Annual General Meeting

28th September 2021

held at The Ex Services Club, Bicester

  1. Welcome - Phil Allen (Secretary) welcomed everyone to the meeting. The following were in attendance:

Billy Atwell, Dan Jobling, Steve Golder, Dave Wheeler, Keith Lennard, Pete Dempsey, Karl Budd, Ray Rowe, Delores Jones, Eddie Jones, Roger Herbert, Olly Carvell, Aimee Sheehan, Phil Allen.

The Code of Practice which we introduced at the 2020 AGM was discussed, but the overall feeling at the meeting was that we no longer need to adhere to that and we can revert to how we used to play prior to Covid-19.

  1. Apologies –

Finance - The secretary/treasurer produced a copy of both the Tuesday and Wednesday accounts and the bank statement. All were happy and accepted the paperwork as a true record.

The weekly match fee will remain at £1.00 per player per game and the fundraising will revert to its normal format (ie the Take Your Pick sheet and playing cards).

  1. Election of officers - Phil Allen will continue as both secretary and treasurer.

  1. Constitution of the League – The Butchers Arms and the Bull Inn C have withdrawn from the Tuesday league and the White Horse from the Wednesday league. The Bell will enter a team in the Tuesday league (giving us 7). Aimee Sheehan believes she can persuade a few extra players to join us on both nights.

  1. Fixtures/Cup Competitions - The 2021 league fixtures will commence on Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th October.

The intention is to play league fixtures up until Christmas and then competitions/handicap leagues


  1. Any other business –

    • The match start times for both evenings will be as follows:

7.45 8.20 8.55 9.30

  • On the first evenings of each league (Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th), every effort will be made to find five players to make up the ‘eighth’ team. Initially, if there is a shortage, players from the any of those teams in attendance will be used – and they will be allowed after that to go back to their original teams.