The semi final draws for the various cup competitions have been made. These will be played on Wednesday 17th August.

Please ensure players are at every one of the above venues by 8 o’clock, ready for an 8.15 start.

Each leg to be played to a finish before going on to the next (ie three sticker, one sticker and so on, if necessary).

In the Premier/Division One competition they will be played down to a winner at each venue.

In Division Two and Three, they will be played down to the last two at each venue.

In Divisions Five and Six it will be played down until there are four pairs left.

That, of course, will then give us our semi-finallists (to be played on 7th September).

League Cup League Plate

Black Bull A v Ashton Club Bull Inn A v White Lion A
Launton S&SC A v Crown A Muddy Duck v Black Bull B
(to be played at the Nut Tree) (to be played at the Launton S&SC)

Intermediate Cup Intermediate Plate

Chandos Arms v Ex Services Crown B v Chearsley Cricketers
Brill S&SC B v Red Lion Islip Prince of Wales v Red Cow or White Horse A

Supplementary Cup Supplementary Plate

Red Lion Stratton Audley v Launton S&SC B Hundred Acres v Royal Oak
White Lion B v Eight Bells Nightingale v Poachers Pocket

The League Cup semi-finals mentioned above will be played on neutral pitches as shown. All of the other matches will be played on the pitch of the first named team in each tie.

  Pairs competition to be played on Wednesday 15th June


At the White Lion, Fewcott At the Muddy Duck

Andy Poppitt & Paul Hudson (Black Bull A) Allan Moon & Chris McKechnie (Black Bull B)
Rob Girling & Nigel Wakelin (White Lion A) Les & Tobi Culen (Muddy Duck)
Callum Cooper & Matt Hillsdon (Crown A) Ian Lee & Keith Skinner (White Lion A)
Mick Crook & Mark Pratley (Nut Tree) Carl Reed & Carl Hewlett (Shakespeare)
Dave Strivens & Robbie Bryant (Muddy Duck) Malcolm Skuce & Dave Reast (Muddy Duck)
Bobby Allen & Pete Dempsey (White Lion A) Steve Cullen & Jordan Gough (Muddy Duck)
Richard Cooper & Dave Crook (Nut Tree) Terry Clack & Steve Golder (Black Bull A)
Richard Franklin & Simon Franklin (Nut Tree) Karl Budd & Kevin Powney (Black Bull A)

At the Nut Tree At the Crown

Kerry White & Norman Brock (Black Bull A) Tony Launchbury & Jeremy Launchbury (Crown A)
Lee Parsons & Martin Wanless (Shakespeare) Lee Wanless & Erik Polusney (Shakespeare)
Terry Bagnall & John Lehane (Crown A) Phil Allen & Eddie Gordon (White Lion A)
Brian Gough & Doug Revitt (White Lion A) Phil Evans & Maylim Evans (Shakespeare)
Dickie Butler & Paul Giles (Black Bull B) Pete Stammers & Billy Atwell (Black Bull A)
John Woodman & Alan Cullen (Muddy Duck) Steve Payne & Steve Rogers (Shakespeare)
Keith Quinnell & Dave Williams (Launton S&SC A) Bill Melisa & Terry Hawkins (Launton S&SC A)
Martin Pratley & Robert Price (Nut Tree)



At the White Horse At the Bell Bicester

Darren Moore & James Smith (Bell Bicester) Jon Raynor & Ian Towle (Bull Inn A)
Andy Massey & Andy Lincoln (Bull Inn A) Matthew Reed & Colin Baldwin (Bull Inn A)
Andy Hughff & Tony Hutt (Red Lion Finmere) Dave Smith & Dave Wheeler (Ashton Club)
Terry Smith & John Smith (Bull Inn A) Baz Baziel & Ruby Giles (White Horse B)
Dan Jobling & Darren Lodge (Bell Bicester) Mick Lee & Andy Cox (Ashton Club)
Olly Carvell & Billy Craig (Bell Bicester) James Bateman & Derek Richards (Bull Inn A)
Dave Futter & Danny Dyer (White Horse B) Aimee Sheehan & Chris Holmes (Bell Bicester)
Trevor & Alan Jones (Red Lion Finmere)


At Brill Sports & Social Club At the Chandos Arms

Shane Jackson & Mick Sawyer (Chandos Arms) James Waddup & Tony Sullivan (Ex Services)
Kevin Nelson & Billy McMahon (Highfield SC B) Colin Grant & Eddie Jones (Ex Services)
Adam Lazaruk & Stuart Burnham (Chearsley Cricketers) Alan Horton & Gareth Hamilton (Brill S&SC B)
Jon Vaile & Peter Cross (Brill S&SC B) Ted Houghton & Ben Snell (Brill S&SC B)
Tim Daly & Dale Sweetman (Brill S&SC B) Roy Savins & Saffron Savins (Ex Services)
Martin Bailey & Ian Houghton (Brill S&SC B) Paul Kilpin & John Mole (Chandos Arms)
Liam Fisher & Les Holmes (Red Cow) Sean Chambers & Danny Chambers (Highfield SC B)
Ken Siret & Roger Dineen (Ex Services) Tom Gadsby & Andy Gray (Chearsley Cricketers)
Keith Lennard & Kat Berry (Ex Services) Lee Conway & Liam Merchant (Highfield SC B)
Roger Herbert & Ian Cantwell (Red Cow)

 In Division Four there were only four entries – two from Chandos Arms and two from Chearsley Cricketers. It wasn’t considered worthwhile running a competition for that number; so, those who did enter have agreed to be included in the Division Three competition as shown above.



There are only ten pairs so they will all play at the Hundred Acres

AJ Wilson & Vinny Orrey (KEA) Alison Simmons & Gary Brock (Hundred Acres)
Keith Perry & Trevor Wood (Launton S&SC B) Cindy Reynolds & Claire Reynolds (Black Bull Divas)
Ben Harris & Jim Harris (Launton S&SC B) Dan Sperrin & Jeff Ball (Launton S&SC B)
Paul White & Stuart White (Hundred Acres) Martin Whitford & Chris Pearce (Launton S&SC B)
Dave Carson & John Ebsworth (KEA) Sophie Thomson & Scott Thomson (Launton S&SC B)


There are only ten pairs so they will all play at the Bull Inn, Launton

Chris Kimber & Luke Kimber (White Lion B) Kym Jones & Dave Jones (Plough Marsh Gibbon)
Will Hazell & Will Lombard (White Lion B) Tina Cherry & Karen Blainey (Bull Inn B)
Brian McCann and Cairene McCann (Plough MG) Charlie Surman & Dan Kimber (White Lion B)
Matty Radford & Natalie Scott (Bull Inn B) Nick Line & Matt Orlando (Plough Marsh Gibbon)
Nick Cherry & Nick Todd (Bull Inn B) John Green & Dave Hazell (White Lion B)


Division One Division Two Division Three Division Four Division Five Division Six
1 Launton S&SC A Highfield SC A Brill S&SC B Chandos Arms Red Lion SA Plough Marsh Gibbon
2 White Lion A Bell Bicester Red Lion Islip Crown B Hundred Acres Fountain B
3 Black Bull A Bull Inn A White Horse A Chearsley Cricketers Poachers Pocket Royal Oak
4 Shakespeare The Lion Wendlebury Bull & Butcher B White Hart Wanderers Eight Bells Plough Bicester
5 Crown A Red Lion Finmere Ex Services Fountain A KEA Club White Lion B
6 Nut Tree Ashton Club Highfield SC B Brill S&SC A Launton S&SC B Butchers Arms
7 Black Bull B White Horse B Prince of Wales Safari Garden Nightingale Bull Inn B
8 Muddy Duck Barley Mow Red Cow Bull & Butcher A Black Bull Divas Crown Gawcott

League League Cup Comp League League Cup Comp League League Pairs KO League League

20-Apr 27-Apr 04-May 11-May 18-May 25-May 01-Jun 08-Jun 15-Jun 22-Jun 29-Jun

8 v 1 1 v 7
6 v 1 1 v 5
1 v 4 3 v 1
1 v 2 1 v 8

7 v 2 8 v 6
5 v 7 4 v 6
3 v 5 4 v 2
8 v 3 2 v 7

6 v 3 2 v 5
4 v 8 7 v 3
2 v 6 5 v 8
5 v 6 3 v 6

5 v 4 3 v 4
3 v 2 2 v 8
8 v 7 6 v 7
7 v 4 4 v 5

Singles League League Fours League League Cup Semis League League

06-Jul 13-Jul 20-Jul 27-Jul 03-Aug 10-Aug 17-Aug 24-Aug 31-Aug

7 v 1 1 v 6
5 v 1 4 v 1
1 v 3 2 v 1

6 v 8 7 v 5
6 v 4 5 v 3
2 v 4 3 v 8

5 v 2 8 v 4
3 v 7 6 v 2
8 v 5 6 v 5

4 v 3 2 v 3
8 v 2 7 v 8
7 v 6 4 v 7

Semi Finals Finals Finals

07-Sep 16-Sep

Singles League Plate Venue

Pairs Intermediate Plate to be

Four a sides Supplementary Plate decided



Abingdon Arms, High Street, Beckley

Launton S&SC A and B, Bicester Road, Launton

Ashton Club, Victoria Road, Bicester

Muddy Duck, Main Street, Hethe

Barley Mow, Somerton Road, Upper Heyford

Nightingale, Langford Village, Bicester

Bell, Sheep Street, Bicester

Nut Tree, Main Street, Murcott

Black Bull A, B and Divas, West End, Launton

Plough, Church Street, Marsh Gibbon

Brill S&SC A and B, Church Street, Brill

Poachers Pocket, Thame Road, Chilton

Bull Inn A and B, Bicester Road, Launton

Prince of Wales, Addison Road, Steeple Claydon

Bull and Butcher A and B, Ludgershall

Red Cow, Alchester Road, Chesterton

Butchers Arms, Main Street, Fringford

Red Lion, Tingewick Road, Finmere

Chandos Arms, The Turnpike, Oakley

Red Lion, High Street, Islip

Chearsley Cricketers, Winchendon Road, Chearsley

Red Lion, Church Street, Stratton Audley

Crown, Hillesden Road, Gawcott

Royal Oak, Main Street, Tingewick, Buckingham

Crown A and B, High Street, Charlton on Otmoor

Safari Garden (The Plough), Arncott

Eight Bells, 51 High Street, Long Crendon

Shakespeare, Shakespeare Drive, Bicester

Ex Services Club, Sheep Street, Bicester

The Lion, Wendlebury

Fountain A and B, 10 West Street, Steeple Claydon

White Hart Wanderers, Sheep Street, Bicester

Highfield SC A and B, George Street, Bicester

White Horse A and B, Churchill Road, Bicester

Hundred Acres, Boston Road, Bicester

White Lion A and B, Fritwell Road, Fewcott

Kings Arms, Market Square, Bicester