Apologies but I will be off-fline until 1st June so will not be able to update the website.
Your patience is appreciated


13th May 2017

The draws for the second round of the League Cup, Intermediate Cup and Supplementary Cup and the first rounds of the League Plate, Intermediate Plate and the Supplementary Plate to be played on Wednesday 31st May, are as follows

League Cup League Plate

Round Two Round One

White Lion A v Brill S&SC B

Highfield SC v Ashton Club

Crown A v Bull Inn A

Red Lion Islip v The Lion

The Pheasant v Bell Bicester

Nut Tree v Black Bull A

Black Bull B v Muddy Duck

Bull Inn B v White Horse B

Intermediate Cup Intermediate Plate

Round Two Round One

C/Cricketers v Ex Services

Barley Mow v Bye

Bull & Butcher B v Fountain A

Brill S&SC A v Crown B

White Horse A v Prince of Wales

Red Lion Fin v White Hart

The Harrison v Red Cow

Chandos Arms v Bye


Supplementary Cup Supplementary Plate

Round Two Round One

Royal Oak v White Lion B

KEA Club v Bull & Butcher A

Eight Bells v Bull Inn C

Black Bull Divas v Bye

Plough MG v Red Lion SA

Safari Garden v Bye

Fountain B v Butchers Arms

Crown Gawcott v Bye

Our sixers so far this season are:

Doug Revitt (White Lion A)

Rob Owens (Black Bull B)

Phil Allen 13th May 2017

01869 252125

07578 915693

11th May 2017

I've got last night's cup results in already - bit of texting around but they're now updated.

Will probably do the draw tonight for the second round of the cups and also for the first round of the plate competitions.



7th May 2017

Congratulations to our sixer of the week - Rob Owens (Black Bull B).  Well done.



3rd May 2017

Morning all,

Still haven't got the card for the Crown Gawcott v Royal Oak match but I have to go ahead and get last week's results out.

Typical freezing cold aunt sally weather - arctic conditions as someone described it - but at least we're now under way.

Congratulations to Dougie Revitt who started off the season - as he did last year - with 14 (4, 6, 4).

Cup draws - the draws for the first round of the League Cup, Intermediate Cup and Supplementary Cup, to be played on Wednesday 10th May, are as follows


White Lion A v Highfield SC
Crown A v Bull Inn B
Black Bull B v White Horse B
The Pheasant v The Lion
Ashton Club v Bell Bicester
Brill S&SC B v Black Bull A
Bull Inn A v Red Lion Islip
Muddy Duck v Nut Tree


The Harrison v Brill S&SC A
Prince of Wales v Barley Mow
White Horse A v Bye
Fountain A v Bye
Red Lion Finmere v Bull & Butcher B
Chandos Arms v Red Cow
Chearsley Cricketers v White Hart
Ex Services v Crown B


Bull Inn C v Safari Garden
Crown Gawcott v White Lion B
Bye v Eight Bells
Black Bull Divas v Red Lion Strattion Audley
Butchers Arms v KEA Club
Bye v Fountain B
Bull & Butcher A v Plough MG
Bye v Royal Oak
The winners of each tie will, of course, go through to Round Two – to be played on 31st May.
The losers will go into the Plate Competition – to be played on the same date.


We don’t like postponements, for whatever reason, because it is so difficult to fit in the rearranged game. If it really is necessary, it must be mutually agreed by both captains and the secretary must be notified as soon as possible. There is no excuse for it to be left until the afternoon of the match, as we had recently – it should have been dealt with days – or even weeks – beforehand.

Result reporting

In this day and age, with all the technology about, there should be no reason for not submitting the results and getting them in on time. At the AGM last year it was agreed that “if the result is not received within 7 days of the game being played, then both teams will lose points.” That was implemented last season and will again this season, if necessary.

This, of course, will also punish the losing team; so, let me suggest that (although the rules state the winning captain is responsible for submitting the result) both teams keep a record or take a photograph of the scores. An emailed photograph of the card or the score board are also acceptable.

There’s even a result card template available to download from the website which can then be completed and emailed to me.

There really are NO excuses. I’d rather have both teams submitting the result than none at all.

     Player registration

Teams may register new players just by including the name(s) on the match card and marking it with an asterisk (*). There is no need to ring or email the secretary about this.

New registrations are not allowed after the halfway point of the league fixtures (28th June).

Also please write full names on the weekly result cards; it may not be possible to identify players from nicknames etc. No player may play for more than one team in any season. Any team found breaking this rule will forfeit all points for that match.


The entry forms for the singles, pairs and four-a-side competitions are attached. Please get them completed and back to me (with money) by Sunday 4th June.

I wish you all a good season; most of all, enjoy it.

16th April

Morning all,

This only really affects those in the Premier and Division One.

Have recently had it pointed out to me that nothing has yet been published about who's in the Premier and who's in Division One - although I suspect most of you will have been able to work it out!

It goes something like this!

Premier - White Lion A, Black Bull A, Crown A and the Bull Inn A

Division One - Nut Tree, The Lion, Muddy Duck and the Black Bull B.

See you all soon!



11th April 2017

Morning all,

Won't be long now! The season's almost upon us. In fact, because the Nightingale is not able to get a side together, I've had to revamp Division Six and, because of that, league fixtures for that division need to start next Wednesday (19th). All other divisions remain as per the fixture list previously issued.

Let me explain!

 Because of the Nightingale withdrawal, Division Six only has six teams. Playing each other twice would have meant just 10 league games for each team. And that would also have resulted in each team not having a fixture on four Wednesdays. So, what I've done is arranged it so that all teams play each other three times (ie 15 games) - but that does need an extra week - hence, starting on the 19th.

If the above really does mess up things for those in Division Six, please let me know immediately.



17th March - Indoor League

Sadly, the season has now come to an end. Hope it's been an enjoyable one for you all!

Congratulations to the following winners and commiserations to those who didn't quite make it!

- DRD Roofing League Champions - Misfits

- Knockout Cup - Misfits

- Two-and-a-half pairs - Misfits

- Triples - Dave Reast, Keith Skinner and Phil Allen (Misfits)

- Pairs - Eddie Gordon and Billy Atwell (Misfits)

- Singles - Dave Reast (Misfits)

- Top Doll Scorer - Brian Gough (Misfits)

I know I said it at the Finals Night last night, but, once again, many thanks to Keith Lennard for ensuring everything was set up on each match day.



Registration form 2017.odt Registration form 2017.odt
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18th September 2016

Sadly, the season has now come to an end and that’s it for another year. Hope you’ve all enjoyed it and are looking forward to next year already!

As said in previous years, this Newsletter is very much a repeat, except of course, in many cases team/individual names will have changed.

Divisional honours

Premier Division champions White Lion A
Runners up Launton S&SC A

Division One Champions Crown A
Runners up Nut Tree

Division Two Champions Highfield SC A
Runners up
The Lion

Division Three Champions Brill S&SC B
Runners up Red Lion Islip

Division Four Champions Brill S&SC A
Runners up
Chearsley Cricketers

Division Five Champions Launton S&SC B
Runners up
Red Lion Stratton Audley

2. Top doll scorer – Kevin Powney with 143 dolls.

3, Finals night – A truly brilliant night once again. Despite the threat of rain earlier in the day, it held off and we struck lucky once again.

The venue is superb and we had a great turn out once again. The Black Bull teams and their landlord, Paulo, should feel so proud of what they achieved. My thanks go out to all of them and the pub staff once again for providing an ideal venue and facilities for such an occasion.

Despite having to fit in a number of extra finals, we still finished playing by 10 o’clock. Thanks to everyone for the swift changeovers – and, in some cases, playing on a different pitch to the one first allocated.

Sadly, the Hook Norton Brewery rep was taken ill and, therefore, wasn’t able to stay with us to do the presentation; however, we do thank them for their support and sponsorship for the season. I must also thank those other individuals who have sponsored some of the trophies this season. Their contributions are very much appreciated.

Finals Night Results

League Cup winners The Crown A who beat the White Lion A team.

Intermediate Cup winners Brill S&SC B who beat the Chandos Arms.

Supplementary Cup winners White Lion B who got the better of the Red Lion Stratton Audley.

The Phil Allen Four a Side Cup winners White Lion A (Pete Dempsey, Bobby Allen, Doug Revitt and Brian Gough) who overcame the threat of Launton S&SC A (Dave Williams, Bill Mellis, Dave Sawyer and Francis Hillier).

The Terry Hawkins Pairs Cup winners Brian Gough and Doug Revitt who defeated Pete Dempsey and Bobby Allen.

Division Two Pairs Cup winners Darren Moore and James Harkness (Bell Bicester).

Division Three Pairs Cup winners Colin Grant and Eddie Jones (Ex Services).

Division Five Pairs winners Ben Harris and Ian McIlrath (Launton S&SC B).

Division Six Pairs winners Charlie Surman and Dan Kimber (White Lion B).

The Steve Huntley Memorial Singles Shield Bobby Allen and Phil Allen contested the singles final with Bobby winning it.

Division Two Singles winner Dave Futter (White Horse B).

Division Three Singles winner Lee Conway (Highfield SC B).

Division Four Singles winner Lee Mason (Brill S&SC B).

Division Six Singles winner Nick Line (Plough Marsh Gibbon).

4. There are a few teams who need to be looking at improving their throws in readiness for next year – with regard to lighting in most cases; so, if you need any equipment or advice please let me know and I’ll do what I can to help.

5. This is probably the last you’ll hear from me until mid-January when I’ll start sending out application forms and so on for next season; however, as most of you’ll know, I am very approachable and if anyone wishes to contact me to discuss anything Aunt Sally related, then please do so – numbers are below.

6. Congratulations to all this season’s winners and commiserations to those who came second best. Don’t let it grind you down, I want to see you all back again next season.

Phil Allen 01869 252125 07578 915693

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