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16th August


Last week's results and updated tables are attached.

Congratulations to the Shakespeare who, by defeating the White Lion A 2-1, have won the Division One championship. And in doing so, it has also, more or less, ended any hopes the White Lion had of retaining the Premier Division title.

A couple of sixes this week - John Weller (Launton S&SC A) and Roger Herbert (Red Cow). That's John's fourth of the season. Well done gents.

The cup semi-finals (as shown below) are being played this coming Wednesday:


Black Bull A v White Lion A (being played at the Shakespeare) Launton S&SC A v Shakespeare (being played at the Black Bull)


White Horse B v Crown A

Ashton Club v Muddy Duck


Nightingale v Chearsley Cricketers

Fountain B v Barley Mow

Bell Bicester v Bull & Butcher A

Swan Islip v White Hart Wanderers


Highfield SC B v Launton S&SC B

White Lion B v White Hart Originals

The League Cup semis are being played on neutral grounds but the others are on the ground of the first named team.



 12th July

Afternoon all,

Last week's results and other updated material are attached. Having now received the "late" cards, I've also updated the results for the previous week and have included the amended tables.

This week's sixer - George Deans (White Hart Wanderers). Well done George.



 29th June

Last Wednesday's results have been updated. Apologies for being a day late but I've been waiting for some result cards - and, still they haven't turned up.

The draw for the singles competition (to be played on Wednesday 8th July has been made and can be found on the FIXTUTRES page. 87 entries, that's terrific!



 15th June 2015

This week's sixer is Liam Merchant of the Shakespeare. Well done Liam, keep it up!

A special mention also for Dave Prosser who hit a 6 against the Plough in Marsh Gibbon but, sadly, it was in the beer leg so doesn't officially count. He's been playing for about 20 years and this is the first time he's had a 6 in a game! Well done Dave.

Don't forget, for the Premier down to Division Three, it's the Pairs Competition. If anyone has entered but doesn't know where they're going get in touch with your captain.



 7th June 2015

       The draws for the next stages of the various cup competitions have been made and are on the Fixtures page. 
These will be played on Wednesday 19th August.

A terrific night at the Shakespeare where the previously unbeaten home side tested their true grit against a tough White Lion A team.

Put in to set the first leg, the White Lion chalked up 21. A nervous start for the Shakespeare who could only muster up 14 - Liam Merchant (5) and Martin Wanless (4) got most of them. The White Lion went back in for the second leg, doing their utmost this time to put it out of reach and came up with a creditable 28. With Martin Wanless still trying his hardest with a 5, the chasers finished on 19.

Winning the toss and having the choice in the third leg, the home side didn't dare risk putting the visitors in again, so went themselves and set a decent 22. It was then touch and go and getting a little uncomfortable for the visitors. Ten needed to win from just three players. But "Mr (sometimes) Reliable" Eddie Gordon hits his first six of the season to make it much more achievable for the White Lion. Keith Skinner with 2 and Phil Allen with a 5 made it a first defeat of the season for the Shakespeare and a valuable three points for the White Lion to keep them hot on the heels of Launton Sports and Social Club, who, themselves, took all three legs against the Crown - hitting 76 dolls in the process.

This week' sixers - Eddie Gordon and Keith Quinnell (Launton S&SC A). Well done chaps.

I did publish it a couple of weeks but some people either haven't seen it or are just ignoring it, the Red Lion Islip team has moved down the road to the Swan Islip.


Phil Allen

 18th May 2015

Morning all,

Last week's results and updated tables are now updated.

No sixers but well done to Darren Lodge (Bell, Bicester) who's had a terrific start to the season, scoring 13 (4 5 4).

The draws for the knockout cup and plate competitions was made on Thursday night and are shown in the fixtures page.......Please note that the Red Lion Islip is closing shortly for refurbishment and the team has relocated to, and will be known as, the Swan Islip



Morning all,

Last week's results are attached. Apologies for the freezing conditions but that's what we've come to expect over the years - as soon as the Aunt Sally season starts, in comes the wet and/or cold weather.

There are some which I've received by phone but have been unable to download. As a result, one of those is not included in this week's results. Could I please ask that, in future, photos are sent to my email address; I can open them that way.

Congratulations to both John Weller (Launton S&SC A) who hit two sixes in his total of 14 (6 2 6) and to Dave Futter (White Horse B) who also clanged off a six in his 14 (3 6 5). Terrific throwing and well done chaps.

And well done too to the Eight Bells. Long Crendon who, despite being two players short, travelled all the way to the Phoenix at Steeple Claydon (16 miles or so each way); didn't get a leg but well done and thank you.

This coming Wednesday it's 8-a-side knockout cup day. The fixtures were sent out last week. For the new teams, it's the best of three legs - which means, of course, if one team gets the first two legs, there's no need to play the third (but you can if you wish).




27th April 2015

The draws for the first round of the League Cup, and the preliminary round of the Supplementary Cup, to be played on Wednesday 6th May, are on our Fixtures page.

We don’t like postponements, for whatever reason (Champions League and the like), because it is so difficult to fit in the rearranged game.  If it really is necessary, it must be mutually agreed by both captains and I must be notified as soon as possible.The rearranged fixture must then be played within 14 days of the original date. 

Result reporting

All teams should have e-mail facilities; therefore, the winning captain is responsible for        ensuring that the scores are e-mailed to me during the day following the match – a template is available for you to do that. This obviously means the captain needs to get hold of the result card at the end of the match.

The result card, signed by the two captains, must still be sent by first class post to be with me by the Saturday.

Player registration
Teams may register new players just by including the name(s) on the match card and marking it with an asterisk (*).  After the halfway mark, new registrations will be at the discretion of the Committee. There is no need to ring or email the secretary about this. 

 Also please write full names on the weekly result cards, otherwise it may not be possible to identify players   from nicknames etc.  No player may play for more than one team in any season.  Any team found breaking this rule will forfeit all points for that match.


 16th March 2015

Afternoon all,


Sadly the indoor season has come to an end. Hope you've all enjoyed it!

Many thanks to the Ex Services Club for their assistance in hosting it.

The following is a breakdown of how it finished up.

DRD Roofing League Champions - Misfits

Runners up - Ashton Club

League Knockout Cup winners - Misfits

Runners up - Black Bull

Triples winners - Misfits A (Brian Gough, Pete Stammers and Robbie Bryant)

Runners up - Misfits A (Billy Atwell, Andy Lincoln and Dave Reast)

Pairs winners - Brian Gough and Robbie Bryant (Misfits)

Runners up - Billy Craig and Chris Holmes (The Bell)

Singles champion - Brian Gough

Runner up - Billy Craig

Top Doll scorer - Brian Gough


For those who weren't successful, please don't get disheartened, we want to see you back again next season!


See the majority of you during the summer!


Phil Allen

 27th October 2014


The first two weeks' results for the new Indoor League season are attached. Apologies for not getting them done sooner but I've been away on holiday.

Congratulations to Andy Lincoln on becoming our first sixer of the season.

The first half of this Wednesday's fixtures is normal league games and then starting at 9 o'clock it's the first round of the Knockout Cup. The draw's as



9.00 on Pitch 1 - Ex Services v The Bell

9.00 on Pitch 2 - White Horse v Misfits

9.30 on Pitch 1 - White Hart v Shakespeare

9.30 on Pitch 2 - Ashton Club v Black Bull


Phil Allen

 30th Sept 2014

Afternoon all,

Minutes of last Monday's AGM have been published.

In the Fixture List, I am trying to extend the season to mid-March with the addition of a couple more cup competitions. But, with the hall available every Wednesday (and not missing a couple as last year because of Christmas parties), I'm finding it difficult to fill in. At the moment the Fixture List is likely to change - but that will only be at the end of the season. I'll keep you updated.


A handicap system is being introduced this season

There will be a practice evening next Wednesday - 8th October, starting at 8 o'clock.

If you have any queries, pse feel free to contact me.


Phil Allen


Our indoor league at the Ex Services Club, Bicester, picked up last winter, managing to get a full complement of eight. And it looks very much as though we will have eight again this coming winter.

There are a few teams who need to be looking at improving their throws in readiness for next year – with regard to lighting in most cases; so, if you need any equipment or advice please let me know and I’ll do what I can to help.

This is probably the last you’ll hear from me until mid-January when I’ll start sending out application forms and so on for next season; however, as most of you’ll know, I am very approachable and if any of you wish to contact me to discuss anything Aunt Sally related, then please do so – numbers are below.

Congratulations to all this season’s winners and commiserations to those who came second best.  Don’t let it grind you down, I want to see you all back again next season.


Phil Allen                               01869 252125                                     07578 915693

 Finals Night:

A truely brilliant night once again! Despite the threat of rain earlier in the day, it held off and was so warm we didn't have to fire up the wood burner as we have done in previous years.

The venue is superb and we had a great turn out once again.  The Black Bull teams and their landlord, Paulo, should feel so proud of what they achieved.   My thanks go out to all of them and the pub staff once again for providing an ideal venue and facilities for such an occasion.

Sadly, the Hook Norton Brewery wasn’t able to join us but we do thank them for their support and sponsorship for the season.  I must also thank those other individuals who sponsored some of the competitions this season.  Their contributions are very much appreciated.

League Cup winnersThe Launton S&SC A who beat the Black Bull A team..

League Plate winnersWhite Lion Fewcott who beat last year’s winners, the Black Bull B.

Supplementary Cup winnersBarley Mow who got the better of the Ex Services.

Supplementary Plate winners Launton S&SC B who were too good for the Red Lion Stratton Audley

The Phil Allen Four a Side Cup winnersWhite Lion A (Doug Revitt, Eddie Gordon, Phil Allen and Keith Skinner) who overcame the threat of the Nut Tree

The Terry Hawkins Pairs Cup WinnersGraham Baldwin and John Weller (Launton S&SC A) who defeated Karl Budd and Kevin Powney (Black Bull A)

The Steve Huntley Memorial Singles ShieldKevin Powney and Liam Merchant (Shakespeare) contested the Singles final with Kevin winning it.


 23rd September 2014

Sadly, the season has now come to an end and that’s it for another year.  Hope you’ve all enjoyed it and are looking forward to next year already!

As said in previous years, this Newsletter is very much a repeat, except of course, in many cases team/individual names will have changed
Divisional honours

Premier Division championsWhite Lion Fewcott
Runners upLaunton S&SC A

Division One ChampionsNut Tree
Runners upShakespeare

Division Two ChampionsHighfield SC A
Runners upRed Lion Wendlebury

Division Three ChampionsWhite Horse B
Runners upHighfield SC B

Division Four Champions

Fountain A

Runners up
Ex Services
Division Five ChampionsKings Head B
Runners upRed Lion Stratton Audley

 Top Doll Scorer - John Weller (Launton S&SC A) with 140 dolls

 8th September 2014

Sadly, the end is nigh! The league fixtures are now complete for the Premier Division and Division One to Four. Division Five still have one more game to play.

In the Premier, White Lion Fewcott needed two legs to ensure they retained the title over Launton Sports and Social Club. And pity on the Black Bull B, who also needed to win to ensure they stayed in Division One. Setting in the first leg, the White Lion got off to a great start; a first six of the season from lead off man, Bobby Allen, enabled the side to get 17 from the first four, eventually finishing with 27 - far too good for the home team. Further scores of 25 and 26 did the trick and the White Lion are Premier Division champions again - Bobby Allen finished with 15. That defeat for the Black Bull B and wins for the Nut Tree and the Shakespeare mean that the Black Bull B will go down with Prince of Wales. The Muddy Duck will slide down into Division One and the Nut Tree will climb to the dizzy heights of the Premier.

Division Two champions are the Highfield Social Club A who finished six points clear of second placed, Red Lion Wendlebury (who, themselves, were seven points clear of the third team). Congratulations to both teams and they will now see themselves in Division One next season. Despite a 3-0 victory on the last day of the league season against the Ashton Club, the Red Cow Chesterton could not retain their place in the division and will drop down next season with the Bull and Butcher A team.

Another team to run away with the title is the White Horse B in Division Three - six points ahead of Highfield SC B who, despite being chased hard by the White Hart Originals, claim second spot and will also go up. The relegation places in this division are filled by the White Hart Wanderers and the Crown Twyford.

A little bit tighter in Division Four, although, to be fair, the Fountain A have held top spot for a few weeks. They finished up as champions despite losing the last game to Safari Garden. The Ex Services beat the Plough Marsh Gibbon 3-0 and claim the runners spot. And that defeat for the Plough sees them in a relegation position with Launton Sports and Social Club B team.

Division Five is not yet quite complete although it does look very much like Kings Head B and the Red Lion Stratton Audley will finish in the top two spots - in which order, is anyone's guess.

John Weller (Launton S&SC A) finished up as top doll scorer with 140 from just 12 games, playing a game or two less than his closest rivals - an average of 11.7 dolls per game. There was only one match when he didn't hit double figures - and that was a 9. Well done John.

This week's sixer - Bobby Allen (White Lion).

This coming Wednesday is semi finals for the Singles, Pairs and Four-a-side competitions. They will be played at the White Lion Fewcott, starting at 8.30.

Just a reminder of those left in:

Singles - Bobby Allen and Brian Gough (both White Lion), Kevin Powney (Black Bull A), and Liam Merchant (Shakespeare).

Pairs - Graham Baldwin and Dave Sawyer (Launton S&SC A), Eddie Gordon and Phil Allen (White Lion), Karl Budd and Kevin Powney (Black Bull A) and Ian Cantwell and Roger Herbert (Red Cow).

Four-a-side - White Lion A, Black Bull A, Muddy Duck, Nut Tree

And don't forget, Finals Night is less than two weeks away - it's at the Black Bull, Launton on Friday 19th September, starting with the League and Supplementary Plate finals at 7.30.

If there's anything you think I've missed, pse give me a call.

Phil Allen


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