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 2011 Committee

Chairman - George Deans                 Secretary - Phil Allen              Treasurer - Catherine O'Connor

Members - Alison Simmons and Kevin Powney


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Div 1 (League) Champions - Football Club - Div 2 Champions - Star A - Div 3 Champions - Shakespeare B - Division Four Champions - Chearsley Cricketers


19th September: Click Here to see the B&DASL ROLL OF HONOUR

Sadly, the end of the season has arrived.  I hope you have all enjoyed it and already looking forward to next season.  I certainly hope we will see you all again next year.

Finals night - Wow, again, what a night!  I certainly enjoyed myself, and, from the compliments received, everyone else seemed to too. 


The Black Bull teams and their landlord, Keith Raynor, should feel so proud of what they achieved.   My thanks go out to all of them and the pub staff for providing superb food and a venue which is, as it has been previously at the Six Bells, ideal for such an occasion.


The rain held off, a tremendous turnout (it seems to get bigger and better every year!), a purpose-built “arena” in ideal surroundings (with a bar not too far away!), an atmosphere and camaradie second to none, a well-disciplined crowd who knew when to cheer (and, in most cases, who to cheer for!) and when to keep quiet. 


Special thanks to Adam Windsor – a Hook Norton brewery representative – who, despite going abroad on a cycling trip later that same evening, took time out to present the trophies for us.  He offered his number and invited me to get in touch with a view to future sponsorship!


From a personal viewpoint, I considered it to be a brilliant evening. 


It was hoped the website administrator would be there to take some photographs; however, something cropped up at the last minute and prevented that.  So we’re now asking any one of you who took photographs during the evening to “let us ‘ave ‘em”.  Please email them to me at

If there are any suggestions to improve what I believe is an up and coming progressive league, then please let me have them whilst they're still fresh in your mind.  Otherwise, turn up at the AGM in late January and raise it there.

So, in the meantime, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

01869 252125
07578 915693

11th September:

Evening all,

Last Wednesday's results and the final individual scores are attached.  The rearranged clash between White Lion Fewcott and Star A to decide the champions and runners up of Division Two was a very tight affair; the first and third legs both went to three sticks with each team winning one, and the White Lion sneaked leg two by one doll.  In the end, although level on points, the Star were crowned champions by six dolls.  Well done!

The only outstanding results now are:

    29 Jun - Royal Oak v Angel (Card not received; please advise if the game was played or, if not, why not).

    31 Aug - Eight Bells v Hobgoblin (Card not yet received)

    7 Sep - Angel v Royal Oak

The results of the singles, pairs and four a side semi finals held at the Star, were as follows:

    Four a side - Shakespeare A (Terry Hawkins, Ken Siret, Ken Jones and John Webber) got the better of their B side, whilst the Football Club (Bobby Allen, Eddie Gordon, Phil Allen and Keith Skinner) overcame the Bull Launton.

    Pairs - Bobby Allen and Keith Skinner (Football Club) beat Kevin Nelson and Les Cummings (Highfield SC B), whilst Ken Jones and John Webber (Shakespeare A) got to the final by beating James McFarlane and Pete Chester (Highfield SC A).

    Singles - Phil Allen (Football Club) beat his team mate Ian Lee, whilst John Webber did likewise by beating team mate Bill Mellis.

Finals night is this coming Friday, 16th September at the Black Bull, Launton.  Start time for that is 7.30 p.m.  The order of play will be:

    7.30 p.m. - the Divisions One and Two Plate final (Prince of Wales v Bull & Butcher B) on one pitch, and the Divisions Three and Four Plate final (White Lion, Steeple Aston v Plough, Marsh Gibbon) on the other.

    After that will be the Divisions One and Two Cup final (Football Club v Black Bull A) on one pitch and the Divisions Three and Four Cup final (Shakespeare B v Cricketers).

    The four a side final will follow - Football Club A v Shakespeare A.

    The pairs final - Bobby Allen and Keith Skinner (Football Club) v Ken Jones and John Webber (Shakespeare A).

    The singles final - Phil Allen (Football Club) v John Webber (Shakespeare A).

The presentation will be at the end of the evening

The champions of each Division and the winners of the Cup and Plate competitions wil get a team trophy and ten individual ones, whilst the runners up get just the one team trophy.


5th September:

The only outstanding results now are:

    22 Jun - White Lion Fewcott v Star A (to be played this coming Wednesday)

    29 Jun - Royal Oak v Angel (Card not received; please advise if the game was played or, if not, why not).

    31 Aug - Eight Bells v Hobgoblin (Card not yet received)

Singles, pairs and four a side semi finals night this coming Wednesday at the Star, Bicester.  Normal start time of 8.30.  At the same time there a few vital league fixtures to be played in Divisions Two, Three and Four.  Please let me have the result cards on or before next Saturday so that I can issue the final league tables next Sunday and get the trophies engraved if possible.

Finals night is on Friday of next week, 16th September at the Black Bull, Launton.  Start time for that is 7.30 p.m.  The order of play will be:

    7.30 p.m. - the Divisions One and Two Plate final (Prince of Wales v Bull & Butcher B) on one pitch, and the Divisions Three and Four Plate final (White Lion, Steeple Aston v Plough, Marsh Gibbon on the other.

    After that will be the Divisions One and Two Cup final (Football Club v Black Bull A) on one pitch and the Divisions Three and Four Cup final (Shakespeare B v Cricketers).

    The four a side final will follow - teams not yet known

    The pairs final - finalists not yet known

    The singles final - again, finalists will not be known til this coming Wednesday.

The presentation will be at the end of the evening; I'll issue a list of trophies next weekend.


 28th August:

The Football Club have retained the league championship; Star A and White Lion Fewcott will be promoted from Division Two (although they need to play that missing fixture against each other to decided who's going up as champions); although not yet mathematically certain, the Shakespeare B and Ashton Club teams look favourites to get promoted from Division Three.

The Division Four promotion spots are still up for grabs; hence, the importance of playing the outstanding fixtures listed below.

As far as relegation goes, the only certain ones at the moment are the Highfield B team going back down to Division Two.

The semi-finals of the singles, pairs and four a side competitions will be played next week (7th September) at the Star in Bucknell Road, Bicester.

Outstanding Games:

8 Jun - Centurion v White Horse A
22 Jun - White Lion Fewcott v Star A

           Royal Oak v Plough Bicester

29 Jun - Royal Oak v Angel
           White Horse B v Angel

6 Jul - Royal Oak v Black Bull C

13 Jul - White Lion SA v Plough Bicester

          White Horse B v Centurion
3 Aug - KEA v Angel


21st August:

Apologies for the delay ing up-dating the results, this is because I went on my hols (without your permission too!) and wasn't around to send the weekly results out.  Anyway, now I've been forgiven (!), the league results for 10th August and the cup results for last week are up-dated.

I'm still awaiting the outcome of some of the league games still to be played; let me have your decisions/agreements soonest, please.


7th August:

Another sixer to join the elite - Kevin Middleton of the Hundred Acres.  Well done!

A reminder of the Cup semis to be played a week on Wednesday:

    Division One and Two Cup

    Football Club v Bull, Launton (to be played at the Black Bull)
    Highfield SC A v Black Bull A (to be played at Bull Launton)

    Division One and Two Plate

    Prince of Wales v Red Cow (to be played at the White Lion, Fewcott)
    White Lion Fewcott v Bull & Butcher B (to be played at Red Cow, Chesterton)

    Division Three and Four Cup

    Barley Mow v Shakespeare B (to be played at the Six Bells Bicester)
    Centurion v Cricketers (to be played at the White Horse Bicester)

    Division Three and Four Plate

    Royal Oak v White Lion Steeple Aston (to be played at the Shakespeare)
    Plough Marsh Gibbon v Black Bull C (to be played at the White Hart Bicester)

The finals night on Friday 16th September will be held at the Black Bull, Launton.  The first events (the Plate finals) will start at 7.30 p.m.


 Thanks to Aidan Conway and Bruno the dog for the result card opposite!

Aidan claims it 'blew out off the desk and Bruno the dog retrieved it'. Reminds me of the classic schoolboy excuse of "Sorry Miss but my dog ate my homework"

31st  July:

Congratulations to Tony Crawford (Hobgoblin) for notching up his second six of the season and to Keith Vickers (Highfield SC A) for getting his first.


24th  July:

Martin Wanless of the Star A team excelled this week with a 14 doll haul; well done and congratulations to him.

The Black Bull A hit a terrific 28 in their third leg against the Shakespeare A team, thereby opening up a 4 point gap for the Football Club over the Shakespeare.

The White Lion Fewcott are also pulling out all the stops, winning 3-0 against the Red Lion Finmere and edging a little closer to the Star A  who dropped a leg against the Hundred Acres.

17th  July:

Entries for the four a side competition (to be played on 27th July) have been received and the draw will be made on Tuesday evening.  I'll let team captains know - hopefully before Wednesday's league games - where each foursome has to go.

All the best,


10th  July:

On a very windy and, sometimes, wet evening when any decent scores were at a minimum, the following got through into the semi finals of the singles competition:

    Bill Mellis (Shakespeare A)
    John Webber (Shakespeare A)
    Ian Lee (Football Club)
    Phil Allen (Football Club)

Congratulations to them all !

3rd July:

Two more sixers to add to our list - Dave Reast of the White Lion Fewcott and Tony Crawford of the Hobgoblin; congratulations to them both.

 26th June:

Two sixers - Bobby Allen (Football Club) and Simon North (Prince of Wales); well done gents.

The draw for the singles competition will be made on, probably, Tuesday night and I'll notify team captains pf the details soon after that.

Incidentally, I forgot to tell you last week, the website administrator's holidaying in Greece until 4th July; it'll be updated as soon as she gets back.

Before she went she did give me some interesting statistics relating to visitors to our website - in a recent 30 day period we had "Visits: 1,231 - Visitors: 199 - Page Views: 4,127 ."  So it's looking very positive.

13th June:

 With receipt of the missing cards, I've updated  1st June results - can all teams PLEASE send in resullt cards as soon as possible after the match in order to avoid un-necessary duplication of work.

Bit of a weird one this week.  In the game between Star B and Plough Marsh Gibbon, all legs finished equal and went to three sticks (in fact, the first leg took four attempts to get a conclusion); the Plough won every one of them.  A late night was had by all!

The pairs competition this week.  If anyone still doesn't know where he/she, or their team members are playing, please give me a call.

01869 252125
07578 915693

6th June:

Still a number of results cards not received; if you don't get them in on time, the tables sent out on a Sunday are not fully up to date.  Please get them to me as soon as you can.

Hi everyone,


1.       Cup draws    The draws for the semi finals were made at the Black Bull on Wednesday evening and are as follows.  These will be played on Wednesday 17th August.


Divisions One and Two Cup – Semi Finals                                  Divisions One and Two Plate – Semi Finals


Football Club                        v              Bull Launton                         Prince of Wales                   v              Red Cow

       (to be played at the Black Bull, Launton)                                    (to be played at the White Lion, Fewcott)


Highfield SC A                     v              Black Bull A                          White Lion Fewcott              v              Bull & Butcher B

           (to be played at the Bull, Launton)                                                 (to be played at Red Cow, Chesterton)



Division Three and Four Cup – Semi Finals                                Division Three and Four Plate – Semi Finals


Barley Mow                           v              Shakespeare B                    Royal Oak                             v              White Lion SA

             (to be played at Six Bells, Bicester)                                         (to be played at the Shakespeare, Bicester)


Centurion                              v              Cricketers                              Plough Marsh Gibbon        v              Black Bull C

   (to be played at the White Horse, Bicester)                                       (to be played at the White Hart, Bicester)


2.       Pairs competition.  The draw for this competition, to be played on Wednesday 15th June was also made the same  evening.   Captains will be notified as to where their entrants should go.


The venues are the Bull Launton, Black Bull Launton, Highfield Social Club and the Football Club, Bicester.  Please

ensure players are there by 8 o’clock, ready for an 8.15 start.


        Each leg to be played to a finish before going on to the next.


Played down to a winner.


I will arrange to get the necessary paperwork to nominated “organizers” before the event.

31st May:

Apologies for the late results; been busy over the bank holiday weekend!

Another name to add to our list of sixers; Karl (Sticky) Budd got better as the evening went on - 4 in the first leg, then 5, polishing it off with a 6.  Well done.

The draw for the pairs competition will be done this week, probably on Wednesday evening.  If you haven't got your nominations in yet, you've got a few hours to do so.


25th May:

Divisions One and Two captain, please remember to send in the entry forms for the Pairs Competition.

All the best,

Phil Allen

16th May:

The season seems to be well on its way now – OK, the Football Club happen to be at the top of Division One at the moment but the Shakespeare are calling the shots, scoring, on average, 20 a leg.  And with those teams meeting this coming Wednesday, it could be a very close, tense affair.

Star A, in their first season in the League, top Division Two; Shakespeare B and Black Bull C - both without dropping a leg – top Divisions Three and Four respectively.



We don’t like postponements, for whatever reason, because it is so difficult to fit in the rearranged game – especially so this year because we don’t have any free weeks.

If it has been mutually agreed by both captains to postpone a fixture, I must know as soon as possible. The rearranged fixture must then be played within 14 days of the original date.  We already have one to fit In (Cricketers v Royal Oak) and, as far as I’m aware, it’s still to be re-arranged.  Any news, please?



The second round Cup, and first round Plate draws, to be played on Wednesday 25th May can be found on the Competition Page.



A few already – Keith Skinner (Football Club), Kevin Powney (Black Bull A) and, most surprisingly, last Wednesday our illustrious Chairman, George Deans (Six Bells) popped up with one.  Well done to them all..



There are still a few teams who are not getting their cards to me by the time I send the results out on Sunday evening.  I tend to get them early the following week; consequently, the league tables and individual scores are then not entirely up to date.  Please ensure I have them earlier.



The entry form for the pairs’ competition to be played on 15th June has been sent out to team captains.  Please have them completed and returned to me by 29th May.


Good luck to you all, but most of all, enjoy it!

Phil Allen                                                                                                                                 

01869 252125 /   07578 915693


11th May:

Apologies for the delay in publishing the latest results. Last weeks competition results can be found on the 'Competition' page. Two sixers last week; Kevin Powney of the Black Bull A and Keith Skinner of the Football Club.  Well done chaps!

2nd May:

Disappointing that a couple of teams didn't turn up on Wednesday; likewise that a player who has already played for one team this season decided he would turn out for another last week - consequently, that "second" team has been deducted the leg that it won.

I'm on holiday this week but will still be available on the mobile if required.


24th April: Here we go, let's try again.

We're now going to have Divisions One and Two with eight teams in each, and Divisions Three and Four with ten in them.  I've not received many replies (five) to my previous email about the "forfeits", but the general consensus is to stick with the Divisional cup competitions. 

A revised fixture list is attached.  Those for One and Two have not changed at all.  In the other divisions, there are a couple of instances where teams will find themselves home or away three weeks on the trot; apologies, but, no matter how hard I try, I've not been able to change that. 

If there are any real problems, please give me a call to discuss it.

Also attached are the results from last week.  As can be seen, there are three games for which I've not received the card; I need them, please.

Phil Allen
01869 252125
07578 915693

21st April: How disappointing!  I received notification on Monday from the Crown Twyford, and on Tuesday from Seven Stars Piddington that they are both unable to raise teams for this season.  It's such a shame for them as well as it is for the rest of us.

They are both Division Three sides which now reduces that particular division to six. 

To have Division Three of six, Division Four with eight, and Division Five with six is not ideal.  Over the course of the next few days I will do my utmost to rearrange the divisions and fixtures to make it as enjoyable as I can for the rest of us.  So, please bear with me.

It's very likely that I'll make Divisions 3 and 4 into ten teams in each, and, obviously, do away with Division Five.  However, to do that, there will be have to be "forfeits".

Firstly, those divisions will play 18 league matches, and that takes 4 weeks longer than the 8 team divisions.  Consequently, it's a case of either doing away with the Divisions Three, Four and Five Cup competition and players from those teams would be able to take part in the Singles, Pairs and Four-a-side; or vice versa - keeping the team cup competition and not entering the Singles, Pairs and Four a sides.  I would like, before Sunday evening please, the views from captains of those teams affected - which would you prefer to do; and then I'll take the majority vote.

My ideas are that the strongest contenders to go up to Division Three are Eight Bells, Long Crendon and the Plough, Marsh Gibbon; and to enable the results to stand for last night's games, that would mean that their opponents (Six Bells and the White Hart), would also go up. 

I'm sure I will not please everyone but as the season is already under way, I've got to act quickly to ensure it continues to be enjoyable for those staying with us! 

If you want to dicsuss it, please give me a call. 

And get your preference to me before Sunday night.

This will not affect Divisions One and Two at all.

We're off!  The preliminary round of the Divisions Three, Four and Five Cup last Wednesday got the 2011 season under way.  The results were:

     Black Bull C beat the Plough Bicester
     Chearsley Cricketers beat White Horse B
     The White Lion, Steeple Aston, in their first match ever, overcame a more experienced Ashton Club
     Plough Marsh Gibbon got the better of the Angel
     White Horse A travelled to the Crown at Twyford and came away winners
     The Centurion beat a depleted six-man Six Bells team.

Won't be long now!  Just 48 hours for a dozen teams involved in the Preliminary Round of the cup.  Weather's bound to change!

Result cards - some have already been delivered, some will be soon and some (the long distance ones) will be in the post very shortly.  The Result Card is to be completed and  submitted by the winning team captain.

The Aunt Sally season's almost here.....

Touch your dolls up (!), check your lighting, backdrops and anything else you need for this wonderful social occasion - social for some, competitive for many of us!  If there's anything you require in the way of equipment, give me a shout and I may be able to help.

I've attached for you my first stab at the fixtures (please see 'Fixtures' page); please check it and notify me of any glaring errors - you'll notice it's marked "DRAFT", so can be changed should the need arise.

We've lost two teams (the Crown B (Twyford) and Six Bells B); and have gained eight new ones (Star A, Eight Bells Long Crendon and the Whitmore Arms teams from the Oxford League - Whitmore Arms will be playing at the White Lion Fewcott - Chearsley Cricketers, Plough Bicester, White Lion Steeple Aston, Centurion Bicester, Star B Bicester).  The Red Cow B of last season is now Shakespeare B, and the Nightingale team is now Black Bull C.  Hope you understand that lot!  Welcome to you, one and all. 

With regard to the cup competition(s), it was suggested at the AGM that we play it like the FA Cup - ie a Division One team could be drawn against a Four or Five team; but, by my reckoning, with 38 teams, we would require a week more than we have available.  So, I've stuck with the Divisional format for this season - we can rethink henceforth.

Even now, we still have to have a Preliminary Round which needs to be played on Wednesday 13th April - I hope it's OK with those drawn out.  Again, if you have a problem, let me know soonest.

I really do want to issue the "official" fixture list this coming weekend; so, please, let me have any problems before Sunday evening.


Phil Allen
01869 252125
07578 915693

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Annual General Meeting - 27th January 2011

held at The Shakespeare, Bicester


1.       Welcome

George Deans (Chairman) welcomed everyone to the meeting and expressed his pleasure at seeing so many (30) present. 

2.       Minutes of the last meeting

       It was agreed that the minutes produced were a true record of the meeting on 26th January 2010.  Proposed

       by Paul Hudson and seconded by George Deans.

       Matters arising:

            The constitution of the league – the number of teams had risen from 27 in season 2009 to 34 in 2010

             (although that was reduced to 32 at the halfway stage of the season when the Stratton Arms and Crown

             Tingewick left us).

            After a dispute in one of the competitions when one contestant turned up at the wrong venue but was

             still allowed to play there, it was emphasised that this will not be allowed in the future.

             The website – at last year’s meeting Ryan Anderton offered to set up the website free of charge;

             however, during the course of the year, he left the Bicester area.  Carol Widdowson was then

             approached and, as all at the meeting agreed, did a fantastic job.

3.       Finance

Catherine O’Connor produced a copy of the accounts (as attached) and confirmed that she would be

willing to continue as treasurer, if so required.  The Chairman thanked the treasurer for her assistance.

4.       Election of officers

Nomination                  Proposer                      Seconder


                   Chairman/MC         George Deans               Sam Butler                    Billy Atwell   )   Proposed, seconded

                   Secretary               Phil Allen                      Sam Butler                    Billy Atwell   )          and voted for

                   Treasurer                Catherine O’Connor       Sam Butler                    Billy Atwell   )               en bloc


                   It was also agreed that Kevin Powney and Alison Simmons continue as additional committee members.

5.       Constitution of the League

 A copy of the final league tables for season 2010 was produced.

The Crown B and Six Bells B teams are dropping out.  With half of the Angel team returning to the Star, it’s not sure if the Angel will be able to continue.

The secretary had also contacted a number of pubs/clubs in the area who are not currently members of the League, inviting them to join.  Those who have shown an interest to date, and are fairly confident they’ll enter, are:

Plough, Bicester

The Star, Bicester (the old Ashton Club team from the Oxford league)

White Lion, Steeple Aston

Butchers Arms, Fringford – perhaps the Whitmore Arms (Hethe) team from the Oxford league

Trigger Pond, Bucknell

Centurion, Bicester

Eight Bells, Long Crendon – ex Oxford league

Chearsley Cricket Club

Other “possibles” are:

            Plough, Arncott

            Ben Jonson, Weston on the Green

            Kings Head, Fritwell

            Shakespeare, Bicester (a second team       

·         Entry forms were available at the meeting and taken by team reps.  For those not in attendance,

they will be sent out in the next few days.

6.       Fixtures/Cup Competitions

The 2011 league fixtures will commence on Wednesday 20th April.

As last year, there will be no free weeks in the fixtures – unless, of course, it’s a cup week and teams have already been knocked out.

It was agreed that the format for the singles, pairs and four a side competitions (ie played on different nights at selected venues) worked well and was much preferred.  However, it was agreed that


·         in the pairs, both players must be from the same league team, and no substitute is allowed in any of the future rounds.

·         in the four a side, five players from the same league team may be nominated, and any four may play.

·         a fee of £1.00 be paid by anyone wishing to enter the singles, by both players in the pairs, and again by everyone in the four a side.

·         for each competition, once the draw has been made, the secretary will notify team captains which venue their players are to report to and not actually send out a list of who is playing at that venue; it is hoped that this will prevent players seeing who else is there and then deciding not to go.

·         with regard to the team knockout competition it was suggested that, perhaps, it should be a league knock out and not by divisions.  Consideration will be given to that.

7.       Amendments to Rules

The meeting went through the rules for the 2010 season and agreed to amend them as appropriate.  An

up-to-date copy is attached and the amendments are shown in blue.

8.       Any other business

       Kevin Powney asked if the badge on our trophies could be inscribed with “Bicester Aunt Sally League”.  The

       Secretary will discuss it with the trophy supplier.

       The secretary passed on Andy Massey’s prices for the 2011 season as:


            Set of sticks - £18.00

            A doll - £8.00

            A doll and a set of sticks - £22.00


            Contact Andy on 01869 242686 or 07775 700780


Phil Allen
01869 252125
07733 156015

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