Annual General Meeting
31st January 2013 

held at The Shakespeare, Bicester

Apologies:  Mike Cannon (KEA), Robbie Bryant (White Lion Fewcott B), Ian Lee and Ted Houlihan (both White Lion Fewcott A)


 1.     Welcome

George Deans (Chairman) welcomed everyone to the meeting and expressed his pleasure at seeing so many in attendance with the numbers ever increasing; 8 – 10 about three years ago and then 27, with 22 last year.  (Note: there were 28 at this meeting)


Minutes of the last meeting

It was agreed that the minutes produced were a true record of the meeting on 26th January 2012.  Proposed by Chris Archer and seconded by Keith Skinner.

Matters arising:

The constitution of the league – between last year’s AGM and the end of February (when entries are required by), with new teams wanting to join us and a few having to drop out, the league constitution changed quite a bit.  From 36 teams the previous season, we jumped to 40 for the 2012 season – five divisions of 8 teams.

The website – Carol Widdowson continued, as in the previous season, to do a fantastic job and has now introduced a gallery with a load of finals night photos in it.


Catherine O’Connor produced a copy of the accounts (as attached) and confirmed that she would be willing to continue as treasurer for one more season, if so required; the offer was accepted.  The Chairman thanked Catherine for her assistance

Election of officers

              Nomination                        Proposer                      Seconded

Chairman/MC       George Deans               Terry Hawkins                Keith Skinner)   Proposed, seconded

Secretary             Phil Allen                      Terry Hawkins                Keith Skinner)          and voted for

Treasurer              Catherine O’Connor       Terry Hawkins                Keith Skinner)               en bloc


Constitution of the League

A copy of the final league tables for season 2012 was produced.

The secretary had not been notified of any teams who intend to pull out, although Mike Cannon has, for personal reasons, had to resign as captain of the KEA team and no-one has yet volunteered to take it over.  Kevin Powney believes that the Black Bull C may drop out.

Still trying to expand the league, the secretary has contacted a number of pubs/clubs in the area who are not currently members of the League, inviting them to join.  Those who have shown an interest to date, and are fairly confident they’ll enter, are:

The Centurion, Bicester, Red Lion, Stratton Audley, The Plough, Arncott, Ex Services Club, Bicester.

The White Lion, Fewcott has been flooded recently and the refurbishment is likely to take until mid-April.

The Star team will be moving to The Plough, Bicester, and the Sow and Pigs will be playing at the Fountain, Steeple Claydon.

Registration forms were available at the meeting and taken by team reps.  For those not in attendance, they will be sent out in the next few days.

Fixtures/Cup Competitions

The 2013 league fixtures will commence on Wednesday 24th April.
As in recent years, there will be no free weeks in the fixtures – unless, of course, it’s a cup week and teams have already been knocked out. Whilst very happy with the whole organisation and set up for our previous finals nights, George Deans asked that consideration be given to rotating the venue from year-to-year.  This will be remembered and the secretary will put together the criteria/requirements to be able to hold it.

Amendments to Rules

The only change to the rules for the forthcoming season was the year in the title – from 2012 to 2013.

Any other business

The secretary thanked Hook Norton Brewery for supporting the League last year and confirmed that the same support has been offered for the 2013 season.

Once again it was suggested that we do whatever we can to get pubs/clubs and local businesses to advertise – for a small fee - on the League’s website. These advertisements could then also be included (at no additional cost) on our fixture list and in the Finals Night programme. (Anyone interested should contact the secretary)

The secretary stated that, as he did last year, he will produce a “Matchday-type” programme for Finals Night and has asked for any contributions – humorous/factual articles or photographs – to be forwarded to him.

The standard of some of the throws (lighting and backsheets generally) could do with some improvement; anyone requiring any equipment should contact the secretary who will do his utmost to help.

A winter indoor league has been set up with matches played on a Wednesday evening in the Ex Services club. Whilst hoping initially to get eight teams we only managed six; however, with two pitches, that’s still sufficient to give each team two games a night. It’s anticipated that it’ll really take off next winter.

When this league first started, and up until about four years ago, finals night was just the team Knockout Cup final and the Plate final – in other words, four teams of eight. All in all, about 40 people in attendance. The hosting pub landlord would generously provide refreshments, free of charge. However, since then, with the expansion of the league and the introduction of other competitions finals night has grown four-fold. The secretary raised the fact that, nearer the time, the committee will look at subsidising the food for that event.

Ben Harris suggested that thought be given to giving out cash prizes instead of trophies. After discussion, with trophies averaging out at around £6.00 each, it doesn’t seem the right thing to do – offering a winner that amount in cash.

Kevin Powney proposed and Billy Atwell seconded that Division One be split into two groups of four – the top four being renamed and competing as the Premier Division and the other four to be Division One. Each of those eight teams will play each other twice as previously. It has been heard before that teams do not want to be promoted to Division One because they feel they don’t stand a chance and won’t enjoy it. This proposed change will give all teams a much better chance to win something. With regard to trophies, it was agreed that only the winners of those two Divisions would get them. Six of the eight teams destined to make up next season’s Division One were represented at the meeting and asked to vote - the proposal was carried.

Before closing the meeting, the Chairman thanked the secretary for the work put in over the past year.