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Etiquette is a code of behaviour whereby individuals treat one another the way they would like to be treated. Breaches of etiquette are sometimes wilful, and sometimes inadvertent.

In addition to our rules, a certain amount of etiquette is expected. Etiquette refers to the way in which we play the game to ensure enjoyment for everyone and so that all have the chance to play their best.

The etiquette guidelines offered here should be noted by beginners and experienced players alike. They are all based on common courtesy, which will make them easy to remember.


For players and spectators


Unless otherwise stated for competitions, games start at 8.30 pm.


Do not distract those who are throwing towards you, by moving around or walking across in front of them. Wait until he/she has finished throwing, then move.


It is not good etiquette to interrupt other players when they are on the oche.


Do your utmost to ensure you don’t drop your sticks when someone is about to throw.


The thrower shall not be interfered with, annoyed, or have their attention distracted in any way by their opponents.


Encourage, rather than criticise – no one throws a bad stick intentionally. 


Learn to accept lucky dolls, both for and against you – they will balance out in the long run.


Always show good sportsmanship by acknowledging a display of good skill by another player.


The caller’s decision is final and must be respected.


After the game


Shake hands. Congratulate the opposing team and, in the event of losing the beer leg, offer to buy your opposite number a drink


A knowledge of the above will make you a more well respected player and will contribute to the enjoyment of the game for everyone involved.



Be a gracious winner and a good loser.


Etiquette for Callers

"So if you would a Caller be, then make it worth your while;
To do the job quite capably, and do it with a smile."





Forget England's penalty World Cup shoot-out triumph, because Aunt Sally is coming home, thanks to a Launton man's nail-biting victory to become the pub sport's new world champion!
While most eyes were on football in Russia over the weekend, an equally fiercely fought world title was being contested at the Charlbury Beer Festival.

The Aunt Sally World Championships brought together the cream of the pub sport's talent for a showdown in Charlbury. After several tense games, only two players remained: Karl Budd and Kevin Powney.

A series of ties meant the game had to go to sudden death - the equivalent of a penalty shoot-out - with first-time champion, Kevin Powney, holding his nerve and taking home the international trophy.

Kevin said: "I felt comfortable playing Karl because he's a friend. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Now I'll have to make some room on the mantle-piece!"



We are proud to announce our new sponsor will e Lodge Garage Aylesbury.
We would like to thank Hook Norton Brewery for their sponsorship and support over the last few years and look forward to a long and rewarding relationship with Lodge Garage.