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 4th February 2013

We have lift off! Planning for the forthcoming season has begun.. The AGM held at the Shakespeare on Thursday evening was, once again, well attended - with 28 there it's the best so far!

The only real significant change is that we will have a Premier Division and then Divisions 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 (if enough teams); last season's top four in Division One will form the Premier and the bottom four will be Division One.  Each of those eight teams will play each other twice as previously.  It has been heard before that teams do not want to be promoted to Division One because they feel they don't stand a chance and won't enjoy it.  This proposed change is aimed at maintaining the spark and enjoyment and to give all teams a much better chance to win something.

The minutes from that meeting can be viewed by clicking the link below.


Captains are asked to complete and return Registration Forms it to me (with the £30.00 entry fee) by the end of February.

If, for some reason, you are no longer taking part or are not the team's contact, or, indeed, if you know of a team not continuing this year, please let me have the details.

Thank you,

Phil Allen

01869 252125

07578 915693


15th January 2013

The time has arrived to start planning for the 2013 Bicester and District Aunt Sally season!

I just hope you all enjoyed it so much last year that you're coming back again! 

We're holding the AGM on Thursday 31st January in the small room at the Shakespeare pub in Bicester, starting at 8 o'clock; hope you can make it - and bring along any others who may be interested. 

If for some reason you're not going to be involved (ie not playing, no longer the captain or team rep), or your team's going to be playing elsewhere, please let me know.


Phil Allen
01869 252125
07578 915693