Indoor League

League Champions & Knockout Cup Winners - Black Bull A

Knockout Cup Runners Up - Red Lion Stratton Audley

Triples Winners - Billy Atwell, Dave Reast and Andy Lincoln

Pairs Winners - Brian Gough and Robbie Bryant

Singles Winner and Top Doll Scorer: Brian Gough



Premier Division champions - White Lion, Fewcott

Division Two champions - Black Bull B

Division Three runners up - Bull & Butcher B

Division Four runners up - White Hart

Division Five runners up - Safari Garden

League Cup runners up - Plough B

Rob Owens (Black Bull B)

League Plate runners up - Prince of Wales

Supplementary Plate runners up - Barley Mow

Pairs winners - Phil and Eddie Gordon (White Lion)

Singles winner - (Phil Allen)

Sixers winner - Bobby Allen (White Lion)

Malcolm Butler (Launton S&SC A)


Division One champions - Plough B, Bicester

Division Three champions - Nut Tree

Division Four champions - Crown Twyford

Division Five champions - Chearsley Cricketers

League Cup winners - Launton S&SC A

Supplementary Cup winners - Bull & Butcher B

League Plate winners - Black Bull B

Supplementary Plate winners - Nut Tree, Murcott

Four a side winners - White Lion A

Pairs runners up - Roger Herbert and Ian Cantwell (Red Cow)

Singles finalists (Phil Allen and Norman Brock)

Top Doll scorer - Phil Allen

Prince of Wales
(Simon North, Malcolm Hodges, Les Walker, Dennis Mills)

Finals Night 2012 Images 


Launton S&SC A  League Champions
Ken Jones, John Weller, John Webber, Bill Mellis, Norman Brock, Dave Sawyer, Terry Hawkins, Sam Butler


Prince of Wales – Division 2 Champions
(from L to R) Dennis Mills, Royston Carpenter, Trevor Barnett, Les Walker, John Gibbs, Malcolm Hodges, Richard Carpenter and Simon North (kneeling).


Bell – Division 3 Champions


White Horse A – Division 4 Champions 
(from L to R) Colin Grant, Chris Carroll, Paul Earnshaw, Scott Dalby, Rob Williams, Mick Britton, Danny Dyer, Dave Dale, and Kneeling are James Britton and Kevin Bloomfield.


Crown B – Divisions 3, 4 and 5 Plate Winners


Prince of Wales – Divisions 1 and 2 Plate Winners
Trevor Barnett, Royston Carpenter, Simon North, Les Walker, John Gibbs, Richard Carpenter, Dennis Mills, Malcolm Hodges


White Horse A (Divisions 3, 4 and 5 Cup Winners


White Lion A Divisions 1 and 2 Cup Winners 
Phil Allen, Bobby Allen, Brian Gough, Jordan Gough, Ian Lee


Four a Side Winners
John Weller, John Webber, Bill Mellis, Dave Sawyer
(Launton S&SC A)


Pairs Winners
Sam Butler and Norman Brock (Launton S&SC A)


Bobby Allen (White Lion A) winner of the
Steve Huntley Memorial Shield
with runner up Brian Gough (White Lion A)


White Lion A League Runners Up & Divs One& Two Cup Winners Phil Allen, Dave Beasley, Brian Gough, Eddie Gordon, Jordan Gough, Ted Houlihan, Bobby Allen


Ashton Club – Division 2 Runners Up


5Crown B – Division 3 Runners Up


White Horse B – Division 5 Champions
(from L to R) Paul Gough, Joy Porthouse, Dave Futter, Ian Porthouse, Tina Massey, Baz Baziel, Kath Palmer, Simon Curtis


Crown A – Divisions 3, 4 and 5 Plate Runners Up


White Lion B – Divisions 1 and 2 Plate Runners Up
 Malcolm Skuce, Alan Cullen, John Woodman, Les Cullen and Robbie Bryant at the front


Black Bull C – Divisions 3, 4 and 5 Cup Runners Up


Tina Massey and Paul Earnshaw  Captains of White Horse B and A with Divisions 5 and 4 champions shields.


Top Doll Scorer
 Kevin Powney (Black Bull A)


Pairs Runners Up
John Webber and Bill Mellis (Launton S&SC A)


Dan Sperrin and Toby Gough (Launton S&SC B) with
Adam Windsor
(Hook Norton Brewery) in the middle.