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18th February 2024

Plaudits of the week have to go to Ian Cantwell for thirteen in each of his two matches, including another six (his fourth of the season).   Not a bad evening's work, 26 dolls.  Well done Ian.  A bit of a mixed bag for his team though (the Red Cow) as they whitewashed the table topping Ex Services but were then beaten by the same scoreline by Mr&MrsFits.  Not the best of weeks for an underperforming Ex Services side either.  As was said earlier, they lost all six points against the Red Cow and then another four against the RiffRaff, to then be replaced at the top of the table by Lower Heyford S&SC.  And, whilst it took Clive Lampitt until last week to get his first Tuesday league six, he came up with another this week.  Well done Clive.

A mixed bag of results on Wednesday, as the Unwanted return to the top of the table.  In their opening match of the evening against the Misfits, the Unwanted threw out of their skins in the first couple of legs - chasing the Misfits' set of 12 and getting 20 and then setting 27 themselves - with James Kirtland hitting 12, including a six.  Great throwing - but it then all fell apart!  They lost the last leg and were then defeated 4-2 by the Bell later in the evening.  The Crown had a very similar sort of night out, beating The Cherries 4-2 but then losing all points against the Ex Services - who, it must be said, had a terrific evening, winning every leg (maximum 12 points), and Dave Vear throwing brilliantly in the game against the Crown for his twelve dolls.  Well done Dave.  The Ashton Club came out on top, winning 6-0, in a close-ish 'local derby' against the Bell but then, with Dougie Revitt hitting 14 (including his fifth six of the season) lost 5-1 'away' to the Misfits.

Sixers - Tuesday - Ian Cantwell and Clive Lampitt
           - Wednesday - James Kirtland and Doug Revitt

Phil Allen


11th February 2024

With only four players on Tuesday evening, the Red Cow lost all twelve points, dropped a couple of places in the table and any reasonable possibility of retaining the trophy that they won last year.  Their only real consolation was that Liam Merchant hit his first six of the season!  Well done Liam.  The Ex Services still hold on to top spot, after claiming four points against the Bull and a whitewash over the Bell - with Tracey Denton also getting her first six of the season and Baz recovering from a blob in his first leg and then hitting 18 in five legs(8 and 10).  Ten points for Launton S&S - four against the RiffRaff and a maximum against the Red Cow - see them shoot up three places to the dizzy heights of fourth place.  A special mention this week for Clive 'Evil C' Lampitt - 25 dolls in total - twelve (including a six) in his first match of the evening and thirteen in his second, against Lower Heyford S&SC.  Well done Clive.

With Wednesday's top three teams all drawing their first matches, it opened the doors for the Misfits to make up a little ground and close the gap at the top - and they did - by one point!  The Crown drew with the Unwanted, followed by The Cherries and the Bell doing likewise.  Kev Powney hit twelve and Karl Budd eleven, followed by Darren Moore with twelve and Dave Puddle and Nick Cherry with ten apiece.  The Shakespeare and the Ashton Club also drew 3-3, with Steve Payne top doll scorer in that one with twelve, including a six.  In the meantime, the Misfits 'took full advantage' claiming all six points against the Ex Services - with Bobby Allen throwing out of his skin for 16 dolls (6, 5, 5) and Brian Gough and Steve Walton both hitting eleven.  In the 'second half', the Unwanted got the better of the Shakespeare 4-2 whilst the Crown lost by the same scoreline to the Ashton Club.   So, it was all eyes on the Misfits against The Cherries.  With Dougie Revitt hitting yet another six in the first leg, the Misfits rattled up 21 dolls and won that leg.  They tired (!!) - but Dougie still finished with 14 - and The Cherries claimed the next two legs.   So, on the night, eight points to the Misfits, seven to the Unwanted, The Cherries and the Ashton Club.  Welcome back, and well done, to John Cottingham (Ashton Club) who's been away from the game for quite some time, yet came back to hit double figures (ten dolls) in his only match of the evening.

Sixers - Tuesday - Clive Lampitt, Liam Merchant, Tracey Denton
           - Wednesday - Bobby Allen, Dougie Revitt, Steve Payne

Phil Allen


2nd February 2024

A couple of encouraging attendances for the singles' competitions this week - 39 on each evening.

On pitch one on Tuesday, Tony Nichols, who's been on top form recently, won his way through to the final after beating Clive Lampitt, Wayne Walker, Ian Cantwell and Dave Gardiner on the way.  In the final Tony will be up against the threat of Baz, another who's been having a great last few weeks.  Well done chaps.

On Wednesday evening, despite having a very swollen infected "throwing" hand, Brian Gough saw off Steve Godfrey, Tony Nichols, Jed Launchbury and Greg English to cement his place in the final.  The other to get to the final on that pitch was Greg English who had a great evening, seeing off Baz, Steve Walton and Chris Hooper - who, himself had already beaten three others.  Equally as much excitement on the other pitch for Liam Fisher who, initially, got through the preliminary round before beating Terry Smith, Karl Budd and Bobby Allen before meeting and beating Eddie Jones.

To recap, the Tuesday final will be Tony Nichols against Baz asnd Wednesday's will be Brian Gough against Liam Fisher.

IMPORTANT NOTICE - I'll be going to order the trophies on Monday, and, embarrassingly, have left it rather late to ask last year's winners to return the trophies they have.   Would, whoever has the following trophies, please bring them in on Tuesday or Wednesday.

League Champions - Bull Inn
Knockout Cup Winners - Red Cow
Knockout Plate Winners - Bull Inn
2.5prs Cup Winners - Mr&MrsFits
2.5prs Plate Winners - Red Cow
Singles Winner - Ian Cantwell
Pairs Winners - Nigel King and Kevin Powney
Triples Winners - Roger Herbert, Fred Houghton, Michelle 
Top Doll Scorer - Karl Budd
Handicap League Winners - Red Cow

League Champions - Misfits
Knockout Cup Winners - Misfits
Knockout Plate Winners - The Cherries
2.5prs Cup Winners - Crown
2.5prs Plate Winners - Misfits
Pairs Winners - Dave Reast and Brian Gough
Triples Winners - Liam Fisher, Eddie Jones, Keith Lennard
Top Doll Scorer - Brian Gough
Handicap League Winners - Shakespeare

Phil Allen


8th Jan 22024

Not the best of evenings for the table topping Ex Services on Tuesday, but, with their closest rivals, Lower Heyford S&SC and the Red Cow, also dropping vital points, the Ex's remain at the top.  In their first match against Mr&MrsFits, despite Baz's six, they came second best on the end of a 4-2 defeat and then drew three each against Launton S&S.  Chasing them, Lower Heyford got the better of Launton S&S, beating them 4-2 but then lost by the same scoreline to Mr&MrsFits.  Unknowingly at the time, it was a great opportunity for the Red Cow to close the gap - but, after a very profitable 5-1 victory over the Bull Inn, they played very badly (by their standards) and lost 5-1 against the RiffRaff.  Individually, Karl Budd had a terrific evening, hitting 25 dolls (13 and 12, including a six), Tony Nichols with 21 (9 and 12), Ian Cantwell 20 (two tens) and Lee Gardiner with ten in his three legs.

Nine points for the Crown - a three all draw against the Bell and a 6-0 whitewash over the Shakespeare - have shot them to the top of the Wednesday league, leapfrogging the Unwanted who lost 4-2 against the Ashton Club before dropping a leg to the Ex Services.  With Keith Lennard throwing well (18 dolls - 8 and 10), the Ashton also beat The Cherries 4-2.  A bit of a mixed bag for the Misfits.  With Dougie Revitt - as Dougie does - throwing exceptionally well for his 26 dolls (11 and 15, including a six), they drew three apiece with the Shakespeare before beating the Bell 4-2.  Other creditable individual performances worthy of a mention were Bobby Allen's 22 (10 and 12), Karl Budd 20 (9 and 11), John Hudson 19 (11 and 8), Paul Hudders 19 (5 and 14, including a six) and Dave Puddle 18 (8 and 10, including a six).  Well done chaps. 

Sixers - Tuesday - Karl Budd and Baz Bazile
           - Wednesday - Doug Revitt, Dave Puddle, Paul Hudders

Phil Allen

For a number of years now we have held the AGM for our summer league on the last Thursday of January.  That, really, is probably way too early - almost three months before the league has started.  Then, last year we held it in late March; being a month closer to the start of our summer season, teams/pubs/clubs were a little bit clearer on whether they'd be able to take part or not and what they wanted.

Although the meeting is still a couple of months or so away, I'd just like to know if you're intending to take part and, secondly, if the team/pub you previously represented will still be available and joining us too.  No rush but I'd be grateful if you would please come back to me just to let me know your intentions.  And please, if you know of any others who you think would like to join us, again, please let me know.  I'll then chase them.

The intention is to start the fixtures on Wednesday 24th April.

Hope you can make the meeting 'cos I'm sure there'll be a great deal to discuss.  Don't worry, I'll remind you nearer the time.

One of the main talking points is, with the success of 'picking any six players from nine' which we operated last summer, there will certainly be lengthy discussions at the meeting relating to the format we should use this coming summer - ie that same format or reverting to the original eight players who would then play all three legs.  

Whilst our league doesn't stipulate that all teams must be represented at the meeting, it would be great to get as many as we can there.  For the captains amongst you, if you're unable to attend or are unable to get someone to represent you, please let me know which format you would prefer.  I'll monitor replies to ensure we only allow one vote per team.

And, if, indeed, there is anything particular you'd like to raise - whether it be at the meeting or just with me in general - please let me know.

Phil Allen


22nd January 2024

A very profitable Tuesday evening for the Ex Services.  After taking four points in a low scoring match against the RiffRaff they then put together a much improved performance - with Rick Gumbert hitting 11 dolls - to whitewash a below par Red Cow team 6-0 - and to open up the gap at the top of the table.  An even better eleven points for Lower Heyford S&SC - a maximum six against the Bull Inn and five against Bell B - shoots them up into second place.  With a 'guest appearance' from last week's sickie (Tony Nichols - 9 and 10 dolls), and the team skipper's much improved performance (Phil Allen - 11 and 10), Launton S&S's nine points (five against Bell B and four against the Bull) take them up a further place 'away from relegation'!  Many congratulations to the Bell who, with only four players, hit twelve and drew a leg against Launton and thirteen and drew a leg against Lower Heyford.  Well done to Nigel King who, by his normally high standards, had a very poor evening - but still managed to hit that magical six.

Ten points for the Unwanted on Wednesday - four against the Bell (with a 25 leg thrown in and the skipper hitting a six!), followed by a maximum against the Misfits sees them jump to the top of the table.  Hot on their tails are the Crown, who lost 4-2 in their first match against a much improved Ex Services but then returned with a terrific performance - leg average of just over 19, with one of 25 thrown in - to trounce The Cherries 6-0.  Tony Launchbury had a great evening with 22 dolls (two elevens).   A couple of great matches for the Ex Services - the first when they beat the Crown 4-2, hitting 52 dolls and then when they took four points off the Shakespeare, this time clanging off 61 dolls.  Eight points,113 dolls and Baz with 18 (8 and 10).  

Sixers - Tuesday - Nigel King
           - Wednesday - Phil Allen

Phil Allen


14th January 2024

Ian Cantwell's 21 dolls (including his third six of the season) and Liam Fisher's 20 on Tuesday evening, enabled the Red Cow to beat Launton S&S 5-4 and Lower Heyford S&SC 4-2.   With Rick Gumbert performing well for the Ex Services - 19 dolls in his five legs - they've pipped the Red Cow by four dolls for that top spot in the table.  The Ex's beat Bell B 6-0 in their first match followed by a 4-2 victory over a well under par Bull Inn.   In a close match between Lower Heyford S&SC and the RiffRaff, the club came out on top 4-2 but they then lost by the same scoreline to the Red Cow.  With Nigel Wakelin hitting a six (following a blob!!), the RiffRaff reversed their previous result and beat Launton S&S 4-2.

With the Ashton Club unable to field a team on Wednesday, to allow their scheduled opponents (the Crown and the Shakespeare) and "top doll scorer chasing individuals" the opportunity to play two matches, we filled in with a couple of "made-up" teams.  Two creditable performances from The Cherries - 4-2 victories over both the Misfits and the Bell - have elevated them to table toppers, just one point ahead of the Crown and the Misfits.  Although not a great evening for the Misfits, Dougie Revitt performed to his normal high standard, scoring 23 (13 and 10 - no, not a six amongst it) which takes him back to the top of the doll scorers chart - the first time since the first week of the season!  Karl Budd performed equally as well, hitting 23 (11 and 12) to help earn the Crown ten points - a 'whitewash' over the Ashton Club and four points against the Unwanted.  Great to see Ray Townsend putting in an "old style Ray performance" for his 11 and 8 - well done Ray.  

Sixers - Tuesday - Ian Cantwell and Nigel Wakelin
Phil Allen


7th January 2024

A Happy New Year to you all.

The Bull Inn got themselves off to a great start in the Tuesday Handicap League, claiming all twelve points - maximums against Bell B and the RiffRaff.  With target scores of 12 per leg - and Nigel King throwing exceptionally well for his 24 dolls (13 and 11) - they hit 42 in the first match followed by 39 in the second.  Also throwing off scratch (no handicap!) and against the same opponents (RiffRaff and Bell), the Red Cow dropped a leg in each match, but still find themselves in second place in the table.  The Ex Services excelled themselves, hitting 49 dolls and claiming all six points against Launton S&S in their first match, and then against Lower Heyford S&SC they drew the first leg, and lost the next two by one doll in each.  Individually, a great night for both Baz Bazile and Tracey Denton; they hit ten apiece in their first match followed by nine apiece in the second.  Talking individual scores, Karl Budd got his new year off to a great start - 25 dolls on Tuesday (13 - including a six - and 12) with another 25 on Wednesday (more of that later).  Well done Sir!

Ironically, at this stage last season, the Misfits hit 90 dolls in their first two matches and found themselves bottom of the table with just three points; this year with the same number of dolls they beat the Bell 6-0 and the Crown 4-2 and top the table with ten points.  In the first match against the Bell Brian Gough hit 12, Bobby Allen ten and Dougie Revitt ten - including a six.  As mentioned earlier, Karl Budd threw extremely well for the Crown, with 14 and 11 (and no six!).  Their second highest scorer was someone called "Handicap" - nine in each match !!!  Hope he's not available this week - we're playing them!  Good to see Erik Poslusny back for the Shakespeare, and he threw well (9 and 12 - including a six).

Sixers - Tuesday - Karl Budd
              Wednesday - Doug Revitt and Erik Poslusny

Phil Allen


29th December 2023

On the RESULTS page are the league tables, averages and handicaps for the leagues which start this week.  I'll be willing to explain them a little bit more this coming Tuesday and Wednesday , but, this is how it goes:

On a Tuesday night, when the Bell B - with a handicap of 6 - are playing the Red Cow, Bull, RiffRaff, Mr&MrsFits and Launton S&S the most they get is four (the maximum decided upon at the AGM).  When they're up against the Ex Services and Lower Heyford S&SC, the Bells' handicaps go up to their maximum six (whilst those other teams get their two or four as shown in the table).

Likewise, on a Wednesday, the Cherries, Ashton Club, Bell and the Ex's handicap goes down to four when they play the Misfits and adjusted to a maximum of four when playing the others.

You know what I mean, don't you?!  It's just the same as last year.

A Happy New Year to you all.

Phil Allen


23rd December 2023

Two great evenings of triples this week.  Rather a pity that a few were unable to attend, mainly due to sickness, but still a great turnout on each evening - 17 teams on Tuesday and 16 on Wednesday.  Not surprisingly, with the averages pretty much identical, we had a few very close matches - some even going to five three stickers!  All in all, very enjoyable.

Those who got through to the Tuesday night's final are Karl Budd, Terry Hawkins and Dave Vear.  Wednesday's finalists will be Dougie Revitt, Eddie Jones and Zak Vear and they'll be up against Clive Lampitt, Jamie Wiltshire and Colin Baldwin.  Well done everyone.

Oh yeh, I forgot to mention in my previous email that Karl Budd, Eddie Jones and Tony Launchbury all hit a six.  Well done chaps.

I suppose you really want to know who Sticky's team are going to play in the Tuesday night final, don't you!!  They'll be up against Dave Gardiner, Keith Lennard and Greg English. 

So, to round off 2023, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  See you again on Tuesday 2nd and/or Wednesday 3rd January.

Phil Allen


17th December 2023

On Tuesday evening, in the final "league" fixtures, eyes were on the Bull Inn's and the RiffRaff's 'fight' for the runners up spot.  RiffRaff were up against the already crowned champions, the Red Cow, whilst the Bull were facing the challenge of the Bell.  Level on points but the Bull had a far superior dolls advantage, it really meant RiffRaff were chasing all six points.  And, with the Red Cow only having four players, RiffRaff took the first two legs fairly comfortably.  But then, with Ian Cantwell producing another five-leg, the Red Cow upped a gear and took the last 12-10.  The Bull then, with the aforementioned dolls advantage, were quite aware that four points would be sufficient - and they did that by taking the first two legs off the Bell.  Elsewhere on the night, Mr&MrsFits beat Lower Heyford S&SC by the same scoreline as did Launton S&S against the Ex Services.

In the Cup and Plate semi finals which followed, despite James Kirtland hitting 12 for Lower Heyford in the Cup, the Bull beat them 2-1 and the Ex Services beat Mr&MrsFits 2-0.  In the Plate, RiffRaff beat the Red Cow 2-1 despite Ian Cantwell's six and Roger Herbert rolling back the years for his 12 dolls.

As was the case on Tuesday, the chase for second spot was also on on Wednesday.  And the Crown, already in second place, had a much superior doll advantage over the Shakespeare - and they were playing each other!  The Crown took the first, the Shakespeare the second so it was all down to the third leg.  And that one was touch and go - with Karl Budd's six setting the Crown on their way, it finished 15-14 in their favour.  Keith Lennard threw well for his 11 dolls for the four man Ashton Club team, as they drew three apiece with The Cherries.

In the Cup, the Crown beat a lacklustre Misfits 2-1 and will meet the Bell in the final after they comfortably won 2-0 against The Cherries.  The Unwanted (who defeated the Ashton Club 2-1) will come up against the Ex Services (who won 2-0 against the Shakespeare) in the Plate final.

Sixers - Tuesday - Ian Cantwell
           - Wednesday - Karl Budd

Phil Allen


12th December 2023

On Tuesday evening, with the Bull having another poor week, the Red Cow took full advantage and are now ten points clear at the top of the table.  In their first match of the evening, against an 'over performing' Launton S&S - and under performing themselves - they dropped all six points.  Tony Nichols threw well for the S&S (12 dolls in that match, including a six (21 on the night)).  They did redeem themselves somewhat in their second match, taking all six points off Lower Heyford S&SC.  The Red Cow, on the other hand, had a very profitable evening with maximum points and 48 dolls against the Ex Services, followed by a 5-1 success over Mr&MrsFits - in fact, after half an hour of putting this report together, I've just realised they're this season's LEAGUE CHAMPIONS!  Well done chaps.  Bell B had a terrific start to the evening, hitting 14 dolls and taking the first leg off Lower Heyford S&SC - but then .....!

The Misfits have retained the Wednesday 'league champions' title - for the fourth year on the trot.  Well done chaps!   Another terrific evening this week, taking all twelve points against the Unwanted and the Ashton Club, hitting 103 dolls, Brian Gough hitting 24 dolls (10 and 14, including a six), Dougie Revitt and Clive Lampitt hitting 23 apiece.  A decent evening's work!    The fight for second place is still on between the Crown and the Shakespeare - and they play each other this week!  In their matches this week, the Crown won 4-2 'away' against The Cherries (with Karl Budd hitting 12 (including a six)) and then taking all six points against the Ex Services whilst the Shakespeare dropped just one point.  Going to be an interesting encounter this week!  Using their rotational system for dropping players when they have more than five, it was Eddie Jones's turn to 'sit out' the Bell's final leg of the evening - and he'd just hit a six and a five in the previous two legs!  Well thrown Eddie and hard luck! 

Sixers - Tuesday - Tony Nichols and Ian Cantwell
           - Wednesday - Karl Budd, Brian Gough and Eddie Jones.

This week it's the final league match of the season followed by Knockout Cup and Plate semi finals.  The teams involved are:

Tuesday KO Cup - Ex Services, Bull Inn, Lower Heyford S&SC, Mr&MrsFits

Tuesday KO Plate - Launton S&S, Red Cow, Bell, RiffRaff

Wednesday KO Cup - Misfits, Crown, Bell, The Cherries

Wednesday KO Plate - Unwanted, Ashton Club, Shakespeare, Ex Services

Please disregard the "draws" I published on the bottom of the 31st October and 1st November results sheets - they weren't drawn, they were a case of the winners/losers of pitch one against winners/losers of pitch two etc.  And that shouldn't have been; we will actually do the draws on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings as in previous years.

Phil Allen


4th December 2023

Once again (as last year), very pleasing attendances for this week's pairs competitions - 23 pairs on Tuesday and 25 on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, the reigning champions, Nigel King and Kevin Powney got through to this year's final against the season's newcomers, Ant Bradbeer and Paul Hudders.  On Wednesday, Brian Gough and Dave Reast won their way through to meet Karl Budd and Jeremy Launchbury.

Well done chaps.

Phil Allen


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