23rd September 2019

Hi everyone,  

That’s it, I’m afraid; another summer season has come to an end. Hope you’ve all enjoyed it and are looking forward to, and preparing for next year already!

I realise it gets a bit repetitive but this Newsletter won’t be very much different from those in previous years – except, of course, there will be some changes to team or individual names.

  1. Divisional honours


    Premier Division champions       White Lion       Runners up        Black Bull A

    Division 1 Champions     Highfield Social Club    Runners up        Nut Tree

  2. Division 2 Champions             Bull Inn A              Runners up        Bell Bicester

    Division 3 Champions          Shakespeare           Runners up        Ashton Club

    Division 4 Champions             Fox Souldern       Runners up          Crown Twyford

    Division 5 Champions   Crown B, Charlton on Otmoor   Runners up  Bull & Butcher A

2.   Top doll scorer – Karl Budd with 131 dolls.


3,  Finals night –A truly brilliant night once again, spoilt a little this time with a couple of unsavoury incidents – but that didn’t deter us from enjoying what has become “an aunt sally spectacle”!


It gets better and better!  The Black Bull teams and the pub staff should feel so proud of what they achieved; special thanks to Kevin Powney, Steve Golder, Karl Budd, Billy Atwell and Dot – the list goes on and on!   My thanks go out to them all, once again, for providing an ideal venue and facilities for such an occasion.


Our sincere thanks to Lodge Garage for sponsoring the league – and I have received confirmation that they are willing to continue to support the league next year.


I did have posters scattered about on the night offering our thanks to those companies and individuals who have sponsored some of the trophies this season.  The contributions are very much appreciated.Without them, we wouldn’t be able to afford the quality of trophies that we provide.  Thank you very much.

Finals Night Results


League Cup winners       

After a bit of a shaky start, the Black Bull A eventually beat The Lion.

Intermediate Cup winners   

 A bit of a battle but the Shakespeare eventually came out on top against the six players from Brill S&SC A.

Supplementary Cup winners   

The top two in Division Five battled it out for this one with the Crown B beating the Bull & Butcher A.

The Phil AllenFour a Side Cup winners   

White Lion(Pete Dempsey, BobbyAllen, Doug Revittand Francis Hillier) retained the trophy once again, this time against a Crown, Charlton on Otmoor side (Matthew Hillsdon, John Lehane, Callum Cooper and Terry Bagnall) who, on the night, weren’t up to their normal standard.

The Terry Hawkins Pairs Cup winner 

 Karl Budd and Kevin Powney(Black Bull A) played well to stifle the threat, and beat, Bobby Allen and Francis Hillier (White Lion).

Division Two Pairs Cup winners  

Robbie Bryant and Dave Reast (Muddy Duck) did likewise against Ray Rowe and Chris Hulme(Bell Bicester).

Division Three Pairs Cup winners                                                

Martin Wanless and Keith Vickers (Shakespeare) won this one,beating Robert Taylor and Shane Jackson (Chandos Arms).

Division Four Pairs winners                                                           

Nick Cherry and Jeff Ball (Bull Inn B) defeated Nick Line and Matt Orlando (Plough MG A).

Division Five Pairs winners                                                           

Nick Paterson and Richard Pike (Crown B) beat teammates John Day and Keith Simmons.

Top Doll Scorer                                                                                  

Karl Budd with 131 dolls.

Ladies Top Doll Scorer                                                                    

Sophie Thomson (The Harrison) with 67 dolls.

The Steve Huntley Memorial Singles Shield                              

Team mates Bobby Allen and Pete Dempsey (White Lion) contested the singles final with Bobby winning it.

The Laurie Welford Memorial Division Two Single winner                                                       

Roger Herbert (Red Cow) rounded off an unusually “not so good” season forhimself by beating Trevor Barnett (Prince of Wales).

Division Three Singles winner   

Dave Wheeler (Ashton Club) came good on the night to beat Martin Wanless (Shakespeare).  

Division Four Singles winner                                                  

Jim Harris (Harrison) stepped up a gear to beat team mate and “close friend” Sophie Thomson.

Division ThreeSingles winner                                                        

Dave Wheeler (Ashton Club) came good on the night to beat Martin Wanless (Shakespeare).

Division Four Singles winner                                                         

Jim Harris (Harrison) stepped up a gear to beat team mate and “close friend” Sophie Thomson.

Division Five Singles winner                                                          

Barry Reynolds ensured it was a very enjoyable evening for the Crown B by beating Helen Barnes (Plough MG Casuals).

4.    There are a few teams who need to be looking at improving their throws in readiness for next year – with regard to lighting in most cases; so, if you need any equipment or advice please let me know and I’ll do what I can to help.

5.    This is probably the last you’ll hear from me until mid-January when I’ll start sending out application forms and so on for next season; however, as most of you’ll know, I am very approachable and if anyone wishes to contact me to discuss anything Aunt Sally related, then please do so – numbers are below.

6.    All in all, a pretty good season.Congratulations to all this season’s winners and commiserations to those who came second best.  Don’t let it grind you down, I want to see you all back again next season.


Phil Allen                               01869 252125                                     07578 915693




15th September 2019

Evening all,

A great evening on Wednesday at the semi finals held at the Bull Inn, Launton.  Pretty good weather, despite the threat of rain earlier in the evening, a very good crowd, and some decent aunt sally too.  In the sixers play-off, only seven of the eligible ten turned up.  Each player could throw 18 sticks.  At the end of the second leg, five of them were tied on a creditable eight dolls apiece (with Dougie Revitt having hit a six).  With five in the final leg, giving him a total of 13, Karl Budd was declared the "Sixers Champion".  All in all, during the course of the evening, he hit 25 dolls out of the 32 sticks he threw!

Those who got through to the finals were:
  • The Steve Huntley Premier and Division One singles - Bobby Allen (White Lion) and Pete Dempsey (White Lion).
  • The Laurie Welford Memorial Division Two singles - Roger Herbert (Red Cow) and Trevor Barnett (Prince of Wales).
  • Division Three singles - Martin Wanless (Shakespeare) and Dave Wheeler (Ashton Club). 
  • The Terry Hawkins Premier and Division One pairs - Francis Hillier and Bobby Allen (White Lion) and Karl Budd and Kevin Powney (Black Bull A).
  • Division Two pairs - Ray Rowe and Chris Hulme (Bell) and Robbie Bryant and Dave Reast (Muddy Duck).   
In the Plate finals at the Harrison on Friday, the Black Bull Divas team pulled off the shock of the evening with a 2-0 victory over Safari Garden.  They set in both legs and, with only six players, managed to get 6 and then 8 on the board.  Safari Garden fell one short on each occasion.

In the Intermediate Plate the Barley Mow also set in both legs in their 2-0 win over Chearsley Cricketers.  Fourteen in the first leg (with four from Dave Medhurst and five from Freddie Sawyer) was one too many for the Cricketers.  An even better 16 in the second leg was far too many for their opponents. 

And, to cap off the evening, the White Lion won 2-0 against the Bull Inn A.  As in the other two finals, one team - in this case, it was the Bull - set in both legs - 15 on each occasion.  Not enough!

A busy final week of the season ahead.  On Wednesday it's the four a side quarter finals and semis at the Barley Mow, Upper Heyford - starting at 8 o'clock.   A list of the teams is attached.  And then, on Friday we have our finals evening at the Black Bull, Launton, starting at 7.30.  The format for the evening, showing the trophies to be presented, is also attached.  I also have some "special trophies" (19 of them!) to hand over to players who have shone at some stage throughout the season; especially so in the lower divisions.  You could be one them, so let's see you there on Friday!

Due to lack of entries, the singles competition at the Ex Services on 28th September is cancelled.

Phil Allen

8th September 2

Good morning,

A rather lengthy report today

Sadly the league fixtures have come to an end.  Another season rapidly draws to a close

Premier and Division One - congratulations to the White Lion who are this year's champions.  After a season long battle with the Black Bull A, the two met at Fewcott on Wednesday, with the home side needing all three legs to pinch the title, and retain it.  They got the first two legs (28-16 and 19-17); so it was down to the vital last leg of the season.  The home side set; not a brilliant one but, with 22 on the board, it was there for the taking.   Not a good leg for the visitors; they managed just 16.  Bobby Allen and Nigel Wakelin hit 12 apiece for the champions as did Kevin Powney for the Black Bull.  Well done to the runners up who had been top of the table since the fifth week, but just couldn't get the one leg they needed in that last fixture. 

Not a good night by his standards with just eight dolls, but it was enough to crown Karl Budd top doll scorer - the accolade he's been aiming for all season.  A very well done to him.

Division Two - congratulations to the Bull Inn A, champions of Division Two.  With the Bell hot on their heels, and having a better doll count than the Bull, they needed all three legs to be sure of the title.  At home to bottom of the table, the Prince of Wales, on paper it should be a foregone conclusion - but there could be a potential "banana skin" looming.  As it was, the Bull won 3-0 comfortably, and finished where they had been all season - at the top of the division.  As it was, the Bell (who needed all three legs and hoped the Bull had slipped up), lost the last one.  Nevertheless, a very good season for them as they finish runners up and look forward to the jump up to the higher division

Division Three - congratulations to the Shakespeare, champions of Division Three.  We knew before the evening started - any one of the top four teams could be crowned champions.  The Ashton Club. who were top going into their home match with the Barley Mow, won the first leg convincingly (20-9).  But then, they didn't do themselves any favours, setting just 11 in the second.  However, they looked home and dry, with the visiting anchorman, Paul "Freddie" Sawyer needing five to win - he got them, pinching what turned out to be a vital leg from the Ashton.  It was no easy task for the Shakey at the Butchers Arms, bearing in mind, and not knowing what was going on at the Ashton Club, they needed all three legs.  The home side set in every leg.  Fifteen in the first, which went to a 3 sticker and the Shakey won.  Thirteen in the second, which went to a 3 sticker and the Shakey won.  So, it was down to the last (as it had been elsewhere on the night!).  Fourteen on the board for the Butchers; not enough on this occasion with the visitors getting 18 - and, unbeknown to them, finishing top of the pile.  With Chandos Arms surprisingly dropping a leg at home against the Bull & Butcher B, the Ashton Club finish as runners up

Division Four - congratulations to the Fox Souldern, champions of Division Four.  Perhaps not such a tough call as in the other divisions, but any of three teams could have won this one.  OK, going into the last match, the Fox were top and hosting the bottom of the table, the Hundred Acres, whilst second placed, the White Hart, had to travel to third placed, Crown Twyford - both in contention for the runners up spot.  The Fox were never under any threat and won 3-0 convincingly.  It was a little closer at Twyford but the home side got the upper hand and won 2-1.

Division Five - congratulations to Crown B, Charlton on Otmoor, champions of Division Five.  Good to see them back having had to pull out at the midway point a couple of seasons ago.  Another who's been top of their division for the whole of the season, but didn't officially become champions until 14th August when their nearest rivals, Bull & Butcher A, dropped a leg against Safari Garden.  And they also reached the 500 doll mark - division three standard

Let’s spare a thought for the players from the lower sections.   Whoever you may be!  You turn up every week, play and finish up with next to nothing.  I’m sure your teams appreciate your effort.  And, because of your dedication, those lower sections survive.  So please don’t give up, we need you.  

Right, no-one did me any favours on the sixers front on Wednesday; so we have ten who have hit one six this season.  As we have a trophy for the "Sixers Champion", we need to hold a play off.  Finals night is out of the question - we have too much on that night.  The four a side night at the Barley Mow is also out of the question - it's too far to ask individuals to travel.  So, I'm inviting the following to come along to the Bull this coming Wednesday (semi finals night) and have a throw off - the best of 18 sticks.  The amended semi finals night format is attached.  Many of the players on the list will not receive this email; so, I'm asking you all to spread the word so they all know about it.

  • Dave Futter
  • Doug Revitt
  • Bill Mellis
  • Karl Budd
  • Jeremy Launchbury
  • Dave Gardner
  • John Plested
  • Rob Owens
  • Terry Hawkins
  • Matt Orlando

Here's what we have left for the rest of the season.

Wednesday 11th September, starting at 8.00 pm - semi finals at the Bull Inn, Launton. The format is attached.  Practising will be allowed up until 7.55.

Friday 13th September, starting at 8.00 pm - plate finals at the Harrison, Launton.  Practising will be allowed up until 7.55. 

  • Black Bull Divas v Safari Garden  
  • Barley Mow v Chearsley Cricketers
  • White Lion v Bull Inn A

Wednesday 18th September, starting at 8.00 pm - four a side quarter and semi finals at the Barley Mow, Upper Heyford.  Practising will be allowed up until 7.55.  A list of teams is attached.

Friday 20th September, at the Black Bull Launton, starting at 7.30 pm.  The format will be issued nearer the time.  Practising on the night will NOT be allowed.

OK, the summer league's not quite over yet but planning must commence for the Tuesday and Wednesday indoor leagues.  The AGM will be held at the Ex Services Club on Tuesday 24th September, starting at 8 pm.

(All to be drawn on the night)
(on the left)





    SIXERS PLAY OFF                Dave Futter        Doug Revitt        Bill Mellis

                            Karl Budd        Jeremy Launchbury    Dave Gardner

                            John Plested    Rob Owens        Terry Hawkins

                            Matt Orlando


        PREMIER AND DIVISION ONE -        Bobby Allen (White Lion)                (1)   

                            Pete Dempsey (White Lion)                (2)    

                            Lee Wanless (Highfield SC)                (3)   

                            Kevin Powney (Black Bull A)                (4)   

     DIVISION TWO -                Roger Herbert (Red Cow)                (1)   

                            Darren Moore (Bell Bicester)                (2)   

                            Liam Merchant (Red Cow))                (3)   

                            Trevor Barnett (Prince of Wales)            (4)   

        DIVISION THREE -                        Dave Wheeler (Ashton Club)                (1)   

                            Erik Poslusny (Shakespeare)                (2)   

                            Martin Wanless (Shakespeare)                (3)   

                               Terry Hawkins (Barley Mow)                (4)

        DIVISION FOUR                To be played on finals night (20th September)   

        DIVISION FIVE -                Barry Reynolds (Crown B) and Helen Barnes (Plough MG 

        Casuals) will meet each other in the final.           



     PREMIER AND DIVISION ONE –       Francis Hillier and Bobby Allen (White Lion A)        (1)

                            Doug Revitt and Brian Gough (White Lion)        (2)

                            Karl Budd and Kevin Powney (Black Bull A)        (3)

                            Callum Cooper and Matthew Hillsdon (Crown A)        (4)

        DIVISION TWO -                Ray Rowe and Chris Hulme (Bell Bicester)        (1)

                            Aimee Sheehan and Dan Jobling (Bell Bicester)        (2)

                            Roger Herbert and Ian Cantwell (Red Cow)        (3)

                            Robbie Bryant and Dave Reast (Muddy Duck)        (4)

        DIVISION THREE -                Robert Taylor and Richard McVeigh (Chandos Arms) are

                              through to the final where they will meet Martin Wanless 

        and Keith Vickers (Shakespeare).                            

        DIVISION FOUR -                        To be played on finals night (20th September)

        DIVISION FIVE -                John Day and Keith Simmons (Crown B) are through to

                            the final where they will meet Nick Paterson and Richard 

        Pike (Crown B).


Phil Allen


3rd Sept - Apologies for the delay in getting the results published.

Just one week of league fixtures left, and, apart from Divisions 1 and 5, all the other winners and runners up have yet to be decided - building up to a nice little crescendo!

As I've said, Division 5 is done and dusted.  Crown B have run away with that one - in all fairness, they should have been a division higher and could well have been two.  Anyway, a very well done to them and good to see them back.  Bull & Butcher A are runners up.

It's touch and go in Division Four.  Top of the table, the Fox Souldern, host a much improving Hundred Acres in the last game, whilst current runners up, the White Hart, travel to the Crown Twyford who are tied with them on points.  (Incidentally, the number of dolls for the Crown has been increased by 61; I've added their averages for the games when Hundred Acres and Fox Souldern were unable to field sides).  Whilst the Fox and White Hart both won their matches 3-0 this week, the Crown now kick themselves for losing their second leg against Red Lion Finmere on a one sticker - having already won the previous one on a three sticker.

The situation's no different in Division Three.  Just three points separate the top four teams.  The Shakespeare tightened it up a bit with a 2-1 home victory over the Ashton Club but regret their decision to put the opposition in for the last leg.  The visitors set a respectable 17, and then the heavens opened.  The Shakey, chasing in the pouring rain, needed four to draw from their anchorman, but he fell well short - he blobbed!  (I'm not going to name and shame!).  The Ashton Club finish their league season at home, with a tough one against fourth placed Barley Mow; the Shakey go to the Butchers Arms and the Chandos, who actually beat the Butchers 3-0 this week, are at home to the Bull & Butcher B.

Bull Inn A and the Bell Bicester will finish as top two in Division Two - but, in what order, has yet to be decided.  They both won 3-0 this week (at the Red Cow and the Prince of Wales) whilst third placed Brill S&SC B dropped a leg at the White Horse.  The Bull travel to bottom of the table, Prince of Wales, for their last game and the Bell are also on the road - to The Lion at Wendlebury.

Even without playing this week, the Highfield SC won Division One.  Their nearest rivals, the Nut Tree, went down 3-0 at home to the White Lion.  Black Bull A kept up their opportunity for their first Premier Division title with a second 3-0 victory this season over Crown A.  In terrible weather conditions, to come up with a tremendous first leg set of 28, set them on their way.  What a match for the last of the season and to decide the champions - White Lion v Black Bull A.  The visitors already have the upper hand with a 3 point advantage, but it could be a cracker!

Right, what have we got for the rest of the season?

Wednesday 11th September, starting at 8.00 pm - semi finals at the Bull Inn, Launton. The format is attached.  Practising will be allowed up until 7.55.

Friday 13th September, starting at 8.00 pm - plate finals at the Harrison, Launton.  Practising will be allowed up until 7.55. 
  • Black Bull Divas v Safari Garden  
  • Barley Mow v Chearsley Cricketers
  • White Lion v Bull Inn A
Wednesday 18th September, starting at 8.00 pm - four a side quarter and semi finals at the Barley Mow, Upper Heyford.  Practising will be allowed up until 7.55.  A list of teams is attached.

Friday 20th September, at the Black Bull Launton, starting at 7.30 pm.  The format will be issued nearer the time.  Practising on the night will NOT be allowed.

And, as the sixers table stands, we have ten on one six apiece.  We could do with one of those getting another this coming Wednesday, or someone completely different, getting two! 
24th August 2019

Morning all,

Wednesday's cup results are updated.

A reminder, please.  I'm still waiting to get trophies in for engraving.

Could captains, or those holding the trophies, please arrange to get them to me by the end of August. 

Thank you. 

Phil Allen



Trophies for Engraving 2019

Division Two Champions                               2018 – Ex Services


Division Three Champions                              2018 – Red Cow


Division Four Champions                               2018 – Chandos Arms


Division Five Champions                                2018 – Bull Inn B


Intermediate Cup Winners                              2018 – Chandos Arms


Phil Allen Four a Side Winners                      2018 – White Lion A


Division Three Pairs Winners                          2018 – Martin Wanless& Keith Vickers


Division Four Pairs Winners                           2018 – Alex Plested& John Plested


Division Two Singles Winner                         2018 – Robert Edgington


Division Three Singles Winner                       2018 – Liam Fisher


Division Four Singles Winner             2018 – Robert Taylor


Division Five Singles Winner (no trophy)      2018 – Nick Line


Morning all.

The time has come to get our "yearly" trophies engraved before finals night.  Abelow is a list of last year's winners.  Could captains, or those holding the trophies, please arrange to get them to me by the end of August.


19th August 2019

Squeaky bum time?  A few top of the table sides came a cropper.

In the Premier and Division One, the Black Bull A lost 2-1 at home to the Highfield SC - who, with those two legs, edged them close to the Division One title.  The first leg was rather close with the visitors setting 18 and the Black Bull falling just one short.  It was then the home side's turn to set 18 but the Highfield sailed past it, finishing on 26.  The 23 set by the home side in the third leg was far too many for the visitors on this occasion, who got just 16.  Kevin Vickers with 11, Karl Budd and Kev Powney with 10.  The White Lion kept up the chase with a 2-1 win over the Pheasant, but losing the third leg didn't do their cause any good.  With only two league fixtures left - and the top two (Black Bull A and the White Lion) to play each in the last game - it's a tough one to call.

The situation is much the same at the top of Division Two.  The Bell, hosting top of the table the Bull, punished them severely with a 3-0.  With Darren Moore (11), Chris Hulme (10) and Billy Craig (9) hitting some decent form in the last few weeks, whoever's going to be at the top of Division Two come the end of the season, is another difficult one to call.  Tony Owen with ten dolls, claimed double figures for the first time this season - but it still wasn't enough to prevent a 2-1 defeat for the White Horse at The Lion.

The Chandos's 3-0 loss at the Ashton Club could cost them dearly come the end of the season.  As well as the Ashton, the Shakespeare and the Barley Mow also won 3-0, keeping it very tight at the top of Division Three.  OK, the Ashton are in pole position at the moment but, with their final games being away at the Shakespeare and at home against the Barley Mow, who's favourite for that title?  A very well done to Brill S&SC A who turned up at the Shakespeare with just five players - but, on the night, even a full team of eight would have been hard pressed to get anything from a strong Shakey side who hit 19, 22 and 20.

Division Four's no different!   The Fox Souldern, finishing the season strongly and trouncing an underperforming Crown Twyford side 3-0.  And, with the White Hart also losing (2-1 away at the Red Lion Finmere), the Fox now go top.

Division Five is the only one which is done and dusted.  The Crown B, reformed this season and not knowing what to expect, are "crowned"

champions after their 3-0 win at the Plough Casuals, whilst the Bull & Butcher's 2-1 victory over Safari Garden is enough to see them finish as runners up.

Next week is the semi finals of the Cup and Plate competitions.  To save any confusion, let me clarify - the Pheasant Inn v Black Bull A League Cup semi final is at The Lion, Wendlebury (and not the Highfield SC as previously published).

A couple of competitions coming up.  Please see the attached posters.

These are not being run by the league, but by other organisers.

*Phil Allen*


12th August 2019

Morning all.

Sorry about the delay in getting the results out to - I've been sat here for two days waiting for a result which I actually received on Wednesday night.  Didn't realise I'd got it.  Must have had too many that night!

The highlight this week?  There were a couple of shock results but the one that springs to mind is the Plough A's 2-1 victory over top of Division Four, Crown Twyford.  Tied on a leg apiece, the Crown set 11 (their third set and their third 11 of the evening).  The Plough were struggling until anchorman Matt Orlando stepped up.  He needed five to draw, six to win - and, yes, he got the six.  The first Plough player to get one - well done Matt.

Another shock in that same division was the Hundred Acres (with a full team of eight this week) beating second placed White Hart 3-0, despite George Deans hitting 10 dolls.

Chearsley Cricketers couldn't repeat their heroic 3-0 victory over Chandos last week - they were easily beaten at home by the Sjakespeare by the same score.  Keith Vickers starred for the visitors with 11 dolls.

The Bell must take some credit too, beating the Red Cow 3-0 in the chase for the Division Two runners up spot - Billy Craig with ten and Darren Moore continuing his recent run of form with another nine, helping them along the way.  

The top of Division Three's a close one to call - four points separating the top four teams; the Ashton, having to play Chandos at home, Shakespeare away and then the Barley Mow at home, appear to have the hardest run in.

With the White Lion dropping a leg away at the Crown, and the Black Bull A winning 3-0 "away" at their B team, a four point gap has developed at the top of the Premier.   In the Black Bull derby, despite a great 13 dolls from Karl Budd, the third leg was rather tight.  Chasing 18, the A team got off to a great start - 17 dolls from their first six, leaving just two to win from Norman Brock and Kevin Powney and they just got there!

In their first season back in the league for five years, the Blacks Head have done themselves proud and I was pleased to receive an email form their opposition on Wednesday saying  "I commend them for their hospitality – great to see the ‘Head’ in business again".   Well done.

Sixer - Matt Orlando (Plough MG A). 

Phil Allen


2nd August 2019

Morning all.

Splitting 46 entries into eight venues (as opposed to four as we have in previous years) meant a much earlier finish for most of us.  The problem with that is it now means we have eight teams left (ie 4 quarter finals still to play).  Maybe we'll do it on semi finals night (11th September) with an earlier start; leave it with me for now.

Congratulations to the following who got through.

  • at the Butchers Arms - Crown B (Graham Milne, Matthew Hillsdon, John Lehane and Terry Bagnall).  They beat the Bull Inn A 2-1 with the first leg going six sticks, three sticker, one stick and then back to six before the Crown won it.

  • at the Red Lion Finmere - Red Cow (Liam Fisher, Ian Cantwell, Roger Herbert and Liam Merchant); and I've been informed that, after an operation last week, Liam Fisher played with five holes in his stomach!  Well done. 

  • at the Muddy Duck - Black Bull Inn A A (Karl Budd, Andy Poppitt, Steve Golder, Terry Clack).

  • at the Chandos Arms - White Lion B (Bobby Allen, Pete Dempsey, Francis Hillier and Dougie Revitt).

  • at the Red Cow - Ashton Club (Dave Wheeler, John Cottingham, Ashley Young, Joe Young).

  • at the Crown - White Lion A (Nigel Wakelin, Ian Lee, Eddie Gordon, Phil Allen).

  • at the Pheasant - Nut Tree B (Richard Cooper, Martin Pratley, Dave Crook, Robert Price).

  • at the Barley Mow - Bell C (Darren Moore, Ray Rowe, Chris Hulme, Grant Neal).

Phil Allen

27th July 2019

Evening all,

Sorry, bit of a rush today.  Hectic weekend schedule again!

A couple of shocks in Division Three this week.  The Shakespeare lost 2-1 at home to the Barley Mow with Freddie Sawyer starring with 12 dolls for the visitors,  But the greatest shock of all has to be bottom of the table, Chearsley Cricketers, winning 3-0 at table toppers Chandos Arms.  Apart from Robert Taylor's nine dolls, Chandos were well below par - their highest leg score was just 12 dolls.  Adam Lazaruk produced his best evening's score for a couple of years.with ten dolls for the Cricketers.

There was a shock too in the Premier Division - the Pheasant, with the help of ten dolls from John Chapman, came up with a 2-1 win over Crown A.

Without their top scorer, Rob Edgington, Bull Inn A lost for the first time this season - 2-1 at the White Horse.  But, with both the Bell and the Red Cow dropping a leg, the Bull still sit five points ahead at the top of Division Two.  Darren Moore (Bell) hit double figures again - eleven this time at the Muddy Duck.

In the Division Five top of the table clash, Crown B increased their lead after beating second placed Bull & Butcher A 2-1.  Elsewhere, ten dolls from anchorman Phil Carter helped the Fountain to a 2-1 home victory over Plough Casuals.

As reported to me "In the match at Eight Bells, Long Crendon, the third leg was drawn 6-6; went to 3 sticks, 1 stick and back to 6 sticks with Eight Bells just pipping Divas for a win.

Not huge scores but lots of fun".

And, as reported by the visitors "Our match tonight went on so long that we had to eat while playing, quite epic and no time for beer leg, let alone the beers!  They won 2-1, great match and excellent food!"

Four a sides this coming Wednesday - normal 8.30 pm start.

Phil Allen


21st July 2019

Evening all and many thanks for getting the results to me so promptly.  I got them all before midnight last night - I really could do with that every week!

In the Premier Division the Black Bull A are doing their utmost to hold on to their advantage at the top of the table,  Their 3-0 victory over the Pheasant included 11 dolls from Karl Budd, with ten apiece from Billy Atwell and Terry Clack.  In reply, Dave Fry also hit double figures for the first time in two seasons.  In a tight one at the Crown, the home side also won 3-0, over the Highfield (18-17, 18-16, 20-16).  And, to keep in touch with those top two, the White Lion needed their 3 points over Black Bull B.

Dougie Revitt kept up his top doll scorer chase with 12 dolls whilst Rob Owens hit 11 for the visitors (including a six).  

Not at their best this week but Bull Inn A still managed to get two points at Brill S&SC B, and with both the Bell and the Red Cow losing, they've now opened up a six point gap at the top of Division Two.  The Bell were at home to the White Horse and, despite hitting 21 and winning the first leg, they lost the next two.  At the Muddy Duck, Robbie Bryant hit 11 (his best for a couple of seasons) to lead his team to a 3-0 over the Red Cow - missing Roger Herbert but still getting the best out of Liam Merchant with 11 and Liam Fisher with 10.

In Division Three, top of the table Chandos Arms dropped a leg at the Barley Mow - with Terry Hawkins hitting 15 (including a six) for the home side.  Second placed Ashton Club couldn't take advantage, also dropping a leg at home to Brill S&SC A.  Skipper Dave Smith did his utmost with nine dolls (5 in the last leg).  After a few blips in recent weeks, the Shakespeare got themselves back to winning ways with a 3-0 over the Bull & Butcher B.  A season's best of twelve dolls from Tony Nichols and eleven from Martin Wanless saw them home and dry.

Division Four appears to be a two horse race at the moment.  Crown Twyford won comfortably against a six-player Hundred Acres team - despite Dee Sanger's ten dolls for the Acres (out of a total team count of 15 dolls!).  Scorewise, the White Hart had no problems in their 3-0 victory over the Bull Inn B.  The Fox Souldern got the better of the visiting Plough A, winning 2-1 as did the Red Lion Finmere against the Harrison.  As well as winning, which doesn't happen very often at the Red Lion, they did have another reason to celebrate - Alan Jones's 80th birthday.  Apparently he only knocked 1 doll off all night, but that doll took them to a 3 sticker which they won. I have been asked to pass on a special thanks to the guys and gals from the Harrison who helped make it special evening for Alan. 

Division Five is another two horse race - between the Crown B and Bull Butcher A - both 3-0 winners again this week.  Nine dolls from Merv Wilson (Bull & Butcher A) - something he hasn't achieved for the last three years!  Well done Merv.

Sixers - Rob Owens (Black Bull B) and Terry Hawkins (Barley Mow).

It was decided at a recent committee meeting, to bring them in line with the other divisions because of the Ex Services withdrawal, those players in the Premier and Division One will have their averages (based on the number of games available to them), added to their actual dolls scored at the end of the season.



Phil Allen


14th July 2019

Morning all.

Many congratulations to the following who were successful in the singles competitions on Wednesday and have got themselves through to the semi finals to be played on 11th September.


  • Bobby Allen (White Lion)
  • Pete Dempsey (White Lion)
  • Kevin Powney (Black Bull A)
  • Lee Wanless (Highfield SC)


  • Roger Herbert (Red Cow)
  • Darren Moore (Red Cow)
  • Liam Merchant (Red Cow)
  • Trevor Barnett (Prince of Wales)


  • Martin Wanless (Shakespeare)
  • Dave Wheeler (Ashton Club)
  • Erik Poslusny (Shakespeare)
  • Terry Hawkins (Barley Mow)


  • Sophie Thomson (Harrison)
  • Jim Harris (Harrison)
  • George Deans (White Hart)
  • Kat Berry (White Hart)

In Division Five, it was played down to the last two and they go through to the final to be played on 20th September.  They were Barry Reynolds (Crown B) and Helen Barnes (Plough MG Casuals).

The draw for the Four a Side competition can be found on the Fixtures page. 

Phil Allen


7th July 2019

Afternoon all.

I did warn you on Friday, because of my hectic social and family life (!), this week's report would be a little late coming out!.. Let's see if I can make it worth your while waiting!

Disappointingly, although not totally unexpected after recent weeks when they've struggled to get sufficient players, the Ex Services have notified me of their withdrawal from this summer's league.  This, of course, will have numerous implications on the league fixtures, individuals' scores and top doll scorer placings.  They weren't able to fulfil their fixture against the White Lion on Wednesday and, whilst not wanting them to leave us at all, that was probably the most convenient time to do so - at the halfway point of the season.  A committee meeting is being held tomorrow (Monday) evening to discuss this.

The Pheasant seem to have lost their way a little since "thrashing" the White Lion a month or so ago.  Not scoring many dolls at all these days - what's going on?!  With Lee Wanless hitting 11 for the Highfield, and Kevin Vickers weighing in with a nine, the Pheasant were well and truly beaten 3-0 on home soil.  John Chapman was the only home player to hit a decent score with nine.  Despite 11 dolls apiece from Karl Budd and Steve Payne (back off his hols), the Black Bull A dropped a leg away at the Nut Tree.  Likewise, the Crown A lost a leg at the Black Bull B.  Dickie Butler hit 12 for the home side (including a 5 in the last leg to draw the leg and to earn a three sticker - which they eventually went on to win).

Bull Inn A don't seem to have any problems winning matches these days.  Another three legs this week - at The Lion - and 57 dolls to go with it.  With fourteen dolls from Dave Gardner (including a six) and ten from Robert Edgington, they're going well.  The Red Cow had a bit of a battle on their hands, at home against bottom of the table, the Prince of Wales before winning 3-0..  OK, they won the first quite comfortably (17-14) but the next two went to three stickers and the Red Cow won both.  Liam Merchant's turn to shine with 11 dolls (4, 3, 4).  They did actually draw the beer leg too but no three sticker this time - two in one evening was enough!  

The Bell are having a relatively good season after another victory, this time at Brill S&SC B.  With Darren Moore having a great evening with 12 dolls, they won the first two legs convincingly before losing the third by one doll.  Nine dolls from Jon Woodman still weren't enough to prevent the Muddy Duck going down 2-1 at the White Horse.

In a nailbiter at the top of Division Three, Chandos Arms beat the Shakespeare 3-0, with a contribution of 11 from Robert Taylor.  As reported by an interested party

  • Leg 1 - having been set 16, Chandos's anchorman Shane Jackson needed 5 to win, he clattered them off with his first five sticks. Unfortunately his number 6 went wayward! 
  • Leg 2 - 13 was set by Shakespeare and equalled.  Three sticks was 8 apiece; one stick, Shakespeare set 2, only to be overhauled by the first seven Chandos players.
  • Leg 3 - Chandos set scored 15, which could not be bettered.   

With the Ashton Club dropping a leg at Chearsley Cricketers, Chandos now go top.  The Barley Mow are not yet out of the chase for the Division Three title after thirteen dolls from Freddie Sawyer helped them to a 2-1 victory at the Butchers Arms - despite a season's best 9 dolls from John Plested (including a six).  The Barley Mow now sit level on points with the Shakespeare.

With the White Hart dropping a leg at home to the Plough Marsh Gibbon, Crown Twyford took advantage and return to the top of the table after claiming all three points at home to Bull Inn B.

The Hundred Acres, back to their previous predicaments of not being able to field a full side, travelled with just five players to Red Lion Finmere (who, themselves, have been in similar situations this season), and took a leg off them.

A reformed Crown B side, appear to be having it all their own way in Division Five and top the table quite comfortably after another 3-0 victory; this time at home against the Fountain.  Despite ten dolls from Lee Savidge, Safari Garden still went down 2-1 to the Plough Marsh Gibbon Casuals and remain rooted to the bottom.

Sixers - Dave Gardner (Bull Inn A) and John Plested (Butchers Arms).

A reminder that the Shelswell History Festival takes place at Hethe playing field next Saturday, 13th July, and, numbers permitting, we'll be holding a couple of aunt sally competitions (one for novices and another for known players).  The format of each will not be known til we see how many are there.  Register before 1.30 and we'll start at 2 o'clock.  Just give me a call on 07578 915693 if you want.  

Last call for four a side entries - if you haven't already done so, let me know by the end of today, please

Phil Allen


6th July 2019

Morning all,

A busy weekend ahead of me and, as I haven't yet got all the results in, it's likely to be Sunday afternoon/evening before I get everything out to you.

A reminder that the Shelswell History Festival takes place at Hethe playing field on Saturday 13th July and, numbers permitting, we'll be holding a couple of aunt sally competitions (one for novices and another for known players).  The format of each will not be known til we see how many are there.  Register before 1.30 and we'll start at 2 o'clock.  Just give me a call on 07578 915693 if you want. 

Oh, and by the way, just in case you haven't already done so, could I remind you, please, that entries for the four a side competition, to be played on 31st July, need to be with me by this coming Sunday.

Phil Allen

30th June 2019

A four point gap has developed at the top of the Premier Division after the Black Bull A beat the visiting White Lion 2-1.  The visitors set and won the first leg easily by 26-15.  From thereon it was a completely different story.  Chasing 21 in the second leg and 23 in the third, the Lion's usually dependable tail end collapsed.  The second leg was drawn.  The Black Bull set 9 in the three sticker, and the visitors, with Phil Allen and Brian Gough to go, were well on course to beat it - but still fell one short.  A similar story in the third leg.  Two to draw, three to win from the Anchorman; but still lost it by one.  Karl Budd with ten and Norman Brock with nine starred for the Black Bull.  Pete Dempsey, back into a bit of form these days, hit 13, Doug Revitt and Eddie Gordon did their utmost with 12 apiece.

The Crown A are keeping close tabs on that second spot, with an easy 3-0 victory at the Ex Services (28-11, 21-7 and 28-7).  Terry Bagnall weighed in with 12, Matty Hillsdon with 11, and Tony Launchbury, Callum Cooper and Jeremy Launchbury (including a six), got 10 apiece.

Lee Wanless seems to have hit a bit of form recently too.  After his 12 a couple of weeks ago, he hit another 11 this week to help set up a 3-0 win over the Black Bull B.  After a couple of blips recently, Kevin Vickers also hit double figures (10) this time round.

Another surprise result this week was the Nut Tree's 2-1 win at the Pheasant.  Michael 'Jimmy' Crook starred in that one with ten for the visitors.

There's now also a four point gap at the top of Division Two.  The leaders, Bull Inn A, without excelling themselves, had no problems gaining all three points at bottom of the table, Prince of Wales.  Second placed Bell Bicester won their first two legs against The Lion quite comfortably - 16-10 and a terrific 25-11, but then it was the Lion's turn to shine winning the third 22-15.  Chris Hulme and Billy Craig with ten each and Ray Rowe with nine did the damage for the Bell.

A couple of surprises in Division Three; the Ashton Club going to the Barley Mow and taking all three points and then the Shakespeare losing 2-1 at home to the Butchers Arms.  Freddie Sawyer's ten dolls for the Barley Mow just weren't enough.  John Cottingham and Dave Wheeler got ten apiece for the visitors.  The Shakespeare came a cropper; despite Keith Vickers's ten and Tony Nichols 9, it was a bad night for them - going down 2-1 and also losing that second spot to the Ashton.

Having beaten the Crown Twyford 3-0, the White Hart now go to the top of Division Four.  At the moment, that's based on dolls scored.  However, the Hundred Acres couldn't raise a team for their fixtures against both of those teams.  The Crown also lost out on dolls when the Fox Souldern cried off.  Should the need arise nearer the end of the season, the doll count will be adjusted as necessary.

The Bull Inn B beat the Red Lion Finmere 2-1.  OK, no real surprise there - but the Bull hit 19 in the second leg!  And Clare Walker. in her first season, hit eight (and three in the beer leg) - well done.

Bull & Butcher A did the expected and won 3-0 at Black Bull Divas - but, 16 in the third leg?  In Division Five?  And Ron Jones hitting 5 in one leg?  Well done chaps.

Sadly, we've had a few incidents this season which "gone against the grain".  Let's please bear in mind we're all out there to enjoy the evening with our aunt sally friends.  The "Aunt Sally Etiquette" document,on our News page, is purely to act as a reminder of what we would like to experience on our Wednesday evenings out.

Please also bear in mind, if there is a need to call a game off, at least 24hrs is expected.  Invariably, it's the away team who need to do so and to give at least 24 hrs notice would prevent having to get in and prepare the necessary food.

Sixer - Jeremy Launchbury

Phil Allen


26th June 2019

The draws for the singles competitions have been made and are shown on the Fixtures page.

Please read carefully and note the start times.  The Premier and Division One, and Division Three start at 8.15 pm.  Because of the number of players at each venue, the others (Divisions Two, Four and Five) all start at 8 o'clock.

Phil Allen


24th June 2019

Morning all.

In the pairs' competitions played on Wednesday, the following got through to the semi finals to be played on 11th September:


     Bobby Allen and Francis Hillier (White Lion

     Doug Revitt and Brian Gough (White Lion)

     Karl Budd and Kevin Powney (Black Bull A)

     Callum Cooper and Matthew Hillsdon (Crown A)



     Robbie Bryant and Dave Reast (Muddy Duck)

     Ray Rowe and Chris Hulme (Bell Bicester)

     Aimee Sheehan and Dan Jobling (Bell Bicester)

     Roger and Ian Cantwell (Red Cow)


DIVISION THREE - because of the low number of entries in this division, the following will go straight through to the final to be played on 20th September.

     Robert Taylor and Richard McVeigh (Chandos Arms)

     Martin Wanless and Keith Vickers



     George Deans and Kat Berry (White Hart)

     Nick Cherry and Jeff Ball (Bull Inn B)

     Ben Kossick and Ben McAllister (Plough MG A)

     Nick Line and Matt Orlando (Plough MG A)


DIVISION FIVE - because of the low number of entries in this division, the following will go straight through to the final to be played on 20th September.

     John Day and Keith Simmons (Crown B)

     Nick Paterson and Richard Pike (Crown B)


Congratulations to all of those who got through - and, to the others, don't give up!


The draws for the singles competitions have been made and, although it's encouraging to see an increase in the number of entries (gone up from last year's 122 to 141 this year), it's become a headache trying to find sufficient neutral pitches.  I'll get there!  The draws will be sent out in the next couple of days.    


Phil Allen

23rd June 2019

Apologies to the Chandos Arms.  I credited them with the two legs they won against the Butchers Arms in the "F" column in the league tables but forgot to give them the two points.  With the tables now amended, it means they are actually top of Division Three.  Apologies again.  New tables are attached.

Apologies also to my dear friend "Sticky" Budd who hit a six in his first leg - a great achievement in those conditions.  Sorry mate.

Sixer - Karl Budd. 


23rd June 2019

Afternoon all,

Horrendous weather, terrible aunt sally conditions, but still, we got some decent scores - and not a game called off (that did surprise me but that's how it should be).

The Black Bull A extended their lead at the top of the table with a surprise 3-0 win at the Crown A.  A couple of close legs, with Karl Budd scoring 12 and then Billy Atwell and Norman Brock weighing in with 11 apiece.  Tony Launchbury hit 12 in reply and 10's from Callum Cooper and Terry Bagnall but they weren't enough to save the Crown from defeat.  The White Lion lost their first leg at home against the Nut Tree after a three sticker but had no problem with the next two.  The Highfield had the best of what were atrocious conditions - playing indoors at the Ex Services and winning 2-1 and now sitting at the top of Division One.

The Bull Inn A also pulled away at the top of Division Two after beating second placed Red Cow 2-1.  Although no individual scored particularly well, Brill S&SC B somehow mastered the conditions "up there on top of the hill" and easily beat the White Horse 3-0.

Chearsley Cricketers won their first match of the season, beating the Bull & Butcher B 3-0 - but still find themselves rooted to the foot of Division Three.  The Shakespeare won a tight one at the Ashton Club by 2-1, just enough to keep them at the top after Chandos Arms dropped a leg at the Butchers Arms.  Robert Taylor starred for Chandos with 11.

On to Division Four and the White Hart made the journey to the Harrison with just six players and still pinched the third leg.  On a rare appearance this season for Johnny Green, he managed 11 dolls and helped the Fox Souldern to a 3-0 victory over the visiting Bull Inn B who were without their top scorer Nick Cherry.

The reformed Crown B maintained their grasp on top spot in Division Five with a 3-0 win at the Blacks Head.  The chasing pack, the Fountain and the Bull & Butcher A also achieved 3-0 wins to keep the pressure on.

On Saturday 13th July, it's the Shelswell History Festival being held this year on Hethe's playing field.  I've been asked to organise an aunt sally competition - one for novices and one for known league players.  I have attached one of the festival's posters but, of course, only those on my distribution list will see it.  Would you please raise it with your players and let's see if we can get a load to turn up on the day.

Phil Allen


9th June 2019

Morning all.

The plaudits this week have to go to the Pheasant and Brill Sports Club A for their resounding victories over top of the table sides.

In the Premier Division, the Pheasant hosted the White Lion team and ran out 2-1 winners.  With Keith Harris, Paul Morris and Pete McCarron all in top form hitting 11 (and Pete with another 3 in a three sticker) and Charlie Govier weighing in with another 10, the Pheasant hit their best scores of the season - a total of 73 dolls (including a 28 leg).  For the visitors, Pete Dempsey, with 10, was the only one in double figures.  The Black Bull A visited a lack lustre (on the night) Highfield side and ended up with all three points - which has elevated them to the top of the table.  Norman Brock shone for the visitors with 11 dolls and Karl Budd added his support with 10.  Despite another top class performance from John Weller with 14 dolls (5, 4 and 5) and 10 from Eddie Jones, the Ex Services still found themselves on the end of a 3-0 defeat at the Black Bull B.  At the Nut Tree the home side took the first leg off the visiting Crown, then lost the second on a three sticker after drawing 19 apiece, but then failed to set enough in the third, losing it 15-24.  Bob Price for the Nut Tree and Matty Hillsdon for the visitors weighed in with ten dolls.

In Division Two, the Red Cow at last found some form, their best of the season, winning 3-0 at home to Brill Sports Club B.  After "going missing" for most of the season, both Ian Cantwell and Roger Herbert scored 12 apiece with Liam Fisher adding some support with 10.  Jon Vaile also got 10 for the visitors - but to "no avail"!  That win, and defeats for the Bell and the White Horse, have seen the Red Cow shoot up into second place - where, to be honest, most of us would expect them to be.  At the top, the Bull Inn A won a tight one at home against the Bell.  OK, the home side's 21 in the first leg was a few too many for the visitors who managed 15, and then the second was tied on 15, with the Bull winning the three sticker; they then set 15 but the visiting anchorman, Dan Jobling, did the business, getting the two for victory.  Robert Edgington kept up his great start to the season with 11 and "newcomer", Dave Gardner added another 10.

The shock in Division Three was the 3-0 away defeat for the Shakespeare at Brill Sports Club A - the Club's first win of the season.  Lee Mason starred for the winners with 9, as did Pete Stammers for the visitors.  In a fairly tight match between the previously second and third teams, the Chandos Arms got the better of that one, beating the Ashton Club 2-1 - and the Chandos now go top.  Robert Taylor and Dave Wheeler scored ten apiece.  The Hundred Acres, thankfully, now seem to have got a side together but, despite winning the first leg, still went down 2-1 at the Harrison.  Haydn Marks helped the winners along the way with 10 dolls.

The Crown B side kept up their challenge for the Division Five title, winning 3-0 at home against the Plough Casuals.  Good to see John Day hitting 8.  Despite their best efforts from Martin Byrne and Lee Savidge with nine apiece, bottom side Safari Garden still got beaten 3-0 quite convincingly by the Bull & Butcher A. 

For those of you who haven't yet sent them in, could I please remind you that I require the Singles entry forms by next Sunday (16th June).

Phil Allen


3rd June 2019

Morning all.

No real shocks in the Cup and Plate competitions on Wednesday.

The Lion Wendlebury won their derby League Cup tie against the Red Cow Chesterton 2-0, as did the Black Bull A at home against Brill S&SC B, and the Crown A at the Ex Services, and the Pheasant against the Muddy Duck.

In the Intermediate Cup, with Keith Vickers regaining some form with a 4 and a six, the Shakespeare were far too strong for the Harrison and won 2-0.  The Ashton Club continued their great start to the season with a 2-0 victory at Red Lion Finmere, whilst the Plough MG A did likewise at home against the Bull and Butcher B.  The one surprise of the evening is that the cup holders Chandos Arms crashed out 2-0 at neighbours Brill S&SC A.

Another six on the night - but you don't get anything for a six, not in cup games - Lee Savidge (Safari Garden) in their plate match at the Blacks Head.

The draw for the Cup and Plate semi finals can be found on the fixtures page.


30th May 2019

The draws for the pairs competitions were made and are shown on the Fixtures page.


26th May 2019

Morning all.

After last week's nightmare of a report, let's see if we can get it right this time!  Actually, it wasn't so much the report itself, it was the "sort criteria" in the individual stats.  Anyway, here goes.

Some terrific individual scores this week; the best of the bunch being Dougie Revitt's 16 (5, 6 and 5) in the White Lion's 2-1 victory over the Crown A.  Some other noteable scores in that match were Pete Dempsey, Francis Hillier, Callum Cooper, Terry Bagnall and Dean Hudson - all with 10 (Dean just missing out on the elusive six with his last stick in the third leg).  Bill Mellis was close on Dougie's heels with 14, including a six in the third leg when the Ex Services hit 28 at the Pheasant.  Keith Lennard weighed in with a commendable 11 dolls to help the Ex's on their way to a 2-1 win.  With Karl Budd and Kev Powney scoring 12 and 11, helping the Black Bull A to leg scores of 26, 23 and 20, the pub's B side were certainly outplayed by them on this occasion, losing 3-0.  In a close one at the Nut Tree, the visiting Highfield team claimed all three points.  The home side set 17 in the first leg but, with opposing anchorman, Lee "Speedy" Conway needing 3 to draw, 4 to win, he showed off a bit (!) with 5.  He did something similar in the third, wanting 3 to win - and he got those too, finishing with 11.  Well done Lee.  Trevor Smith got into double figures too, with 10.  Richard Cooper, for the Nut Tree, finished with a decent 11.

In Division Two, with Billy Craig in top form hitting 12 dolls, and Roger Herbert missing from the Red Cow's line up, the Bell took all three points in that one.  After a relatively poor week last week (by his standards), Dave Futter returned with 11 dolls to help the White Horse to a 2-1 victory over the visiting Prince of Wales.  In a close one at the Muddy Duck, the Bull Inn A won 2-1 to maintain the top spot in that table.

Division Three's leaders, the Shakespeare, were far too good for the visiting Chearsley Cricketers and with Keith Vickers hitting his best form of the season with 11 dolls, won 3-0.  Chandos Arms, despite not scoring well themselves (apart from Robert "Curly" Taylor with 10), still managed a 3-0 over their near neighbours, Brill S&SC A and climb into second place.  

Don't know quite what's going on at the Red Lion Finmere!  They've just won their third game on the trot - all at home!  Going to have to pop over there and check out the beer!  This time (as they did two weeks ago in the cup), they beat the Fox Souldern 2-1.  

The reformed Crown B are getting their act together in Division Five and top that table after a 3-0 victory over the Divas.  The Crown even conjured up a leg of 16.

Sixers - Dougie Revitt and Bill Mellis.

    Phil Allen


19th May 2019

Morning all.

Finding it rather difficult to put together this week's report; blame it on yesterday's "mystery tour pub crawl"!  Twas rather a good one!

Starting in Division Five this week, the Crown B won 2-1 at last year's Division Six champions, the Bull and Butcher A - hitting 36 dolls in the process.  The Black Bull Divas recorded their second win of the season - 2-1 at home against the Eight Bells - and now find themselves in equal second place, tied with the Fountain who beat Plough MG Casuals 3-0.

In the match between the Blacks Head and Safari Garden, the third leg was tied on nine apiece so then went on to three sticks, one stick and back to six again.  The Blacks Head eventually won it 2-1 and recorded their first win of the season.  Star of the show?  It's got to be Simon Gill who hit eleven dolls (3, 3, 5).  According to my records, he's never played the game before - but I said something similar last season about someone else, to find out he'd been playing in the Oxford League Premier!  Watch this space!

In Division Four, the Hundred Acres, struggling to get a full side together, took on the Bull Inn B with just four players and tied the first leg on six dolls apiece - but then lost the three sticker and the other two legs to eventually go down 3-0.  

Despite 13 dolls from Paul "Freddie" Sawyer, the Barley Mow still lost their Division Three match at home against a very strong Shakespeare team, by 2 legs to 1.  Pete Stammers with 11 and Pete Litten (10) were the Shakey's stars.  Eleven dolls from Mick Lisseter helped the Ashton Club defeat the Bull and Butcher B 2-1 and to tie them on points at the top of the table with the Shakespeare.

After last week's defeat against the Muddy Duck, the Bell gained revenge on Wednesday with a 2-1 home victory against the same opponents.

With the Black Bull A dropping a leg at the Ex Services, the White Lion's 3-0 win against the Highfield, puts them clear at the top of the Premier.  John Weller (11) and Bill Mellis (10) starred for the Ex's.  Kevin Vickers maintained his very good start to the season with 11 dolls for the Highfield.  With Jeremy Launchbury in top form (13 dolls and now top doll scorer) and Matthew Hilsden hitting ten in his first match of the season, the Crown recorded a 3-0 victory against the Pheasant.

In previous seasons, our four a side competition has been an open competition - ie teams play against those from other divisions.  It has been suggested that, if we split it into say, Premier, Divisons One and Two in one competition and then Divisions Three, Four and Five in another, we may get more entries.  Would captains please discuss it with team mates and come back to me with your preference.

    Phil Allen


17th May 2019

The Hundred Acres team is struggling to get sufficient players each week and I have been asked, if any players are not getting a game for the team they've signed on for (possibly because there are too many in that team) and would like to play for the Hundred Acres, please let Phil Allen know.

The draws for the various cup competitions were made last night and are shown below: 



12th May 2019

In the League Cup on Wednesday, the Black Bull A must take the plaudits.  With a truly spirited team performance, they defeated an under-performing visiting White Lion side 2-1.  The home side set 18 in the first leg but, despite a six from Francis Hillier, the cup holders fell one short.  The White Lion set 22 and won the second.  Down to the toss of the coin for the third and the visitors set 22 again.  Not enough this time though.  Well done to the Black Bull.  A lengthy trip for Brill S&SC B, across to the Prince of Wales in Steeple Claydon; it was worth it though, returning home victorious after winning 2-0.  The Pheasant Inn and the Ex Services did likewise at the Nut Tree and Bull Inn A respectively.  Not surprisingly, Crown A didn't have any problems in their home match against Black Bull B, beating them 2-1.  In a tight encounter at the Highfield, the Lion won that one 2-1.  Chasing 20 in the first leg, the Highfield anchorman, Lee 'Speedy' Conway, needed six to draw; a great effort but he fell one short.  In the second, the home side set 18 - far too many for the visitors' 9.  What a third leg!  Highfield set again - just 15 this time; but even that looked enough after the Lion's first four players had thrown.  Just two on the board!  The tail wagged though and the last four came up with 15 between them - anchorman Mike Leonard needed 3 to draw, 4 to win (but showed off with a 5!).  The Red Cow had no problems in their match against a seven man White Horse, winning 2-0 (18-9 and 13-8).


In the Intermediate Cup, the Plough MG A beat the Bull Inn B 2-0, as did the Bull & Butcher B against Chearsley Cricketers.  Likewise the Shakespeare at the Barley Mow, and for the Brill S&SC A against Crown Twyford.  As the White Hart's throw is not useable at the moment, six of their players travelled to the Chandos Arms and, although pretty close (13-12 and 15-13), they were beaten 2-0.  As John Mole of the Chandos wrote,  "Tight run thing when you consider they only had six players, one of whom never knocked a doll off!  Full marks to them for turning up".  And then, as George Deans informed me "the hospitality at the Chandos was excellent and would like that to be put on record.  Thank you to them".  Another team who struggled to get sufficient players was the Hundred Acres.  They mustered five together for their trip to the Harrison and did actually win a leg.


No great shocks in the Supplementary except to say that the Blacks Head travelled to the Fountain Steeple Claydon (as they should have done!), only to discover when they got there, they'd probably passed their opponents en route - the Fountain side had gone to Bletchingdon!  No, it wasn't played by proxy!  The Blacks Head returned to their home ground, and eventually, late into the night, lost 2-0.

    Phil Allen


5th May 2019

Morning all.

Despite the threat of rain on Wednesday, the evening remained dry and comfortably warm - well it was where I played!

The White Lion and Black Bull A both won their respective matches 3-0, whilst the Crown dropped another leg in a very tight match at the Highfield.  Bobby Allen and Dougie Revitt hit 12 apiece amongst the White Lion's 71 dolls.

In Division Two Dave Futter of the White Horse hit the first six of the season in their 3-0 win over the Bell.  The Lion travelled well; all the way to the Prince of Wales in Steeple Claydon and returned home with all three points.  Already at a leg apiece, the Red Cow and the Muddy Duck tied the third.  Went to three sticks and tied that one on five each.  On to the one sticker and the Muddy Duck won it giving them a 2-1 win overall.  The Bull Inn A beat Brill S&SC B 3-0 but it was rather close; the second and third legs both went to three sticks with anchorman, Carl Edgington, getting the winner with his last stick on each occasion.

The Shakespeare top Division Three after their 2-1 victory at the Bull & Butcher B, tied on points with the Ashton Club who also gained a 2-1 triumph at Brill S&SC A.  A tight match at the Chandos Arms, who eventually won 3-0.  First leg against the Barley Mow tied on 17 each - Paul "Freddie" Sawyer needed 5 to draw and 6 to win for the visitors; got the five.  Chandos won the three sticker.  Second leg 15-13.  The, in the third, anchorman Sawyer found himself in exactly the same situation (5 to draw, 6 to win).  This time though he fell one short and Chandos won 13-12.

The Harrison, with a few new signings, rattled off 48 dolls and won 3-0 against the Red Lion Finmere.  Jim Harris, leading by example, hit 10 and Clare Reynolds, one of those newbies, got 9 - as did Trevor Wood.  Then, in the beer leg, they set 24 (and that's in Division Four !), with Sophie Thomson getting a six!  They did win that leg by the way!

A couple of highlights in Division Five.  The Fountain, who themselves were beaten 3-0 last week, came back with revenge and beat the Bull & Butcher A by the same scoreline.  And the Black Bull Divas did likewise, away at Safari Garden.

Sixer - Dave Futter.

Cup matches this week - a copy of the draw is attached in Newsletter 1.  To save any misunderstanding, the semi finals of the Supplementary Cup (because there are only eight teams in that competition) will be played on 29th May. 

    Phil Allen


28th April 2019

We're under way!  Not a bad first evening weatherwise - allbeit I was indoors anyway!

No real shocks in the results.

In the Premier and Division One, the Crown A got a creditable 67 dolls but still dropped the third leg to the visiting Black Bull B (21-22).  A consistent Tony Launchbury top scored for the home side with 12 (4, 4, 4) while Rob Owens came a close second with 10 (4, 2, 4).  The White Lion won the first two legs convincingly indoors at the Ex Services (25-15 and 23-9) but were very lucky with the third.  They only set 16 and the Ex's fell one short on 15.  Similarly, Black Bull A were rather fortunate in their 3-0 win against a seven-man Nut Tree - they won the first two legs 16-15 and then the third 21-14.  Kev Powney top scored with 11 and Karl Budd and Jeff Ball both on 10.  Trevor Smith hit 10 for the Highfield who still lost 2-1 at home against the Pheasant, for whom Paul Wallington also got 10.

In Division Two the Bell and Brill S&SC B tied the first leg on 12 apiece with the Sports Club winning the three sticker and then the Bell won the other two legs.  Despite not scoring very well, the Bull Inn A still managed a 3-0 victory over The Lion and, as the division's only 3-0 winners, they top the table.

With Erik Poslusny and Martin Wanless both cracking off 11 dolls, Tony Nichols with ten and Keith Vickers on 9, the Shakespeare won 3-0 at home against the Chandos Arms and are clear candidates to get the promotion this year that they missed out on last year.  The Ashton Club and the Barley Mow were also 3-0 winners - against Chearsley Cricketers and Butchers Arms.

The Fox Souldern got themselves off to a brilliant start against The Harrison in Division Four - all three points and 48 dolls.  The White Hart did something similar; they got the three points at the Plough Marsh Gibbon with 36 dolls.

Rob Webb with nine dolls and Chris Norgate-Barnes with eight got the Eight Bells off to a decent start in Division Five, winning 2-1 at home against Safari Garden.  Good to see the Crown B back with us, winning 3-0 away at the Fountain and also to hear the Blacks Head really enjoyed their first evening at the Bull and Butcher, despite losing 3-0.

Right, don't forget the charity event at the Shakespeare next Sunday, 5th May - with all proceeds going to Prostate Cancer UK.  Love to see you there.

    Phil Allen


19th April 2019

Are you ready?  Get set !  Let's go !  It all starts next Wednesday!

The draws for the League, Intermediate and Supplementary Cups were made last night and are shown below,  Newsletter 1 can be found on our News page


8th April

Morning all,

Sadly, the Tuesday and Wednesday indoor leagues have now finished - but, do not despair, the summer league is only two and a half weeks away!  Couldn't you tell during the week with all the rain and hail storms we were getting!

Anyway, the confirmed fixtures list is attached.  Five divisions of eight, with no byes this year!  I'm sure there are no clashes for those pubs and clubs with two or more teams, but, please give it another check and let me know if there are any.

Please bear in mind, as discussed at the AGM in January, we will not accept any postponements this year (except for really extenuating circumstances notified to, and cleared by, the secretary).  If a team doesn't turn up, it will lose the points.

Some result cards have already been distributed.  If you haven't got yours yet, don't panic, they'll be with you before the season starts.

For those of you who have supported our Prostate Cancer fundraising over the past few weeks - whether it be at our Bicester or Banbury charity nights, or with individual donations - let me thank you once again, you have been terrific.  We have raised a massive total of £1347.  Thank you.

We're not stopping there!  We will be holding an Aunt Sally Charity afternoon at the Shakespeare on Sunday 5th May .  It'd be great to see you there. 

    Phil Allen


Morning all.


Apologies for the late report this week - been very busy!

In our first Inter League match against the Yarnton League (now known as the Sam Butler Challenge Cup) on Wednesday, we went down 16-14, with the result being decided in the very last leg.

Yarnton won the 8 a side 4-2 with scores of 26-24, 23-21 and 21-24.

We then won the four a sides, the triples and the pairs - all by 4-2.

Last match of the night, and Yarnton won the singles 6-0.

Despite the result, it was a terrific night, meeting up with so many old aunt sally friends.

We finish off the indoor season this coming Wednesday with a Charity Night, raising funds for Prostate Cancer UK.  Haven't a clue how many are going to turn up but we'd love to see you there.



Here we go then!  Just 4 weeks and we're into the summer season.

At the moment we have 40 definite teams - down a couple from last year but it gives us five divisions of eight, with no byes.  I am still waiting for confirmation from another two pubs whether they'll be entering or not.  If they do, then we'll have four divisions of eight and Division Five will be one of ten teams.

Based on us just having the 40 teams, the first draft fixture list is attached.  If we do get to the situation of making division five ten teams then the fixtures for those teams in the first four divisions will not change but division five will - and I'll issue another list.  Understood?  Good.

Don't forget, we have the indoor league charity night at the Ex's next Wednesday (3rd April) - can't really open it up to the whole of the summer league 'cos we won't get them all in the hall. But then, we have another 'open' charity event at the Shakespeare on Sunday 5th May.

    Phil Allen


22nd March 2019 - INDOOR LEAGUE

Morning all.  After two brilliant finals nights, I'm now back down to earth!

Sadly, both the Tuesday and Wednesday leagues have now finished for this year.  In their own ways, they've both been brilliant - and I hope we can build on that later this year when we start it all over again.

The results are as follows.


League champions - Bill Inn A

Runners up - Red Cow

Handicap League champions - Bull Inn B

Runners up - Butchers Arms

Knockout Cup champions - Red Cow (under their new captain!)

Runners up - Bull Inn A

Triples winners - Liam Merchant, Andy Thomas, Derek Richards

Runners up - Dave Gardner, James Bateman, Karen Blainey

Pairs winners - Wayne Walker and Phil Allen

Runners up - James Bateman and Chris Stewart

Singles winner - Billy twell

Runner up - Sophie Thomson

Sixers - Nigel King, Ian Cantwell, Steve Golder, Karl Budd

Top Doll Scorer - Karl Budd



DRD Roofing League champions - Crown

Runners up - Misfits

Knockout Cup winners - Ex Services

Runners up - Misfits

Knockout Plate winners - White Horse

Runners up - Black Bull

Two and a half pairs knockout cup winners - Unwanted

Runners up - Ex Services

Two and a half pairs plate winners - Black Bull

Runners up - Bell

Triples winners - Bobby Allen, Eddie Gordon, Brian Gough

Runners up - Jeremy Launchbury, Tony Launchbury, John Hudson

Bob Hook pairs winners - Karl Budd and Jeremy Launchbury

Runners up - Erik Poslusny and Martin Wanless

Singles winner - Terry Bagnall

Runner up - Brian Gough

Sixers - Billy Atwell (2), Bobby Allen (2), John Hudson (2), Brian Gough, Dave Futter, Dave Wheeler, Martin Wanless, Eddie Jones, Karl Budd, John Weller, Terry Bagnall, Phil Allen

Top Doll Scorer - Karl Budd


Wednesday 27th March - Interleague match, at home, against the Yarnton League

Wednesday 3rd April - Charity Night raising much needed funds for Prostate Cancer UK

Wednesday 24th April - Summer league starts (fixtures will be with you soon).




Kevin Powney.....Click the News button to read more


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17th March - Indoor League

Sadly, the season has now come to an end. Hope it's been an enjoyable one for you all!

Congratulations to the following winners and commiserations to those who didn't quite make it!

- DRD Roofing League Champions - Misfits

- Knockout Cup - Misfits

- Two-and-a-half pairs - Misfits

- Triples - Dave Reast, Keith Skinner and Phil Allen (Misfits)

- Pairs - Eddie Gordon and Billy Atwell (Misfits)

- Singles - Dave Reast (Misfits)

- Top Doll Scorer - Brian Gough (Misfits)

I know I said it at the Finals Night last night, but, once again, many thanks to Keith Lennard for ensuring everything was set up on each match day.



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