going down.  It's difficult and we can't be sure until about March time!  Teams drop out, others come in - so we just can't be certain.

Sixer of the week - Robert Taylor (Chandos Arms).


    Phil Allen


2nd September 2018

The Steve Huntley Memorial Shield” singles competition.  The draw for this competition, to be played on Wednesday 12th September has been made and can be found on our NEWS page.  

Sadly, we’re almost there; not much left to this season.  Thankfully, it's been one very good summer with very little rain - ideal weather for aunt sally.

The White Lion have retained the Premier Division championship.  A 3-0 win at the Crown secured the title, with Bobby Allen scoring 13 and Dougie Revitt 11 for the champions.  Kevin Powney's 11 dolls helped ensure the Black Bull A's survival in the Premier Division with a 3-0 victory over a seven-man Brill Sports Club team and elevated himself back up to the league's top doll scorer.  

The Black Bull B's visit to the Muddy Duck gave them a 2-1 win in a very tight match (17 each in the first leg with the visitors winning the three sticker), then 13-12 again to the visitors and 17-16 to the Muddy Duck in the last leg.  Dave Reast came good with 11 dolls for the home side.

The Highfield took the trek up the hill to Brill and enjoyed a 2-1 victory over the Pheasant, Lee Conway starring with ten dolls.  That does mean that the winners of Division One is still undecided.  I must point out at this stage, that earlier in the season (6th June), Brill Social Club were unable to field a side for their match at the Highfield.  OK, the Highfield got the three points but weren't awarded any dolls.  Now, should the top two (the Pheasant and the Highfield) finish level on points after next week's last games, then the Highfield will be credited with 50 dolls (which was their average for three legs at that point).  

The Bull Inn A had a very poor evening at the Ashton Club, going down 2-1 and sacrificing any chance of winning Division Two.  That accolade has now gone to the Ex Services who also travelled "up the hill to Brill" and won 3-0 at the Sports Club with Kerry White hitting six in the first leg.  Runners up spot is still up for grabs between the Bull, who are home to the Prince of Wales next week, and the Nut Tree who are indoors at the Ex's.

The Division Three champions were crowned last week.  The Red Cow have had a terrific season and haven't lost a match.  A bit late in the season but Roger Herbert is getting back into top form; he hit 12 with Ian Cantwell getting 10 and Liam Fisher on 9 - and then a six in the beer leg!  Oh well, never mind!  As in Division Two, runners up spot is also there for the taking.  With the Shakespeare surprisingly losing 2-1 at home to Chearsley Cricketers and the White Horse B having a bye and the three points that go with it, the White Horse have jumped up into second place.  Watch this space!

Not to be out done, Division Four have also decided to keep it tight at the top!  Last week's table toppers, the Chandos Arms, came unstuck at The Harrison, going down 2-1.  The Butchers Arms took advantage - a little - by narrowly winning 2-1 against a seven man Red Lion Finmere - who set 15 and won the first leg.  It doesn't stop there!  The White Horse A visited bottom team, Fountain A, and, with 11 dolls from anchorman Tony Owen, they also earned themselves a 2-1 victory.  With a bye and three guaranteed points for the White Horse next week, the Butchers (at The Harrison) and the Chandos (home to the Fountain), have to be on their toes and pull out all the stops.

Guess what; it's no different in Division Five - three teams fighting for the title.  The Crown Twyford, currently in third place have a bye and the three points that go with it, and the Bull (currently top) travel to second placed, Fox Souldern, needing just one leg to secure it.  Place your bets here!

Division Six belongs to the Bull & Butcher A.  Their 3-0 victory at the Black Bull Divas - with 17 in the first leg - give them the title.  Ron Jones, Chris Lee and Vic Whittingham scored six dolls apiece.

Sixer - Kerry White (Ex Services).

Right let me remind you of what's left for the season:

·  5th September - League fixtures

·  12th September - Singles competitions (see Newsletter 6 attached) and, for Division Six, it will be their last league fixtures.

·  14th September - League, Intermediate and Supplementary Plate finals at The Harrison, Launton - starting at 8.00 pm

·  19th September - Singles, pairs and four a sides semi finals at the Bull Inn, Launton - starting at 8.00 pm.  The pairs' and fours' semi-finallists are as follows.  Obviously we won't know the singles semi-finallists until after the first rounds on the 12th.



Pete Dempsey & Bobby Allen (White Lion)

Doug Revitt & Brian Gough (White Lion)

Eddie Gordon & Phil Allen (White Lion)

Keith Harris & Pete McCarron (The Pheasant)


Ray Rowe & James Harkness (Bell Bicester)

Dave Crook & Mick Crook (Nut Tree)

Martin Pratley & Richard Cooper (Nut Tree)

Joe Young & Ashley Young (Ashton Club)


Terry Hawkins & Andy Draper (Barley Mow)

Pete Stammers & Tony Nichols (Shakespeare)

Martin Wanless & Keith Vickers (Shakespeare)

Ian Cantwell & Roger Herbert (Red Cow)


Trevor Wood & Jim Harris (The Harrison)

Craig Merry & Daryl Merry (White Horse A)

Robert Taylor & Graham Bradley (Chandos Arms)

Alex Plested & John Plested (Butchers Arms)



Bull Inn A


Red Cow

White Lion

·  21st September - Finals night at the Black Bull, Launton - starting at 7.30 pm.

    Phil Allen

26th August 2018

Wednesday's cup and plate results are below.  No real shocks.

The plate finals will be played on Friday 14th September at The Harrison, Launton and the cup finals at the Black Bull, Launton on Friday 21st September.


    Phil Allen




Muddy Duck 2 v 1 Nut Tree
Black Bull B 2 v 1 Highfield SC

White Lion A 2 v 0 Black Bull A
Brill S&SC A 2 v 1 The Lion


Red Cow 0 v 2 Shakespeare
Barley Mow 2 v 0 Fountain A

(Fountain A failed to turn up - match awarded to opponents)
Chandos Arms 2 v 1 Butchers Arms
White Hart 2 v 0 The Harrison


Bull & Butcher A 2 v 0 Fox Souldern

Plough MG A 2 v 0 Fountain B

(Fountain B unable to raise a team - match awarded to opponents)

Congratulations to the winners and commiserations to those in second place!

The plate finals, to be played at the Harrison, Launton on Friday 14th September, will be:

Brill S&SC A v Black Bull B

Barley Mow v White Hart

Crown Twyford v Royal Oak

The cup finals, to be played at the Black Bull, Launton on finals night (Friday 21st September) will be:

Muddy Duck v White Lion A

Shakespeare v Chandos Arms

Bull & Butcher A v Plough MG A

19th August

Morning all,

Only two league games to go (three in Division Six), and only Division Three champions have been decided.  The remainder could still go down to the wire.

The Crown dropped another leg - this time to the Black Bull A - and the White Lion secured a comfortable 3-0 victory over the Muddy Duck.  The Crown and the White Lion meet in their next league game in what could virtually be the title decider.  Bobby Allen regained some form to knock off 13 whilst Pete Dempsey's 11 takes him to the top of the Top Doll Scorer's list.

Kevin Vickers's eleven dolls and Lee Wanless's nine helped the Highfield  to a 2-1 win at bottom placed Brill S&SC B for whom Martin Bailey also got nine.

The Black Bull B and The Pheasant had a rather lengthy battle.  The Pheasant were already one leg up when they set 18 in the second.  Dickie Butler, anchorman for the opposition, rose to the occasion and got the three required for a draw.  Now it begins!  Three sticker drawn, one sticker drawn, back to six sticks and they get 17 each.  Into another three sticker and the Pheasant won it 13-12.  The Black Bull got revenge in the third, knocking off 23 - with Allan Moon getting a six.  Well done.

The shock result in Division Two must surely be the 3-0 defeat of the Bull Inn A at the Bell.  They started off with a drawn leg (nine apiece), then eight each in the three sticker, and the Bell winning on the one sticker.  The remaining two legs were mighty close - 10-9 and 19-18 in favour of the Bell.  Unknowingly, the Ex Services took advantage with their own 3-0 victory over the Ashton Club - Tony Sullivan with ten, helping them along the way.

The Red Cow are champions of Division Three and a very well done to them.  Their 2-1 win at the Shakespeare was sufficient to give them the title.  A captain's innings from Roger Herbert (with eleven dolls) helped them along the way.

In Division Four second placed Chandos Arms inflicted a 3-0 defeat over the then top of the table, Butchers Arms, and have now gone top themselves.  The White Horse A, with a 3-0 victory over The Harrison and an assured three points when they have a bye as their last game of the season, are ready to pounce should there be any slip ups at the top.  

The Fox Souldern didn't do themselves any favours in Division Five by losing at home to the Crown Twyford.  The really needed a maximum three points to keep in touch with the Bull Inn B.  Interestingly though, the Fox have three points coming their way in the next league week because the KEA have withdrawn and then they are at home to the Bull in the final game.  The Crown mustn't be discounted though because they are at home to the Fountain B and then have the three points coming their way because of the KEA withdrawal.

The Bull & Butcher A have virtually sealed the Division Six title with a 3-0 over second placed Safari Garden.

Sixer - Allan Moon (Black Bull B).

Right let me remind you of what's left for the season:

  • 22nd August - Knockout Cup and Plate semi finals
  • 29th August - League fixtures
  • 5th September - League fixtures
  • 12th September - Singles competitions and, for Division Six, league fixtures
  • 14th September - League, Intermediate and Supplementary Plate finals at The Harrison, Launton - starting at 8.00 pm
  • 19th September - Singles, pairs and four a sides semi finals at the Bull Inn, Launton - starting at 8.00 pm.
  • 21st September - Finals night at the Black Bull, Launton - starting at 7.30 pm.


    Phil Allen


19th August 2018

With Divisions Three down to Six having byes, resulting in players not all playing the same number of games during the month, I'm finding it increasingly difficult when it comes to "judging" for the player of the month.

My choice for the month of July is Ian Cantwell who hit 28 dolls in just three games, playimg for the Red Cow in Division Three.  Well done Ian.   I have a voucher - which I will get to him - from our sponsors, Lodge Garage, offering a 15% discount on any combined service and MOT.



12th August 2018

Because of the football world cup, the singles competition was postponed on 11th July and will now be played on Wednesday 12th September.  There have been very few changes to the original entries - just a few replacements, some deletions and a couple of new entries.  Because of the minimal number of changes, it's felt there's no need to redraw the whole competitions.  Click on the NEWS Button for all the details. 


12th August 2018

Morning all, the end is nigh!

With just three leg games to go, it's getting rather tight in most divisions.

In the Premier, the White Horse maintained their grasp at the top with a 3-0 victory at home against the Black Bull B.  Bobby Allen had a much better game than he has of late, hitting 12 dolls (including a six in the first leg).  Dougie Revitt and Pete Dempsey, with nine apiece, also did their bit to secure the win for the reigning champions.  The Crown dropped a leg at the Highfield and fell to three points behind the leaders.  Trevor Smith hit ten and Lee Wanless nine for the home side but they just weren't enough.

Terry Clack, with 12 dolls, Norman Brock, Kevin Powney and Steve Payne, all with ten each, starred for the Black Bull A who romped home 3-0 against the Muddy Duck - for whom Malcolm Skuce hit 11.  Paul Morris, with ten, helped The Pheasant to a 2-1 victory on their travels to Brill S&SC B.

In Division Two, the Ex Services have regained top spot (on dolls scored) after their 3-0 win at The Lion and with the Bull Inn A dropping a leg at home to third placed Nut Tree.  It's going to be touch and go in the last three games - especially with the Ex's and the Nut Tree meeting in the last game.

A bit of a surprise result down at the bottom of that division where the Prince of Wales beat the visiting Brill S&SC A team 3-0.  A very well done to the Social Club for making that long journey with just six players and almost sneaking a couple of the legs.  A special well done to lead-off man for the visitors, Dave Munson, who hit a six in the first leg.  A tight match at the Ashton Club where the Bell Bicester won 2-1 (14-13, 15-14, 12-13).

Division Three leaders maintained top spot with a comfortable 3-0 home win against the Bull & Butcher B.  Two more points from their remaining two games (their other game being a bye), will give them the title.  Their next one is away at their nearest rivals, the Shakespeare.  Could be a good one!

The shock result in Division Four was the 3-0 drubbing of the leaders, Chandos Arms, at the White Horse.  They set in every leg but didn't score anything like they can and Daryl and Craig Merry - both with seven dolls - saw the home side through - closing the gap on the Chandos for second place.  Fountain A got their second win of the season, both against Red Lion Finmere and both by two legs to one.  The Fountain scored 35 dolls on both occasions with the Red Lion getting 30 both times - boring!!  They now swap places at the bottom.

Not wanting to be any different to the others, Division Five are keeping it tight at the top too!  The Bull Inn B travelled to the Fountain and came away with a 2-1 win, as did the Fox Souldern who went to the Royal Oak with just five players - well done gents.  Kevin Hicks for the Royal Oak and Johnny Green for the visitors starred with nine apiece.

Another team who were short of players but still travelled with just five players was the Plough Marsh Gibbon Casuals.  They took the long trip to Eight Bells, Long Crendon and also took a point.  Well done  

Sixers - Bobby Allen (White Lion) and Dave Munson (Brill S&SC A).

    Phil Allen


8th August 2018

The time has come to collect in the "annual" trophies - those which I need to get engraved.  I've attached a list showing the ones I'm chasing.  Could captains arrange to get them to me as soon as possible - before 22nd August, please.


4th August 2018

Morning all and my apologies for a late night for most last night.  It's great to get so many entries but, when you're talking about 11 teams of four at one venue, it's too much and goes on far too long.  Needs looking at for next season - a change of format or a restriction on the number of entries?  Not sure yet.

Congratulations to the following who got through to the semi finals, to be played on 19th September.

  • at the White Lion - Crown B (Callum Cooper, Matthew Hillsdon, John Lehane and Terry Bagnall).
  • at the Plough, Marsh Gibbon - Red Cow (Liam Fisher, Ian Cantwell, Roger Herbert and Liam Merchant).
  • at the Muddy Duck - Bull Inn A A (Robert Edgington, Carl Edgington, James Bateman and Kevin Gardner).
  • at the Harrison - White Lion B (Bobby Allen, Pete Dempsey, Francis Hillier and Brian Gough).


    Phil Allen


30th July 2018

It's getting to "squeaky bum" time.  Rather tight at the top in a few of the divisions.

A terrific evening was had by all at The Pheasant where the White Lion were the visitors.  In pleasant surroundings, with a great bunch of lads and ideal weather, what more do you want for an evening of aunt sally?  And, taboo, we actually got a couple of decent scores too.

John Chapman, for the home side, scored 14 (5,5,4), missing a six by a whisker in the first leg (the last stick).  And I think the sun got in Eddie Gordon's eyes - he finished up with (I hate to say it!) a creditable 13 (4,4,5).  The White Lion, already 1-0 down after the first leg, were very grateful to skipper and anchorman, Brian Gough, who got the necessary dolls to secure a 2-1 victory.  He finished the evening with eleven dolls. 

The Crown are now hot on the heels of the White Lion after a comfortable 3-0 win against Brill S&SC B.  With elevens from Jeremy Launchbury, Matthew Hillsdon and Terry Bagnall in their total of 70 dolls (28, 21, 21) they're now just three points behind the leaders.

The Black Bull A didn't do themselves any favours by dropping a leg to their nearest geographical rivals, their B team.  With a total of 12 dolls from Steve Payne (including a six) and ten from Kevin Powney, they redeemed themselves with a 2-1 win which has actually got them off the bottom of the Premier Division.  Twelve dolls from Allan Moon wasn't anywhere near enough to rescue Black Bull B.

In the remaining Division One match, visiting Highfield SC put the wind up the Muddy Duck winning by 19 dolls to 15 in the first leg, with Lee Wanless getting the magical six.  The home side then stepped up a gear and won the next two.

Although they managed a 3-0 at Brill Social Club, top of the table in Division Two, the Bull Inn A, must have experienced a little of that "squeaky bum time".  Brill set in all three legs, and, OK, the Bull won the first leg quite comfortably by 15-9 but in the next two legs they scraped through by just the one doll - both finished 10-11.

The Ex's kept up their challenge winning all three legs at the Prince of Wales (25-13, 16-12, 14-12); Eddie Jones back on form with 11.

I did say last week that it seemingly appears that the Nut Tree are after promotion, and that still seems to be the case!  A 3-0 victory, with 54 dolls (ten from Bob Price and Richard Cooper), against the Bell keeps them in third place.  Eleven dolls from Darren Lodge weren't enough to prevent defeat.

As is the case in Division Two, the top three teams of Division Three are now pulling away from the rest.  The Red Cow remain at the top - where they've been from the start of the season - after another 3-0 victory, this time at home against Red Lion Islip.  The first two legs were rather close (17-15 and 17-16) but the third was clear cut (23-14).  Ian Cantwell and Liam Merchant top-scored, with eleven apiece, for the home side whilst Neil Brock scored the same for the visitors.

The Shakespeare and White Horse B keep up the chase, with both securing 3-0 wins - the Shakespeare away at the Barley Mow and the White Horse home to Chearsley Cricketers.  Good to see the Cricketers adding a bit of joviality to the evening in the "Baz Bazile appreciation night!"

Not such a good evening for the Butchers Arms - they've lost their spot at the top of Division Four.  Not scoring up to their usual standard, they did manage to get the first two legs against the visiting White Horse A (11-7 and 17-7) but then, when chasing just ten dolls, only managed 7.  Two legs to one for the Butchers.  Unknowlingly, Chandos Arms, at the White Hart, took advantage to go top, winning all three legs.  John Mole top-scored for them with ten (and Robert Taylor only got nine!).  Butchers Arms still have to make that long trip to Ickford (where Chandos are playing their home games at the moment) in what could be the "championship" decider.

In Division Five, with the help of nine dolls from Nick Cherry, Bull Inn B remain at the top with a slender one point lead over the Fox Souldern - and they meet in the last game of the season.  Could be the decider!

After much chasing, I have now discovered that the KEA Club have withdrawn.  Anyone destined to play the KEA should now consider it as a "Bye" and three points will be awarded.

Top-of-the-table in Division Six, the Bull & Butcher A have been beaten!  Each leg was pretty close but the Eight Bells managed to take two legs off them.  Anthony Tinson, playing only his second game of the season, got his second nine of the season (in Division Six!), for the winners.

Sixers - Steve Payne (Black Bull A) and Lee Wanless (Highfield SC).


23rd July 2018

Morning all,

Seems like an age since I wrote my last report!  Let's see what we can make of this one!

The White Lion maintained their grasp on the Premier Division title with a 3-0 victory over the Black Bull A.  Brian Gough's 13 dolls and Phil Allen with 11 ensured the Black Bull were going to get nothing out of this one - despite 10 from Steve Payne and nine from Karl Budd.

The Crown, Charlton on Otmoor are keeping the pressure on with the same scoreline against the visiting seven-man Pheasant.  Jeremy Launchbury and Terry Bagnall weighed in with ten apiece to keep them within striking distance of the White Lion.

A tight match between the Black Bull B and the visiting Highfield with the Black Bull eventually getting the better of it, winning 2-1.  The home side set in all three legs and the first two were drawn on 14 and 23.  Visiting anchorman, Brian Causby, had his work cut out, needing three to draw, four to win in the first leg, and then five to draw, six to win in the second.  He got the draw on each occasion taking both legs to a three sticker - and they won one apiece.  The Black Bull won the third 20-16.

The Bull Inn A, with another eleven dolls from Robert Edgington, got the better of their top of the table clash at the Ex Services, winning 2-1.  Bill Mellis also hit eleven for the home side.

The Nut Tree, seemingly wanting to achieve promotion back up to the top divisions (!), are keeping up the pressure with a 2-1 against the Ashton Club - who, themselves, hit 20 in the first leg.  Ashley Young hit twelve for the Club.

Full credit to the Prince of Wales for making the longish trip to The Lion with just six players - and then to lose 3-0.  Well done chaps.

The Red Cow took the long trip to Chearsley Cricketers and, with Liam Fisher and Ian Cantwell in decent form, scoring ten apiece, came away with a 2-1 victory.  The Shakespeare, in second place, finished up with the same scoreline against third placed White Horse B.  Martin Wanless with 11 was the star of that show.

The top of Division Four's pretty tight too.  Butchers Arms made sure there was no slip up at the Fountain, winning all three legs.  And, likewise, the Chandos Arms were far too good for the Red Lion Finmere, also winning 3-0 - with a 25 in the first leg.  Robert Taylor finished the evening with 12 dolls.

The Crown Twyford closed the gap at the top of Division Five with a 2-1 victory over top team, Bull Inn B.  The Fox, Souldern are climbing back up the table after a couple of bad weeks.  A 3-0 win (with 21 in the first leg) against the Fountain B now means they swap places and the Fox are back up to third.

A revitalised Bull and Butcher A team (with a 20 leg in their total of 46 dolls - and that's in Division Six!) sees them running away with that division.  Richard Lee top scored for them with nine.

    Phil Allen


19th July 2018

Another change to the four a side competition.  The Crown, Charlton on Otmoor will be closed and changing hands during the week of the competition.  So, those who were destined to go there in the four a sides, must now go to The Harrison in Launton.

The Highfield team, being a little backward in their admin, now want to enter a team - and they'll be going to the Muddy Duck.



10th July 2018

Morning all,

I'm back!.  After a terrific weekend away, I've arrived back safely - and raring to go!

I've now received all of the cards for last Wednesday's games and have updated the individual stats, which are now attached.


9th July 2018

I did forget to mention in yesterday’s email that this coming Wednesday’s Division Six league matches are also postponed until 12th September.

I do realise too that there will be some players who entered the singles for this Wednesday who will not be available for the new date of 12th September - and vice versa.  I’ll sort that out when I get back.

    Phil Allen



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4th July 2018

Morning all; remember this email which I sent out last week?

"With England losing on Thursday evening, finishing second in the group, I (that's really "we") now have a potential aunt sally problem.  If they should progress to the semi finals, they’ll play on Wednesday 11th July - the night of our singles competition.  Now, if that should happen - and we won’t know until either next Tuesday when they play Colombia, or, if they win that one, after the quarter final next Saturday, the 7th - you know as well as I do, hardly anyone will turn up for the singles.  And, in any case, pubs will be far too busy to host an aunt sally competition.

Should it be necessary, my plan is to extend the season by a week - postponing our singles competition, slotting it in on 12th September, putting the semi finals night, the Plate finals and our main finals night all back a week.  Would all captains please mull it over, discuss it with colleagues, and let me know how you feel about it.  If it’s considered to be inconvenient, I’d be grateful for any alternatives you may come up with."

Well, we're over the first obstacle - England eventually beating Colombia - and we've now got the quarter final against Sweden this coming Saturday.  If England get through that one then the singles competition (and the Division Six league fixtures) next Wednesday (11th) will be postponed.

Now, I've had some replies to my previous email stating that a number of players have booked holidays the week after the original finals date of 21st September and, for that reason, to push the season back a week as I originally planned, would not be convenient.  That's quite understandable.

So, should the need arise, the plan is to have the singles competition (and next Wednesday's Division Six league fixtures) on 12th September and push the Singles, Pairs and Four a Side semi finals back to the following Wednesday,19th September.  Finals night will then still be on Friday 21st September.  Much more sensible!

Again, please mull it over amongst yourselves and let me know if there are any problems.

I'm heading down to Cornwall on Friday morning for a long weekend but can still be contacted by phone or email.

Oh, that's the other thing.  Could you please get tonight's results to me as soon as possible after your match.




2nd July 2012

Morning all,

Went to the Charlbury Beer Festival Aunt Sally World Championships yesterday and only came back with the trophy, didn't I!  No, I didn't win it; don't be silly!  I travelled in the same car!  Out of 72 entries, Kev Powney of the Black Bull A won it, beating his teammate Karl "Sticky" Budd in the final.  Well done to the both of them but, particularly to Kev who beat some decent players along the way - the 2016 Oxford League singles champion, Pete Rampton, and then in the semi final, last year's world champion, Roger Goodall.  Sticky didn't have an easy run through either.  He had to overcome the threat of the world champion of two years ago, Barry Parker, in the semi final.  Well done chaps!

Now back to last Wednesday's league games.

The Black Bull A kept up their threat at the top of the Premier Division with a 2-1 home victory over the Highfield Social Club.  Terry Clack starred with 12; Billy Atwell and Kevin Powney chipped in with ten apiece.  Lee Wanless's 11 for the visitors just wasn't enough. 

Even with the ideal aunt sally weather we've been having of late, it was a chilly, windy evening at Brill Sports Club where the visiting White Lion secured all three points and not one player got into double figures!

The Pheasant Inn, also at home in Brill, suffered a shock 2-1 defeat at the hands of the Muddy Duck team.  Pete McCarron, with ten, was the star but still finished on the losing side.  Matty Hillsdon of the Crown seems to be getting a bit of his better form back, scoring 11 to help his side to a 2-1 home victory over the Black Bull B.  

With the top of division two, the Ex Services, suffering a 2-1 defeat away at the Nut Tree, the gap is closing.  With the Nut Tree's recent change in their playing order, Martin Pratley leading off got himself ten dolls in what was a close scoring match.  It does very much seem though that Bull Inn A are the team to watch, sneaking up to just one point behind the Ex's now.  Robert Edgington's 12 dolls - including his second six of the season - along with Derek Richards' and Carl Edgington's ten apiece, saw them safely home with a 3-0 victory at the Prince of Wales.  Darren Lodge also got himself into double figures with 11 to help his team, the Bell, get two points at home against The Lion.

The White Horse B, winning 3-0 at home against Bull & Butcher B, are keeping the pressure on the Red Cow at the top of Division Three.  The Shakespeare are up there too.  Inspired by captain Tony Nichols' 13 dolls, they also earned themselves all three points at home against the Red Lion Islip.  Bottom team, the Barley Mow, lost 2-1 in a tight match against seven man Chearsley Cricketers.

The Harrison, winning 3-0 away at Chandos in their last league match, weren't able to pull off a similar result this week away at the Butchers Arms, going down 2-1.  Chandos recovered from that aforementioned defeat to get themselves a much needed three points to keep them in the top three.

Top of Division Five, Fox Souldern turned up at the Bull Inn with just four players (and credit to those four!), and suffered a crushing 3-0.  They now change places with the Bull sitting "dizzyingly" at the top.

The Divas had an evening of elation, winning 3-0 at home against Safari Garden - winning each leg by just one doll.

Sixer - Robert Edgington.

    Phil Allen


29th June 2018

With England losing on Thursday evening, finishing second in the group, I (that's really "we") now have a potential aunt sally problem.  If they should progress to the semi finals, they’ll play on Wednesday 11th July - the night of our singles competition.  Now, if that should happen - and we won’t know until either next Tuesday when they play Colombia, or, if they win that one, after the quarter final next Saturday, the 7th - you know as well as I do, hardly anyone will turn up for the singles.  And, in any case, pubs will be far too busy to host an aunt sally competition.

Division Six teams are not involved in the singles competitions but do have a league fixture on 11th July.  If England do get through to the semi finals, the same would apply to the league fixtures - postpone them until 12th September.

Should it be necessary, my plan is to extend the season by a week - postponing our singles competition, slotting it in on 12th September, putting the semi finals night, the Plate finals and our main finals night all back a week.  Would all captains please mull it over, discuss it with colleagues, and let me know how you feel about it.  If it’s considered to be inconvenient, I’d be grateful for any alternatives you may come up with.

I'll be getting the results out to you tomorrow morning.  Just waiting for one more to come in


24th June 2018

Morning all,

In the pairs' competitions played on Wednesday, the following got through to the semi finals to be played on 12th September:


     Bobby Allen and Pete Dempsey (White Lion

     Eddie Gordon and Phil Allen (White Lion)

     Doug Revitt and Brian Gough (White Lion)

     Keith Harris and Pete McCarron (Pheasant Inn)


     Dave Crook and Mich Crook (Nut Tree)

     Ray Rowe and James Harkness (Bell Bicester)

     Martin Pratley and Richard Cooper (Nut Tree)

     Joe Young and Ashley Young (Ashton Club)


     Terry Hawkins abd Andy Draper (Barley Mow)

     Tony Nichols and Pete Stammers (Shakespeare)

     Martin Wanless and Keith Vickers (Shakespeare)

     Ian Cantwell and Roger Herbert (Red Cow)


     Trevor Wood and Jim Harris (Harrison)

     Daryl Merry and Craig Merry (White Horse A)

     Robert Taylor and Graham Bradley (Chandos Arms)

     John Plested and Alex Plested (Butchers Arms)

Because of the lack of entries in divisions five and six, the following go straight through to the finals on 21st September.


     Toby Reynolds and Damian Carter (Plough A)

     Nick Cherry and Michael Chapman (Bull Inn B)


     Tessa Mills and Caroline Dunn (Black Bull Divas)

     Adam Bourne and Lewis Wilson (Plough Casuals)

Congratulations to them all and congratulations also to Steve Golder (Black Bull A), John Raynor (Bull Inn A) and Lee Mason (Brill S&SC A) for hitting a six.  Well done chaps.

Many thanks to the pubs and clubs who hosted those events.  We'll be back!

“The Steve Huntley Memorial Shield” singles competition. 

The draw for this competition, to be played on Wednesday 11th July has been made and is as follows.  

17th June 2018

Morning all,

Is this game getting easier or what?  Five sixers this week - yet I still can't get anywhere near one!

The Highfield put up a great home performance against a previously in-form Pheasant team.  The visitors set in every leg, but the Highfield's anchorman, Brian Causby, came to the rescue.  OK, he didn't have a chance in the first leg, needing seven just to draw.  In the second, it was a case of one to draw, two to win.  He showed off a bit and got three!.  In the last leg, with the cheeks twitching, he got the one required to snatch a 2-1 victory (22-21).  John Chapman's ten for the Pheasant was all in vain.

In the top of the table clash, the home side, White Lion, pulled another point away, winning 2-1 against the Crown.  The visitors set 19 in the first leg but not enough as the home side raced on to 28 (with a blob in it too!).  The White Lion went in again and racked up a decent 25 and, despite a six from Tony Launchbury, the Crown got another 19.  Chasing just 18 in the third leg, it was touch and go for the visitors with anchorman Terry Bagnall needing two to win.  The first one wasn't a problem but, the winner?  He got it with his last stick! 

Black Bull A kept up their challenge at the top - despite not scoring well, they also got a 2-1 win away at Brill Sports Club with Kevin Powney getting 11.

Black Bull B, with four blobs, could only muster 11 in their first leg but came back strongly in the next two (26 and 20) to secure a 2-1 win at home against Muddy Duck.  Rob Owens top scored with 13, including his first six of the season.  Ben Harris also chipped in with 11.  Chris Hartwell and Dave Reast got 11 apiece for the visitors.

The Ex Services continued their winning streak and remain at the top of Division Two with a 3-0 home victory against a previously threatening Brill Sports Club A.  Lee Mason hit 10 for the visitors but could only manage 3 in the third leg when needing 4 to draw, 5 to win.

Bull Inn A are having a good season and won 3-0 very comfortably at home against a struggling Ashton Club.  The star of the show was Carl Edgington, hitting 12, including his first six of the season and taking him to the top of the Division Two doll scorers.

Despite not scoring very well this week, the Red Cow still conjured up a 2-1 away win at the Barley Mow - and with a bye in their next league fixture and 3 points going their way, they're sitting quite comfortably at the top of Division Three.

With Neil Brock back in the fold, playing his second league game of the season and hitting his second consecutive 9, the Red Lion Islip have started to pick up some much needed points - a 2-1 over the Barley Mow moving them up a couple of places.

The shock result of the week must surely be The Harrison's 3-0 at previously top of the table, Chandos Arms.  A Division Four match with two sixes in it!  Robert Taylor with one in his 11 for the home side but the star has got to be Trevor Wood whose 11 for the visitors included a six - and then, in the resulting three-sticker for that leg, he knocked off three to win the leg - nine consecutive!  Well done Trevor.  Sophie Thomson also did herself proud with 8.

Although not scoring too well this week, the White Horse A still managed a 3-0 at home against Fountain A to jump up into second place - and, with their "bye" week next time round, they, too, are threatening for that top spot.

It's getting tight at the top of Division Five - three of them on 12 points apiece. Fox Souldern beat the KEA Club 3-0 and jump above them on dolls scored.  Bull Inn B also notched up a 3-0 to give them 12 points too.

But what about this one!  The Fountain B, who scored ten in every leg, won 3-0 at home to near neighbours, Crown Twyford who scored nine in every leg!  Paul Symonds, anchorman for the Fountain, came to the rescue, getting the winners in two of the legs.  Gotta feel a little sorry for Jim Whitemore - he scored 13 (5, 3, 5) of the Crown's 27 dolls and still lost!

In Division Six, Eight Bells' new player, Antony Tinson, scored 9 but still not enough to prevent his side going down 2-1 at the Bull & Butcher A.

Here's another strange one!  Visitors, Plough Casuals set a decent 13 in the first leg - a few too many for the Divas who got zero apiece!  Yes they all blobbed!  They came good and made up for it though!  In the next two legs the Casuals set 4 each time; fairly achievable for the ladies.  They got 5 and 8 and won by two legs to one.

This week's sixers - Tony Launchbury, Rob Owens, Carl Edgington, Robert Taylor and Trevor Wood.  Well done chaps.

    Phil Allen


10th June 2018

Back from holiday and now back to the drawing board!

In a very tight tussle against the Black Bull A, the Crown, Charlton on Otmoor got the better of that one by two legs to one and, as a result, go above them in the league table.  Chasing 20 in the first leg, Crown's anchorman, Terry Bagnall, needed two to draw, three to win.  His four saw them safely home.  Tables were turned in the second leg.  The Crown set 19 and, this time, Kevin Powney needed three to draw, four to win.  He got the four.  A "decent" set of 21 by the Black Bull in the third leg, was nowhere near enough.  The visitors had 12 on the board from the first four and then managed another 14 from the tail end - a total of 26.  Norman Brock and Kevin Powney hit 11 apiece for the Black Bull whilst the Crown had four into double figures - Terry Bagnall with 12 and Matty Hillsdon, Jeremy and Tony Launchbury all with ten each. 

The White Lion came away from the Muddy Duck with all three points.  Francis Hillier, in his total of ten, got his third six of the season with Pete Dempsey, scoring 12, hot on his heels with his second six in consecutive league games.  Bobby Allen also got ten dolls.

The Pheasant still top division one with a 2-1 victory over Black Bull B - Dave Morris hitting ten for the winners.

Brill S&SC B were unable to get sufficient players together so had to concede their match with the Highfield.

The Ex Services march on at the top of division two with a 2-1 win against the then bottom of the table, the Ashton Club.  John Weller knocking off ten dolls for the Ex's.  That one leg for the Ashton helped them get off the bottom as the Prince of Wales went down 3-0 to the Nut Tree - who completely reversed the order of their team; it worked though!

The Bull Inn A, with a 3-0 over the Bell - and 54 dolls to go along with it (Robert Edgington having another terrific week, getting 12 of them), have leapfrogged into second place. 

Kerry Wilce hit 10 for The Lion but they still went down 2-1 away at Brill S&SC A.

With Liam Fisher and Liam Merchant hitting nine apiece for the Red Cow, they pulled away at the top of division three, claiming all three legs against the Shakespeare whilst the White Horse B, in second place, lost 2-1 at home to the Red Lion Islip.  Neil Brock, playing his first game of the season, responded with nine for the Red Lion, as did Anthony Dandridge.

In a very tight top of the table clash in division four, the Butchers Arms were victorious by two legs to one against the visiting Chandos Arms.  Could have been all three legs had anchorman, John Plested, got one more doll in the first leg,  As it was, it was tied on 16 each and the Chandos won the three sticker.

The White Horse A are having a bit of an indifferent season.  At The Harrison on Wednesday, they conjured up a 3-0 victory, hitting 46 dolls in the process, Andy Brock getting nine of them

With eleven dolls from Graham Howard, the White Hart earned themselves a 2-1 win at home against Fountain A.

The Crown Twyford are progressively getting their game together.  With 37 dolls (Matt Smith getting nine of them) and two legs against the Fox Souldern, they've now jumped above them into second place.

At home, the Fountain B, hitting 34 dolls, got themselves a much needed 3 points and have jumped above their opponents, the Plough Marsh Gibbon A.

Sixers - Francis Hillier and Pete Dempsey.


    Phil Allen


4th June 2018

The draws for the pairs competitions (to be played on 20th June) and the various cup semi finals (to be played on 22nd August) were made last night and are shown below.  In the pairs we are ensuring no-one is playing on their home patch (or pitch!).



31st May 2018

As you know, the league is sponsored this year by Lodge Garage at Kingswood and they are offering a 15% discount (by means of a voucher) on any combined service and MOT, to the league's selected "Player of the Month".  To them, we are most grateful for their very kind gesture.

It's not easy to select who that should be, but, with the end of the calendar month just a day away, a decision has to be made.  It has been based on player experience (how long he or she's been playing), the division and opposition they're up against and what they've achieved in the month's league fixtures. 

According to our player stats going back to 2009, Robert Taylor of the Chandos Arms has never played the game before - yet, in the two league fixtures he's taken part in so far, he has hit 19 dolls.  So he gets the award for the month of May.  Well done Robert. 

Others who were in consideration and really deserve a mention are:

·  Premier Division - Francis Hillier - with 33 dolls from 3 games, including two sixes.

·  Division Two - Robert Edgington - 30 from 3, including a six and Eddie Jones with 28 from 3, also with a six.

·  Division Three - Robbie Walsh - 27 from 3, with a six.

·  Division Five - Nick Cherry - 23 dolls in three games.

·  Division Six - Billy Widdowson - scored 15 in just two games.

Well done to all.


Phil Allen


28th May 2018

Morning all, here we go again!  I can't foresee this edition being anywhere near as long as last week's!

The highlight this week is probably the number of sixes we got - five of them.  The game must be getting easier - yet I can't get anywhere near one!

The White Lion redeemed themselves after their shock defeat the previous week.  A 3-0 victory and seventy dolls against a stubborn Black Bull B side included sixes from Francis Hillier (his second this season in just four league games) and Pete Dempsey, who finished with 13.

In the Brill derby, the Pheasant got the better of the Sports Club, winning all three legs and hitting 62 dolls in the process, with Keith Harris getting a commendable 12.

The Crown managed to pull themselves together and get over the previous week's blip, winning 3-0 at home against the Highfield.  Callum Cooper, with a six in his 11 dolls, was still not the star of the show for the Crown - Matty Hillsdon got 12!  Not to be outdone by his team mate Andy Lincoln the previous week, Matty Huntley also achieved the "three blobs" accolade!

The Muddy Duck were not up to their normal standard but, somehow, at home, managed to pinch a leg off the Black Bull A.  The visitors had already comfortably won the first two legs but set just 12 in the third.  And, with no Dave Reast as anchorman, it was down to Malcolm Skuce to get the one to draw, two to win.  Bearing in mind his previous two legs were blobs, this wasn't going to be easy!  He managed the two to pinch that leg.

There were a few moans and groans at the start of the season when the Ex Services were elevated to Division Two, but it now seems to have been the right decision.  They top the table with an average of 16 a leg.  On Wednesday they overcame The Lion very comfortably - 3-0.  John Weller appears to be back on form, hitting 12 in the process.  Near neighbours, the Bell, aren't going to let them get too far ahead, getting the better of their game against the Ashton Club by 2-1.  James Harkness got himself into double figures with ten.

I did warn you last week that Rob Edgington's back to his best!  Another 11 this week - including a six - helped the Bull Inn A to a 2-1 victory at the Nut Tree and to leapfrog them in the table.

Into Division Three and the Red Cow have dropped their first leg of the season.  On a very cold and windy evening at Ludgershall, they only set 7 - and the home side (Bull and Butcher B) only just managed to get the required 8.  Liam Fisher came out of the Red Cow's eventual 2-1 victory with some credit, hitting 10 dolls.

The White Horse B passed last week's dope test with flying colours - another one this week?!  A 3-0 win and 44 dolls against the Barley Mow takes them up to second in the table!  Robbie Walsh was "man of the match", hitting 11, including a six.

Others who appear to be having a decent start to the season, Tom Gadsby hit 10 for Chearsley Cricketers and Robert Taylor 11 for Chandos Arms.  Well done chaps.

Could I ask, please - on the result card, to assist with reports for the newspaper and the website, teams are asked to annotate in the empty box at the top of each leg, which team sets for that leg.  I can then work it out.

Next weekend, I'll be going away for a week.  So, to allow me to get this coming Wednesday's cup results published before I go, could you please get them to me almost as soon as the game's finished - by email or text message.  Thanks.




20th May 2018

Well, where do I start?  Quite an eventful week, certainly in the top division.

Apologies 'cos it's a rather lengthy report this week.  Blame it on the Royal Wedding; it's a case of watching that or writing my report - no contest, is there?

I'll start at the White Lion because I was involved in that one and know a bit more about it!

The Pheasant have the ability to take points off the top teams, and we knew that right from the start.  But their first set of 17 should be beaten by a team of the White Lion's calibre.  But it wasn't to be!  With just 5 on the board from the first four players, there was plenty to do.  Eddie Gordon and Francis Hillier - with 4 apiece - made it much more achievable.  But the last two, Phil Allen and Brian Gough, couldn't even manage four between them to force it into a three sticker.  One leg to the Pheasant.  A bit different in the second leg.  With a six from Dougie Revitt and a 5 and a 4 from Eddie and Francis, the White Lion set a massive 29; the visitors, a bit disheartened, couldn't get anywhere near it.

One leg each, so the third leg was crucial to the reigning champions.  A decent set of 20 by the Pheasant made it interesting (and worrying for the home side!).  Not a good start (6 from the first four) and the tail didn't wag either; the home side could only manage 15.  2-1 to the Pheasant.

Despite the defeat, Eddie Gordon and Francis Hiller (with 11 apiece) deserve some credit, as does Dougie Revitt for his six.

A very good result for the visitors!  They're a great bunch of lads and, on the night, deserved their victory.  Well done chaps.  

A similar story at the Black Bull where the B team gained a 2-1 win over their A team rivals.

The A team set in the first leg and only managed 16.  Nowhere near enough to beat their opponents - who really were up for it!  They got 23.  

The B team set 18 in the second leg.  Easily achievable for their opponents you’d think.  But not on this occasion - two nil to the B team.

It was almost 3-0 but Kevin Powney came to the rescue in the third leg.  With a 5 from Rob Owens and a 4 from Chris McKechnie, the B team set a decent 20.  Despite a 5 from lead-off man, Karl Budd, it was still down to anchorman Kev, to either get 4 for a 3 sticker or, even better, get the 5 for the leg and salvage some pride.  He was in the very same situation in the second leg but didn't manage it that time around - but you really shouldn't give Kevin a second chance.  He did it this time, he got the 5.  Rob Owens with 12 and Chris McKechnie (11) did the B team proud.  Karl Budd's and Kevin Powney's ten apiece and Steve Payne 's nine weren't enough to gain anything other than a single leg for the A team.

The evening's greatest achievement must surely go to Brill Sports Club A who, with just seven players, walloped a normally good Crown team 3-0.  OK, the scores weren't brilliant (13-12, 12-9, 14-12) but it's still a much needed three points for the Sports Club.

Before I leave the top divisions, credit where credit is due!  I said earlier "The evening's greatest achievement must surely go to Brill Sports Club A".  I think I need to change that!  It's got to go to Andy Lincoln who, somehow, managed to "score" three blobs!  And it didn't do a great deal for his team who went down 2-1 at home to the Muddy Duck.

In Division Two, The Lion, playing their first home game of the season - on their new pitch - secured a 3-0 win against the Ashton Club, as did the Bell against visitors, the Nut Tree.  Darren Lodge was the star of that show with 10.

The Ex Services now top that division after their 3-0 triumph over the Prince of Wales.  The first two legs were pretty close (18-16 and 17-14) but a set of 24 by the Ex's demoralised the visitors who could only muster eight.  In the second leg, it was down to anchorman Eddie Jones to come up with 3 to draw, 4 to win; and yes, he knocked off the first four - and then went on to get the next two as well!  His first six of the season - but probably not his last!.  Well done Eddie.  Bill Mellis with ten, John Weller and Phil Evans (9) also contributed greatly to that victory.

Rob Edgington's back to his best!  His eleven helped the Bull Inn A to overcome Brill Sports Club A by two legs to one.

What's going on at the Red Cow?  They travelled along thew A34 to the Red Lion Islip and maintained their 100% record with a 3-0 victory.  

We've got a dope test going on at the White Horse!  Their B team won 3-0 away at Chearsley Cricketers with Baz Bazile hitting a five in their second leg set of 20.  Not surprising at all is that they've all passed the test with flying colours!  Darren Vythelingum's 11 was all in vain and not enough to earn the Cricketers any points.

Red Lion Finmere got a welcome two legs to one victory over the Harrison with the help of Trevor Jones's ten dolls.  They still remain rooted to the bottom of the table though.

A good evening was had by all at the Plough Marsh Gibbon.  Their A team, in Division Five, overcame the threat of the Bull Inn B by two legs to one.  Despite being on the losing side, Nick Cherry starred with nine - he also got a six in practice but, as everyone knows, "you don't get anything for a six in practice - not in this game!"

Sixers - Doug Revitt and Eddie Jones.

Blobber - Andy Lincoln.

REMINDER - Completed pairs entry forms need to be returned (with the money) to the secretary by next Sunday, the 27th.


11th May 2018

Morning all,

The results of Wednesday's cup matches have been updated.

No real shocks but there were a few close encounters.

In the Hook Norton Brewery League Cup, at Brill Sports Club, long distance travellers, The Pheasant, came out on top of a tight match.  With it tightly poised at a leg apiece, the visitors won the third on a three sticker.

In what, I've been informed, was another close one, the Muddy Duck won 2-1 at the Bell.

In the Intermediate Cup, the Red Cow from Chesterton maintained their 100% start to the season - not dropped a leg yet - with a 2-0 win at the Red Lion Finmere.  Roger Herbert deserves a mention, hitting a 5 and a 4 in his two throws.  He hasn't even managed that over three legs in his first two league games!  Well done.

In the Supplementary Cup, two fantastic achievements. How about this?  Division Six side, Plough Marsh Gibbon Casuals hit 41 dolls (14, 15, 12) in their 2-1 victory over the Royal Oak who, themselves, came up with a winning 16 for the second leg.  Brian McCann with 10 and Chris Mills with 9 starred for the winners.

The Black Bull Divas have had a relatively good start to the season, winning three legs in their two league games and then beating local rivals, Bull Inn B, 2-0 in the cup.  Going for the double?  Promotion and cup winners?!  Keep it up, well done.

The draws for the next rounds were done last night and are shown below:



7th May 2018

Morning all,

In what a few of the players described as "the best match they've ever played in", the Black Bull A beat the White Lion 2-1, with both teams knocking off 68 dolls.  There were a few stars for the Black Bull side but Billy Atwell, with 12, has to take the honour.  For the White Lion, Bobby Allen also got 12 and Francis Hillier got a six in his total of 11.  Oh by the way, those comments mentioned earlier, obviously came from Black Bull players!  But to be fair, it was a great match to be involved in - competitive but still very friendly.

That result makes it rather tight at the top of the Premier - but, hang on, we've only played two games!

In Division One last week, Brill Sports Club had a bit of a weakened side and went down 3-0; this week with, what must be considered to be their strongest, they scored a decent 49 dolls but still lost 2-1 at the Muddy Duck.  Ian Houghton in his first game of the season, hit 12 for the Sports Club but couldn't match Jon Woodman's 12 - 'cos he got a six!

The Highfield got the better of their match against the Black Bull B, winning 3-0 and totalling 57 dolls - Lee Wanless hitting 11.

Another team to improve on their dolls tally from last week were the Nut Tree.  Last week it was just 35 and this week in their Division Two match at the Ashton Club, they totalled 53, claimed all three points and now top the table.  Richard Cooper top scored with 9, as he did last week.

Carl Edgington knocked off 12 but his team, the Bull Inn A, still went down 2-1 at home against the Ex Services - Bill Mellis got 10 for them.

Good to see the Shakespeare back in the league.  Won 2-1 last week, lost by the same score against the White Horse B this week.  Keith Vickers, playing for the Shakey, got himself a six while Danny Dyer excelled himself with 9!

The Red Cow Chesterton maintained their 100% start to the season - and are pretty consistent with it - with a 3-0 victory over Chearsley Cricketers, scoring 44 dolls as they did last week.  Their third leg, with 12 apiece, went to a three sticker - and the Red Cow set 13.  Peter Gibb with ten and Ian Cantwell's nine contributed greatly to their victory.  

In Division Five, the first two legs of the Plough A's game against the KEA Club went to three stickers - and, with all three of them doing the same last week, they had five consecutive three stickers!  Some sort of record?  They lost the first two this week but won the third leg.

The match between Crown Twyford (good to have you back after a four year absence!) and the Bull Inn B also achieved two three stickers - in fact, one of those went on to a one sticker.  The Bull won both of those but lost the other leg.  Nick Cherry's eight helped them to victory.

In Division Six, the Black Bull Divas were close to getting their second victory of the season.  But up pops Lee Savidge with a five in the last leg (eight in total) to give the Safari Garden a 2-1 triumph.

Sixers - Francis Hillier, Jon Woodman, Keith Vickers.

Although I want the result cards as soon as I can, I've just found out that if a photograph of the card is text to me on my phone, I'm having to pay for it.  If at all possible, would you please send it to my email address.  Thank you.

Lastly, the Bull Inn, Launton are holding a charity afternoon on Sunday 13th May in aid of Muscular Dystrophy UK and it includes an aunt sally competition - from memory of last year's, there are two competitions (one for novices and the other for league players).  All are invited.



29th April 2018

Morning all,

In typical, true to form, beginning of the season aunt sally weather, our summer league got under way on Wednesday - with almost a shock for the reigning champions (the White Lion) in their very first leg.  At home against newly promoted Highfield Social Club, they set a respectable 23 - but the visitors, aiming for 3 a man, started off with five consecutive threes and looked on course to to get the remaining 9 to clinch the leg.  But, with a single one and then two threes, they fell just one short of getting themselves a three sticker.  Nigel Wakelin with 12 was the White Lion's saviour.

On Tuesday evening, just 24 hours before the start of the season, I received an email from the Swan, Grendon Underwood stating they'd have to withdraw from the league.  This was to be their first attempt at aunt sally and were truly up for it!  But, in their defence, they had only just received notification from the brewery that they'd be closing the pub in early May - believed to be for urgent repairs to the roof.  Not clear yet if it's permanent or just temporarily.  So, apologies to those teams in Division Six - you're now down to just five teams, meaning you'll all get three byes throughout the season.  It's not the Swan's fault by any means but if I had known earlier, I may have been able to rearrange something.

Steve Payne, in his first competitive match for the Black Bull A, scored 10 as did Karl 'Sticky' Budd - who also got a six in the beer leg.  But, as a few experienced last season, you don't get anything for a six in this leg!

In Division Two, the Ex Services, travelled across the road to near neighbours the Bell, and were obviously not used to playing outside in the elements.  OK, they did manage a 2-1 victory but their scores were not up to their usual standards - Eddie Jones the only one with a reasonable score of 9.  Despite ten from Colin Stocker and nine from Malcolm Hodges, the Prince of Wales still went down 2-1 at home against the Ashton Club.

The White Horse A had a terrible season last year and were eventually relegated to Division Four.  In their first game, at home against fellow relegation candidates Red Lion Finmere, scores of 16, 17 and 16 gave them a comfortable 3-0 victory - Andy Brock knocking off ten and Pete Bunce with a nine.

The match between Plough Marsh Gibbon A and the Fox Souldern produced three drawn legs (9, 8 and 10) with the Plough coming up trumps, winning two of the three three stickers.


John Hall's nine in Division Five ensured the KEA Club won 3-0 at the Bull Inn B but nine for John Clutterbuck in Division Six was not enough for the Eight Bells to beat the Bull and Butcher A; they went down 2-1.

How about some better weather next Wednesday, please?!



20th April 2018

Morning all,

The draws for the various knockout cup competitions were made last night and are shown on the fixtures page.


We don’t like postponements, for whatever reason, because it is so difficult to fit in the rearranged game.  If it really is necessary, it must be mutually agreed by both captains and the secretary must be notified as soon as possible.  There is no excuse for it to be left until the afternoon of the match, as we had a few times last season, it should have been dealt with days or even weeks beforehand. 


In this day and age, with all the technology about, there should be no reason for not submitting the results and getting them in on time.  At the AGM last year it was agreed that “if the result is not received within 7 days of the game being played, then both teams will lose points.” 
That was implemented last season and will again this season, if necessary.
This, of course, will also punish the losing team; so, let me suggest that (although the rules state the winning captain is responsible for submitting the result) both teams keep a record or take a photograph of the scores.  An emailed photograph of the card or the score board are also acceptable. 


Teams may register new players just by including the name(s) on the match card and marking it with an asterisk (*).  There is no need to ring or email the secretary about this.   New registrations are not allowed after the halfway point of the league fixtures – let’s put a date on it, 30th June.

Also please write full names on the weekly result cards; it may not be possible for the secretary to identify players from nicknames etc.  No player may play for more than one team in any season.  Any team found breaking this rule will forfeit any points gained for that match.


The entry forms for the singles, pairs and four-a-side competitions have already been sent out.  Please get them completed and back to me (with money) by the dates stated on the forms.



19th April 2018

Morning all,

One week to go and then we’re off!  The fixture list you should be using is the one on the 'Fixtures' page.

If you haven’t got your result cards yet, don’t panic.  I’ll get them to you before next Wednesday.

If there’s anything else you need, let me know.  I may be able to help.

And another reminder.  Keith Skinner’s funeral is also next Wednesday at 12.00 at Banbury Crematorium.  There is another one on that same day - a good friend of many of the Fox Souldern players; so their game against Plough Marsh Gibbon A has been postponed.



8th April 2018

Morning all,

Have been informed that the funeral of our former treasurer, Keith Skinner, will be on Wednesday 25th April at 12 o’clock at Banbury Crematorium.



2nd April 2018

Here we go then!  The fixtures list is the one to go by.  I did hear earlier in the week that another pub (Fox and Hounds at Ardley) would like to join us; but, I've only just been able to get in touch with the landlord and, whilst it is true "he would like to join us", it's not going to be practical for this season - they've only been in the pub for about five weeks, don't have any aunt sally equipment, and, more importantly, don't have any players.  So the league will remain as per the fixtures list.


If you have any queries, or any requirements, please give me a shout.




31st March 2018

Sorry ladies and gents, some more sad news.

Just had a call from Keith Skinner’s wife to say he passed away during the night.  She did ask me to let you all know.  Will let you know more details as and when I get it.

While I’m on here let me remind you that Kevin Nelson’s funeral is at St Edburg’s church on Tuesday morning at 11 o’clock.



26th March 2018 - Summer League

Morning all,

Edition 2 of the fixtures list is attached.  I've had a request from a team in Division Six.  To enable them to enter the four a side competition (and they don't enter the singles), I've changed the fixtures in that division for weeks 11 July, 18 July and 1st August.  They're the only changes.



26th March 2018 - Summer League

Here we go then!  The summer season is just over four weeks away.

The fixtures list is attached.  I've cast my eagle eye over it a few times and can't find any clashes for those pubs with two teams.  Please read, study and inwardly digest and let me know if there is anything untoward.

I was hoping a couple of months ago to have 45 teams but the Nightingale and the Crown Gawcott have not been able to get enough players - so they won't be partaking.

Division Six will have just six teams again, playing each other three times; but, this season, they won't have to start a week early because I've fitted a league match in when the four a side competition takes place (1st August).

Although the Shakespeare will be a new team, they've been placed in Division Three because there will be four 'decent' players amongst them.

If anyone needs anything, don;t be afraid to give me a shout.  I may have it!



25th March 2018

Morning all,

Sadly, the season has now come to an end. Hope it's been an enjoyable one for you all!

As we discussed at the AGM way back at the end of September, the teams within the league are getting much stronger and the results throughout the season were expected to be much tighter.  That proved to be the case with the Ex Services leading the way, gaining themselves 101 points compared to last year's 70.  The Misfits appear to be on the downward slope, with a leg average and points score much lower than last season's!

One good thing about it is that the trophies were spread around a bit - five different teams won something.  Well done!

On the whole, it's a terrific night out with great company and a very friendly atmosphere.

Congratulations to the following winners and commiserations to those who didn't quite make it!

- DRD Roofing League Champions - Misfits

- Knockout Cup - Ex Services

- Two-and-a-half pairs - Ex Services

- Triples - Martin Wanless, Paul Giles and Dicker Butler (Black Bull)

- Pairs - John Hudson and Tony Launchbury (Crown)

- Singles - Norman Brock (Unwanted)

- Top Doll Scorer - Bill Mellis (Ex Services)

I know I said it at the Finals Night last night, but, once again, many thanks to Keith Lennard for ensuring everything was set up on each match day.



20th March 2018

Morning all,

It was with great sadness that I heard recently that Kevin Nelson (ex Highfield player) passed away.  I have been asked to inform you all that his funeral will be at St Edburg’s church on Tuesday 3rd April at 11 o’clock.



19th March 2018 - INDOOR LEAGUE

Afternoon all,

Recently I've had to change from my broken down PC to a laptop, using an older version of Excel.  I've just had it pointed out to me that, in the league tables, some of the formulae and calculations have not been working properly.  They've now been corrected.


18th March 2018 - INDOOR LEAGUE

Morning all,

Last Wednesday's results are attached.  With that being the last league games of the season, the league champions (once again) are the Misfits and the Top Doll Scorer is Bill Mellis.  Well done gents.

The encouraging fact is that the standard is improving - every team has an average of above 9 dolls per leg; that's over 50%.  Well done.  Only the Misfits and the Ashton Club achieved that last season.

Jed Launchbury was the star of the show on Wednesday.  He got a six in his first match (we'll forget the blob he got in the next leg!), and then went on to get 14 (5, 5, 4) in his next.  Well done Jed.

This coming Wednesday is Finals Night - starting at the normal time and to be played in the following order:


  • Two and a half pairs knockout - Misfits v Ex Services
  • Knockout Cup - Black Bull v Ex Services
  • Triples - Martin Wanless, Paul Giles and Dickie Butler v Billy Atwell, Doug Revitt and Brian Gough
  • Pairs - John Hudson and Tony Launchbury v John Lehane and Terry Bagnall
  • Singles - Norman Brock v Phil Allen



1st March 2018 - INDOOR LEAGUE

Just been comparing the tables with those at the same time last year and, looking at the averages, last year there was only one team with an average above 9.00.  This year, everyone's up there.  Well done, it's getting better.

Next week it's 2.5 pairs week!  The draw is as follows:


  • 7.45pm on Pitch One it's Ashton Club v Bell
  • 7.45pm Pitch Two Ex Services v Crown
  • 8.20pm Pitch One Misfits v White Horse
  • 8.20pm Pitch Two Unwanted v Black Bull



25th February 2018 - INDOOR LEAGUE

All the latest results/stats have been updated

9th February 2018 - INDOOR LEAGUE

Some great individual scores once again; Bill Mellis and Brian Gough both hit 23 (12 and 11 on each occasion), but top scorer of the evening goes to Darren Lodge with 24 (13 and 11) - well done chaps!

Sixers - Bill Mellis (his second of the season) and Tony Launchbury; well done!



2nd February 2018 - INDOOR LEAGUE

Wednesday night's results are updated.

Spare a thought for the Unwanted; turned up with a full side (!), scored a total of 82 dolls (including a leg of 18 and three of 14), and still only managed three points (won one leg and a draw).  Trevor Wood hit 21 dolls (an 11 and a ten), and Keith Lennard weighed in with 20 (9 and 11).  Well done chaps, keep smiling!



29th January 2018

The minutes of the AGM are now available on the AGM page.

22nd January 2018 - INDOOR LEAGUE

Morning all,

Congratulations to the Black Bull representatives (Paul Giles, Martin Wanless and Allan Moon) who won their way through to the final where they will meet the Misfits triple of Brian Gough, Billy Atwell and Dougie Revitt.  Well done chaps.

Don't forget the summer league AGM this coming Thursday (25th), starting at 8 o'clock at the Ex Services.



12th January 2018 - SUMMER LEAGUE

Morning all,

Just had a thought - doesn't happen very often!

I've never issued the league rules (although they can be seen on our website).  With the AGM coming up shortly, I reckon you should have a chance to ponder over them.  If you feel there's anything which needs changing, please don't leave it 'til the meeting; let me know beforehand.



12th January 2018 - INDOOR LEAGUE

Morning all,

Wednesday's results are updated..  

Are the Misfits losing the plot?!  Last week's 10 point lead has been reduced to just 5 !  The Ex's are closing in rapidly !

Congratulations to Bill Mellis with a total of 26 on the night.  Eleven against the Misfits in his first match, followed by a terrific 15 (including a six) against the Unwanted.  Well done Bill.

Martin Wanless also did himself proud with an 11 and a 10 - well done!


9th January - SUMMER LEAGUE

Morning all and a Happy New Year to you.

Here we go again, preparations for the summer aunt sally season are about to begin - in fact, they've already started in my house!

Our Annual General Meeting will be held at the Ex Services Club in Bicester on Thursday 25th January, commencing at 8 o'clock.  A copy of the agenda is attached; no different from any other year but, let me please ask that, if you have anything to raise which may require some consideration or research from me, let me know about it beforehand.

Most of you will be able to work out which division your team is likely to be in but, just remember, it's not a foregone conclusion - it really depends on how many entries we get.  I also had it pointed out to me last year that, where a "lower" side signs a much better class of player - ie from a higher division - that is very likely to improve the team's average.  And, as a consequence, it may mean that that team should be in a higher division.  I've been asked to look at completed registration forms when received, and, if this should occur, calculate the gaining team's average and consider whether that team should be "promoted" - and, likewise I guess, if the team losing that player should drop down.  A bit more work!  Anyway, I'd like views on that - before the meeting if you wish.

If you - or your team - are not going to be involved this coming season, would you please let me know.  Likewise, if anyone knows of another pub/club who wishes to join us (or increase their number of teams), please let me know.

That's it for now.  I could well be in touch before the meeting - depends on what else comes to mind!



6th January 2018 - INDOOR LEAGUE

Morning all and a Happy New Year to you.

Back in the swing of things again, the results for Wednesday's games are now available.



15th December - INDOOR LEAGUE

Wednesday's results and other updated material are AVAILABLE ON THE "Indoor" page..

We have a sixer this week - Allan Moon of the Black Bull.  Well done to him.

No more indoor aunt sally til after Christmas so, have a good one and the very best for the New Year.


30th November - INDOOR LEAGUE

Who are going to be “CROWN”ed this year’s pairs champions (pun intended!)?

John Lehane and Terry Bagnall (believe it or not, they’re from the Crown!) will meet their team mates John Hudson and Tony Launchbury in the final. Well done chaps.

Don’t forget, there are no games next week.



27th November - INDOOR LEAGUE

Sorry, a little later with the results this week.  Have been in Cornwall for a well earned break!  Actually, while I was down there (on Thursday), I got a call from the Chairman of the Ex Services; the club wish to use the hall for a party on Wednesday 6th December, if at all possible.  With no aunt sally paperwork to hand, I agreed for them to do so and that we would put our fixtures back a week.  Hope it doesn't upset players' plans too much!

The new fixture list (marked Second Edition), along with last week's results, is attached.



17th November - INDOOR LEAGUE

Last week I entered Bill Mellis's scores incorrectly in the Ex Services match against the Black Bull.  Consequently, the team's total scores in that match would have been wrong too.  All amended now.

Well done this week to Dave Reast with 23 (taking him to top doll scorer) and Dave Futter with 21.


11th November - INDOOR LEAGUE

Very well done to both Dave Wheeler who hit the first six of the indoor season and to Darren Moore on a terrific 23 for the evening (11 in his first match and then 12 in the next).


3rd November - INDOOR LEAGUE
This weeks Results and Stats are now available

1st November - INDOOR LEAGUE
Wednesday's results and other updated statistics are now available
 - apologies for the delay

21st October 2017 - INDOOR LEAGUE

Results, tables and stats are now available by clicking in the "Indoor" button on the left.

19th October 2017 - INDOOR LEAGUE

Morning all,

Last night's results are updated.

Certainly going to be more competitive this season.  497 dolls scored last night compared to just 410 on the first night of last season.

And it looked as though everyone was enjoying himself/herself - and that's what it's all about!



2nd October

Morning all,

The minutes of The Indoor League AGM can be found on our AGM Page.I have also produced the first edition of the fixtures list. Use the INDOOR button on the left. If there are any problems or mistakes, please let me know.



23rd September

Afternoon all,

Sorry it's late but I was in no fit state to send last night's results out this morning!  I needed to wind down a bit anyway.

Sadly that's it for this season. 

Finals Night Results are on our Results page.

I'll be in touch early in the new year.



16th September

Evening all,

My goodness, another mistake!  Must be an age thing!  Or too much alcoholic medicine!

On the format for finals night I had down for the Intermediate Cup, Chandos Arms against the Barley Mow; that was the Plate final last night!  The Cup final on Friday night should read Prince of Wales v Bull & Butcher B.

16th September

Afternoon all,

A few previously postponed league games were played this week; the league tables and individual scores have been updated.

Also played this week were the Four a Side, Pairs and Singles semi finals, and the Plate finals.  The results of those are also attached.

The season is drawing to a close, with the Finals Night being held at the Black Bull, Launton on Friday.  The format for the evening is attached.

Please ensure there is someone in attendance to collect trophies (a list is attached to the format).  They will not be delivered.



16th September

Oops, further to my email earlier - I got it wrong AGAIN!

For some reason, I thought we only had six teams last year - but it was 8.

Launton Sports Club have dropped out - down to seven; White Horse and Crown - that's nine.  Can't do that.  We'll have to discuss it at the meeting.



16th September

The Bicester Indoor League AGM will be held at the Ex Services Club on Wednesday 27th September starting at 7.30 pm.  Hope to see you there.

If you know of any team which is not going to be taking part, or any new teams who want to enter, please let me know.  I am aware that the Crown (Charlton on Otmoor) and the White Horse A want to join, and Launton Sports Club have withdrawn.  So seven teams at the moment - could do with another.



11th September 2017

Good morning,

Apologies for being a little late with last week's results - had a bit of trouble getting all the cards in!  Anyway, now got them, so here goes!

The runners up spot in the Premier is still not clear cut.  It looks very much like it's going to the Crown A who have a rearranged fixture at the Bull Inn tomorrow night (Tuesday).  There you are, I've now put the "commentator's curse" on it!

Despite a "captain's innings" from Ged Mills (11 dolls), Black Bull B went down 3-0 to the White Lion A; but they're still crowned Division One champions as the Muddy Duck did likewise away at the Crown.

In their first season in the league, The Pheasant made sure they finished in top spot in Division Two with a 3-0 home victory against Bull Inn B.  Paul Wallington starred for them with 14 dolls (including his second six of the season).  Well done chaps!

The Prince of Wales and Brill S&SC A fixture in Division Three had to be postponed and will be played this coming Wednesday.  That's a crucial match.  With a much better doll score, the Prince would very likely be crowned champions with just the one leg.  For Brill to gain that accolade, they need all three.

The Red Cow (with a much weakened side - Roger Herbert and Liam Merchant both missing) lost 2-1 at Fountain A, thereby allowing the Ex Services to leapfrog them to become champions of Division Four.

It's still undecided at the top of Division Five.  The Red Lion, Stratton Audley and Plough, Marsh Gibbon play their previously postponed match this coming Wednesday.  The Red Lion need just one leg to win that division whilst the Plough require all three.

The Butchers Arms, despite not scoring as well as they normally do, still managed a 2-1 victory away at the Eight Bells, to secure the Division Six top spot.  The Black Bull Divas left it a bit late but, by winning the last two legs at the Crown Gawcott, they accomplished a first win of the season.  Well done!

As for relegations, we really can't be certain at the moment; it depends on who enters and what teams we have next season.

Sixers - Bobby Allen (White Lion A) and Paul Wallington (Pheasant Inn).  Both of them have now managed two for the season and will play off on Finals Night for the Sixers Trophy.

I will soon be arranging a meeting for this winter's Indoor League.  If any new team is considering entering the league, would you please get in touch with me and let me know.


Phil Allen


3rd September

"Morning all,

Right, we're almost there; the league part of the season is (to all intents and purposes), just a week away.

The White Lion A have already won the Premier Division but, second spot is still touch and go between the Black Bull A and Crown A.  Likewise, the winners of Division One is yet undecided with Black Bull B and the Muddy Duck tied on 18 points.  

A shock 3-0 defeat for The Pheasant at Highfield SC, has tightened it up a bit at the top of Division Two.  Second placed Brill S&SC B unknowingly took advantage, with a 3-0 win of their own.  A much improved Bull Inn B, in third place, travel to The Pheasant for the last game on Wednesday and could have a say in who wins the title.

Two other shock results at the top of Division Three has tightened that one up a bit too.  Prince of Wales were on the wrong end of a 2-1 scoreline at bottom placed White Horse A, whilst Brill S&SC A took the short trip to Chearsley Cricketers and lost every leg.  The top four positions could all change this coming week; Prince of Wales are at home to Brill S&SC A and fourth placed Bull and Butcher B are also at home to the team just above them, the Barley Mow.

The top two in Division Four (Red Cow and the Ex Services) met on Wednesday with the Ex's winning 2-1.  They'll both finish first and second but, in what order?  The Red Cow travel to Fountain A whilst the Ex's are at home to near neighbours White Hart.

You thought Divisions One to Four were all tight?  Take a look at Division Five!  Any of the top five could win it!

Plough, Marsh Gibbon must surely have the hardest run in.  Away on Wednesday to the KEA Club and then a rearranged away fixture at the Red Lion, Stratton Audley.  The White Lion B didn't do themselves any favours on Wednesday night dropping a leg at home to KEA; but, with a home game against struggling Safari Garden, they must, surely, still have a great opportunity to clinch the title.

Division Six is not clear cut yet either.  OK, Butchers Arms, currently in top spot, have a trip to lowly Eight Bells in their last game; but, should they slip up, the Royal Oak could pinch that top spot.  Having said that, they, themselves, have two tough matches left - both against Bull Inn C.  The previously postponed one is being played on Tuesday evening and then the other on Wednesday.

Right, to finish off and to clarify:

     - the semi finals are to be held on Wednesday 13th September at the Bull Inn, Launton (8.30 start time).  The format and list of players is as follows: